LOL! my baby’s on a roll, & this time he asks VIPz:

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^ yea! what do you NOT LIKE ABOUT KWON JIYONG? o_0
that’s tough….

whoaaa… he’s getting the dirt from his VIPz…

babe, i don’t see ANY reason why I’D HATE YOU… if anything, i’d hate you for being too beautiful xD
ACTUALLY! i did find something i dislike about you… & i was going through VIP responses on ygbigbang & one said:

나보다 날씬한 몸매(?)를 봣을때 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

OH MAN I JUST DIED XD ^ i totally agree with you 0421b, he’s WAY SKINNIER THAN ME. & that’s not right xD

OH YEA! & FOR KISSING HYORI! tsk tsk…. i’m not gonna go there.

i’ve compiled a list below that i’m gonna post on the site, hopefully he’ll read it xD


oh kwon jiyong. although many admit to your perfectness & we all love you dearly, we VIPz got nothing but love for you, but we’re sure gonna speak our mind cuz that only shows that we care for you.

so, bbfansite VIPz have answered your call & here’s a list of the things they “dislike” about you.
– you’re too skinny; please eat some more ❤
– we miss g-ri. what happened to g-ri moments? you’ve moved on to dae, which is also cool, but we would like to see g-ri love from time to time… ❤
– we dislike you for making us answer such hard questions! not fair! ❤
– this girl named gyang really dislikes how you’re soo close w/ YB. that’s just her though… xD
– i quote many girls who say: “i dislike you for stealing my heart!” be gentle with it =]
– babe, please be nicer to your fans. we’re your VIPz. you should cater to us xD jk i love you ❤
– i dislike you for not coming to LA, or anywhere outside of Korea as often, for that matter. =P
– we dislike you for making a hotter girl than we ever could be… THAT AIN’T RIGHT

ok i’m tired from all the laughing, when i get more, i’ll update it xD


~ by gdluvzmc on August 20, 2008.

143 Responses to “GD ASKS AGAIN!”

  1. wow. the answers should be very interesting….

  2. i wonder if hes feeling self-conscious

  3. rofl ur not even answering! xD

  4. HAHA can i answer that lol hm…i love him and all but let see
    I think he change his hair way too much i would like it if
    he stay wit one…sometimes he can be extremely serious..i want
    GD to be like more open and i want to see caring side of him
    haha lol i think that’s it HEY A TRUE VIP knows all BIG BANG
    flaws but i sure don’t really hate him for anything

  5. i hate him for not being G-Ri… haha 😀

  6. lmao @wanie-chan 😀

  7. AHAHHA okay. i spent about 5 seconds thinking about it.

    i DISLIKE how hes NOT my husband.
    (legal realistic ‘this very moment’ – husband)
    [oh how id love to contradict myself on that]

    but what i seriously dislike? how sometimes during interviews/ video messages, i wish he would be a bit more attentive- especially since hes the leader. i dont mind that hes not the main speaker. or that hes fooling around. but he cant seriously space out the entire time!!!

  8. WHAT DO I DISLIKE MOST ABOUT GD??Maybe is the fact that he makes me so deeply crazy about him and his music.I won’t feel joy without knowing he is still hardworking somewhere on this globe!

  9. hm, i honestly don’t dislike anything about him…
    whatever i don’t like, eventually grows on me & i learn to love every single thing about him ! ;D ❤

  10. Are you kidding me???
    Hhmm Let me think . . .
    I don’t know, I’ll come back later!

    answer:i dislike him cuz he made me : a I’m totally falling head over heels over someone who doesn’t even know me person !!
    he took my heart away can i live without it …LOL

    can this be an answer ? HA HA

  12. I’m gonna be truthful and realistic man. This guy. I really DISLIKE how he pinches Daesung and gets away with it. YEAH, YOU HEARD it Team GD. I DISLIKE IT A LOTT!! Like that time on MTV Colors, he pinched Daesung, and Daesung was rubbing it like it hurted! WHY OH WHY do you have to pick on Daesungie? Pick on someone your own size Kwon Ji Yong!

    Okay, being unrealistic. I really really REALLY dislike that YB treats him soo good. WTF Get out of my way GD. I wanna be with YB, I need to sit next to him. I dislike how YB has known him for 7 years and they share this special bond. I DISLIKE IT A LOT!!

