081808 Mnet WideNews | Big Bang Backstage of Inkigayo

If you’re still waiting on your STAND UP album from YesAsia and hope that there will be a poster, well there won’t be. I just check YesAsia and they have it up to buy SEPERATELY. It cost $10.99 USD

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If you wanna watch it in HQ, go to the youtube page. here.
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They talk about each member, a special thing about each of them. LOL at his mistake “Hello, I’m DaeSung’s Big Bang” hahahaha. Dae practice for his muscial “CAT” before hand during the Haru Haru shoot hahaha. sniffing and licking. aww.. look at Dae sleeping… so freaking cute

Baby… no words to describe his cuteness, his “Hello I’m SeungRi” is enough to melt me, hehe look at TOPie wearing glasses, so hot. The clip of Baby try to reach that chanderlier never gets old, SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Look at his pose.. doesn’t it just take your breath away? cuz it sure does that to me. Look like they shoot a whole lot for Haru Haru MV but didn’t release it. oh my god I wanna see those clips so bad,

Onto Mr. Choi, the charisma one.. and his random blurt of english “THAT’S RIGHT” haha and his wanting to be cute. He’s always being awkward and blank out during interviews hahaha, I didn’t notice until they point it out haha

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LOOK AT THE FACE!!! OH MY GOD!! HOW CUTE IS BAE??? AHHH!! BAE AH~~~~ and when they talk about YB, what are they gonna talk about??? his #1 everything, HIS HATS!!! everywhere and anywhere he goes, there’s one thing on his hat, but then he switch to the “Burger King” crown haha.


Then onto husband, looking at him on the back of that car.. GOD… Bong shooting the “flashback” scene for Haru Haru MV, everything look so better and happy in color

I just wrote a freaking essay about a 10 minutes video haha. And moving on to more adorable and hotness, picture of them backstage of SBS Inkigayo ComeBack Stage, IN THE DRESSING ROOM!! yea!!!!

And just by looking at that picture you’ll know how much you will love it. hehe YEA!!!

credit crumb \ bigbangpop \ muz \ Boosa@popcornfor2


~ by Vicky on August 18, 2008.

71 Responses to “081808 Mnet WideNews | Big Bang Backstage of Inkigayo”

  1. Aww Tae Yang.
    how adorable* =)

    & G-D
    aHh! drools
    so breath takinggg’!

  2. love.love.love.

    n thx for pointin out the G-ri moment
    i didnt catch that
    all i catch was Top yawning
    all of the discribtion was soooo funny
    specaily the Top cryin lik a baby part
    n that part at 4:45.. they look SOOO hot in red!!!!!!!

  4. OMGOSH all the Converse hahahah

  5. can GD actually see through those glasses xPPP xDD
    they look so hott xPPP

  6. LOL they’re big dorks!!!! 😛
    TOP wanting to be cute is just awwww I can’t even begin to explain 🙂

  7. vicky do u have that clip of them in the red and the one with tae and his blue blanket?

  8. those pics are so hot!~
    now i know what it says under YB’s hat. so the whole thing says ‘$icker Than You.’
    pretty interesting to me 🙂

  9. Daisy

    no, apparently those are videos that Mnet never release and they just show them in here

  10. I’m having bad thoughts about GD just looking at the pictures, he’s driving me crazy. He’s so f-ing hottt! TY. That’s it. That’s all I need to say. Taeyang!

  11. ahh i love seeing the side Jiyong’s body.
    since i can’t get the whole thing.

  12. oops! i mean $icker Than A Flu. can’t believe i messed that up. LOL!~

  13. awwwwwwww thats ok then thanks 😀

  14. this pics r so cute!!!!!

  15. OMO lol haha vicky gosh u kill me once n now twice lol
    haha damn man TAEYANG hubby why u gotta be so sexy
    for haha lol thanks vicky

  16. SO HOT.
    GD in that white wifebeater.

  17. omg so cuuuute!
    especially love top:adorablee^^

  18. WOW!! Big Bang is So VIP!!

  19. what are those weird new shades. haha

  20. it looks as if theres always some girl helping top pull or zip up his pants haha

  21. that guy talking is making no sense its sooo funny
    and also
    why is g dragon bong?
    i dont get it
    please explain someone
    and the ear blowing thing soo cute
    because seungris like uh ok and g dragons like
    um hello

  22. @ 0.25 onwards
    mnet has teased us waaaaay too many times with that interview, which up till now has not been released.

    this is the same interview that has
    GD throwing an amazingly CUTE tantrum becos
    one of the hosts on the show (EZ) said her fav was TOP.

    obviously this is a fun interview
    with lots of BB goodness..

    ps. GD with his denim jacket halfway down his arms,
    exposing his wifebeater,
    and *ahem* GDnipples *ahem*
    is toooo hot for me to handle!

