08.21.08 M Coutndown! ComeBack Special: Big Bang Mini Concert | More Japan Pictures

08.21.08 M Coutndown!
ComeBack Special: Big Bang Mini Concert
484 MB

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Thanks to YG공습경보님

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Since Mnet and YG are tight, they’re giving Big Bang like a SPECIAL Special ComeBack Stage, they call it a “Mini Concert” they perform STAND UP, Haru Haru, and Oh My Friend. YB’s dance at the beginning was too hot for words… ooh! and my Baby walking down those step and grab the camera… I died. Bong with those eye patch with holes again.. I REALLY still don’t get the GOLDEN TICKET hahaha but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the pose they did at the end of “STAND UP” so freaking hot, LOL at Baby with his hand, haha.

YB at the piano again.. oh lord, thanks to the HQness I can see a small mole on YB’s left arm, do you see it?? there’s another fact to add to the list haha. the VIPs are saying the cheers again!! I was yelling along with them too haha. I always think Bong and Tabi going at each other and Tabi with the pointing at Bong’s forehead is just love. … so hot.. guys think seeing girls fight is fun, well guess what???? it’s vice versa!! Tabi’s hand posing along with the beat is hilarious haha love him!!! Now that I learn the dance to the chorus, I’m starting to like it, I think they switch the dance because this dance is easier to do than the first one they show us.

During Dae’s bridge part, notice how the lyrics to the song is wrong? haha I just notice that and I thought that was funny, but then what what?? what happen next? Baby did what YB was doing so many time back during the “Last Farewell” days, the mic flip!! though it wasn’t impressive but oh so impressive for him to even have the nerve to try!! BABY AH~! Dude….. that kiss the finger thing Bong did at the end… KILLS. can you please agree with me on that? oh my god.

During OH MY FRIEND. OH MY GOD!! I never notice their dance routine before but now I do, OH MY GOD! How cute are they running up and down like that? haha Especially Tabi, he was giving it his dorky all haha Dae can’t loose either! such dorks!! And I spot another mole on YB’s left side of his neck and another one of the right side too!!!!

They were all TOO excited on stage, Bong with all the yelling, Dae jumping around out of joy like he just met Doraemon. then another GRI moment. LOVE IT!! I wish they would show the close up when Tabi, Baby, and Dae did the peace sign, I wanna see it!! Tabi’s face look so cute!! Yes when you hear those fangirl scream, Baby was hugging Bong!! AHH! Then Baby did that rocker move on the floor, I never have a thing for rocker guy but HEY!! i feel so bad for YB he got too excited and his voice got all weird, it’s alright YB, your hyperness make up for it.

From all the GRI going on, who’s up for some BAERI??? Bong has been cheating too much these days, haha Baby gotta get on some action too YEA!!! Fair and Square.

^^ see that Bong? That’s what you get for cheating on Baby!!

원문 : http://www.kanpooh.com/
번역 : http://bb-flow.com 태영
taken from: 모네모네님.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on August 21, 2008.

94 Responses to “08.21.08 M Coutndown! ComeBack Special: Big Bang Mini Concert | More Japan Pictures”

  1. Oh wow.. Didn’t know about this.. Thanks Vicky!

  2. lols looking hott

  3. ha, Where’s Daesung. 😦

  4. so hot hot
    big bang is so hot now !!!
    going crazy over them
    thanks for the pics
    love them

  5. thu

    during that time Dae was busy in Korea with the shooting of Family Outing and he wasn’t in Japan with Big Bang those days

  6. u show em seungri!! lol.. make him jealous!

  7. “^^ see that Bong? That’s what you get for cheating on Baby!!”

    hahaha good one Vicky xDDD!

    Thanx 4 the HQ xD!

  8. lol, you just created yet ANOTHER nickname, didntcha???
    sigh, now youre starting to love my TOPie too…stop cheating on everyone, Vicky =[

  9. lol at SR’s pose… he never fails to amuse me…
    4th pix <–yah kwon jiyong jealous?
    haha two can play dat game!

  10. Fallen 8)

    Bong need to learn a lesson

  11. bambooshoots

    hahha. NO don’t you worry
    I only have 2 husband and I’m faithful
    it’s just that I have different name for others and not Tabi, I feel guilty like I don’t love him [just normal love] enough so I just have to give him another name
    and since he’s so cute in his performance these days, Tabi fits hahaha

  12. wanie-chan

    he’s sitting there by himself all bored when Baby and YB are in their own little world.

