HAHAHA. sooo, it was 2 year anniversary chat with a couple of friends, & we were reminiscing on LIES MV. & i randomly began talking about the whole discussion of whatever the heck it was that killed the dude & sent my baby to jail xD

yes, we’re talking about the famous “object” that the girl in the MV used to kill her abusive whatever.

i thought it’d be fun to survey your opinions on what YOU think this OBJECT is, by simple glance…

some answers i have heard from people are:
the most popular, A PINEAPPLE
a most peculiar, & very random: A CACTUS
(don’t ask xD)
& what i thought it was: A BAMBOO PLANT.

& just to be evil, i’ma show you this distorted cap to get your noggins working…

oh, & if you need to be reminded again, you can watch the MV again:

i’ll even tell you to start watching around 3:03 xD

i do think, i have come to a conclusive answer after very, very tedious multiple watchings of the MV & screencapping a bazillion times trying to get the perfect shot. there’s 2!
CLICK TO SEE THE CAPS! xD congrats to whoever guess correctly. knowing your gut feeling was right helps you sleep better at night. xD

for now… let the discussion begin!


around 3:07

in the bloopers, around 4:30ish.


i was so annoyed how i had to slow it down to 0.2x to cap it cleanly, but yea. finally. the mystery has been solved. it isn’t a pineapple at all xD

~ by gdluvzmc on August 20, 2008.

86 Responses to “IS IT A PINEAPPLE OR A PLANT?”

  1. i think its a plant in a vase??

  2. lol… we’ll find out soon enough xD

  3. ehhh.. it’s some kind of plant lol

  4. LoL somehow i do saw a pineapple-look-alike object in a flash xP


    jiyong and top are acting up… as always

    and i know the link is really… weirdishly long ? but idk. GOTTA WATCH IT!!! and i guess. if we;re not allowed to post it up… since its from bbvipz. you can delete my comment

    but. omg. the video-
    i quote from ‘mon5482’@ soompi (thank you!)

    ” (08192008) BIG BANG ORICON STYLE INTERVIEW (Japan)
    GD & TOP totally cracked me up…idiots lol! this was probably filmed when they were in Japan a week ago. but yeah…idk what GD & TOP ate / smoke…but i love these aDORKable fools…i’ll let ppl watch it instead of spoiling it. i know y’all will crack up too XD”

  6. and i agree melly,
    it looks like the typical asian bamboo plant in a vase

    but i think it wouldve been cooler if the leaves were spikes. like if it was some extreme cactus =D

  7. i think it is a plant in a vase…
    with spiky leaves???

  8. i thought she “killed” him with the iron skillet… but im gonna say its a plant… i take it back. i want to be the oddball. it’s a snow-globe (like in the movie “unfaithful”)

  9. lol i realized that i never really paid attention to the object hahaha…
    but from the seemed like a pineapple
    but can pineapple kill?
    i wonder…
    hahhaa how come the killing object can raise an issue here hahaha..

  10. @latiana2003 like the snow-globe in UNFAITHFUL!??!
    XD why were you watching that movie in the first place?
    it’s soo….. dirty…
    yes, bet the oddball ๐Ÿ™‚

    @newvip, haha yea, pineapples can kill.

  11. if you watch the NG at th end.
    you can see clearly that it’s a bamboo plant in one of those vase
    i still don’t know how the heck that can kill somebody

  12. i think its a bamboo plant in a vase,
    but i’m not sure, its looks like pineaplle though

  13. Obviously, it’s a bamboo plant on a vase!
    You can see it just by its shape… ^^
    well, every items have possibilities to kill and so does with bamboo plant XD

  14. lol @ gdluvzmc
    im old enough to watch that movie.. and i saw it a couple of years ago.. it was quite dirrty tho lol

  15. LOL! how can they put a pineapple in the room? and melly only unripe pineapple can kill. LOL! just kidding anyway it’s a plant on a pot. but i don’t know what kind of plant. but one thing is for sure the man is so weak to die because of it. LOL!
    and i just noticed that she changed her shoes maybe she couldn’t run with heels so she changed to rubber shoes.

