Backstage of Inkigayo Performance

I read on VIPZ’s schedule that there is Music Core this weekend
guess they dont’
AWWW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m sorry for mistaken it for everyone else I really didn’t know, thanks fortune_cuukie for telling me
I’m gonna tune in on Mnet now so I can watch Mnet 20S Choice

 Since I’ve been back in school I’ve been getting use to normal sleeping schedule, sleeping at 10 and wake up at 6:40 and now I’m trying real hard to stay awake, coffee seem like it’s making it worse, but I have to stay up until 4 AM. Big Bang and No Brain wil be performing together on Mnet 20S Choice then, which is 3 hours from now. Just wanna let you know in case some of you want to watch it. 😀

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More SunDae, these 2’s smile make the world a whole better place. Looking through these pics, you can see our Tabi looking at something that he would never ever let anybody look at again in his life, what’s underneath his shirt, I swear to god, this boy NEED to know how sexy he is already, he have to ACKNOWLEDGE what everyone on this planet already know okay. Stop showing us less!! we want more!! Baby look so tire because his dark circle really doesn’t look like makeup and do I see a pink eye??? OH MY GOD!!

I love his lips… all I can say.

Taking a peak…. hhmm……

His smile look frozen….. or is it because this is a picture?? i don’t know either

Look at it this way, his dark circle is still cute and he’s saving the stylist tons of money on eyeliner when he only apply the upper part of his eye. see?? win/win situation.

 Oh god does he look tire… Baby ah~ please go take a nap.

taken from: Bang ’em.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 22, 2008.

152 Responses to “Backstage of Inkigayo Performance”

  1. LOL TOP
    damn it his hair is such a turn on
    so hot

    his eyes are so bloodshot

  2. They all look sooo good!

  3. Come on top we want to see too.
    Poor seungri, he looks so tired.

  4. aww Baby should rest. 😦
    hes working so hard !

    awwss Daesung<3
    his smile X3
    chinky to the max !

  5. poor seungri! they all need sleep!

  6. true, true…top’s hair IS a turn on XD
    they all look downright edible >.<

  7. Seungri really looks tired. i don’t know if it’s just me but i think TOP looks bad. it seems that his charisma is decreasing. oh why do i feel like this. My YB Boi is still HOT!

  8. speechless
    one vote for vicky!
    his smile melts me

  9. aww..they look so cute!!^_^
    oh hey guys..this is not part of the inkigayo performance but i just found out about it and im so happy so i wanna tell everyone!!^_^ Top is gonna be in a new drama next yr!! it’s called Iris..and they’re gonna film it here in US and some other countries!! filming starts october!! omg!! im excited!!^_^ he’s gonna act as a hot criminal that’s part of a gang called Iris!^^

    oh by the way..poor seungri..your still cute thou..and we still love you..^^

  10. irina♥Dae

    chinky boys are ADORABLE!!

  11. ghina

    HAHA I never notice that
    but now that you mention…… oh god i better snap out of it before nya and orororo come after me with a fork haha

  12. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    maybe because he doesn’t show it like he know it like YB

    Give him some time to realize it before jumping to conclusiong of leaving Tabi

  13. nya

    there’s a voting there going on??
    haha we need to get a score board
    cuz i’ll be wining that shit hahaha

  14. You’re absolutely right when you say TY’s and DS’s smiles make the world brighter, especially my world. Oh TOP, why are you so gorgeous?! GD’s lips look so kissable! Seungri is a bit tired cause he needs more sleep, poor baby, take a nap!

  15. hehehhe they are cute as always!!!
    and I definetly agree with ya TOP should not torture us like this
    though I like the idea of not showing skin
    leaves more to the imagination XD

  16. dreamandlove


  17. awww maknae’s eye ><

  18. can someone tell me if I’m watching the right channel? they’re playing an Olympics baseball match between Japan and the US..

  19. @vicky, which channel is mnet on. mbc,kbs? help please.