    Now that I’m done, you can see that I’m not a psycho maniac. I gave you guys a realistic answer. 🙂 LOL. Seriously GD, lay off of Daesung. I will come after you …

  13. LOL I WANNA ANSWEEEEEEEEEEEEER ! xD lol ! gd…. i hate you for ditching maknae for dae dae ;p lol(; what happened to gri ?! xD haha! jkay jkay xD aaaand i hate you for not recording a song with tablo yet xD

  14. I hate him for being perfect for me.
    i’m afraid there’s nothing to hate about him. 😐

  15. i don’t hate jiyong! i LOVE jiyong…
    but there are things that i wish he could work on a bit, like stop going on a diet cause he’s getting too skinny..probably skinner than most girls out there, eat more YONG!!
    i really dislike haru haru dances moves..i miss the hip hop days..but i guess that’s not his fault.
    but all in love for jiyong always out bet my small dislikes..hahaha..

  16. dislike how goofy he makes me feel for smiling so widely and crazily whenever i see him

    ..yet i love how happy he makes me feel.

  17. this took me a while and i still havent found any concrete answer..
    i really dont know, besides the fact that he’s not mine and i have to share him with the rest of the world, how i feel so small compared to him, how his hard work sometimes lead to health problems…but then again all these things are actually good.
    so if i were to answer him truthfully i would say:
    “im sure that you have your faults (everyone does) but unfortunately i dont know you enough to judge…so just look at the good things and improve yourself on what you know to be ur bad points cuz (this may sound corny but its true) no one knows you better than urself”
    ahhh >.< i feel embarassed now *blush*

  18. ROFL. i like all your answers better than the kvipz ones.
    these r definitely funnier, & the day has yet to start! xD
    i’ma love reading these…
    & GYANG: QUIT UR HATING! ur hating on YB for stuff he does w/ GD
    that wasn’t the question!

    anywayz. wait for a YB asks & then u can talk… tch…

    yea, TEAM GD right here will GET YOU FIRST! xD

  19. No, I meant I dislike the fact that YB is treating him good. I dislike him for that. Wait til YB asks a question. I will write an essay yo. No doubt.

  20. is GD gonna read our replies? maybe someone should write on the YGBB site and asks him to look here… haha i would do it.. if only i know how to write in korean…..

  21. ^ lol i might compile a good list & send it to him on the site xD

    & GYANG: whatever. ur like.. hating on his … SELF! it’s like… you should hate YB for being so nice to him, ur twisting the words around! xD

  22. gdluvzmc

    please include mine! please please pretty please? 😀

  23. I sm not. Face it. GD needs to get away from YB. I dislike that GD is always next to YB and the fact that GD is close to YB, I dislike that also xDD.

  24. Wow———-now that list would be looong…….

    You have to register to be able to answer, right?

  25. GYANG: ur like… i’m not gonna even say it here! xD
    we’re having a chat on my post xD

    siiigh. let’s just wait until u find other LEGIT reasons to dislike him. that is soo you gyang.

    wanie-chan: lol u & 5 other ppl so far. i’m sure a bunch said that one… xD i will mention his switch from SR to DAE xD

  26. ahaha @gyang,

    but without each other, we dont see their compassionate- brotherly loving side, that theyre capable of deep friendship amongst fame and stardom


  27. Say it say it. I did find one. I dont like how he pinches Daesung and how hes so close to YB.

  28. ..for being skinnier than me.
    ..for growing out of G-ri.

    i soo agree with u guys!!! XD

    this is really difficult.. i really need to think about it wen i go to sleep tonight. 😉

  29. gdluvzmc

    thanks! ilu 😉

  30. ermm
    for being too perfect?

  31. One thing I hate about my Jiyong wow thats a hard one
    let me think???
    LOL oh yes he is way to skinny. Hubby got to eat more.
    And another think I hate how he makes me feel. How he can
    make me breathless everytime he smiles. How when he starts
    to sing/rap it makes me die a little. I just how he makes you
    love him so much.