  16. I thought it was a cookie jar shaped like a pineapple?!


    but uhh TOP&YB’sGiRL’s answer makes a lot of sense?! ahah

  17. i am pretty sure is a pineapple haha…

  18. pineapple i think. like rain’s old haircut pineapple.

  19. i’m on TEAM PINEAPPLE!!!!!!

  20. im sure its a plant
    but a pineapple killer sounds cooler though..

    seriously when i first saw the mv i was like ‘WTFFFFFF SHE KILLED HIM USING A PINEAPPLE?! O.O’
    so yeah, i really think its a pineapple. lol.

  22. If I’m not wrong..its a lucky plant or lucky bamboo…its really common in asian households…its like a bunch of short bamboos with leaves tied together…heres how the plant looks like:

    Lucky Bamboo

  23. lol…i always thought it was a pineapple…haha

  24. OMG. it’s a pineapple right? LOOOOOOL either way whatever it is it’s quite funny and i can’t stop laughing about it xD

  25. I think it was a vase lol haha
    but most of it look funny [:

  26. i’d say it’s some bamboo plant indeed, lol

  27. at 4:43 we can see that is the bamboo or cactus plant. She hold the VASE!!not pineapple, i think. haha.. at first, actually i thought it was pineaplle, hehe.

  28. LOL erm.. i think it kinda look like a bamboo plant >_> i dont know

  29. Lmao Hrmmm i would discuss that too if
    G-Dragon got sent to jail.
    Lols but i think it’s a plant in a vase
    cuz why would a pinapple just be sitting
    there. haha it’s a pinnapple look a like
    plant. but yea….kinda a bamboo plant i guess

  30. LMAO Melly!!!!!
    I was just discussing about this to some vip because we saw the movie Pineapple Express. We were saying that Cha Soo Yun (the girl) start out hitting the guy with a pineapple, then all of a sudden it changes into a plant. We were cranking up like crazy hahahha.

  31. The top/leaves part looks like a pineapple.
    But, I have no clue, I’ll just go with a pineapple, LOL.

  32. i think its a bamboo plant..u noe the ones where chinese usually have them during chinese new year?

  33. i thought it was a pineapple but how do you kill somebody with a pineapple? lol ^^

  34. If you stop right at 3:08, you can see the plant is sitting in a squarish black vase… What kind of plant that is??? i dunno. Maybe it’s a planted pineapple LOL… But what ever is, it’s got spikey leaves. I almost want to say that it’s a
    or better yet
    ~One of BigBangs awards… yes! That’s it right there..

  35. It looked like a pineapple in the mv
    But that screenshot looks like a plant

  36. okay so after watching the mv many times i think it’s a plant in a little vase, when i first saw the mv i actually thought it was a pineapple
    i kinda wish it was a killer pineapple, makes it more interesting

  37. i want to be different and say one of those cheesy kitchen sculptures but it does look very much like a bamboo thingy…

  38. hahas; i really really think it`s a pineapple ..
    isn`t it ? LOL .
    but as i think of it .. tht is the weirdest thing to use to try to kill sumone .. =X

  39. why does it matter?

    they look hot ๐Ÿ˜›

  40. That’s way too small to be a pineapple. o___o…I say it’s a plant. ๐Ÿ˜€ Or a small spikey kitchen utensil.

  41. Pineapple in a vase ??
    lolz..seriously it looks like pineapple but how come people die wen they get hit by pineapple.?? so random ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. you lied! i started the conversation melinda! i was the one who asked you guys, first. & dude its a pineapple. because pineapples save lives, duhh! LOL

  43. I think it is a plant in a vase

  44. LOL!

    i think it’s all threee combined together [:

  45. Lmao.
    My niece & I think it’s a Pineapple.
    Haha, IDK why. It looks like it…..
    My first guess was a Plant Pot. Or something…
    How can a Pineapple kill someone?
    She must’ve hit that guy hard…?

  46. I have a plant that looks just like that. It looks like a pineapple but my parents aren’t sure what it is, we just water it. But when you touch it, it really hurts! I cut my finger once too. Yeah, the plant’s thornish spikes probably killed him or the girl smashed the pot on him.

  47. dubseeXvip

    haha i saw that video!
    top and GD are so funnny ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. My guess is a venus fly trap…a little more complex than a plant or cactus..actually it’s inthe cactus family…..