  20. damn! seungri needs to take a nice long nap! look at his eyes1 i just want to cry from looking at him like that. my poor baby is suffering for the fans. i guess he’s putting the fans first and his sleep last. go baby! Seungri Fighting!

  21. I forgot to mention Seung Ri por favor(practicing my Spanish :P)
    take a break and sleep your eyes are seriously scary

    don’t know if I should get into details XD

  22. omg…baby’s eyes is all red =(

  23. so cute!!
    Tae and Dae =D look really happy ^^
    Oh poor baby You soulde sleep we are not going anywere so U shouldn’t work too hard we will always love you U know …=D
    Awww..Just love them all too much ❤

  24. rofl. no you like SR’s lips.
    i like jiyong’s lips 😛

  25. seungri needs a nice long nap.
    his eyes are all red.
    poor him. :[
    daesung’s smile so cute!

  26. tsubibo200

    well as long as it says “MBC” on the top right hand corner then ur on the right channel
    and it’s showing the Olympic right now so the air time for Music Core might be delayed

  27. asha

    Music Core will be on MBC
    and later Mnet 20S Choice will be on Mnet

  28. i found it! now all i have to do is wait for music core and mnet- time is going too slow1

  29. whats the channel to watch it at?

  30. Samnatha

    Baby is really stubborn
    he rahter hurt himself than disappoint the fans
    it’s sweet of him but we just want him to be healthy

  31. dreamandlove

    hahah i hate spanish
    i failed it last year and have to retake it… JOY……..

    don’t be afraid
    I’m not worry to listen to it hehe

  32. gdluvzmc

    kekeke I like both 🙂

  33. omg…. my poor baby seungri…

  34. asha

    yea. they’re showing the Olympic so Music Core might be delay for 20 minutes

  35. shecant-get-enough

    Music Core will be on MBC
    and later Mnet 20S Choice will be on Mnet

  36. wanie-chan

    you mean OUR?? *wink*wink* hahah

  37. vicky

    do you know a good site to go watch it on?

  38. Vicky–thanks! Yep they’re playing a handball match between Korea and..another country. haha.

  39. vicky

    hehe pardon me..
    *clears throat* yeap OURS..
    i like how OUR baby looks allmighty in the second last pic.. *drools*

  40. Vicky
    you hate spanish?!
    my favorite subject hahahahaha

    we’ll probably get into that later hahahaha
    or even better let’s leave that to the inagination too hahahah

  41. shecant-get-enough

    I try tvbox but it doesn’t seem to be working
    you can try channel chooser, but I haven’t use it in a long time

    I’m using tvant right now, and it’s something you have to download in order to use

  42. tsubibo200

    my dad can’t even get me to sit down and watch the Olympic with him and now I’m sitting in my room at 2 AM watching it on internet haha

  43. wanie-chan

    yes yes
    he look MIGHTY FINE
    i’m not gonna deny it
    but his eye make me painful

  44. vicky
    hehehe.. ur the strongest candidate
    u have many supporter out there

  45. dreamandlove

    i would like it if the teacher doesn’t hate me and she let me lseep in class
    but she hates me and she wake me up everytime i fell asleep
    failed.. BADLY

    I THINK i have a slight idea what those imagination are
    I think they’re SIMILAR to mine when I think about Baby and Bong hahah

  46. nya

    i should run for freaking president hehe


  48. carol

    oh my god me too
    i’ve been falliing in love with this song too much

  49. vicky

    oh how can i go on living my life seeing OUR baby with eyes like that…
    wait i cannot die now… gotta live for G-Ri… haha
    vicky-ah… ur staying up? arent u going to feel sleepy at school later on? u might end up with eyes like OUR baby’s.. hehe

  50. Aaaah, taeyang’s smile is so niiiiice~
    I’ll be here,waiting, to see them on MBC ^^

    I think I missed the badminton olympics *cries
    this is what i get for sitting here all day (:

  51. ahahhaha I know the feeling happens to me in math

    and yes I believe my imagination is similar to yours when it comes to these guys XD

