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Ah~ I’m finally starting school today, so this is like the last post of the summer haha. Summer has been great school is starting on Bong’s birthday… how amazing is that? [not] Well I’m now a sophomore, and gotta go to school, so that’s suck. But seeing these so early in the morning make me happy! OH MY FRIEND pictures! ahhh! I was hoping they’ll have a pic of Bong bobbing around on that van but I’m happy with this too haha.

credit: yg bounce \ S.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 18, 2008.

59 Responses to “[YG Bounce] OH MY FRIEND”

  1. aww school already soo early in the yr? where u live anywayz vicky
    ty for posting this n sharin it

  2. btw they look so hott as always
    em.. r otha mvs coming out?

  3. already started school?! I hope it won’t make you stop writing for sometime because I love reading your posts!

    Thanx for posting the pictures!

  4. omo, i agree with you there, even though there’s no pic of bong’s crazy grin while driving the van, the pic of him there is hot enough for me XXD

    awwww how was your first day of sophomore-ism? =D
    lol i walk up to ncly and her friend and i’m like ‘happy birthday to ji yong!’ they automatically start clapping really fast and signing ‘sengil chuka habnida!’ XXXD
    me: O___O WOHHH~

  5. oww vicky 😥 try for being with us pls 😦 and thnx for sharing they are too cute ^.^ my school start in september 😦 so close 😦

  6. aw these pictures are really cute! im a freshman starting next week. :[[[ sucks lol

  7. KWON JI YONG sengil tsuka!
    they are really handsome.
    looking at their faces makes me less stressful.
    they are my vitamins.

  8. start school already?
    ow~~ i’ll miss your post, since its so cute & funny
    GD look so cute, sitting there doing nothing & stay in his own world hehehe ^^
    TOP look so hot as always, no one as hot as him in police version

  9. OMG yea..i’m gonna miss seeing Big Bang everyday
    and not be busy at all. but now that school is
    starting…HomeWork and others. it’s okay though
    still a VIP. Aww G-Dragon looks so cute
    hehe. Kwon, JiYong….still sagging those pants
    i see. [sigh] i guess though.Lmao ima pant him one day…
    Lols j/k. if i ever meet him =]

  10. Wow, these pics are so hot!
    Aww, school so early?
    That sucks.

  11. hawt~!

  12. aww..school during jiyong’s bday..that sucks..
    but i’ll always be waiting for your posts!^_^ goodluck in scool!.^_^
    waaah!..they’re so cute in the mv!

  13. ahha, i started sophomore year last week and every time i come home i’m like “is there new posts?!”.
    thanks for everything vicky!

  14. hey vicky. r u from vietnam? I start school today, too. btw, these pix r so hot. i’m gonna miss u and ur lovely post!!!

  15. lmao!
    does it say SEX on gd’s shirt???

  16. aww good luck with school vicky! maby having school on gdragon’s birthday will bring you good luck :]
    i’m starting as a sophomore this year too, but in 2 weeks.
    hahaa i’ll be waiting for your posts too! for the news and your side comments xD
    lol even though gdragon is supposed to be a psycho, he’s still so cute!!! lol and the writings on his shirt are kinda weird.. but i remember on the other side, it said ‘too fast to live too young to die.’
    oh yeah and big bang was in the chinese newspaper yesterday! i screamed my lungs off when i saw it!! it was talking about their new album and how many copies have been sold and all that :]

  17. the amount of veins on taeyangs arm .. is kinda scary
    but they are all

  18. keke the boys are so cute!!!

  19. lmao i just realised it says SEX on GD’d arm XXXXXD

  20. So cuteee ❤

  21. starting school? aww,its ok. just do keep on posting(if u do have time.dont pressure urself ^-^) i love reading ur posts.
    im outta h.s school in a few more months. 2 months actually.its kinda scary not to be in school anymore.but yeah,no more uniforms!lol..

    i LOVE oh my friend MV. at first i didnt quite like the song but then afta watchng the mv, i couldnt stop hearing it! especially gd’s part.hilarious..

    n i just made my rocker friend convert to a bb fan.lol xP
    she cant get over with taeyang now cos hes too hot! hehe..

  22. You’re starting school alredy?!
    LOL I’m freaking out(I really don’t want to go back :P)
    anyways great pics!!!
    TOP as a policeman=SEXY!!!

  23. LOL! i noticed that too!
    lmfao! who draws and designed GD’s shirt?

  24. vicky u’re a vietnamese right??
    den where do you study??
    I’m curious..hahaa
    anyway it’s a good sign to start sch on bong’s birthday!
    Aza aza fighting!

