Big Bang on KBS Entertainment Relay Guerilla Date

CY World Fancam
credit: 짠토리 @bbvipz

gypsy_sonata@LJ just inform us about Big Bang taping this segment on 8/19, right after their NII fan signing event. She think the show will be air on Saturday 8/24 but it’s not listed on their official schedule yet.

“In case you don’t know, the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment usually features an actor/singer on an interview on the streets. They walk around, greet fans, cause big commotions. That sorta thing.”

Here’s some fan photos taken from the fans nearby and also the fancam of a excited VIP on team TOP. She cam up and hug him and everyone goes “OOOHH” haha that was cute, Bong was laughing nonstop.

credit: tvzone@daum \ vipgobigbanggo@naver \ gypsy_sonata@LiveJournal


~ by Vicky on August 21, 2008.

51 Responses to “Big Bang on KBS Entertainment Relay Guerilla Date”

  1. aaaiishh
    Lots of fans XDD
    Lol the girl hugged top? XDD
    I wish i was there =D loll ._.

  2. R they Princes from Heaven? I dunno,maybe they r! I wish i was dere….

  3. 0.0
    TOP with his shades~

  4. ooh!thats sound nice! that girls is a quite lucky for me XD
    i wish i was her! aaah look at SR neck!! so cute!^^ in the next pic he was like learning something important from his hyungs!hahaha i really like SR and TOP style!! is a quite different from each other but its my favorite! =p

  5. OOOO, i wish it i could see them on the streets too!!

  6. and that girl was really near them! hahaha the pics are so close!! XP

  7. The good thing about Guerilla Date is that stalkers can do their thing out in the open instead of hiding. LOL. Really close up pics, OMG. I would totally steal a hug from TOP if I were there. xD

  8. How lucky could this VIPz be? aaaaahhhhhhh! wish i was there!
    a good news after hearing Lee Eon of “Coffee prince” died. i remember big bang’s parody of coffee prince when i read the
    news. RIP.

    i hope other VIPz will post clearer pictures. Thanks for sharing these though!

  9. oh my goshhh
    that girl was so lucky

  10. OMFGG! some chick got to take a picture with jiyonggggg~
    AAAAAHHH. im so jealouuusssssss~ :[


  12. Man, I would give my liver to be in that crowd!!
    or even the person everyone is pushing to the back of
    the crowd…haha
    These pics are seriously close! Totally jealous right now…
    anyone else here, but me, obsessing about Seung Ri’s neck??
    lolhaha… its sexaayyyy!

  13. @roranges:
    its not just you who think in this way =p
    totally sexy, “SR is bringing sexy neck!!yeeeah!” hahaha

    wer is d video i wanna see my bongie laught

    Really hott!

  16. OMG OMG
    I was wishing ENtertainment relay to have a geurilla date with Big Bang!!
    and yes my wish came true
    I CAN”T WAIT too see the subbed one on KBS world!! haha

  17. heres the link: ^^

  18. oh wow.

    I sooooooo wished I lived in Korea.

  19. Seung Ri’s neck is so HOT!!!!

  20. last pic oma *drools* ^.^ oww how i wish i was there 😦

  21. OOOHHH!!!!!!!!I wis i was There!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. whoa…i wonder how hard is it for them to just walk casually in town…but i think even if they are normal people, girls would turn around to check them…ah,so hot…if i were the girl, i would have fainted rite away…

  23. TOP<3
    Sexiii as always<333333333

  24. wohhhh she could get close to TOP???
    omo, i wonder what VIPs would do to see them walking around freely
    like, be too shy to go up and talk to them or be scared that they’d be annoyed? or attempt to glomp them right away? XD
    i’d definately ask to take a picture with them and hug them and tell them how much i love them and- omo >< too many things

  25. Aww, wish I was there!
    I would def. hug them, lol.

  26. oh my goddddddddd!!!!
    she hugged himmmmmmmm o_o *dead*

  27. eeeh..i wanna hug him 2 😦
    how could she hug him 0_o am gonna kick her ass how could she hug my oppa TOPiee..esih

  28. WAH. i’m going to wait for this in KBS World next week. gawd can’t wait. i love love this segment in entertainment relay! the fans can get soooo close with the stars. (they get free hugs too)

    hopefully i can record this segment and share it with you guys. (it’s w/ subs in kbs world)

  29. OMG im jealous!! i just saw the video and i was a real hug!! i mean its not one of those half-hearted hug that celebrities usualy give.. i wanna hug him too!! it was so cute though, its like he caught her since she was crashing onto him… it was super cute but im jealous!!!!!!!

  30. Manager ^^

    The details were announced about BB JAPAN TOUR ticketing.
    I sent an email.
    Please read. ^^

  31. haha
    GD looks HOT in white and his hair is looking hot too!!
    i can’t wait for the actual clip to come out..
    those people on the streets are lucky..

  32. oh by the way
    i can’t watch the video..
    it keeps on saying something
    but i wanna watch it so badly..

    oh poor the security guy that was sweating on the first picture……:(

  33. Why can’t I be the one who was right behind Seung Ri, staring at the neck?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! >< hmph *total jealousy*

  34. I want to move to KOREA now!!!hahaha…

  35. OMG soooo CLOSE
    Dam baby is hot close up!
    now i wanna be there too! =]

  36. wendi ! me too, haha.

  37. OOOH i would have done more than hug him. 😀

  38. lol, IF I WAS THEREEEEEEE.. i would have jumped on maknae xD hahaha! xD

    i wish i knew korean
    and i could live in korea
    where BB lives.
    i wish i was that girl 😀
    except.. i give seungri and TOP a group hug and like hold on
    and then i would of course give everyone else a hug..
    cuz i love big bang too mcuh hehhe what i would GIVE to
    just be able to get close to them hehe

    BIG BANG <33

  40. sigh looking at these pics makes me want to live in Korea more & more !

  41. i either want to move to korea…
    or for big bang to move to washington ^_^

  42. OMG!!!
    korean fans are just too lucky 😛

  43. @ ithink1pink1
    if this happened in edmonton… oh man.
    im quite jealous right now. T_T

  44. whoa these picstures are taken sooo close!!

  45. yes they are so closeee ♥___♥ this girls r so lucky ^^

  46. IMagine seeing the boys up close like THAT?!I can’tbe sure if i will be able to take any pictures coz i wud be staring and drooling over them~~~(DUMBSTRUCK)
    I wished i could be there seeing Jiyong in real person~it would be dream come true~

  47. OMG.
    why can`t they EVER come to the US ? T____T

  48. huma

    well they did last year during HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2007
    too bad I was in Vietnam… and i didn’t know them back then T.T

  49. *gasp* u never heard of big bang till recently?!?!?!
    thats sad;_;

  50. LOL at the REALLY REALLY REALLY sweaty guy in the second pic.

  51. Lucky fan grr.

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