080819 Big Bang 2nd Anniversary Messages and Video Tribute to VIPs

credit: ygbigbang.com + monica


“VIP DAYS 2nd Anniversary Special Page”

Translated by melodygreenleaf. Do not remove credits on images

*TOP coming soon

Source: ygbigbang.com

Credit: melodygreenleaf@ygbb (+1tymforyamind @ygbb)


~ by Momo on August 19, 2008.

56 Responses to “080819 Big Bang 2nd Anniversary Messages and Video Tribute to VIPs”

  1. <3333

  2. I love you , Dea and Baby!!

  3. im loving the new BANGS cartoon character.. seungri looks very manly.. 🙂 i love his drawing of himself.. hehe. dark circles.. can’t wait for the others!

  4. awww those cartoons are cute. about the video… did they release the footage they used to make that? i dont think ive seen most of it before.. but it was nice of them to do that ^_^

  5. awwws where’s gds message :”(

  6. wah~~
    so many behind the scenes of the MVs that i haven’t seen before~~
    they were all so cute and naive~~
    now they are like so manly and mature~~~~

    Happy Big Bang’s 2nd anniversary~

  7. oh wait nevermind.
    saw the little message @ the bottom haha ;D

    .. ill be waiting? ..for gds :]

  8. omgg! thankyou so much for posting it uppppp! ❤

  9. *teary teary eyes*
    the video is nice..its nice to watch them from last time until now..
    happy 2nd anniversary big bang~!
    we belong together forever..>’333333333333333

  10. wow, i love this vid!
    it show us when they still a little boy (?) until now, matured
    thanks ^^

  11. gd’s n top’s???

    lololol seungri did drew his face with dat dark circle xD

  12. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

  13. Lol one of the most hilarious vids Ive seen of them.
    I love it!
    It saddens me to see them growing up..I love the
    funny dorkiness……
    but I wish for the Big Bang saga to continue!! lol ^_^
    by the way….totally cute messages!

  14. How cute!(:
    Taeyang & his love for hats.
    puhahaha. ;D
    Jiyong looks so cute!<3

  15. Where is that from TOP & GD ?


  16. Lmao, OMG i LOVE BIG BANG!
    2nd Anniversary!!WHOO!
    yeah where’s GD&TOP’s ‘message’?
    Dam i love them! they are soo
    cute&funny! especailly G-Dragon!

  17. Aww, so cute.
    I love TY’s…it’s so sweet & his handwriting is so cute.
    Can’t wait for GD’s!
    BIG BANG <33

  18. aww..dont worry boys..we love you guys..and we’ll always be together!!
    VIP!!^_^ happy 2nd anniv!!
    they’re so cute fooling and dancing around..haha ^_^

  19. that was awesome!
    BIG BANG&VIP forever~~! ^_^

  20. WOW i notice they went frm ghetto 2 their own styles now n
    also frm CUTENESS 2 HOTTNESS!!!
    awwww they take naps.
    I c a lot of the 2 Seung Hyuns moments!!!!!! KAWAII!!!
    Then there was the G-Dae moments, look on 2:12-2:15, they were fake kissing!!!!
    Also G-Ri moments, 3:20 n 3:47.
    I miss GD’s toothy, his smiles were priceless.
    LOL look @ GD’s pouting face @ 2:19!!!!
    They were karoking!!!!! LMAO look @ the famous TOP’s dances @ 3:54.
    COP TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOTTNESS OVERLOAD!!!!!
    Look at Topie skate broading @ 4:25!!!! He can be my skater boy!!!!
    The video is GREAT!!! LOVE their moments and memories. I c why I am obsess with them.

    sara is VIP

  21. loove that video!! omg they have came so far! it seriousally feels like the lalala mv just came out. haha.

  22. wow im surprised that yb’s handwriting are the most neat haha..i still rmbr how umm unappealing gd’s handwriting is hahaha

  23. omgg
    that video ! X]]]
    soo adoableeeee!
    1:53.. -nosebleed- a
    ahahaha 2:12.. G-Dae? xDDD
    i LOVEE DaeDaes cartoon self, soo cute(X

  24. Ooh! I like Seung Ri’s cartoon self and his little doodle. Haha, the video was fun and dotted with G-Dae, but I’m a G-ri person myself.
    Ah, I don’t usually fangirl too much, but Seung Ri has gone through so many stages it makes me laugh and cry. He’s so cute.

