Care To Share? Part 3, Special Edition

Remember this?

ahh it goes waayy back. PART 1 | PART 2

before, it was to share what desktop background you had… this time… thanks to that dork GYANG, she found this cute lil dress-up avatar thing, & it looks SOOO FAMILIAR… you get to dress up this one dude….

& he kinda looks like this:

DOES HE LOOK FAMILIAR?! xD ^ that’s my creation! ^_^ NEW & IMPROVED!

you get to dress up this G-Dragon look-alike. yea, it’s modeled after THE kwon jiyong. HAHA it’s soo funny. it has different hairstyles: the BUN, the BOWL & his hot wispy bangs; accessories, his cool *CHANEL Chain, & the BAMF DUNKS! gahh i love it all. & THE PINK PANTS! of course…


well have fun & DON’T FORGET TO SHARE!!!

print screen & crop out your creation & upload it & share it with us!


ROFL. i couldn’t help myself. the dude’s got sexy slim legs xD JIYONGIE!!! xD

i like him in those communist hats. plain & simple. like the new years mbc music core host days ❤

^ this is TOO EASY! xD maybe cuz i think about dressing GD up all the time… hahahah

this isn’t dress up TOP! xD that was a pretty good one, i definitely see TOP xD ^made by coolios

^made by fortune cookies

^made by broken fruit || ^made by sarah


~ by gdluvzmc on August 21, 2008.

70 Responses to “Care To Share? Part 3, Special Edition”

  1. GD

  2. >.<




    and a little surmise 😀


    They really patterned the style after him, no?

    Ah~ Jiyong~ STYLE ICON! XD!

  4. haha, i saw this on the site 2 days ago !
    i so knew it was him when they had the hairstyle w/
    the little bun at the top (x lol.

  5. AHA. that was fun!

    i started out putting his gold clothing on and etc (babe, i thnk you meant the Chanel chain. and not dior. ?)

    and then i ended up. with him just wearing those black undies. a white wifebeater. his Chanel chain and sunglasses. hot hot hot. lol

    eek. and i wanted to post pics. but comp isnt working properly right now. oh well.

  6. fun! here’s my GD:)

  7. i made mines.

  8. I wonder if I over-accessorized him ><

  9. :p
    this is mine!

  10. rehearsal of CATS – daesung

    bigbang- CATS message

  11. And this mine! hahaha

    it’s look like GD? haha

  12. great way to pass time when there’s this huge typhoon’s my JIYONG! (i think i put too much stuff on him *giggles*)

    no school for me yay!

  13. aaww dont they have dress up SR?

  14. koalagurl1993
    i love yours XD we got similar taste =3 i chose the same hair/shirt/jeans/shoes ^^
    here’s my GD masterpiece XD

    i know XD over accesorisation but it’s FUN =D

  15. I had so much fun making my GD.
    Totally love the two piercings,
    & I think I went too far with all the accessories.
    But who cares?! I love it.
    & I love him ^3^

    Cute GD :

    Sexy GD :

    Badboy GD :

  16. rofl my bad dubsee, i haven’t been thinking straight lately… i think i’ma remake mine & add the chain. cuz i want his shoes to stand out more.
    & i’m definitely gonna add more accessories, too many to choose from! xD

  17. hah. i made an updated one. & rofl. everyone’s is so creative! xD
    i’m starting to develop a lil crush on this avatar… seeing him in his undies is giving me o.O
    & xD siigh someone should totally dress him up w/ his undies… leave his undies & like all the accessories! XD
    hahah i’ma try it now xD

  18. oh so funny for me to make my GD 55+

    this is mind


  19. rofl. check that one out xD

  20. lmao! GD without pants xDD!
    here is mine Bowl Days hahaha

  21. They had comme des garcons??! GEEZ I TOTALLY MISSED THAT AND I LOVE THAT BRAND ON BIG BANG. D:

    Hurrs mine :
    I love the bowl cut.

