Credit & Distribution Issues: Staff, Take Note

It has come to my attention that bbvipz has contacted our site through momo, our IVIPz Correspondent (sorry for giving you that title, sounds so cool though!) about the crediting issues & certain info, download links, clips, etc posted on our site.

Our site is very well-known to KVIPz, which is a huge accomplishment for us. With this in mind, we (momo & myself, along with other forum leaders such as jess & other admins @ygbb, etc) are taking measures to set up a guideline for international forums to follow.

We all must understand that everything you see on this site & other forums, come straight from Korean sources, & we do not have any exclusive rights to distribute & pass information without proper crediting & permission from the original posters.

We must also understand that Korean sources take crediting & distributing very seriously, & when others pass around clips & download links without permission, it causes tension between forums & the relationship between KVIPz & IVIPz, & that is certainly not something we want to happen.

Therefore, upon special request by admins @ bbvipz, the Downloads page on our site will currently be closed until I figure out this mess, & I kindly ask all authors to withhold from posting ANY DOWNLOAD LINKS until further notice.

There are many ways to illegally download things on the internet, & as respected forums that can be monitored by the right people, we must not promote the distribution of such copyrighted video & audio clips without proper permission in order to prevent any trouble from occurring. This is absolutely necessary in order to prevent us from shutting down.

In conclusion, ALL STAFF & READERS who repost on other sites/forums (such as SOOMPI) should follow these simple guidelines i have devised on how to properly credit your posts in order to avoid such problems.

1) OFFICIAL NEWS ARTICLES/TRANSLATIONS: such information posted should be properly labeled & tagged accordingly, with links to the original source of where you got the article from.

– -you MUST HAVE PERMISSION from whoever originally posted such clips to repost on other sites. you must LINK the source DIRECTLY (that means, link the actual post where you found the clip)
– – you ARE NOT ALLOWED to REUPLOAD to another host site such as YOUTUBE, VEOH, etc., UNLESS YOU HAVE OBTAINED PERMISSION from whoever originally posted such clips.

3) PICTURES: although it is indeed hard to regulate, i highly suggest you leave a comment to the original poster letting them know you are moving their information to another site u plan to post at. you also should link the original source DIRECTLY.

4) AUDIO: Audio downloads of entire albums will not be endorsed on this site. We highly encourage VIPz to support BIG BANG & purchase copies of their albums. Preview clips are permitted.


it is required to add the credit tag at the end of the post. a simple template:
(original source)@(original site)
(link to site / direct post)
*post taken from:
(poster)@(poster’s site)

the credit line stays with the actual post AT ALL TIMES. you DO NOT ADD YOUR NAME TO CREDIT LINE.
IF you found the post from a site that isn’t the original source, you can add the additional line w/ the * the * indicates that you found & redistributed a post someone else wrote…

this is roughly what i have covered so far, to hopefully get things straight until i get further information from bbvipz. for now, all you have to do is ASK FOR PERMISSION from the original sources @ bbvipz & other Korean sites.

we understand that it might be difficult for some of you to ask for permission, so i highly suggest you refrain from letting this situation get out of hand & let people who have the right connections to pass along such information & updates.

momo & i apologize for the badgering, but we are under pressure from bbvipz to take down numerous download links that were distributed here on the site, & we cannot go through with the headaches. so if you have any questions, drop a line here or contact me personally @ should you have any concerns.

sorry for your worries. i hope we can work this out.
things should return to normal when we all just do everything the right way & ask for permission.

**EDIT: DOLCE@bbvipz has made a post about the problem at hand. to see it, click HERE.

with the above mentioned guidelines, i mentioned asking permission & leaving a comment: you can do this by simply copying & pasting the following templates to ask for permission:

1. to get permission to take to other sites
안녕하세요. (your name) 입니다.
혹시 제가 활동하는 해외 사이트로 출처를 밝히고 (uploader’s name) 님 영상을 퍼가도 괜찮은가요?
허락을 받기 위해 쪽지 드립니다. 좋은 하루 되세요.

2. to get permission to redistribute
안녕하세요. (your name) 입니다.
혹시 제가 활동하는 해외 사이트에 출처를 밝히고 (uploader’s name) 님 영상을 재업해도 괜찮은가요?
허락을 받기 위해 쪽지 드립니다. 좋은 하루 되세요.

3. to get permission to make subtitles and redistribute
안녕하세요. (your name) 입니다.
혹시 제가 활동하는 해외 사이트에서 (uploader’s name) 님 영상에 영어 자막을 입히고 재업해도 괜찮은가요?
허락을 받기 위해 쪽지 드립니다. 좋은 하루 되세요.