  49. it’s a plant in a pot.
    i had a good look at it when i watched it. haha.

  50. looked like a house plant, the ones in a vase

    ahh i knew this would make me laugh.
    this is great.

    so i’ve been hearing PINEAPPLE & BAMBOO PLANT…
    whoever said CACTUS (*ahem* ROXY *ahem*) is silly cuz… i don’t see a cactus at all. who has cacti laying around in a korean home? xD

  52. its a bamboo plant !!
    you’ll totally see it
    when you watch the
    MV bloopers @ the end.

  53. definitely a bamboo plant in a little pot…

  54. im not sure but i KNOW
    it some kinda of plant n NOT a pinapple

  55. i think it’s some sort of cactus

  56. …aren’t pineapples plants anyway?
    i think that its a plant in a vase…hmm…
    its…a…pineapple in a vase! case closed! ^_^

  57. lawl, kidding, i agree that its bamboo

  58. i think its a bam boo plant

  59. k i think its a pineapple in a glass vase. o.O
    its something like this:

    but smaller.



    Everyone on team cactus, thank you. Smh.

  61. you can see it again at 4:42 in the bloopers
    i got a cap for it here .. it looks like a lucky bamboo plant o-o

  62. It’s a plotted plant! You can totally see it in the blooper reel.

  63. i think its a plant in a pot … but 4 d guy 2 b dead bcuz of it is ridiculous..haha…im not sure though…i thought its a pineapple but now i think its some kinda weird plant!!! haha…^_^

  64. I think it’s a pineapple…but wouldn’t holding a pineapple like that hurt you..I mean they can be spikey..but it could have also killed the guy…dude…she killed the guy with a plant/fruit. O.O What a weird way to go.

  65. i laugh..ahahaha can you really kill someone and draw lots of blood with a pineapple? it’ll get all squishy and then he’ll be drenched in pineapple juice! *laughs* it’s def. a potted plant!!

  66. i feel proud that i capped it good.
    she’s quick to smack him w/ that vase & plant in hand xD

  67. It’s definitely a bamboo plant. I have a million of those things at home.

  68. fankoo for getting the cap, it proves everyone wrong that it WASN’T a pineapple!!! (*sigh* ok, or a cactus)

  69. lol. i think it’s somewhat more original to be killed by a small bamboo plant in a vase rather than getting stabbed by a knife or shot with a gun. lolz. kinda weird though o_O but death by pineapple sounds funny in a way =]P

  70. Oh Wow
    Lols =]

  71. geee a bamboo plant ha ha wow

  72. haha now that i think of it
    i always thought of it as a pinapple but never thought much of it haha… but how do you kill someone with a pina apple haha
    it’s definately a plant in one of those clay pots now that i look at it again haha

  73. lol!!! who would guess xD! Bamboo plant there u have xD!

  74. hahahah i wanted it to be a pineapple

  75. lol
    i thought it was an aloe plant in a vase or

  76. LOL i always knew it was a plant of some sort lol cant kill anyone with a pineappel! believe me ive tried! xD hahahah just joking =)

  77. Haha. I never noticed that when I watched the MV for lies. LOLL. That’s crazy lame how she killed someone with a plant… Crazzy directors..

  78. its not lame… its..just….
    like me for example. i’m weird and yet i’m cool ^_^

  79. I think it’s a bamboo plant too……… really seems like it….

  80. maybe that’s cuz it IS a bamboo plant…-_-‘

    We were so sure it’s a pineapple.
    LOL. What a way to die. Attack of the pineapple. XD

  82. pineapple? WHAAT??
    i think its a plant. they guy dies because his girlfriend killed him with a pineapple? YOU GOTTA BET KIDDING RIGHT?
    ahaha; but this is so FUNNY.
    i watched that part when she threw the ‘object’, i’m sure its a plant. =)

  83. its a cookie!
    lol i wanted to be random today ^^

    I THOUGHT IT WAS A BB LIGHT STICK or whatever that thing is called.
    what? did she think she was gonna cut him good with leaves? XDD

  85. OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS A PINEAPPLE D: Thank you for solving that mystery Melly [:

  86. thank u for clearin the confusion…i can now watch the mv without laughin at the ‘so called pineapple’ scene…

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