  52. wanie-chan

    well it’s saturday so no school for me
    and i have amazing bounce back ability
    I was surprise how I can sleep on a normal schedule this whole first week of school.

    my eyes are like… DEAD right now
    i am so exhausted
    it won’t even open up right
    but i’LL get all energized when i see him perform
    happens everytime

  53. Thanks Vicky I’ll try it

  54. gah TOP >__< i wanna take a peek too ;__;..seriously, when is this boy ever gonna lift up his shirt again..stupid anti-fans calling him ugly and

  55. dreamandlove

    math is opposite for me
    i don’t have to pay attention yet I pass the class all the time haha
    amazing asian ability, the triple A as my friend put it hahahah

    so it does eh…~ you dirty dirty mind haha

  56. vicky
    u got that right
    in BB world i think u worth to be the president

  57. omg im freaking out now. how many hours left till it airs? and tvsbox isnt working for me. does anyone know other sites i can watch this on/?

  58. nya

    there’s something to be proud of

  59. fortune_cuukie

    tvbox isn’t working today
    try channel chooser
    or tvant
    i’m using tvant right now

  60. Vicky

    I dont know what to click on

  61. vicky

    aahh i forgot today’s saturday… ehehe..
    so our baby is like ur energizer? u get fully charged when u see him…

  62. omg baby really looked tire…
    pls go and sleep baby

  63. @xtopieloverx
    is that why he doen’t show his stomach?!!!!

    the luck of some people
    I’m still wondering how I passed geometry last year

    yes dirty and proud LMAO
    I don’t think that sounds right but I hope you got what I’m trying to say hahahahaha

  64. xtopieloverx

    they’re totally unforgivable
    not just that they say something like that to Tabi
    but someone who would say something rude like that to somebody
    i really wonder, does that make them feel better about themselves?
    I SERIOUSLY ask myself that questiohn everday
    does they gain anything from that??/
    WHAT THE HECK?? It only hurt the other person cuz I know the feeling, even though ppl would say “it’s okay, don’t mind it” but how can someone don’t mind it when something that horrible has just been said to them, I know how Tabi feels. it’s really sad beacuse those things are totally untrue.

    anti fans just should die in hell already
    any kind of anti against any band. they’re low life and useless.
    hurt ppl’s feeling for fun, i would understand if they do it so they can gain some benefit or profit but… NOTHING.. SO WHY?

    sorry i just need to vent that out, these anti issue bug me everyday in so many way

  65. shecant-get-enough

    to watch MBC click on YS MBC

  66. wanie-chan

    haha pretty much
    my eyes sting so bad rigth now but i have to keep on going!!!

  67. dreamandlove

    i’m not really shock
    math just seem easy to me
    i just keep sleeping in class and since the teacher doesn’t care… why should i
    as long as i pass the class

    right now i’m in algebra 2 and the teacher hate me already.

    there you go!!

  68. huh? antifans called TOP fat and ugly? are they blind?

  69. wanie-chan

    they were talking about back in elementary/high school days when he was chubby
    Tabi is a big bone kind of guy,
    those anti are stupid and just lowlifes


  71. it says the channel is off the air damn it

  72. tinaxxe

    kekekek glad you agree!!

  73. shecant-get-enough

    yea channel chooser like to do that alot

    tvant is the best thing to use
    only thing is you have to download it

  74. vicky

    ah i see…
    me too.. i dont get it.. if u dont like somebody just shut up..
    ugghh stupid antis…
    if they say somethg like that to OUR baby, im gonna hunt everyone of those antis haha

  75. wanie-chan

    they say that Big Bang music hurt their ears
    and I wonder


    i’m not hating them for not liking it, i mean everyone have their own opinion, but do they have to keep listening to it so it could hurt their ears??

    i don’t see WHY?..

  76. vicky

    is tvant fast? is fo I’ll download it just to see big bang
    and is it a free thing?

  77. vicky

    AGREED. nobody’s forcing them to listen to BB…
    are there a lot of BB antis out there?