  13. i loveeeeee taeyang
    and his shades ❤ :-*

  14. MA BOI what are you doing? do you really miss me that much? please don’t imagine seugri to be me. i will be there soon, we will be together again soon. LOL! m definitely jealous.

  15. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    don’t worry
    ur not loosing ur boo
    it’s part of baby’s plan
    ehehe i can tell

    HIS EYES IS LOOKING AT WHO??????????????????????

  17. awww, wheres daesungie ?

  18. Lmao OMGG
    TaeYang & Seung ri. Wow awww G-Dragon’s not gonna
    do anything? so cute though
    AHHHH OMG Baby,Soo close to the CAM.OMG i want a
    golden ticket too and his glasses.HOT. Damn they go
    to ALL black then to ALL white.
    Lmao i never noticed the dance to Oh My Friend too
    aww G-Dragon did the hand thingy with TaeYang

  19. vicky

    great eyes as usual!
    advise to SR:next time dont make it to obvious… GD might notice u and the whole plan will be ruined.. lol


  21. bananax

    Dae can’t joint he rest because he have to stay in korea for his show “Family outing”

  22. ninalee

    i never notice it either cuz on all the other perf. there was million of white flags everywhere
    with this we can see better
    and notice there were TONS of GRI action
    so make me feel a bit better inside hehehhehehe

  23. wanie-chan

    normally i’m like BLIND
    i swear to god, i bump into poles all the time haha

    but with GRi.. idk why
    my eye sight become 20/20 haha

  24. love it! I download whatever is given to dl of this performance. They need to perform lady. I love that song:D

  25. new nick for my man? Tabi? hahaha.. that’s cute
    but vicky, don’t take my man to be your 3rd husband ‘kay?
    seeing him jumping like that remember me about his MWHB
    a dork for sure ^^

  26. you can so imagine the 4 of them sitting
    in school like that with yb and seungri gossiping. XD

  27. LOL, this in this perf they seem to be having more fun!
    The oh my friend perf was funny, seeing dae do all the weird weird actions…haha
    Everyone else was bouncing around like there’s no tomorrow. LOL

  28. baby walking out the steps really got me hahaha…
    at that moment i really felt like fighting over him with you haha~
    I can’t stand the Gri moment haha~
    and what’s up with the running up and down..it’s just so cute
    and they were really extremely hyper
    it’s like i never seen the rock side of them b4..
    especially baby, the rock move got me again!!

  29. man, i didn’t realize this earlier, i become so slow.
    so now we have new pairings? BaeRi?
    triangle love of GD, SR, then YB…
    3 of them will have an unique relationship from now on. hehehe

    SR, i know u just want to make GD jealous coz he cheats on u recently
    YB, say that u only do the ‘bad man role’ like TOPie does on haru Haru MV
    GD, no cheating! u give a bad example for our little maknae. see, he imitate u now

  30. oh… because Bong has fallen for Charlie And The Chocolate Factory movie for some relevant reasons (chocolate!), therefore results in the ‘Golden Ticket’ lol you know what I’m talking about?

  31. aghh
    i’m at school now and they don’t allow youtube videos uGHHHH
    i can open youtube..but the videos can’t be shown…
    that means i have to wait for like 5 more hours till i get home to watch big bang..
    sucks haha…
    reading your post ( i mean vicky..your post haha) makes me feel like as if i’m watching them pefomring live haha
    you’re very observant..:)

  32. …oh my freakin dawg (yes, i mean dawg)
    they all look so cute in their huge shoes and skinny jeans!!!XD

  33. they look so kul

  34. ncly yah i agree she’s very observant n’ i LOVE that abt her ^^ ..
    I’ve noticed a lot of BAERI b4 .. but this 1 is tight ..haha ..yah Bong serves U riGHt 4 cheating on our maknae (i bet he didnt care!) ..haha ..I LOVE d 2nd picture cuz my husband maknae even has his own little world @ that picture ..haha .. I actually love when baby always try something he hasnt done b4 especially when he cant dO it/made mistakes cuz hes sOOO cute!!! n’ btw im actually liking d BAERI moments… ^^ .. BaBae HOT!!! Daesungi ❤ his dorkmoves .. BaTOP U need 2 sToP remindin’ me of my X-BF ^_^… BaBong stOp makin’ hand kiss (U serial killer!(???) i meant handkiss killer!!!) .. n’ of course my DNA Baby maknae Seungri I JUST LOVE U again ..weh? weh? …next comment later ..gtd homework now!!!

