082208 Big Bang’s ComeBack: Making of Oh My Friend

Thanks to S님 for allowing me to distribute this video. :DDD
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Oh Look at that!!! IT’s the YB Fanboy MC we all know and love haha He was so adorable try to act annoy haha. Look at Baby with his peace sign aww.. he is so cute when he say “jjang eey e o” ahhhh!!! BABY AH~ you are the best jjang of the jjang haha When they were getting ready to go onstage, I saw the MC great Jay, I think they’re close, how cool is that? Bong with his peace sign… ahh~~ Dae is too cute!! Bong has learn his lesson and went back to Baby’s side, standing next to each other again yea!! LOL at Bong Baby and Tabi touching YB’s guns hehe OH MY GOD THEY’RE SUCH DORKS IT’S AMAZING!! LOL at Bong “OH MY BRAIN” hahah oh my brain.

They show the making of the MV!! yay!! Baby could seriously be a mime haha he’s good… never get tire of seeing Tabi in that police getup. Bong get all tied up in his straight jacket haha. such a dork, I squeal like a idiot when he just pop up in front of the camera screen.

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When YB was talking all serious, the SUPPOSEDLY LEADER OF BIG BANG MR. GDRAGON is playing peek-a-boo behind YB, haha such a dork.

Dae get so freaking excited just watching the Olympic, now he is someone great to watch the Olympic with,

~ by Vicky on August 22, 2008.

35 Responses to “082208 Big Bang’s ComeBack: Making of Oh My Friend”

  1. first comment woo hoo
    love big bang
    why is g dragon called bong?

  2. Lynn

    haha you’re not the first one to ask
    I think i need to add this link on the side so ppl who don’t know can go and look at it haha


  3. im pissed.
    i ENVY those girls >:O

  4. Ahh really CUTE & HOTTT

  5. OMG damm i want to meet them
    Big Bang is HOT!
    aww G-Dragon got Seungri back
    Lmao they are funny =]

  6. OHHHHH!!!!

    g-dragon’s hilarious. & then how SR repeated “oh my brain” after that, HAHA cuteee!
    daesung is freaking hilarious at the end. i wish this had subs! HAHA
    taeyang’s such a cute little dork ❤ knocking over the members! ^^
    and the way TOP got “electrocuted” by TY, LMAO.
    love this vid, i can watch it a biillion times haha

  8. btw, what does “jjang eey e o” mean?

  9. panda,
    it means ‘its the BEST!’ jjang=best :]

  10. panda

    “jjang” means the best in korean
    so he was like “it’s the best”
    such a dork

  11. haha OMO i caught soo much sundae moments haha lol

  12. DeDe(SunDae)

    how come I didn’t
    oh god am i losing my touch?
    gotta go back and check out

  13. XD
    they’re such a dork!
    i agree with you vicky
    but a verry cute dorks that is
    GD and SR doing the dance when they’re in ‘change’
    so cute~
    yeaa GRI!

  14. wow~ GD is quick, he back to SR side again ^^
    should we consider him as a faithful type? hehehe..
    if the 5 members are all together i don’t think the situation around them will be calm
    thay just like a noisy little kid
    they’re really dork

  15. nya

    hjhhhmmm… since i know Baby too well haha
    Bong is probably on PROBATION
    he’s only allow to be NEAR Baby from now on
    he hasn’t gain “Full access” yet <– think of FULL ACCESS anyway you want to think hahaha
    see I knew Bong will be back soon :DDD

    I gotta be psychic

  16. vicky
    hahahaha… girl, u make me laugh a lot in front of my computer again! my family will think i’m crazy for sure
    probation? full access? hahaha..
    i think u & GD are a perfect ‘psychic’ couple for sure^^

  17. nya

    i DID NOT say anything about what exactly is “FULL ACCESS”
    u think of it urself [don’t lie i know u did] and whatever it is it’s ur fault
    don’t go blaming me for tainted ur innocent soul haha
    cuz i would deny

    me and Bong maybe aren’t “pyschic”
    we just know Baby too well

  18. Daesung looks thinner :[
    I don’t think he’s eating enough =O

  19. HAHA; “Oh My Brain”?
    nice one Bong =)
    its nice to see all of them back together.
    humm were they watching the Olympics or something?
    Daesung’s such a dork!

