More Pictures from Madam B Salon

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More More Birthday Boys Pictures!!!! Everything look so happy and bright, I really really hope they will air the birthday cake part, or else i’ll be really disappointed, the cake look so girly, haha wonder if that figure in the middle suppose to be Bong. I still can’t get over the face of Baby holding that box… so… slick… that box better not be what I think it is, you wait until your turn on December 12 Baby!! WHEN YOU’RE LEGAL!!

credit: magazinet \ 쥐톨빅톨.BigROom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on August 20, 2008.

79 Responses to “More Pictures from Madam B Salon”

  1. so sweeeetttt!! ;X
    thankyou for posting ❤


  2. awww the GDYB & TOPDae moments are cute!!

  3. LOLL~ the cake is sooo cute with the little figurine of jiyongie :]
    ngaws. i hope he enjoyed his birthday ^-^”

  4. aww~~
    GD looks SO happy blowing the candles haha~~

  5. O__o what’s in the box? LOL maknae’s grin is SOOO evil there XD
    omo, i’m loving GD’s hair MORE MORE XD
    and gosh YB, why do you have to be hot all the time? jeez.

  6. kkk cute

  7. AWww..=O so sweet x)
    They are all so cute..^^
    Can’t stop wondering what the gift SeungRi was holding on was.. and that look on his face too xS..ahahaXD
    But yeah JiYong look so happy
    I can’t be more happy for him, hope he enjoyed his birthday ^^

  8. awww…they all have bags under their eyes, they must’ve been tired but they still smile for so proud of them ❤
    TOP’s picture kinda scare me a lil cause u could really see his cheek bones and the form of his skull pop out..

  9. BOIZ BOIZ BOIZ! love em boiz. love em so much!!!!

  10. hahaha the cake is so cute xD
    and yeah baby looks so slick omg..hahaha..i’m so curious xD
    hahaha ty and bong are so cute xDDD
    and bong look so happy =) I’m happy for him too =)

  11. OOH SO SWEET !! <333

  12. baskin robin cake? I think i’ve seen it in BR store. (>_<)

  13. ASHDIASUDHASUINMAUIDFHASUIH jiyong and his straight teeth.
    never mind, BONG LOOKS SO HAPPY. (:

  14. awwww, so cute.

    lmao-maknae looks so devuous. hmmm, i wonder what he’s smirking about. 🙂

  15. devious


  17. OWHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    G-Dragon oppa’s birthday cake!!!!!!
    SO CUTE!!!!!!11
    G-Dragon oso very CUTE!!!!!!

  18. aughh,, they look so cute, specially , our top and daesung !!!

  19. Thanks For Picture

    So Cuteeeeeee I love To See Top Give Cake For GD

    that So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. i want to watch the video~~
    hope they’ll air it soon
    seung ri face is so evil

  21. OMG…Awwww they’re soooo CUTE!
    TOP is all smiley giving GD his cake
    wow he is strong to be holding it
    for a long time. and GD..awwww
    Lmao the cake does look girly
    i wanna back G-Dragon a cake too now!
    OMG yes i can’t wait for seungri..yea
    haha i wonder what G-Dragon got though…
    Thanks for the pictures =]

  22. GAHHHH GDYB moments!

  23. happy birthday my love!

    And they all look so happy, especially GD.
    Can’t wait to see this.
    ❤ them!

  25. Awwwwwwwwwwwhhh, he’s so hot on his birthday ^^

  26. Bong looks so shy!!!it’s so cute!!!!
    And when he and YB laughing together…omg…it makes my heart melt!!!
    and T.O.P,,,HOT as usual!
    and baby with the packeg…an innocent fce like taht…I died!!
    and last, but not least, Dae Sang…
    his so cute! can’t take my eyes of him!!!

  27. so cuteeeeeeee GD;]’
    btwww i just got my stand up package from my aunt~<3 WOWWIIE im soooo happy with it.
    the album/cover itself is so cool(: and AHAHAHAHAHA YB 3-D paper doll. it looks so…complicated..but i will try my best X]
    the poster GAHH lovin it<3 hehehee GD and his ahjuma hairband(: it also came with several pictures that you guys already posted up for stand up. and of course the bb photobook
    YES i am a very happy fangirl today((((: X]

  28. im totally saving this! haha thanks so much vicky!! ❤

    big bang luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve

  30. OMG they r lukin sooo cute…..TOP’s stonned face.dae top pic….hahhhaa..BIGBANG SARANGHAEYO

  31. i think that figure on the cake is supposed to be jiyong; it has the straw hat, tank top, and capri pants that jiyong was wearing before. wahh that’s so cute xD
    jiyong’s so cuteeee; i love his hair and everything!!<3
    top’s hair is killing mee omg, why’s he so handsome?
    awww i think taeyang’s smile is starting to become my second favorite (first is jiyong :]) he’s so cute when he smiles; his eyes disappear and everything xD

  32. awww; they seem so happy (:
    & dangg; their soo cute&hawt ; LOL .

  33. Cute cuTe^^

  34. lol
    thanz so so much Vicky >:D<

  35. thanks for sharing:)

  36. they’re all so cheezy, its so cute. & lol@yb’s face in the last picture. ooh, he is such a cutiee!

  37. WOW! G-D So CuTe
    ThanK For Picture
    LovE B_B ^อิอิ^

  38. happy belated to my LOVER!!!

