ELLE tv: GDragon during Photoshoot | GDragon’s hairstyles get people talking

How… the … heck… does he just stand there with a what?? it look like a towel on his shoulder?? What? he wanna tease every female species that were there? gahhh~~ Bong’s video is the shortest, 35 seconds, unfair.

Big Bang’s Special Interview… hmmm.. what KIND of special interview? I’m curious.

GDragon’s hairstyles get people talking

Big Bang GDragon who has recently changed his hairstyle to the “half a month” Mohican style, has yet again set everyone’s attention on his different styles.

YG Entertainment said, “He has took up this bold attempt to change his hairstyle for suit the more mature and manly concept set for this new Big Bang minialbum. And his new bold hairstyle has not only roused the concern of fans and media in Korea but also in Japan when Big Bang went over for promotion.”

“GDragon has been receiving a lot of attention on his hairstyle ever since the ‘Lies’ days last year. Back then, he was known for his ‘apple hairstyle’ or ‘duck hairstyle’, when he tied up his fringe.”

“He attempted hairstyles that most men have not and did not tried out. After the ‘apple hairstyle’, he went on to change to the bangs, a style popular amongst the females and which also is a challenging hairstyles for males.”

On the other hand, after the release of their 3rd minialbum ‘Stand Up’, not only did the title song ‘Haru haru’ made it to the top 3 positions on online music charts, other songs like ‘Heaven’ and ‘Good Person’ is also very popular amongst fans.

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com

HAHAH. There’s already a funny name for it, “half a month” sound VERY reasonable. haha oh my god i love the bun so much, I want it to make a comeback BADLY, but knowning Bong, he wouldn’t even repeat a outfit, why would we repeat a hairstyle. And for VIPs who live in Florida, hope you guys stay safe over the hurricane, it’s raining outside like insane.


~ by Vicky on August 19, 2008.

55 Responses to “ELLE tv: GDragon during Photoshoot | GDragon’s hairstyles get people talking”

  1. YAAY can’t wait to see this! thanks!

  2. o my… he’s so skinty lol. he’s still hott tho. cant wait to see the last one

  3. Thank for share, This the last one right? ^^

  4. hahahaha what is that thing on his shoulder..
    sigh its freaking short

  5. yes
    very unfair
    it’s the shortest out of all
    did the camera guy run out of tape?/….
    teasing us in such a bad way

    and wow
    when he stands in the middle of those ladies he was like SO TALL haha
    especially when he stands next to the lady in white outfit haha~~

    and his stomach~~ agh~~ so cute~~

  6. jiyoung oppa sure stands out frm bigbang
    for his hairstyle(s) and his tattoo(s) 😀
    :< the video was so short!
    thankyou for sharing it tho ❤

  7. jiyoung oppa sure stands out frm bigbang
    for his hairstyle(s) and his tattoo(s) 😀
    the video was so short!
    thankyou for sharing it tho ❤

  8. panadary

    apparently, there will be a special interview coming up soon

  9. ncly

    I think the camera dude think that him standing them half naked is good enough for our eyes… well maybe it is but we don’t mind seeing more!!

  10. ommmmgggg.
    how hot does he look kinda half-nakedddd <333
    AAAAAHHH. i want more XD

  11. whatever hairstyle he has he still looks really cool.
    GD is the king of fashion.
    happy anniversary everybody.

  12. HOLY FOMO~~~~~~~ O____O *nosebleed* *faint*
    aish, we want some moarrrr XD for sure KikixGD XXXD
    how does he stay that slim? it’s amazing ><

  13. Hmmm i’m getting used to G-D’s new hair^^

    oh by the way, why isn’t anyone submitting bigbang’s blogskins? :s

  14. vicky~~ this is so unfair~~
    GD & YB give his fans those fanservice teasing thing by showing his skin like that but TOP didn’t!
    i know that he doesn’t like to show off his skin >,< but it wont hurt to show it a little to give a little service for fangirls

    btw, GD in that outfit sure is sexy
    but, what happen if each member wear that ‘black thing’ that YB hold? (i don’t know what to say ‘that black thing’, is it really underwear?)
    i think i’ll end up spazing all day in front of my computer or die cause of blood lose

  15. Nice one GD <3x

  16. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!GD!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wah…
    i actually starting to miss GD’s old hair again after watching this again haha

    his curly hair at that time wasn’t really that bad…
    it makes him looks really…gentleman-ish haha~~

    but the hair style now is rockin~~~

  18. happy anniversary~

    ah i love GD’s style. lol, he’s my rolemodel.
    …and future husband ! 8D

  19. ncly

    I alway shock when Bong get a new hair cut but after a while i’ll just fall deeply in love with it
    that’s what i get for being too in love with this dork

  20. AHHH OMG G-Dragon! so fricken cute/hot!
    i love him! aww it’s so short and yes
    gawd just a towel. omg…….
    OMG awwwww he’s so cute though!
    gosh he is kinda crzzy to do the
    “half month” hairstyle Lols
    but i’m okay with it now! and i still love him! (:
    BIRTHDAY THE 18TH….OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but my sister told me to shut up Lols

  21. Aww man, the shortest video for the sexiest guy.
    I like his hairstyle now, if he styles is good.
    It’s not that bad.