    And GD! His hairstyles were always so different. I love him!

  25. AWWW….this is so cute!
    i’m so happy they did this. we get to see more of how everything was put together. and also all the fun things that they did too. hehehhe.
    GD molesting DS kekekke. that was so…uncalled for…but it still made me smile from one ear to the other. kekekke. oh how i wish i could get that close. kekekkeke.

  26. aww the vid from the beggining then to now..the vid was really sweet and cute ^^
    haha cant wait to see what GD sed to us VIPs~~
    && of course his hairstyle is so awesome..there is not one style he cant pull off x]

  27. awww…sweet messages for VIPs…
    i love YB and TOP’s handwriting…
    can’t wait for the translation of GD’s and TOP’s msg…

    <333 the vid for VIP
    the boys matured a lot this past 2 years… : ]


  29. love big bang forever !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. LUV bIG BANG foreva <333
    happt 2nd anniversy xPPP

  31. Woahh, the cartoon is so cutee (:
    i cant read the korean writing but its so pretty (:

  32. Oo, i like the video (:
    [just realized it was there.. (x ]

  33. The videos made me cry remembering back in the old days. and look how successful they are now!! 😀 BIG BANG FOREVER!!!<3

    P.S. The cartoons are soooooo cute! :O

  34. The video was so nice. they have done so much in only two years. They have matures alot.
    LOL Seungri drew himself with dark circles. 🙂

  35. Is it possible tolove them more???? hahaha

  36. awww i love their messages; theyre always looking out for us (taeyang) and always growing and maturing… theyve come so far in the 2 years
    and omg in that video GD molests EVERYONE. O_O
    like… poor DaeDae at 2:12. XD

  37. Haha. Seungri is so silly~
    Taeyang and Daesung have cute handwriting too x3

  38. Aww thats so cute. I loved the video

  39. haha poor daesung got rapped by gd


    HAHA & that drawing that sr drew, was that supposed to be him? rofl xDD

  41. I LOVE THAT VIDEO~too bad youtube lower the quality. =[
    do you have it on megaupload or anything~?

    NOW BIG BANG ~~~ continue to be talented lovable dorks~!
    ’cause you’re music puts out more mature, but we know you truly are still silly guys!


  42. omg that video was the best. Bongie I miss the bun and your spiky hair in dirty cash. They are all such dorks behind the scenes that it is just too funny. Alas that is why we love them ne?

  43. Aww love the video and glad that IT IS Big Bang’s 2nd Anniversary!! >.<

  44. there is soo many things i want to point out in this video but i cant cuz THERE TOOOO MUCH
    this video make me love BONGIE more n more
    n i never think about this but
    Bongie n Dea. is kinda close too.. not just Bongie n SR

  45. OMG! i love thatttt video awwwwww i feel so proud of BigBang!!! <.< esp. SR xD!
    Happy Anniversary BB! ♥

  46. OMG! i love thatttt video awwwwww i feel so proud of BigBang!!! <.< esp. SR xD!

    Happy Anniversary BB! ♥

  47. Awwwww :]]]]

  48. omgg. that was SOO cutee..
    especially in the vid in the forever with you part..
    daesung opened his eyes.. OMG.. i actually laughed hehe
    LOVE YOU ALL .. so proud of you 😀

    big bang FOREVER <33


  50. i love daesung’s eeya~!~! and seungri’s drawing!! lol.
    and taeyang has such cute handwriting. ^^
    i loved the videooo <3333 thanks for uploading.

  51. BIG BANG love~!!!

  52. please post gd’s and top’s soon ! i saw them on the website, and gd’s was so cuteee ! and top’s message was so long.. i wonder what he wrote.. thanks ! :]

  53. Taeyang boo, I love you<3
    Take care of yourself! SUPPORTING YOU ALL, ALWAYS!!

  54. LOLLLL
    jiyong i can never read your handwriting~!!!

  55. awwwww why is GD sorry? WE LOVE YOU TOO, OPPA!!!
    btw~ TOP’s message is up too =D

  56. Great video! Made me love them even more. Aww such adorable cartoons of Big Bang.

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