  35. i hope you got permission from the uploader vicky.
    we need to be careful this time around.

  36. btw wouldnt it b nice if they wear d clothes in OH my friend perf, d clothes they wore @ d MV???..3rd comment later…^_^

  37. Pwuahaha, there TOP goes with his WEIRD Hand Moves.
    Lmao. & DAMN, YB & his Piano. LOVEEEEE<3333
    & Oh goodness, when SR grabbed the Camera…. AHHH!!!! XD
    I Love DS’s little solo part w/ SR in “Haru Haru”.
    GD & his GOLDEN TICKET. XD That’s CUTE.

  38. YAY!!!
    Thanks so much for the dl link! I missed this too..
    Baeri..hehe cute cute. I wish I can hold YB’s hands like that

    +Big Bang gets me weak in the knees+

  39. that;s true i’m going crazy..

  40. They’v taken over da Asian music industry, already. Dontcha’ll think so?

  41. omg. top’s peace sign!!!CUTEE!!!ASDFT@#!!!

  42. YOUNG BAE ❤
    the moles.
    i noticed them =)
    BAERI ❤

  43. LOVE it!
    thx so much for uploading!

  44. there’s been a few yb/seungri moments here & there before the gri moments, i just think the moments with the guys in general are cute in an awkward way . lol yes i said it >< but i love em nonetheless

  45. OMG, the mini concert was amazing!
    TY dancing at the beginning…so hot.

  46. TOP & GD really good !

  47. oww vicky thnx thnx thnx ^.^ i wanna download it now ^.^

  48. w00t! ACDC shirt :]
    BaeRi = x333

  49. gmmm, i like baeri BUUUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE GRI !! haaaaa, gd you see that?! maknae got game too! xD lol ! now go and say sorry to him xD

  50. ♥BABY is just soooooooo Cute..lke a panda♥

  51. I was really feeling down today but this performance perked me up a bit.
    Love DS & SR moments, you know the SR closeups and the DS jumping!

  52. wheres the g-ri action? i watched the whole thing..maybe i need to watch more carefully this time >.<

  53. wtf? why did the camera changed when SR started hugging GD… totally kills the moment..

  54. nya

    HAHAHA don’t you worry
    I only give him a nickname cuz i feel guilty
    all the others have but not Tabi
    so I just have to call him that, and beside he’s being cute a lot these day
    i love ur husband, but as a big brother love haha so don’t u worry
    I’ll le u and orororo fight for the.. uhmm.. cooking naked thing haha

  55. annBAM
    I can totally imagine that now! ‘Hot boys gossiping.. HOT! haha

  56. blizzardsy
    I think it’s because they already get too use to performing it now
    They have another comeback stage on music bank
    wonder how that will goes
    but definately them being dorks.. = LOVE

  57. newvip
    I NEVER NEVER have a thing for rocker before
    but OH MY GOD!!!!! When Baby did that move, i died!

  58. nya

    BaeRi isn’t new.
    they just take a break since there’s always so much GRiness.
    but I know Baby was just making Bong jealous, he’ll be back in no time

  59. Liz

    I know haha
    I own that movie, [both version]
    the old version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was my favorite movie of all time [though I think Charlie is one self-absorbed ASS]
    But it’s so random for him to say “GOLDEN TICKET” hahaa

  60. ncly

    HAHAH. really???
    I does??
    I write a lot juist because I need to get my fangirling someway
    i really doesn’t think people read them, cuz it’s oh so too long, but glad that somebody does and actually agree to it!!

  61. J-G-RILEEN

    My eyes isn’t 20/20 (I BLAME COMIC BOOKS haha)
    but I am when my boys is in front of me haha
    IF Bong continue to cheat. I will have to accept BAERI.
    teach Bong a lesson

  62. gdluvzmc
    thanks to Dolce for the korean phrase
    I finally know how to ask for permission
    before it was all in english and confusing but now I got a hang of it
    I ask for the uploader’s permission and at least I can understand ” Yea! It’s okay” from her hahaa

  63. J-G-RILEEN
    IT WILL BE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!


  64. iDOLLY

    Baby is like obsessed with grabbing camera lense.
    i love it when he does that
    oh so sexy!!!