  23. wow great eyes u have vicky!
    i din notice the G-Ri part… i only noticed it when i watched it for the second time…

  24. LOls, DaeSung is SOO Funny!
    Gawd, it’s so fun watching them! so cute too!
    TOP and those gloves
    Damn GD. so Freaken skinny! GDYB
    and i think seungri got hotter! but Big Bang is HOT!
    GAWWDDD the CD’s didnt come yet. it’s making
    me go crazy! when is it gonna come??

  25. wanie-chan

    haha because even though it’s a “YB” scene, my eyes always focus on Bong and Baby so that’s why I noticed

  26. waaaa~
    daesung is so funny. that’s why i love him!
    the pix.. cool.
    im diggin their eyeliner look.. ^^

  27. aw~ TOPie so cute when he do that dancing
    vicky, u have such a good eyes, but why u didn’t notice it?
    yup, TOP always got awkward while interview, he doesn’t talk much, only watch the other members do, & he’ll answer when he’s been asked. he barely be the first one to speak
    that’s what cool man type usually do, right?
    when he make that pose in front of the mirror….
    thats the time when i passed out.
    i love his expression ^^

  28. yeah i got my stand up album today!! i freaked out so badly and i spent like a minute rubbing my cheek against the cover after i opened it and looked through it twice xD
    wahhhhhhh the g-ri moment has got to be one of the cutest g-ri moments ever!! gdragon was smirking and seungri shivered after he blew in his ear!! xD ahhhhh they’re so cuteeeeeeee<3
    ahaha the part where daesung was imitating a cat was so cute! and the way he introduces himself xD
    top’s sooooooooo cutee!! the first time you saw him, he looks so shy and like the bad boy type but he’s actually the opposite around the people close to him :]
    taeyang’s amazing and so cuteeeeeeeeee!!

  29. vicky

    haha… im so happy… i live for G-Ri.. seeing this just makes my day!

    right after he was blown in the ear by GD, he shivered and went to back to his pose.. and GD was like ‘do u like it when i do that?’ haha :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  30. AhA
    they look so so kul n’ handsome
    SeungRi looks much more mature n’ so menly ha ha
    GD looks so cute :* Muak

  31. Awwwww Toppie is such a cutie >.< ♥

  32. wanie-chan

    more happy than when i found out there’s no school tomorrow


  33. seungrix3love

    the feeling of someone blowing in ur ear is really weird
    somebody did that to me before
    it really does send shivers up and down ur body haha

  34. vicky

    so happy to hear that u have no school tomorrow!
    now that school have started, u must be really busy… updating this site and doing schoolworks.. i hope u dont burden urself too much.. then again, i hope u wont stop updating us with BB news and HQ videos! vicky-ah HWAITING!!

  35. G-Ri is love love love!!!! ❤
    and that close-up of taeyang is cute! drools~!

    and LMFAO at the narrator.. he is korean right? i thought he was japanese from all the emotions in his voice..

  36. XD XD “I’m Daesung’s Big Bang!” What is that supposed to mean? XD I can think of a million things. O.O Hahahah it was such an awkward moment. XD

  37. awee.. this is so cute.. just watching it..
    but im wondering will anyone be doing eng subs for it?
    thankss 😀

  38. thanks for giving me some medications again. i’m going to overdoze myself with my BB vitamins.

  39. I’m thinking about how to comment on the video
    cause they’re all fraking cute and adorable…
    dae made me laugh at the beginning..omg he is so darn cute……..
    and seung ri is even cuter!!!!!!!!!
    u know what, he has always been my least fav but he took my breath away just now…
    my T.O.P is so cute when he pouts :p AND yea i did notice that he is always being awkward in interviews hahaa..the ‘that’s right’ is really cute xDDDDD
    ty’s body made me drool :~~~~~~ he’s so freaking hot and cute when he smiles..i want his hats!!! but not the burget king crown :p
    and needless to say for bong..he rocks forever 🙂 I actually like his outfit at the end of haru haru’s mv..loving his beanie!!

  40. lovin it!!!come on!come on!

