Kid doing Taeyang “Look Only At Me” Dance

I’ve been thinking of making a legit recording of me doing the choreography, but it’s not right unless you have a guy & a girl in it so… until JT flies to CALI & we can work on it together (LOL) i will hold back on that ambition to be checked off my checklist of “things to do before i die”

but my homies from BOSTON, KIM (KayKay&WhyBee) & her cousin LINDA (lidoxlinda) <— WHOSE BDAY WAS YESTERDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAMEO. sorry i didn’t shout u out yesterday, this video took forever for both of us to attempt to upload until we tried converting to different formats… but finally! & quit talking to me about your future brother-in-law! xD

oh anywayz, their lil cousin, his name is ANDY NGUYEN, he’s 10, & LINDA recorded him doing the ENTIRE YB dance at her bday party. it’s SOO FUNNY & CUTE! you gotta watch it!

DAMNIT. it’s my cousin’s bday. she thinks i’m crazy for Koreans, but she doesn’t understand, she’s still a baby. happy 17th bday to my cousin christine today. ur so lame. when u start falling for big bang, i will laugh at you & say, sorry, they’re taken & ur gonna have to fight over the millions of other people who are out there…

& to those who have viewed it already, sorry he didn’t flash his abs… XD BUT STILL! YOU SHOULD SOO WATCH IT, it’s CUTE AS HECK!
lol btw: LINDA’s PHONE RANG & it was the same song (courtesy of our site hmph!) & it was sad how she was totally ignoring her cute cousin doing the dance & she’s just talking on the phone like that. tsk tsk lindurrr 😛



~ by gdluvzmc on August 21, 2008.

32 Responses to “Kid doing Taeyang “Look Only At Me” Dance”

  1. Wow
    Pretty Good.
    Dam TaeYang inspired everyone
    to do his dance,Yay =]

  2. omg! so cutee. i love his hatt XD its so the essence of taeyangg XD

  3. LOOOOL. my cousin andy!!! 😀 if you guys read this, this is julie nguyen from cananda, torontoooo looosers:)

  4. KAWAII!!!
    LOL that was soo cute!!!!
    LOVE the hat dance hehehehe.
    he did a GREAT job ^^

  5. awwww…he’s so adorable!
    i love when he did the hat dance…

  6. rofl gahh he’s goodd
    I gotta start practicing =)
    I love the part when he took his hat off
    ha ha it wass soo cute

  7. haha i laughed so hard when he was like ARGHHHHHH almost at the end of the dance..hahaha~
    and he was so cute when he hopped after the hat dance xDDDDD
    And was there anyone’s phone ringing with look only at me’s ringtone? then there was someone who said ‘hello’ bla bla bla..
    this is really cute
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Pretty good :]
    w00t! viets rule!
    the little girl who walked around in there was adorable too!
    she reminds me of my 4-year-old niece who is also a big bang fan xD

  9. that’s really cute!

  10. Lol, hes so cute…
    viets are awsum! ^_^

  11. OMG! Amazing! That was completely adorable. I love to see kids who aren’t embarrassed to do stuff like dance. It’s really admirable. I laughed really hard when I realized the phone ringing was the same song that was playing.

  12. aww.. thats SO cutee…
    i wish somebody would do that for me hahaa
    my siblings dont see whats so good abotu BB..
    i’m like =O… SCUSE ME? lol
    but i think they dont liek bb cuz i’m too obsessed =T
    anyways.. good job 😀

    BIG BANG <33

  13. thats my cousin ;]

    HEY my phone rangg &i had to pick it up okay?! LOL. i see him dance all the time anyway :D. BESIDES, i was the one recording. so i WASS PAYING ATTENTION.

  14. LOL!
    it was sooo cute
    he can do the dance pretty well!
    but the ending was sooo funny when that other guy appeared and started imitating the dance XD

  15. Andy Nguyen? I’m guessing he’s Vietnamese hahaha, nice to see a lil viet boy love YB. that’s too adorable!! he is too cute!! he konws the dance steps! and the little girl just stand by and watch then she just ran right by. haha oh my god i crack up so hard when he lie down and pull down his shirt. his body rolls is too cute!!! I love the part where (his dad?) walk out when he was kneeling down, his dad must be like whathh?? that was hilarious. OH MY GOD!! I want this 10 years old for a cousin!!

  16. That’s cute..Huhu…

  17. @vicky
    that was my dad :] ; his uncle. hehe. LOL &his rolls are the reason why he doesnt do that ab flash part. LOL. maybe one day when he starts working out, he’ll have abs :]

  18. Andy NGUYEN!!
    hey we have anouther vietnamese.. kul
    after watchin this.. ur makin me want to shoot my own lil video n post it up
    lucky me … i have a lil brother(which look older then me) to dance with

  19. yup yup that’s how our fam do. big bang ftw! right lindaa? =] you should’ve seen him dancing in person, he’s not shy at all. he even sang karoake with me!

  20. @ JULAY — lemme find out you check the fansite too. OH SHOOT, YOU INTO BIG BANG TOO?

  21. @julay
    LOL julie, you knew i was into bigbang. &everyone else like kim,nancy,steph were like into them wayyyyyyy before i got you into them LOLOL

  22. oops scratch my comment.

    i got julie into them ;]

  23. tchh quit talking to each other here, that’s what the cell / AIM is for .. -__- LAMEOs

  24. we got our entire fam in here! lol! i’m nancy! that’s me. yup! i’m the one that has a bf that loooks just like YOUNGBAE! jealous? SO!

    that’s my babyy cousin! love you andy.


    me and steph discovered andy’s dance first!

  25. lol! ^^ he’s so cute

  26. hehehe:)

  27. aww he is so cute! you have a mini Tae yang at home! no fair, i want one too! haha

  28. it’s so cuute~!!
    when he kneels and pretend to scream
    and the person in the last part

  29. yAY!!!That boy is good!I should try doing that..haha…If only I had a dance studio, I would have a class that teaches Big Bang’s dance moves…hahah…

  30. lidoxlinda

    hahah he look hella confused
    ur lucky to have this 10 year old for entertainment haha
    all my cousins do is drool and make me change his diaper for him

  31. yea baby! viets rule! muahaha

  32. He’s so cute. He did great I still can’t manage to remember the moves.

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