  22. :: gdluvzmc
    your GD
    ha ha ha

  23. XD
    Oh roiworld loll
    I’ve been playing there and all i can see
    is wonder girls look alike lol
    Let me try this game =DD here’s mine o.O I don’t know how he looks XDD

  24. Melly you got me crackin up like a lunatic with your second one.
    Jiyoungie sure has great legs. long and slender, put a dress on him and he sure will look better than other girls…
    wow i want to try this one. can i do YB? or TOP?

  25. haha that was kinda fun… i like mine plain heh here it is…

  26. @TOP&YB’SGIRL: haha yea right, i’d be more fascinated w/ TOP’s legs XD
    no there’s only a jiyong dress-up one … next time xD

  27. LoL!! totally GD style^^

  28. LMAO XD melly you perv XXXD *snort*

  29. Melly i checked the site and wow it was really like dress jiyoungie up only. i wanted to try but i don’t want you getting disappointed with me. hahahaha! i would try to find another site where i can dress him up like a girl. hope you won’t get mad.
    all the clothes there just fits him perfectly so i want to experiment. but don’t kill me.
    have a nice friday! i miss talking to you and momo. but i am always tied up! my boss is like checking on me from time to time.
    what a good life!

  30. ^^

  31. omg that was so much fun…
    here’s mine:

    very simple =]

  32. hehe i made mine kinda

  33. Lols; wow really good
    sorry but i don’t got any
    didn’t create it yet xD

  34. Too early to be creative

  35. MELLY, i just found out that it’s similar with yours. too late i already posted it.
    i really would love seeing him with long hair. and TOPless..hahahaha

  36. omg i had no idea bout dat….its been ages i have’nt been on….

  37. my jiyong.. ❤ ^^

  38. i love the first pic tat u create~~!!!!!!!
    is so cute!!!!!!
    keep the good works!!!!!
    hope to see ur new creation soon~~~~~

  39. hehehe…i really liked the game…it’s soo funny 2 playing it (i’m thinking 2 playing it everyday when i’m boring 🙂 )
    OMG…gurls imagin that ur drissing up GD 4 real..0_o

    i kept drissing him alot..
    these r mine..




    if u want more till me kekeke:)

  40. this is my sis GD..she was playing it with me..:)

  41. vote Big Bang..

    they on the 1st place..
    i’m exited!!!


  43. heres mines

  44. Mine is the sexiest xD
    I just used the This Love outfit ;]

  45. i man another one

  46. (:

  47. HAHA, I PLAY THIS! I GO TO THIS SITE EVERYDAY. I WAS LIKE… JIYONG?!!! MUST PLAY! I gave him his lie outfit. 🙂


  49. Here we go:


  50. Wait is it just me or did they give him curves and hips? xD

  51. @Daisy
    the YB dress up game’s fun..
    YOU CAN PULL TAEYANG’S UNDIES OFF in this one! lol

  52. Yeah
    i saw this before… but anyways… the first outfit i noticed that GD actually wore was the pink skinnies for How Gee. XD

    quite the similarity.

  53. Mine



  54. Well heres mine, This was alot of fun

  55. here’s another one

  56. Here’s mines x)

  57. here’s mine

    i was bored soo yea haha hope you’ll like it XD

  58. here’s mine’s

    and here’s another one

  59. i wanna say that heres mine too but not mine my elder bro did that x3 and i like it too much :3

  60. oww not this 🙂 heres rigth pic :3

  61. i think gd was like that in how gee :3 but of course just for me ^.^

  62. This is My G-Dragon Avatar…Hope you like it!

  63. This is Mine!!

  64. Haha they look like GD thats scary.

  65. i was wondering whta happens after u press print screen?

  66. might be a late answer but what print screen does is capture whatever’s on your screen at the moment u push print screen. so in this case, u wanna crop the GD avatar, so u push print screen to get that image to share it.
    hope that helps.

  67. I know nobody cares but just in case,
    that link to the dressup game is dead,
    here’s the new link:

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