  20. OMG so unfair, those girls dont deserve to see big bang, i DO!
    big bang need to come to the states! like CA

  21. Suzie

    I think they were
    watching them during backstage
    Dae look like a perfect person to be watching the Olympic with
    just get hyped for no reason

  22. vicky
    well, u did not say that, but u give me hint & temt me for thinking like that
    i don’t feel like being innocent anymore
    sigh… maybe this is what thay called fangirling ^^

  23. nya

    the official word is FANGIRLING.
    so don’t try to fight it
    ENJOY it haha

  24. hey vicky
    i know you upload download links for other performances and videos
    and i know there’s been some issues with crediting and dl links
    but i’m wondering if you could possibly upload a dl link for this video? and the previous mnet video that showed some parts of the haruharu mv while discussing like the five members and like gd blew into seungri’s ear
    that would be if possible ^^
    i really want to have those two clips but i can’t find a dl link anywhere
    could you? or at least let me know where i could find them?
    thanks a bunch!!

  25. ktyum

    oh i already got permission from the original uploaders
    great that they agree to let me distribute the videos
    and i haven’t upload those cuz i didn’t think ppl would want them and beside i’m back to school now so I’ve been busy
    but since it’s the weekend, i’ll use it wisely and will upload it on my livejournal probably tomorrow, so look out for it ;D

  26. someone who agree with me that looking Dae all swetty like that is Hot? xD..SeungRi so cute makinng peace sign to every camra he sees XD
    love the part when the boys get elctrocuted ahaha that was funny they are such dorks our Cute dorks ^^

  27. Thu Duyen

    they all look hot sweaty

  28. hahaha..I saw toppie bowed to others while going onstage..owh that was so polite of him huh?~~my babe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    and yeah i couldn’t stand mr.bong playing around behind while tae yang was like so serious xDDDDDD

  29. looool Daeee! !

  30. AHHHHHH SOOOO CUTTTEEEEEE i’m going to have to list the best parts 🙂
    the boys are so cute when they’re all introducing themselves. especially when top says he’s fine all softly…. SOOO ADORABLE. 😀 😀 😀
    ROFLL i love when jiyong says ah ddeuguh! in that high pitched voice and they’re all spazzing at taeyang’s hotness. HAHA
    3:34 the way top says oh my friend is ASLDKJFDKLS<333
    5:54 wth seungri is not just saljjak. jeez he is SUPER CUTE 😀
    at the end i LOVE how there’s an awkward pause when taeyang makes that mistake and then seungri, jiyong, and the interview all burst out laughing. lololol.
    and DAESUNG HAHAHA. he shouldn’t watch tv during an interview!!! and the way he gets so excited HEHEH HE’S SO CUTEEE
    woops. i basically just gave a summary of the whole video. lol!!

  31. omgg i’m watching the ah ddeuguh! part over and over again it’s so RIDICULOUSLY CUTE.
    and i noticed that while top is jerking and twitching like an animal while poking taeyang, jiyong pokes daintily. KEKEKEKE
    and taeyang makes a weird growly noise as he stumbles around and bumps into everyone. 😀

  32. hahahaha. this video is so cute
    my fav part:
    the mc and Jiyong was talkin about the straight jacket and he’s like
    “…….Yea I got talent”

  33. ahhhhhhhh~
    dont yue think daesung oppa has gone skinnier?
    he needs to eattt!! eat more and more 😀
    thankyou for sharing ❤
    all of them looks so cute in all the videos!

  34. what did TY say that made everyone laughed? did he say bye in japanese? lol it was somewhere at the end ^^

  35. DaeSung I love you!!! I do the same ^_^

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