-remember to get permission FIRST. AUTHORS BE AWARE of what links you are sharing to offer to download. should any problems occur, admins will be informed & will close ur post down until the problem is fixed.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. hope the problems are resolved.


Words from MOMO:

Marshmello told me that she will get back to me on the things i asked including DCBB/DCGD etc on pics and stuff. Also, for those who arent members and all. Will inform once i know

With that, please abide by their rules. And you can only post once permitted. They are not stingy in a way, but if they reluctant to share, please dont push it nor upload it without their permission.

I know its take time wait, but its better late than never.

This is the 2nd incident that has occured between BBVIPZ and IVIPs, especially BBfansite for that matter and if possible, i am trying to the avoid the 3rd one too.


~ by gdluvzmc on August 21, 2008.

22 Responses to “Credit & Distribution Issues: Staff, Take Note”

  1. I hope everything works out and we can continue to enjoy the site and everything else:)

  2. Awwww.
    well i hope everything turns out okay
    and it’s okay. but i hope the site
    will be okay, and we can all still
    enjoy it! =]

  3. Melly thanks for the warning. *guilty* but not so much.
    this is such a bad news it means no more chance for me to replay BB’s videos.
    i really have to get the vids directly from korean sites.

  4. thankyouthankyou for clarifying everything for us melly~~~
    “et people who have the right connections” hahaha noicee one xP do you want to add the korean form that dolce made for asking permission??

  5. awww
    i mean u guys post up this “ask for permission first then post it” all the time……
    why do we have to do it agian..

  6. ^ we treat bbvipz as an original source, since they are based in korea.
    as we deal w/ international fans, korean sites are our original sources & whatever regulations they wanna make, we should follow.

    to avoid the middle man, you can always check bbvipz urself.
    but it’s hard enough as it is if u can’t navigate well b/c it’s all in korean.

  7. i’ll follow the rules~~~

    at my school work citing is also very important..
    well work citing is important everywehre..

    so whenever i post something i always post the credit and sources and stuff…

    somebody even sent me an email once telling me to add the
    “post taken from” thinging..

    i think it was TAM from YGWORLD hehe

  8. YEAH i posted some BB’s stuff in my site too
    I’ll cite them all now!
    no worries..
    i’ll ask for permission 1st before i post anything

  9. Queenie // yeah we do..but apparently people keeps forgetting and whenever people forget, KVIPZ comes to me for action. i hope u understand

  10. can i take it and translate it with Vietnamese in my website. I will follow it and must give it for every member must know,too. Thankz you guys.

  11. oh i hope everything come to be better soon.
    and i will follow the rule.

  12. Thanks you all for making the rules of VIPz more clearly.

    But I still have something that I want to know. About the per for subtitles, when I see any Eng sub video and I want to redistribute it such as vietsub it, I HÀVE TO ask the owner of this Engsub only or both he/she and the original uploader of the raw??

  13. oo i see. >.<”
    thanks for giving us a heads up!
    hope everything works out!

  14. @ HA JI: if you want to translate english subs to viet, you need to ask the person who translated the english for permission to use their lyric translations as well as the original owner of the video you want to use.

    hope that makes sense.

  15. about PICTURE: if we CAN’T LEAVE Mess in the KOREAN WEB for PERMISSION, or send mail to the post-er(‘cuz we can’t get their address) Can we post it in our web with full credit?

  16. then.. whats the password on the downloads?.. i really dun get it.

  17. @leeyupi: if there isn’t a way to ask permission, you can give full credit & also link the site directly.

    @ILUVGD: the password protection will be taken down once the specific downloads in question (i.e, the dL’s that were distributed without permission) are taken down.

    please be patient. we want to avoid further problems.

  18. ok.. i got it now.. i hope everything gets well..

  19. oh.. i see..
    & now i understand..

    i hope everthing would be ok now..

    i know u guys are so sick and tired of all those askin for the password.. be strong guyz!!! ^^


  20. ..
    i totally understand..ㅠㅠ
    korean people…are strict with people taking their posts..ㅠㅠ

  21. @brokenfruit: it’s because korea is going through difficulty with crediting things and taking things illegally due to their internet speed. well. that’s not the only reason, but takes pretty big deal of it. because of their internet speed is so fast, everything spreads out very quickly. and people who posted first want their stuff to be credited so people won’t use them as if it’s their own.
    because VIPZ is our main source, we need to follow their rules so we can all share news about our boys without any issues.

  22. hey sup big bang ya gewd n hope ya keep up da dancing n singing aite kause dats mah thing dat i like to do sooo hope one day i get to meet ya of u n tae yang ur gewd on dancing top ur rapping is tite keep up g dragon gewd pose on da dance n singing

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