  32. i dislike that he’s too awesome 😦 and too thin 😦 pls eat more :3
    and be easy for your hair 😦 your hair is wonderfull ^.^ not need change a lot ^.^ and plss dont be near anygirl like hyori 😦 and dont be serious plss smile and smile for us ^.^

  33. What DON’T I like about him?
    I dislike that he fixed his teeth..o_O cause it was so adorable and unique that way
    but jiyong is still jiyong, only more perfect. haha.
    can’t really think of anything i dislike about him personality-wise, cause i don’t really know him. i wish i did. 😀

    (pleease include my post pretty plsease 😀 also about the BEST 3 songs? 😀 gahh i wish i was korean)

  34. oooooh jiyongie.
    i seriously cant dislike/hate you
    i just LOVE you (:
    you never make me mad
    you always make me happy ^^
    so theres no reason for me to start stating what i dislike about you~~
    coz theres absolutely none. :]

  35. This is the hardest question i’ve ever made in my life.too hiperbolic right but it’s true i

    but i’ll try to answer this question.
    Oppa…u know i hate u b’coz u give us this question,see?u makes us VIP have to think hard really hard oppa…n the result is…none. i can’t find any single reason for hating u.i luv the way u are,no one perfect n yes including u but i luv whatever u are.i think god is really love u,b’cos as u can see he gives u that amazing talent,great voice,n that very handsome face,n so on.everything that u have is amazing.

    For melly
    if u are going to list our reply,please including me.okay!hehehe.thanx mel…

  36. One thing I hate about my Jiyong wow thats a hard one
    let me think???
    LOL oh yes he is way to skinny. Hubby got to eat more.
    And another thing, I hate how he makes me feel. How he can
    make me breathless everytime he smiles. How when he starts
    to sing/rap it makes me die a little. I just hate how he makes me
    love him so much.

  37. oh sorry computer is messed up

  38. gdluvzmc

    Can I ask you a question? You said you saw the kvips responses right? Are they really harsh? Kinda worries me if the comments really bring him down. ><

  39. @meisvip: ROFL that is a good point, i dislike you for asking us this question xD
    nice twist.

    GYANG: see, you said it better this time. i won’t hate YOU for it xD

  40. @pinyourwings: no… they’re like you guys, just the typical ‘no we don’t, we love you!’ & just some of the comments i pointed out. they’re kinda funny, but i like ivipz answers more xD

  41. Melly (do you mind if I call you that?)

    Phew! Gah. I was so worried there would be some really mean/brutal anti-Jiyong seizing the opportunity to break him down.

    Now I know what I dislike about him! He makes me worry about him all the time! >< His health, his happiness… dear gosh I’ve really fallen over the fan girl hill with no way of coming back out.

    Thank you for answering my question. I give you a cookie shaped in the face of Jiyong.

  42. whoa…dis question is harder than de question before…
    hmm…i dislike him for being way too skinny!!!
    he should reali eat more!! it makes me worry bout his health…
    other than dat, i wan G-RI luv back!! keke 😛

  43. This is hard, but!

    Why are you so skinny?! Eat a little!
    And I miss G-Ri moments. Bring it back ❤

  44. Really a hard question. What I hate about him is also what I like about him. I’m such a fan girl??? haha I can’t help. Maybe I don’t like that he changes his imagine: his hair, his fashion style too quickly. And he’s the leader so he bullies Dae Sung and Seungri a lot haha

  45. like what most of said..he needs to eat more…
    he’s too skinny…
    i miss his chubby cheeks!!! : ]

  46. Oooooh, that’s extremely hard.

    Um, as perfect as you are GD, gain a tiny bit more weight, ok? Aaaand, come to Vietnam to visit me, yah? ^^ OH! And next time I go to your concert you HAVE to bring up a fan during solo and choose the one with the nose pierce and short curly hair, ok???

  47. yeah really a har har question…
    i think he can be more friendly with vips( some people said that he don’t talk too mcuh with vips or he is too close)its not that he will open all his heart( it would be strange oO)but just be more friendly, and smile more!and yeah!eat more!
    i think is just that, is a quite hard for a fan girls answer this type of question XD if something come up my mind i’ll write later!

  48. sorry about spelling! XD i think i need to sleep now =p

  49. 0.0
    for being to skinny??
    GD needs to eat more

  50. he has really short nails that look like he bites them

  51. Cool =D
    i hate you because
    you are so cooolll not to mention hot ._.

  52. IDK if this is FORREALS or not..
    but i heard he isn’t TOO KEEN w/ foreign fans in person?
    like he’s really friendly and nice to the S.korean fans but my friend has connection w/ YG and shes from the states and when she met him and stuff he was SUPER cold…and she said that it wasnt even like he was tired from a concert or hmm IDK?
    “does he not like iVIPZ?”