  78. aww Baby looks dead tired!!! YG better not overwork him and cause him to collapse like before! the other boys are looking fine… is maknae sick??

  79. who said my man ugly & fat?
    its not true!
    eventhough he’s ugly & fat, he got talent! isn’t it enough? who cares?
    its hard to rap as good as him
    i feel like BURNING now. i’ve never heard any of this
    there’s no merit in saying someone like that!
    u don’t even know him, yet u say something bad about him
    i totally DISAGREE about this
    not because they talk bad about TOP, if they talk like that to other members, i’m the first to raise my disagree board
    they should consider about ANYTHING that come out their mouth!
    words are sharper than swords
    they should imagine what it feels like when there’s someone talks bad about their own idol.

  80. shecant-get-enough

    it won’t take long I don’t think
    you should try downloading it now

  81. even if he turned like that now- i would still love him just like i love gd with his half a month hair and skinnyness, suengri with his dark circles, taeyang with his height, and dae with his…wait a minute daesung has no flaws! he is perfect! i will always love them no matter what. even when they grow old and sing trot together,lol.

  82. Vicky
    what you said about anti fans just made me wanna cry you are so right they should look for self esteem first(surely they must be pretty darn fat or ugly to be saying those kinds of things about someone famous)

    algebra 2?!!!!
    I’m gonna take that this year and older than you!!!
    how can that be?!

    yeah I’m feeling the pride now
    I might just get that in a shirt or something

  83. nya

    it’s really like USERLESS… to talk and try to figure out what they’re thinking
    cuz seriously… i can’t see it in ANYWAY…
    everytime I think about them I just have to cuss, i’m keeping it down right now

  84. asha

    even when they grow old and sing trot together? <—-haha cant wait for this… hopefully i’ll be a hip grandma who is still in love wit BB even when im old…

  85. wow the downloading takes a while

  86. dreamandlove

    one of my favorite female singer have like the most anti ppl, and it was over a stupid issue, which hurt her mentally and physically, and after the day I saw her talk about it, I have such hate for anti that no words can describe
    like seriously…. i could kill one
    I’m being dead serious

    i might sound scary
    but… dude.. not kidding

    i took geometry freshman year
    and this year i move on to alg 2
    i hate teachers. period.

  87. wanie-chan

    I don’t think there is a lot
    but there is some

  88. vicky
    they SHOULD care about other people feeling
    (i don’t know how to put it in english >,<) they should know rules to become (a good?) people
    i don’t care if thay only say this ‘coz of joke
    its reality that he was fat.
    but who cares about people body gesture?
    i’m glad thht TOPie have so many fans out there cheering for him.
    i hope it’ll make him forget about those bad stuffwhat they done is useless anyway. they better stop it.

  89. oww im too sad now 😥 poor bb 😦 plss rest 😦 oww i cant smile anymore when they all are like that 😦

  90. vicky

    oh what a relief.. us VIPs outnumbered them..
    stupid, blind and deaf antis…
    ok gtg.. gotta watch music bank.. sadly BB’s not performing…
    bye vicky! and

  91. vicky

    oh what a relief.. us VIPs outnumbered them..
    stupid, blind and deaf antis…
    ok gtg.. gotta watch music bank.. sadly BB’s not performing…
    bye vicky! and HWAITING staying up!

  92. nya

    though he know that we will always be there for him but still we know that those words have hurt him deeply and appreantly it haven’t heal yet.
    it really bothers me

  93. wanie-chan

    i bet though
    even though they say they hate it
    I bet they can’t help but love Big Bang’s music
    they probably deny that they love “Lies” but they would know every single words to the lyric

  94. Can’t imagine the pressure they must put on themselves
    and still having antifans it is just wrong but they still have us 🙂 and that all that matters

    anyways I hate most teachers too but I manage to pass my classes without being rude to them(at least with most the time :P)

  95. vicky
    you’re talking about chae yeon right? i just remember you saying you were a really huge fan and through her you met seungri on manwon haengbok =] and i know she had a lot of antis back then, not sure about now

    question: what mbc channel are you using for tvants? i know one of them is being used for the olympics.

    as for antis, i don’t understand why they spend their energy hating when they could be doing something they actually makes them happy :T

  96. this is ridiculous..I’ve watched the Olympics so much now I wanna see the boys! Music Core hasn’t started yet right?

