as admin of BBFANSITE, i am proud to say our PROJECT MEET & GREET has caught the attention of several INTERNATIONAL FORUMS and they have contacted me in hopes of joining forces & working on this project together.

so i’m happy to say that BBMALAYSIA, which our momo has worked very hard in helping promote the project there, has finally gained MUCH INTEREST & they have finally come down to decide on some possible dates & locations.

so i thought it best to let you know of their plans as well, as i know there’s many malaysian VIPz who visit our site.

click above to visit/join BBMVIP.

for info on the MALAY MEET, please visit this direct link to the PROJECT THREAD

visit the BBMVIP forum to vote on the possible dates & to check out more info on the meet. if i know any more, i will update.

click to see more details on the MALAY MEET BELOW.



~ by gdluvzmc on August 17, 2008.


  1. omg is this bbmforum??
    VIPs in malaysia are fact bb is not well known in malaysia why why why T________T
    How to register myself there?
    Is leaving message at the cbox there considered register already?

  2. ^ no, you find the link that says REGISTER, & register yourself onto their forum. they will send you a confirmation email later.

  3. I clicked on it but…
    the webpage is still the same as the previous one..
    the title says ‘registration form’ but i don’t c any registration form there T_____T~~~~

  4. ^ when u click register near the top left corner, you’ll go to a similar page, but you scroll all the way down to find the registration form. fill out the info & accept the terms. you’ll then get a validation email. hope that helps.

  5. haha hey i registered! thanks!~
    but sorry to bother again..
    y can’t i post a new topic there?
    I logged in but it says ‘I’m not allowed to post a new topic’??
    Sorry but I just can’t get it right T_______T

  6. you need to be validated & become a member via admin’s validation, which should take a while, but you’ll get the email eventually.

  7. hey hey a new V.I.P here! =)

    when will there be a BigBang Singapore meetup? Singaporean’s VIP let’s unite leh! Haha.

  8. woooooow nice~ way to go malaysians!!! =D if it was anything like the LA meet i think y’all are gonna have lots of fun ^^ *silently hoping for enough vietnamese VIPs to take interest*
    although me and a few VIP friends from school are gonna celebrate GD’s birthday tomorrow after the first day fo school XXXD

  9. wow, i never thought mvips would finally make a meetup. congrats on starting everything melly~!! so sorry i’m hardly eeeeeeevvveerr on bbfansite nowadays >.< just got back for the mid sem break. omg, and i JUST heard haru haru!!
    anyways, i think my account at bbmvip got deleted or summat…dang.
    I’LL TRY TO JOIN IN YOU GUYS~!!!! xxx00000000xxxx

  10. Coool ! ❤

    But can come 😦

  11. yey thank u soooooooooooo much finnaly
    4 sure i’m gonna b there can’t wait to see all da vipz

  12. Just to ask a question here, are all the VIPs girls?

  13. definetely will join.. 😉

  14. hey~~ im hye lolx..
    i wish i can attend lmao…
    soo far all r girls joining this project Kwai ^^
    Thanks for posting this up ya ^^Y

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