  41. I never realized how skinny GD is! He needs some meat!

  42. Vicky, thanks so much for pointing out the GRI moments! Eventhough it was short, it is still worth it!! They ALL looks so freaking hot!! I’m drooling over! About their album, anybody receive their copy yet? Yesasia sent me an email and said that they ship it on the 11th, but it’s been a week but I’ve receive nothing….it’s making me mad…

  43. ummm… is it just me, or does it seem like they have on PINK LIPSTICK near midway of the pics (like as soon as u see GDYB, YBSR, SRDS)???
    i dont know, but im not really feelin that. and i dont really agree with the eyeliner on YB lol, i can see about GD and maybe even SR & TOP.. but def not YB and DS. i feel like they should look like “men”. dont get me wrong, i love them to death, but i don’t like that makeup.
    but minus that, they look hott! I love that clip where YB makes the poofy face!! that was so adorable ^_^ and DS cracked me up as usual. he deserves so much more luv man

  44. *squuuuuuuueeeeeeel* gri moment :3 teeheee~
    gd still likes teasing seung ri xD

  45. OMO the G-ri momment made me squeal lyk some crazy fan girl…Oh wait i am a crzy fan girl xD hahaha

    OMO TOP killed me, man he always does no matter what wihtout fail, anything, any momment he just does, every cute momment, every awkward one, every smexy hot glance he does just always makes me lose my breath haha thts why hes my fav!! xD hahahah!!! Daesung said hi im deasung’s big bang xDDDDDDDDDDDDD sooooooo funny!! and it was funny when he was being a cat!!! And seung ri was sooooo cutee! AMG it made me squeal as well xD and Young Bae!!!!!! DAMN i just wanted to pinch his cheeks when he acts all nice and innocent and cute, but hes also hot and smexy as well damn i love you too XD
    and G-D!!! your sooo skinny!=( eat some cahrbohydrates or protein or sumthing! LOL but we still love you just the way you are haha

    LMFAO @ GD falling (:

    i think this vid is enough to keep me happy for a few weeks ❤

  47. Hey guys, I was wondering, Big Bang is doing well, right? With their comeback, I mean. Cause recently I came across some antis and it really got my blood boiling. I mean, I can’t even imagine how hard the boys worked at their comeback and for people to just tear them down really angers me. I’m usually not bothered by antis because no matter what anyone says, my love for them won’t change, but I think the boys worked too hard to not do well, right? Gah, I’m praying they win Mutizen this week. >< Sorry my party pooper of a rant. My worries over them has overtaken me.

  48. AHH daesung makes such a cute kitty <333!!
    the video is so cute and the pictures are HAWTTT 😀
    dang, taeyang is so hot even in candid photos. :] i love it.

  49. hotness all around.
    they look gr8 >.<
    video is so cute. dae sung and cat thing is so cute. each member r cute!
    can’t get enough of t.o.p rubbing his tears for haru haru making XD SO CUTE.
    Love the G-Ri moment. so GD to make a move on Seung Ri, lol.

  50. omg…the 1st pic Jiyongie was so sexy o.o

    n did baby wear eyeliner too? or just his panda eyes getting darker >..<

    DS look great in the pic^^

    TOP…wat else can say?? HOT!!

    haha finally get to see up close of Tae Yang wearing the white crown thingy =P

  51. oma im dead *.*’ *drools* xD how cute ^.^ thnx for sharing :3

  52. Oh! So Greattttt

    GD SR So cuteeeeeeee


  54. wanie-chan

    hahaha. don’t you worry
    i never worry about school, i don’t do school work at home…. EVER.
    haha i choose not to.
    I have a choice too, this is a free county

  55. SR & GD SOOO CUTE^__^

  56. i thought the pic of tae when he puff up his face was chris brown LMAO! xD
    awww the G-ri moment was cute..looks like GDs being flirty >:D

  57. OWHHHHH!!!! MY GD SO COOL!!!!!!!!!

  58. what was that song while playing in TY’s part? from 5:51-5:59?
    that song sounds really good :]

  59. xkiimx

    it’s “Mkae Love” from YB’s solo album ft. KUSH

  60. OMG! love them all! ^^

  61. thanks vicky ^^
    im downloading it x]

  62. T.O.P’s part was the best his picture are the best he doesnt have to pose to look sexy! O MY BABY!

  63. lol
    jiyongie’s shirt arm hole is huge XD

  64. They’re so hot!Especially when t]heir sweaty!!!

  65. I wonder wht JI YONG’s new tattoo says…

  66. WTF? the vid doesnt work anymore ..T_T PLEASE UPLOAD AGAIN!

  67. Lil

    SBS is being an ass and delete it
    it’s not even a SBS video
    SBS and youtube is getting on my nerve

  68. -hi5@BB-

  69. Can you please post the video again?? Since I can’t watch it. It’s not available.

  70. Rocking them converse I see. The picture with YB and SR is so freakin sexy. I don’t think these boys need eyeliner..so take it off please.

  71. could someone please repost this video or post a download link….its not available on YT nemore =(

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