    *JUST WONDERING (not making accusations)…cuz IM an iVIP so you know..this hits close to home! :/

  53. oh yeah he DEFINITELY needs to eat more! way too skinny :(((((

  54. OK This is seriously a Tough question to answer !!
    There is nothing about you to hate it Except I dislike you for being too too PERFECT !!

  55. eekkk??
    i dislike…NOTHING!! ^^
    ….omg i just remember….d TEETH..!!!
    i dislike u who doesnt like to b yourself….
    d teeth is YOURS, u grew up with them, it’s one of your IDENTITY
    it’s a bit sad when i’m seeing u with ur new teeth…
    but beside dat, u’re PERFECT for me!! xD

  56. well it kinda irks me sometimes when they identify gd as just himself and big bang as something like a back up. i know its not really his fault, but it just irks me because they’re one as a group. sure he may be a leader, but he’s still apart of big bang. but all&all it doesnt get to me that much, still gotta support the leos babyy lol (:

  57. i HATE him when he act TOO GIRLY…dorky no problem, but GIRLY…noooo wayyyy

  58. this might be weird but since i live in the USA
    i always have dis thing with guys crossin there leg
    i guess it no big deal to korean ppl but to me….dont like it

  59. Well,
    nothing really.
    I love Big Bang, but most of TOP …
    but I’ve had 1.
    That I have heard that you have a different hairstyle.
    the normal hairstyle was still fun, with gel in all directions =]
    Was it HOTT
    Your new hairstyle, though fun ~ hihi,
    You’m cool, tough, funny and cute.


  60. omg! wow, i cant believe he asked that! i love him! why would anyone hate on jiyongie opa?!
    love love love him!

  61. wow.
    there is only 1 thing that I can think of right off the back.

    Jiyong need more meat on his bones.
    But seriously, that’s the only one I can think of.

    kekeke 😀

  62. I HATE HIM as HE IS WAY TOO UNIQUE with his g-dragonish style. Sooooo, I do not ever want him as my friend haha because I’m pale in comparison xDDDDD

    AND I MISS HIS TEETH TOO T______T Why did he fix it T______T

  63. OMG! jiyong oppa!
    i hate you for stealing my heart!
    i honestly cant live without it…literally…Oo
    and please continue to be perfect for moi~<3

  64. I dislike how he isn’t all G-RI anymore… I love everything else about him though! Lol!

    — Okay, and maybe he does need to fatten up a bit.

  65. D: OMAA…I can’t hate him o_o I don’t hate him but i do dislike one thing, he should keep healthy and eat more and he should take care of himself no matter how stressful work is even if it’s to please vipz they’ll understand. They would much rather have you strong and healthy than weak and performing and entertaining fans.

  66. There’s nothing I hate about Jiyong.
    Sure there’s things I dislike, but I live with them.
    I learn to love everything about GD from the positive to the negative side of his.
    Jiyong is just perfect the way he is.
    After all he’s just a human being.
    Of course there’s things that we like and dislike about him.
    There’s no possible way that he can pleasure everyone.
    Even god, there are ppl who even dislike god.
    and GD is juz a normal 21 year old guys.
    Aniwayz… I don’t want to start an essay to stand up for Jiyong.
    Juz so you know Jiyong ah, I love you no matter what.
    If I find something bad about you.
    I’ll learn to love that bad side of you too.
    I love everything about you…. From head to toe <33 <33 <33 <33

  67. Hummmm….. what I dislike about Jiyong……….
    oohhh I got it!!
    His TOOTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was soooooooo mad, still mad about it, when he got it fixed and didn’t say anything. I LOVED his crooked tooth, it was sooooo cute, it was his charm. His smiles with the tooth was BEAUTIFUL, it would made me smile. I miss his toothy t_t

  68. wahhh….waatta hard quesstion
    buht i gotta say..
    i hate that i love him
    soo muchhh even though we
    dont knoe each other in realll lifee.!

    However, if I really had to pick something…
    1. He’s just a little bit too skinny.
    2. Sometimes, he’s so mean to Seungri, lol.
    But, besides those, HE’S PERFECT. <33

  70. ahh jiyongie i love you too much to say this TT
    if i really have to pick something..
    it’s the whole hyori thing.
    i would say being skinny but he feels bad about it and i don’t wanna bash him more about that.

