|ELLE tv: TOP & TaeYang | Music Core ComeBack Stage Pictures | Big Bang’s Fan Message about STAND UP

So I’m still alive after first day of school, there’s a tropical storm coming in tomorrow and if the wind’s too strong I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL, so pray for me kay haha. So there won’t be a 2nd day of school tomorrow, I just watch the news and apparently NO SCHOOL TOMORROW haha. this is the weirdest first week of school ever, and I love it.

**EDIT: Big Bang’s Fan Message about STAND UP

Since when did Baby start doing all the talking? haha. Bong just sit in the middle nodding while TOP his leg, switch to a video and back and both Bong and TOPie are corssing their leg hehe. When you look at this, doesn’t matter what they’re doing, Baby just look like he’s in his own little world, haha at least that’s how it look to me. and Bong didn’t do the “BANG”

TOP and TaeYang’s ELLE tv Videos have been release.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It’s cool how they let the guys choose out the style and what they wanna wear, TOP looking at his favorite thing, SHADES.. I saw that table of shades, it was like FILLED with amazing designer shades… I was drooling. TOP is having fun trying them on. I’ll be looking forward to see the pictures with them and that bed… lord…

YB share mask with Bong??? isn’t that unhealthy? haha. but it’s okay since they’re buddy. When he was picking clothes out, the black thing, at first I thought it was underwear hahaha still not sure what it is. Wearing only a jacket with all that chest and abs haning out…. wow….

Pictures of them during Music Core ComeBack Stage

Oh yes I am LOVING THESE PICS… ESPECIALLY the piano ones.. wonder why.. hahaha

credit: imbc \ Bang’em.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 18, 2008.

62 Responses to “|ELLE tv: TOP & TaeYang | Music Core ComeBack Stage Pictures | Big Bang’s Fan Message about STAND UP”


  2. SO HOTT! <333333

  3. top is so happy andi am too

  4. TOP and YB it’s too much for me! LOL! Dizzy as ever!
    MA BOIZ are definitely rockin my WORLD! what a way to start my day!
    toomuch vitamins! thanks vicky i hope i won’t overdoze.

  5. i think i just died. <333333333333333

  6. yay! you’re back!!! tropcial storm? where do you live?

  7. ahhh! top is so cute :]

  8. OMG VicKy i LUV U…sO how was ur 1st daY of schOOL??..^_^ ..anyweiz d bOYz…drool….speechless….dead….

  9. tinaxxe

    Florida, luckily we weren’t in the center of the hurrican, just to the side, but we’re getting some rain and wind though, NO SCHOOL1!!!

    we only went back to school today and no 2nd day of school. FREAKING AWSOME

  10. damn TOP’s outfit in stand up is HOT!
    well…in OMF too…oh and in HARU HARU too. ok…w/e he’s just HOT! hahahahha.

  11. J-G-RILEEN

    it rained like crazy so I keep getting wet then dried off, haha, i hate all my class and teacher and just wanna sleep, but seeing my friens again are awsome, tons of hugging and ‘how was ur summer?’ being asked hahah

  12. OMG!!!
    the pics are awesome
    TOP is just HOT!!!!
    and was Tae Yang looking at underwear in the video?!

  13. Wow Daesung jumps so high in that one pic! haha

  14. sorry for posting 2 but I thought of something πŸ˜›
    it seems like GD’s birthday brought luck to you hehehe
    I can’t believe you don’t have to go to school tomorrow

  15. OH MY JESUS!! baby looks HOT on that piano~~ hes looks goood in white :]]

  16. Wait, Vicky, you live in florida too??
    haha where? I live by Tampa.

  17. school of us is canceled, which makes the school system really stupid for starting school today.


    VOTE :]]]

  19. will there be subs for the vids?

  20. LOL GD just keeps nodding..xD

  21. WOW !!


  22. Hey Vicky I live in Florida too! No School! lol I was so exhausted from the 1st day. Anyway…

    Awesome pictures! Damn dae must love to rock out!

  23. dreamandlove

    tomorrow is august 19th
    which is BIG BANG’s 2nd anniversy since debut
    so i was liike, DAMN THEY ARE MY GOODLUCK CHARM haha

  24. god these pics are gorgeous!!

    i’m guessing you live in Florida, since i keep hearing all the news about Tropical Storm Fay..is it a hurricane now? and WOW to be starting school so early!! hope you’re safe and sound!

  25. 1st . wer do u live vicki.. is it close to tennessee??.. cuz if it is close, u know if the strom hit u n u’re close to me.. it might hit me tooo and then both of us cn stay at home together!!! hihiihih

    2nd.. i think during that interview…they alll have their own lil world except Bongie.. he the only one that listen n agree with w/e the other member are saying.. that’s why he nob

    3rd.i still cnt believe our boiz picture is gonna be n ELLE magazine!!!!.. it’s lik the BIGEST magazine co. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    4th.. i love our boiz.. but i dont feel right seein a guy crossin there legs……. do u???.. (mayb american influence)

  26. asdff

    west palm
    pretty gay city haha

  27. asdff

    I KNOW! they start school so freaking early this year when last year school end like 1 week later than normal stupid school

  28. Chrissy

    I was literally jump up and down clapping and yelling like crazy when that dude say “school will be close”

  29. daisuke4288

    awww.. thanks for concerning
    but actually there is a hurricane but it’s in orlando, we’re just getting the side effect like wind and rain and stuff, no biggie, it’s just enough for shcool to cancel hahah

  30. Queenie

    I live in florida, i have like a D in geography, so i have no idea if Tennesee is close hayhahaha
    but I think the hurricane’s gonna end even before it reach the end of florida so it probably won’t hit you.