  39. i see some funny expressions in the pics, very cute!!
    Haha….thanks for posting the pics

  40. =)
    these pictures made my heart skip beats.
    YBGD ❤
    the way young bae smiled, it just brightened my day.
    and his face in the last picture, was so kawaii.
    and daesung and t.o.p, when they were staring at each other, made me laugh.
    the cake looks nice too 🙂

  41. and i noticed that jiyong shaved the side of his head again. before when they were doing a photoshoot with those gdyb pictures, you could see from the pictures that his hair was already growing in and you couldn’t see his scalp anymore.
    but now you can see it, i like it better like it was in the photoshoot though :] he should keep it with some hair.
    kwon jiyong, i love you<33

  42. omggg so hott (:
    ToDae <33

  43. aw they’re all so cute ❤
    hahaha seungri looks so sinister holding that box [:

    in S.Korea
    Maknae IS LEGAL!

  45. i love these pics they seem so funn

  46. that is the AWESOMEST bday cake ever ❤
    lol, every time i see the look on seungri’s face, i crack up XD
    im totally lovin’ the TODAE pic =D

  47. Aww the cake :]
    Its almost my birthday too, the 22nd :] LOL

  48. HAHA Bong!

  49. my Bongie is sooo cute!!!

    u agian with the “sr-holdin-box” jokes
    crack me up everytime

  50. The figure on the cake looks like GD from the “Always” MV where he was wearing the straw hat and shorts. Haha. Even the cake itself has palm trees and such. XD But BABYYY, what’s in the box?!

  51. His cake is so cute!
    GOD, they’re all so handsome.

  52. lita

    OH MY GOD I KNOW!!!!
    That perverted grin…. BETTER not be another “special” present from that fan…

  53. Thu Duyen

    He probably “try out” Bong’s birthday present for him, that better be some cookie in that box and not what I think it is

  54. ghina

    it could be eyeliner, they’re wearing them for their concept now

  55. june
    oh forreal?? that’s possible, BR probably make that for him since Big Bang endorse BR

  56. DeDe(SunDae)

    this guy is dangerous near those stuff….. aish.. and he’s not even legal

  57. ibabyx3
    So happy for you!!! I haven’t got mine yet, it was suppose to arrive sometime this week but since the hurricane was in florida this week, i don’t even know when i’ll get it

  58. Queenie
    it’s not a joke, I’m forreal if it is what I think it is.. it’s better not

  59. bananax


  60. bambooshoots

    doesn’t it look like they’re asking each other “did you eat the cake?”

  61. vicky
    oh no 😦 the hurricane 😦 i really hope it’ll make it to your house! iiiiish it should cuz BB put their heart and soul into it 😛
    hehehe, im sooo excited about putting the YB 3D doll together HAHAH X]
    i hope they make a bong one soon~~~~~~~~~ >< AHAHAHAH<3

  62. haahaa.. what do you think is in that box that
    you wont say? HMM??
    the pic with top and dae.. SO FRIKIN CUTE.. hehe


  63. ibabyx3

    we’re just getting a tropical storm, nothing too serious, it’s just the mail stuff is delayed
    i’m not ever gonna touch the YB 3D doll, i didn’t even bother with my TOP and BONG Dolls, I know I’m gonna mess it up

  64. hahaha.. GD is so cute!!!! Have to see this .Somebody known when is going to be air?

  65. stephicami

    the air date is yet to be detemine

    omg gd is such a cutiee

  67. Cuteeeeee! That figure reminds me of GD in the Baskin Robbins CF!

  68. AHHH TOP SO CUTE <3333

  69. OMGUHD. :O:O:O
    that cake is funny looking. LOL
    (like what you said, a bit on the girly side. but its cute. xD)

    HBBD, Kwon Ji Yong. ❤

  70. Ah!!! Thank a lot!

    Cute!!! Top’s look alway hansome. haha

  71. HAHAHAHA MAKNAE w/ the box, i bursted out laughing =]P his face looks so wth lolz.

    i like that GDYB one, 12th pic, sucha nice happy moment ^__^
    DS & TOP lookin’ at each other, lol cute!

    that cake is SUPER CUTE iwantit 😀 it’s like summer themed. i think the figure does look like him from Baskin Robbins CF too =]

  72. wow that was sweet GD seems like he was crying ='( awwww

    SR lol! that expression xD!

  73. owww sr xD lol!!!!! i hope gd was too happy ^.^ they are so sweet thnx for sharing ^.^

  74. dedeTOP tooo cute..
    dede face… REALLY???!!!! Top: reeally !

  75. aww..thanks for this!^_^ and dae looked so funny! i love the cake!!

  76. Face to Face, Dae & Top
    so cutee ha ha ha 😉

    GD’s smile
    he always killed me
    my beloved
    his cake freakin’ pretty

    thanks vicky

  77. its little GD sitting on the top of the cake!!!!

    its cute!!!

    o em gee,
    i’ve been waiting for this, bcoz last year the suprise party for bong is freakin’ cute too….

    this year, also a great suprise for him, wow…
    i wonder, how about the other members b’day???

  78. I want some cake. TOP looks so cute. Haha Seung Ri looks soo funny…I wonder wants inside there.

  79. in the first pic it looks like Seungri’s arm is a third arm for Tabi lol

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