  71. oh can i ask one ques?
    does the answers we gice reach him?
    … like will he be able to read our answers? :s
    i dont really displike anything abt jiyoungi oppa 🙂
    yur sweet, caring, funny, cute, handsommmmmmeeee!

    nth really to hate abt yue!

  72. i loveee ji yongie
    but… i just dont like
    the fact that he fixed his crooked teeth!!
    i felt we shared a bond cuz i too have crooked teeth.
    ahh im going crazyy xD
    also…like everyone mentioned..hes too skinny.
    but i still ❤ ji yongie lotss!

  73. essih..

    i hate u cuz u ask us a hard Q and we read ur Q but u can’t read our answer..and i hate u cuz u post ur Q in ur sit and i can’t write there cuz i dunno how 2 join i’m maaaaaaad about that 😦 and i dunno how 2 write in korean ..XD can u pleez till Seungee and TOPiee ask a Q!! XD
    and the most thing i DISLIKE it on u that ur skinny than me can u pleez just eat a reall food
    be safe :)… and don’t goo so much crazy with my oppa TOPiee 🙂

    i finished 4 now but maybe i’ll reamember anything later…
    some of ur comment guys it’s soo hila..:) kekeke

  74. @carol—>are you serious?
    I always thought GD would be most likely to like international fans, especially since their music is kinda like hip-hop & rap from USA? (I didn’t know how to word that right.)
    Or maybe it was a bad day he had, or it was unintentional?
    idk, i don’t wanna make excuses for him. xD

    has anyone other iVIP met him before?

  75. I dislike the way he dresses way to feminine, more on the cuteboy style is what I desire and thrive for. =]

  76. aww i don’t like that question at all! Ji Yongie~~ why ask such a difficult question?? hmm if i had to answer: i don’t like that he is super skinny. it makes him look unhealthy, but maybe that’s just his natural body type? also, i think he should encourage the other members to contribute more to Big Bang’s songs. he gets credit most of the time so maybe now their intimidated by that and let him write most of their songs. but i think they’d be better off if they all contributed from time to time since they’re all different. GD is a great composer, but he isn’t the be all, end all of Big Bang.
    anyway – i still love you lots, Kwon Leedah~~ ^_^

  77. Uhm … I’m gonna dislike how G-Dragon never comes to New York to perform. D<

  78. I agree with you. Lol.
    I can’t really say the word, “Hate”… Just…

    Kwon Leedah! You’re way too skinny.
    Your thighs are probably as big as my ARM! XD
    Sweetie, EAT More & get more sleep.

    *Sigh* What else is there to “Dislike”?!
    I can’t really think about anything else now…
    Lol. His hairstyle & sense of style is very unique & I love it. XD
    I don’t know. KJY, I Love You!
    But, not as much as the Love I have for YB!!! =D

  79. I hate that you GD is probably skinner than me and prettyier!!!

  80. hmmm i hate him not living in europe.
    oh and he totally MUST get fatter, lol!

  81. uhmmm lets c wat i dislike about jiyongie?
    will he should b more open to the fans ya noe like how gd annoyed n yea well he too good to dislike him ahhah

  82. i hate him becoz he is skinner than me..haha
    actually i like him working so hard, and producing best songs.. but gd has to eat smth,really 😉

  83. whoa..this is hard..hmm..
    what i dont like about i got it! skinny! he needs to eat!^^ boy you need some rest too..^_^ i think everyone mentioned about this already..^_^
    we still love you thou..saranghae jiyongie!!^_^ (even thou you tease seungri and dae a lot..haha ^^)

  84. — i don’t think he has preference over kvipz or ivipz; overall, he tends to be less interactive with the VIPZ, & that is true, but there is no bias in his heart.
    it is a good point that you said he wasn’t as friendly the vipz compared to the other guyz, i’ll be sure to add that to the list xD
    i noticed that too when momo was telling me about her GDMOMENTS.