  25. aww that sucks vicky..i hope you have a fun day as a sophomore~~much luck && dont pressure yourself to post things >.<~~ you got to focus in school! lmao! vicky fighting!
    im starting as freshman in september uhhh why does school starts so freakin early now…sucks
    well much luck :]

  26. omo XD unrelated but at 6.52 LOL na man bara bwa, they keep apologizing to YB for killing his dance XD

  27. OMG! GD has the word SEX on his shirt…and then there’s the word “hole” on it too right on top. 0_o

    anyways, TOP is so freaken cute as a police man! ^^
    TY and his skateboard is HOT!!!

  28. awesome! have fun with your first day!

  29. have fun with your first day of school.

  30. On those pics
    Boys so HOTTTTT
    T.O.P he’s awesome man!!

    GD in psycho clothes
    his eyes very cute for me
    he he he ;))) BANG

    :: Vicky
    started school ?
    oh i will miss you ~sis
    can i call you sister?
    because i’m graduated he he


  31. Taeyang has some nice arms..

    thanks for sharing

  32. awww theyre sO hoT..skuL does suck @ this tym but have fuN Vicky n’ gOOdluck!!! btw 2morrow i have a skuL 2…but im a senior yeymey!!!

  33. Those huge words SEX, and i think that other word should be ASSHOLE? :00 LOL I totally wanted to see him with that crazy laugh

    Maknae’s a cute .. pierrot? whatever that is XD
    And TOP’s haaaawt [[:

  34. all those pics are amazing. I love the first one!! Gdragon looks hot of course in his straight jacket that says SEX. lol I also love his leapard print jacket in the garage scene. He wears it so well.
    P.s. Seungri looks like he’s makin out with the mic in the last photo. lol

  35. do u know on Bongie shirt say “sex”
    my summer ended last week…. wer do u live?

    he is good..!!!!!!!
    he sounded exactly lik TOP (too me)

  36. *SQUEE*
    Skater Boi YB~!
    I’m a sucker for b-boy skaters
    I swear, I fall for this boy more and more everyday.

  37. i agree with Joli… im a sucker for skaters too.. but im always a sucker for YB in general ^^

    lol i like GD’s straight jacket. i like how he has “sex” written on there

  38. ahh im startin skoo in 2 days freak haha
    gosh i love my skater boi haha drools haha

  39. i love YB’s the best omg sk8er boi thats soo hot


  41. azngrl23
    I live in florida, and the summer just keep getting shorter and shorter every year.
    They haven’t say anything about any other MVs being release yet, i doubt it.

  42. kwonlitaisvip

    A lot of hugging, people coming at you at every angle and attack you to get a hug, haha, and getting embarassed in Spanish when the teacher point out that I already took the class last year but I failed and have to retake it, that lady…she is so racist, there’s this korean freshman in the class, she pronounce his last name wrong and he try to correct her and she say she can’t pronounce chinese well, he was like “i’m not chinese” she was like “what are you?” then he say “korean” then she ask “is there any similarities in the 2?” I’m half chinese so i was getting pissed, what kind of a freaking foreign language teacher ARE YOU?? but overall it was okay.

  43. seungrilovee
    Being a freshman is not bad at all, i don’t see why people keep tripping over that, only the stupid upper grader think they’re the shit cuz they’re older, don’t even bother with them, enjoy being a freshman, it’s the part of highschool where you don’t have to worry about anything yet haha.

  44. ninalee

    I’ll still be on often, don’t worry, just not as much since there’s school, and i have to sleep to go to school, during summer i barely sleep at all, I sleep during the day, I’m not worry about homework, never do homework at home, either during lunch or at school, that’s how i get through freshman year haha

  45. gdlicious

    yea I’m from Vietnam but I live in the US right now.

  46. Hyun Jee

    HAHAHA i just notice that too, I think he drew up that straight jacket himself, there’s even “too fast to live, too young to die”

  47. mars
    ah~ lucky you, I remember last day of school like it was yesterday, seem like I fell asleep on the last day of school and woke up on the first day today, so short.

  48. newvip
    I live in florida, usa right now and attend a art high school [oh yea, so does Bong, he went to a korean art high school] hehe

  49. Lita

    holy shit!! excuse my language but that was OH MY GOD. he sound similar to TOP. damnn…

  50. paradizekids
    hahaha. call me ur lil sis hehe. ur lucky ur done with school

  51. J-G-RILEEN

    wowow.. the high and mighty senior

  52. awesome!

  53. lmao xDD! JiYongie mad man xD!

  54. Now Bongie, you are one hot mad man XD

  55. Happy Birthday GD!!!

    for some reason i can’t open the picture of top. D: D: D: i want to see my sexy policemannnnnn

  57. YB looks hot even if he’s dirty. GD looks funny. DS show them guns.

  58. can i ask who does the screaming in this song? xD LOL

    thanks, :]

  59. cindie windie

    I’m pretty sure it’s No Brain

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