  22. wooooo~ his shirt or scarf was half covering his un-built but sexy abs *_*

  23. owww yes this is too unfair 😥 what a short video 😦 i want some more and more 😀

  24. waah!! what was he wearing?..haha sexy!!^_^
    i love his hairstyles..even if they call it half a month..wahaha ^_^

  25. hah!! of course it’s short..they don’t want the fans got anemic, loosing too much blood from nosebleeds!!! haha..when i saw the clip i was like freaking out and my heart thumped like mad!! Ji Yong aaarrr…i cry cry cuz i cannot see you in that hairdo again..that hairstyle is my most fav…and the mohican style on Ji Yong makes me go…’deep sigh’

  26. His hair has never been any good. Nor do I find his “style”, if you could call it that any good.

    He should try and stay more true to himself.

    Whatever…..this new mohak actually suits him the best.

  27. oh my gawd! half naked? dude! i want the whole thing naked >:] buahaha…
    GD is soo sexy with watever that thing is so freakin hawt~~
    damn why so short? stupid camera people..they got the good stuff now share it! haha im so selfish ^^

  28. why is he called bong i dont get it

  29. half naked gd was nice eye candy
    lol at the last scene. poor GD. You are the most handsome in my book!!!

  30. OMG GD!!! GAHHH~~~
    GD with nothing but that over the shoulder thing and suspenders and a pants on is so HOT! like…OMG he’s so confortable with wearing…practically nothing. hahahhaha.
    he’s so smiley it’s cute!

  31. LOL i like his hairstyle here but hey de half-month thing is good for a change..actually i kinda think its hawt now haha..oh n the beginning of the clip was totally cute!

  32. wahhh gdragon; i love him<33
    i love all of his hairstyles, he makes them work so well on him. but i seriously miss his bun so badly! i wonder if he knows how unbelievably awesome he is.

  33. GD is great! I think my favorite hairstyle is the bowl haircut:D

  34. HAHA GD is awesome man lol i love
    all his hair cut haha his face like
    matches with it all lol

  35. soo unfair awws GD’s vid is soo short xPPp
    i love all the hairstlye he had try i mean
    any hairstyle would look nice on this boy ;]

  36. i actually admire gd for changing his hairstyles completely (= he’s not afraid of bold changes !! teeheee~ aaand i sure do miss the bun :3 buuut ilike his current hairstyle too !

  37. Awww No! that video was to short…I was like OMG..OMG..OMG..the whole time watching JiYong with just that black towel or something on his shoulders o.O I died like 10 times while saying OhMyGosh..ahahaxD geez xS
    hope the special interwiew got some jucie stuff can’t wait ahahaxD

  38. did gd just give that girl a heart or is it just my eyes? no fair! =(
    such a bad boy. flirting with girls and wearing so little in front of them. he should be more like yb hmph

  39. @ fortune_cuukie
    oh my gosh i didnt notice that! so unfair :[
    i want him to do the same thing to me!!
    *tear tear

  40. aww no abs haha
    damn why does it have to be less than a min?!
    NOT FAIR!!! T_T

  41. NOT FAIR
    SOOO SHORT… make it LONGER
    man i think his stomach is flatter then mine
    soooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  42. DAYMMM GD. <33 oh if only the vid were longer… lol

    i noticed the guy at the computer said SEUNGRI and then a thought bubble appeared on GD’s head… i wonder what it meant, LOL

  43. that was a short vid T.T sigh*

  44. Jiyongie hair was so nice in the vid^^

    n the tattoo…ahh!! >.<

    proud of our leadah~! 😛

  45. Lah his hurrr!!!! LOL

  46. why is GD’s clip SO SHORT?!?!! :((( but i cnt wait for the special interview! 🙂


  48. what a tease.
    i am sad that his clip was so ridiculously short. 😦 but the intro was very cute, though 😀

  49. I like GD different hairstyles. Gotta say half of the month looks the on him.

  50. I love all his hairstyles …… so cute!

    My cousin really does work in JYP and she told me that wondergirls is coming to nyc in sept! just letting u know:)

  52. No fair only 35 sec. Even though some of GD hairstyles make him look weird..I love them.

  53. i love them very much . . …………………….. gdragon would you marry me ?????????????????????????

  54. so sad, that clip was ridiculously short… T.T
    but i LOVE his hair! sometimes, i think it looks really weird when i first see it, but the more i see him with a hairstyle, the better it looks! he can pull of ANYTHING and still look uber cute and smokin hot and ridiculously sexy~~~ ^.^

  55. Just I want to say I love u my love G.dragon love u so much XD

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