    GDMOMENT – noun; a moment in which one personally has a moment with G-DRAGON; a moment which describes a typical G-DRAGON experience.

    ex. After being entranced by GD’s voice & beginning to daydream while listening to “We Belong Together” the English version, her GDMOMENT was killed when her phone rang & the boyfriend called. -_-


  85. um… let’s see
    i really hate the fact that he killed his hair
    (even though everyone’s getting use to it)
    and he makes all the girls look “unpretty” when
    he dresses up as a girl

  86. I don’t think just looking at the computer or TV screen will show anything to dislike. We don’t even know him personally so what is there to hate?? We only see the perfect him. The perfection of the stars is all we ever see.
    The rest is hidden.
    It would be nice if we can see the whole package =)

    p.s. i totally LOVE his hair. i read some comments on how he ‘killed’ his hair. but i think it looks so awsome and edgy =)

  87. Lmao OMG Kwon,JiYong
    this question is again really really
    hard to answer, geesh baby not this
    question is is HARD!
    okay i hate him for making me like
    him, yes being skinner then me!
    and the fact that he kissed hyori
    Lols yes but otherwise i LOVE
    but his hair, it’s okay for me now!

  88. uhmmmm i hate how he makes me worry about him!!
    JIYONGIE OPA! WHY DO YOU MAKE ME SO WORRIED? i love you, and i want you to be happy!
    i love mr. kwon leadahh. XD

  89. oh i love your handwriting too :]]]

  90. tough question XDD
    ur too perfect to be hated

  91. mm i dislike him overburdening himself. T.T
    he should relax a little bit more.

  92. hmmmmmmmm. the only thing i really dislike right now is the eyeliner. and the leopard print jacket. 😀
    but other than that … :]

  93. I hate that I love you ):< LOL
    I dislike the SUUUUPER ripped pants you used to wear LMFAAAOO

  94. hate is a strong word leadah!

    but i so agree with the fact that he’s (WAY) skinnier than i am! hahahha.

    and that he’s way more talented than i am…

    oh and i dislike the hair…a little bit…but i think i’ll learn to live with it. ^^

  95. Haha. I dislike how he looks so much prettier when he’s dressed as a girl than most actual girls xD

  96. I dislike the fact that sometimes he look healthy but at times look so skinny that makes me feel upset about him
    despite this,I LUV HIM!!

  97. uhmm i dislike… hmm… ok so referring to some pts. in the great dvd, he would ignore the fans & head straight to wherever bb`s going, but the other members, esp. sr, would always wave to them or something. only thing really

  98. weeeeeeell, he is WAY TOO SKINNY. he’s like, 5x smaller than me…;_; and i know he’s always teasing seung ri for fun… but it bothers me… and his teeth are straight…*sob* he’s not perfect, but we all love you, G-Dragon. ^_^

  99. well i’m skinnier than him so i don’t hate him for that, but i do hate that he makes a better lookin girl than i do

  100. i hate how he over works himself sometimes which affects his physical and mental health.
    i dislike how he’s in korea and im in canada which means i probably won’t ever see him in person..
    i also dislike how he makes me feel ugly when he dresses like a girl 😛

  101. OO that’s hard! Dx
    Ok I dislike that he’s way too skinny! It be nice once in awhile to give a smile or a wave to his hellow ViPs when he sees us and um…I think that’s it? Oh and that he shouldn’t over work himself alot! Not good for the body!

  102. mmmmmmm…..
    maybe the fact that he would make it so hard for people to find things to dislike about him:P
    he is not my favorite but I think he is just awesome and I just can’t seem to find anything!!!!

  103. i don’t like the fact that he doesn’t love me he’s too in love with dae ^_______^ but i’m a gdae spazz! ;]

  104. i love him so much, but yeah, he’s too skinny sometimes.
    and yeah, i agree with roxcee88, why cant he be in canada

    but mostly, i hope that he’ll put his health in front of everything else, and that goes for all the big bang members…
    we love them so much, we don’t want to see them get admitted into the hospital for exhaustion… and they should get more sleep. definitely. especially seungri.

    but that was really off topic.

  105. omgomgg.. that is a HARD question..
    hmm.. probably the facgt that i’ll never EVER
    be able to meet any of you guys.. or talk to you
    or like take pics with you or anything =(..
    becuase i live in canada.. while you are in korea..
    now i’m sad 😦

  106. i hate how he goes to japan before the us to spread his amazing compositions T_T
    come here~!!!!

  107. what i dislike most about GD is that he is a bit TOO skinny, and I really liked his natural look better, he doesn’t need the MAKEUP 🙂
    he’s got natural HANDSOME-NESS. I just wanted to add that I LOVE HIS TEETH 🙂 *sighs* I hope I wasn’t TOO HARSH. 😦

  108. Ji Yongie, I generally fancy you. I love your teeth, your hair, everything. Even if you are super skinny (PLZ EAT SOME KIMCHI)

    What I dislike about you is that you don’t come to Toronto. lmao. There I said it. It’s like I love you 95% but that 5% is you alll the way in a place I can’t even afford to go to.