    I have no problem with guy crossing their leg, it doesn’t look wrong to me really

  31. they seem really REALLY bored..hmm..suspicious…lol xD

  32. OMG…those piano pics are so hot!!
    OMG…seriously…so hot.

    Top & TY almost killed me with their sexyness in those photoshoot videos.

  33. OMG!!! Big Bang is so VIP!!!

    first da message i dunt know why my daesungy is
    so quiet i guess he’s tired haha but taeyang lip
    actions in there was amazing haha Top n his behind
    the scene clip was omo fione and then taeayng ok the
    photographer is trying to make me go nuts just let
    taeyang take the pictures with out the jacket hehe
    and the pictures SUNDAE u rock lol

  35. Thank a lot for pics guy! πŸ˜€

  36. sexy

  37. when i look at BB message i got a feel that
    GD looks like a coach nodding while each player doing what he told them to do. hahahaha
    & why GD didn’t do the BANG?

    oh~~ i’ve waithed for this, TOP’s ELLE vid
    he looks so good in all black
    but when he have that shades on, (is it just me?) he looks like perfectly fine bodyguard to me. hehehe

    vicky, u’re very lucky, BB 2nd anniversary & u don’t have to go to school.
    bet u’re very happy & feel like jumping when u hear that ^^

  38. Puahaha they were so quiet?!?!?
    why?!OMG GD kept smiling, that 20 year old
    what’s wrong with him?didn’t even say
    BANG? and why so quiet.Argh
    OMG TOP was HOT!
    Lols; soo funny. and random pplz just go up
    to him and fix his collar? cool? ima too?
    =P j/k. so fricken skinny in black
    YB was HOT too! just so quiet boys? why?
    OMG G-Dragong, i can’t wait
    Wow, i LOVE GD’s Chucks and hat…HOT!
    and those glasses for some reason
    Damn they look tired
    well i hope they get rest!
    Thanks =]

  39. Hot TOP!!! <<<333

  40. man that thing really did look like underwear

  41. thanz so much
    but can i repost this video on mah page, mah 4room?

  42. omg..
    all of these pics are freaking hot!!!

  43. wow baby is doing all the talking..and even his voice is so freaking adorable xD ok fine i don’t understand a thing about the video again…just enjoying watching them talking some korean language though xD

    and elle’s video…omg TOP is forever hot!! haha what ty was holding was really underwear i guess? LOL

    and they look perfectly fine in white..wearing skinnies 24/7 omg..i wanna see baby in that cutie pants again hahahaa~~~and there’s 1 picture where dae jumped? hahaha..i was like WOW~

  44. i hope there’s nothing wrong among the boys…it looked like they had an argument just before they did the fan message…i hope not!! :((

    oh and the black thing that taeyang was checking out, i think it’s an underwear…lol…

  45. w00t ! no school :)<3

  46. DAE FLIES!!


    haha and the taeyang underwear thing
    .. dang, small underwear.. :X

  48. Sorry for being a perv, but GD’s zipper is down LMFAAAOOO ((:<

  49. ^^ ahah I was noticed that too! but then I started thinking, maybe it’s just the jeans..haha who knows…

    Anyways, haven’t posted for a while because I needed a break from BB..I had a big overdose!!! Nearly killed myself! haha But yep. the video message was cute..Daesung!! I wanted to hear him talk too!! TOP sat so still when YB talked..haha then YB drops his water bottle and GD laughs while SR picks it up..haha

    BUT TOP’s looking goooddd in his video..goodnesss!!

    OMG!!!!!! YB!!!!!!!! Why are you doing this to me?!?!?!?
    Gosh he’s so freaking hot! haha and I LOVED the way he looked at the makeup artist while he was being recorded!! CUTE!! He looked so nervous.haahh BUT DANG! That’s not even all!! OMG I thought the red boxers was the ‘underwear’ you all were refering too..but HECK NO! OMG! When I saw him pick that thing up..OMG!! hahaha LOL..No comment! hahha

    Thanks for posting these!!! πŸ˜€

    someone must be trying to kill me. why on earth would they put up these two videos right after each other?? D:

  51. oma i like that ^.^ and im too happy 4 u vicky ^.^ thnx 4 sharing BB is awesome :3

  52. seung ri + tae yang = SO freakin HOT…the weather back in my hometown is already hot, but this pic is just addin to the hotness…omg…

  53. orororo

    it’s all part of my evil plan

  54. STUNNING πŸ˜€

    hot damn SeungRi, you’re so freakin’ cool! XD
    i saw a flying Daesung @.@ LOLZ!

    & haha, they brought the car with them, w/ GD ridin on top of it ^_^ i love the tv’s in the BG, it’s so COOL how there was like TOP’s area & the tv’s behind him show his name during his part and in GD’s area the tv’s there had his name on it too. Super Awesome stage effects! ME LIKEE πŸ˜€
    the piano scene is so…WHITE, it’s pretty.
    & YB in his own little world when he plays the piano ^__^<3

    wOOhOO! u can totally see their energy, rockin it out on stage!

  55. hmm..i think GD crossed his leg cuz his fly was open? maybe its the style of the jeans..i wonder
    lol guys and their pants xD

  56. Woahhh, awesome picturesss (:
    Those tree look like angels by the piano <333

  57. lol daesung is just sitting there staring.
    Jiyongie looks so cute there lol
    Top XD

  58. damn TOP
    i love you sooo MUCH!!
    he’s just to adorable!!
    and YB with his abs??

  59. Vicky
    you evil evil evil girl!!!!!

  60. btw
    i doubt taeyang is sharing masks with jiyong. they’re disposable πŸ˜€

  61. orororo

    since when did i say i was an angel??… never haha
    maybe they have same design mask haha

  62. Nice pictures I like them haha the guys in the background look like some gangster from L.A. Whatever YB was wearing made him look hot.

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