  65. YBislUV
    I woke up at freaking 4 AM to tune in to Mnet
    then I went back to sleep
    wait until 6 AM wake up and M Coutndown! was on
    wait for like an hour yet no big bang
    and just went I have to head out for school they were like “BIG BANG’S MINI CONCERT IS COMING UP NEXT”
    I was like “BULL!!!!”

  66. Someone
    Oh yes my friend
    THEY HAVE haha

  67. orororo
    If only they would close up a bit
    me and nya were talking about you hahaha
    she was worry I would turn Tabi into my 3rd husband
    i was like “I’ll leave the fighting to you and orororo” ahhahaha

  68. &SheLovesYoungBae

    I got so excited when I notice them hahaha

  69. lovemixin

    hahah YOU KNOW IT!!
    of course our maknae got game
    he’s the maknae for god’s sake hahaha

  70. Chrissy
    awww.. glad you feel better
    I got all nervous and heart thumping when I saw it yesterday
    don’t know why either hahah

  71. haejin14
    during OH MY FRIEND Performance
    just watch a bit closely and you’ll see Baby hugging Bong

  72. wanie-chan
    OH MY GOD ! they need to hire some camera man with COMMON SENSE

  73. vicky

    they should have let me be the camera man.. then i’ll be like stalking baby and bong.. haha
    i would also stalked them in their home.. lol…
    why did they wear the same clothes as their first comeback?

    i love the first g-ri in oh my friend.. bong was like running after baby to hug him but baby backed away.. haha so cute~
    btw vicky, do u know when will they do a comebackstage on music bank? i definitely cant miss this since kbs is broadcasted in my country..

  74. ohh :] i saw it XDD super kawaii~

  75. vicky
    hahaha, glad to hear it
    no, my goal is not making him cook naked for me
    i want him to~~ strip for me fufufu…
    i want to see the progress

  76. nya

    oh M Y GOD
    you 2 are like DANGEROUS to this 15 year old innocent mind
    HELP ME!!

  77. vicky
    now is your turn to declare that you are an ‘innocent pure little fangirl’?!
    OMG! i won’t believe it
    just say that we’re in the same species
    ‘dirty old man’ species fufufufu…

  78. nya

    so far i have made no sexual preference
    just u and orororo in the act haha
    all i do is say things
    but u guys use ur dirty mind to think otherwise of those “Things”

  79. vicky
    man, i realize i’ll never win against u hahaha…
    but, just admit that u do have those dirty mind
    since its u who pulled me into this
    or u want to repent?

  80. nya

    there’s is nothing wrong with my mind
    the real problem here is my hormone
    i’m a teenager, who just went through puberty
    i’m only 15, what do you expect????????????
    you went through puberty, you must know
    don’t blame me, blame the boys for being that way and does those stuff to me haha

    and blame my amazing mind for being so slick and tricking you guys hahahah

  81. vicky
    now u admited it hehehe…
    i don’t think this related to hormone / puberty
    its our boys that does those stuff.
    not only to u
    but to me also other fangirl as well

  82. nya

    every fangirl can’t control their hormone
    it’s part our fault anyway hahahahah
    for me right now, I blame puberty heheh

  83. vicky
    don’t blame anything
    just blame yourself for being guilty

  84. nya

    I could’t blame myself
    I didn’t do anthing wrong
    it’s my hormone
    nothing wrong with Vicky oh no!!
    no no no no no no

  85. vicky
    just do as u wish
    but i know ur on my guilty list too

  86. nya

    you have a list too?????
    hope i’m the first one to enter hehe

  87. vicky
    yup, but i still consider who will be the first
    is it u or orororo

    hhmmm… i think i should put u. hehehe…

  88. nya

    may i point out i’m not the one as extreme as naked and cooking
    consider that please

  89. Vicky + nya
    you probably won’t be reading this, but…
    omg why did i not see your guys’ conversation before??

  90. orororo

    we were wondering where you are gurl haha

  91. orororo + vicky
    hohoho… thats the most creepy thing from Vicky virus

  92. Vicky + nya
    i’ve been running around these days, so i haven’t really had the time to sit down and soak up big bang goodness. :]
    but i see the virus is still active!! lol!!

  93. orororo + nya

    once you get it, it will stays there FOREVER

  94. I’m loving YB-SR…they look cute together.

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