    All I want to do is make you laugh.

  109. omg i totally agree with most of what you said
    especially the g-ri thing

  110. sometimes his haircut
    But What Can we dislike in GD? he’s next to the perfection

  111. wOw :-O !!! what a Q?..I LOVE U sOOO much 2nd hUsband 2 d point i dont C any faults in yOu…iF theres any thing, that would just B 4 leaving mY 1st hUsband maknae in his own little wOrld (nO mOre G-RI :(( ) ..n’ 4 always making me feel that Ur d OnLy guy in d wOrld n’ that i have nO choice bUt 2 LOVE U everyday 😀 … haha… i’ll think agaIn..this is tough … later …

  112. 1. Obviously; TOO SKINYYYYY! Seriously, girls like it when guys have a fanatic craze for food. Well, I do. It’s cute.
    2. This doesn’t really only apply to GD, it applies to the rest of Big Bang too but yea. Sometimes they all seem really serious, and they don’t smile or laugh and they just.. sit there? I understand that you’re tired, but PLEASE SMILE MORE! Oh, you and your cute little crooked tooth :p. AND MAKE THOSE STRANGE HUHLARIOUS JOKES! And be yourself, all crazy and monkeylike. It worries me when I see you all… bleh >_>. Just think of your 9999999999etc fans 😀
    3. Please. Don’t do a bowl cut again? IDK LOL it grew on me, but only because I knew GD and his wacko personality before he got that hairstyle. But If i was new to big bang, and I saw a guy with a bowl/asianboi haircut, I’d be like uhhh sayy whatttt?
    4. Hmm.. sometimes your dressing style, especially recently, is a little strange? I get it that Big Bang sets the style for everything and I really appreciate that, but sometimes it just gets sort of.. girly maybe? Serously bejesus, in your Elle photoshoot of you wearing nothing but like.. little strips of black cloth, it made me get a nose bleed, but ?! And also in Haru Haru, your second outfit was a little more feminine than the others. But 99.9% of the time, I love you and your funky styles and hairdos ❤

  113. Oh and holy mackerol, PLEASE COME TO NEW YORK!?!!?!?!?! You’ve been here like.. once :[ and that was wayyyy back. You have LOTSS of fans in New York and it’s a cool place, no? So please come before some of us go bezerk and end up kidnapping Big Bang and stuffing you in our suitcases to drag you to america.

  114. uhmmm that’s a hard question….i must say i dislike he’s not open with the fans T.T we wanna se more of his true colors ^^

  115. It’s hard, from what I can see I can’t find one thing I dislike (probably cause I don’t know him personally).

    He’s asking because he knows VIPs are honest and will let him know.

    I know that he is skinner, but as long as he is healthy, he can be skinny all he wants.

    GD LOVE!

  116. i definitely don’t like that he’s skinnier than i am…plus he really needs to take better care of himself.

  117. i only didlike how he made daesung upset in the documentary and that there is no more bowl cut waaaaaaaaaah! and i miss bun! other then that i love kwpn leadah!


    but, like everyone else said, you’re really tootootoo skinny ._.
    You can call me anytime if you need a MACs buddy! *winks*
    oh, and I hope he’ll interact with fans more like Seungri/Daesung/Taeyang (:
    that’ll really make me happier instead of him just keeping his cool like what he always do…
    Like come on!
    At least a smile?

  119. @ Reina && gdluvzmc

    hmmm i always sensed a very charismatic presence about GD on TV
    but i mean MOST of the iVIP encounters i’ve heard werent the most pleasant? and im not ONLY referring to the Hbowl ones but like ones where iVIPZ met him in S.korea and stuff…

    idk…i mean i’ve heard only ONE positive story about him but in general what i hear:
    GD: very cold and unresponsive (not tired…and even if he was having a bad’s common courtesy for ppl not to carry over their feelings to fans/friends if ur having a bad day you know? I mean my friend just said hi…and didn’t ask for a pic/autograph)
    YB: smiley/shy/well mannered
    DS/SR: approachable/polite/ very talkative/interested in attempting to speak english with iVIPZ

    so yea idk? just stuff i heard.
    i totally wish i could meet GD to judge for myself lol

  120. i dislike you for not coming to malaysia. thailand, but malaysia?? 😦

  121. I dislike that you got rid of the BUN!! LOL I miss that thing. =P

    For making me think about you 24/7, haha.
    And for making me love you this much. (Is this healthy? lol.)

    But also, for being cold and distant sometimes… it makes me wonder what’s on your mind. I just want to see you smile, Jiyongee.

  122. OKAAAYY…after some looooong looonnngg thinking..I finally came up with one…one that I did not see yet, or might has missed.

    I dislike the fact that he’s getting more tattoos on his body. He should stay naturally beautiful the way he already is. 😀

    Even though I learned to love it, cuz that’s the power of GD, he has the power to make us love anything!! hehe Right girls?! I still deep down inside wish he hadn’t gotten it.

    I still LOVE you GD!! But I hate you for making me all crazee!!!

  123. he’s so skinny and needs some biceps.

  124. i dislike you because you didn’t tour to indonesia!come to indonesia big bang!!

  125. that’s a hard question.hmmm,lemme think.nada.i love everything about him.hey,jiyong could spit on my face and i probably be okay with that.OMG i am such a weirdo.

  126. OMG i dislike him for this question! xD
    and he should eat more and take care of himself

  127. i don´t like that he has fixed his teeth…

  128. hate that i can´t hate chu T_T

  129. @carol—idk, that’s kinda weird. =/ GD why so diva? xD
    *teases Ji Yong* Are you a bit of an introvert Kwon Ji Yong ssi?
    Maybe you should add that to the list [to send], “Please smile more when with all VIPS, fans are most important! No one else is going to buy your albums and tickets, ect.”

  130. what do I dislike about GD??well, aside from being way younger than I am (how can we be?? T__T) I also dislike the fact that you are skinnier than most of the VIPs (including me again!)eat more babe, it won’t hurt!Seriously now, please try to be more accomodating to your fans eventhough I know they don’t mind you being like that (being GD)…and finally, please grow your hair again…=)…I love you GD, peace!

  131. hmm….
    I hate you for being such a musical genius. ahaha. KIDDING. keep writing your hits yonggie oppa.

    i hate you for being such a flirt or ‘player.’ I mean, you’re not my favorite favorite, but I still like you. And from what I’ve been told, the way they talk about you, you sound like a flirt to me. I mean, if I wrong, then I have nothing about you that I DON’T like about you. xD But still, please, don’t act like that.

  132. dislike?

    erm…dats hard.
    I dislike da fact he’s older then me XD haha.

    uh…how he really can’t let go of his ex [da news about da injury while shooting Haru Haru an all…yeah =P] he should be mor careful.
    n…well…how he fixed his flaw [his tooth] wen i thought it was cut X\


  133. hahaha..Ji Yong ar..i dislike you for making me feel unsettled…and yeah..i dslike you for changing your hairstyle..can i have a peek on that curly ahjumma hairstyle once again??hmmm..i don’t think so..and of course, i’m sad when you fixed your front teeth..i foreseen it as your signature..still, i adore you..=D..and please..come to Malaysia..we,MVIPs would be soooooooo damn happy happy to see you BB here in Malaysia!!

  134. wow i agree with the last part of the list xDDD hahah lmao!!
    oh yea and the skinnier GD part keke ^^

  135. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  136. im not sure….

  137. I got another one!

    I dislike him for setting my standards for guys
    up so high..hahaha lol

    no one can compare to him and Big Bang

  138. :[
    i hate you for not coming to the US!
    it makes us fans in the US [non-korean even] unhappy we can never attend your concerts.

  139. oh yeah
    and that hes so close to YB!
    i love YB too, why cant we [ yb+me ] have your SPECIAL moments together?!

  140. There’s nothing i dislike about you! Except for the ever changing hairstyle.. XD
    And not coming to Singapore too!
    Come soon!!
    i will definitely support you!!

  141. hi G-Dragon why you are so pretty kkk you can sing dance whatever what do you want and this is like me all the time do what you want ok kiss you bye ^-^

  142. If your office was next to the bathroom, or 5 steps from the loading dock, or next to the timeclock, would you be very productive every day? ,

  143. i hate you most when you đin’t smile when T.O.P telling funny story!

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