  97. is music core cancelled?

  98. dreamandlove

    yea that what pisses me off
    they work so freaking hard on everything they do and still….
    i’m freaking speechless sometimes about anti

  99. keriann

    yup that’s her
    just beause she use to like KJK as a fangirl when she was in highschool and now she’s a celebrity she get to be next to him.. anti find some way to think that it’s her fault and they keep doing crap to her, hurt her in so many ways.
    calling her sluts and whore…
    i… just…. speechless.

    well when i search for MBC on tvant
    I just click the first one that pop up on the list

  100. tsubibo200

    I don’t think it has
    they’re doig sychronize swimming… oh lord

  101. lol SR red-eyes xD!

  102. fortune_cuukie

    I don’t think it is…
    they’re schedule to be on and they haven’t say anything about it being cancelled

  103. i love syncrhonized swimming and all but i’m not really in the mood right now for legs bobbing up and down in the water o_0

    only one MBC channel is showing up on tvants -_-

  104. tsubibo200

    click on it
    try and see what they’re showing

  105. all of that gets back to them one way or another

    and like I said we can’t do anything about them
    the only thing we can do is show our support to them

    hwaiting!!!!! 🙂

  106. but it doesnt say music core on their schedule o

    and heres mbc’s schedule but its in korean

  107. dreamandlove

    I just keep telling myself
    and i know this is the truth

    they’re missing out on great music and amazing 5 people.
    so… why should i feel bad for them? they don’t deserve it.

  108. vicky
    yep, i clicked on’s synhronized swimming..
    the other MBC channels won’t show up cause they’re greyed

  109. fortune_cuukie

    I read on VIPZ’s schedule that there is Music Core this weekend
    guess they dont’
    AWWW MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m sorry for mistaken it for everyone else I really didn’t know, thanks fortune_cuukie for telling me
    I’m gonna tune in on Mnet now so I can watch Mnet top20 choice

    woww…. hopes up for nothing

  110. tsubibo200

    MBC won’t be showing Music Core today
    and I was looking to it all week

    aww man

  111. aww 😦 and we stayed up for it..grar
    i wanna stay up for mnet but i got work tom.

    good night/day ladies! toodles~

  112. tsubibo200

    sorry for keeping you up because of my mistake

  113. waste of existence!

    anyways can’t believe they cancelled music core

  114. dreamandlove

    awh~ i could’ve get some sleep all these time
    now i gotta let Mnet load
    idk when it’ll be ready

  115. lol its ok vicky, it’s not your fault!

    have fun watching Mnet! I heard there are loads of collaborations

  116. oh man I fell asleep waiting for Music core…and it’s cancelled? oh well, I only woke up cause of some CF about some coffee drink called T.O.P. LOL

  117. hahhahaha
    me too but it’s fun to stay up like this sometimes

  118. vicky, how long do i still have to wait for mnet to start?

  119. Ahhw…
    Please go sleep you tired.
    You work so hard. !


  120. yeah its fun to stay up sometimes… CFs make me LOL and lovefighter seemed kinda cracky XD

  121. tsubibo200

    just feel bad that i waste your when you cah do soething else
    i’m starting to wtch it
    it’s on
    mnet won’t load right though

  122. fortune_cuukie

    well the show start at 5 PM KOREAN TIME

  123. so many cfs. its taking too long!

  124. lol daesung has no eyes! how cute!!

  125. hey there are two mnet channels the second one “m net” buffers less then the first one… should be the same right? i see some dude dancin on the blue carpet

  126. looks like i’m staying up to watch MNET! 😀

  127. vicky
    aww don’t worry hun i’m always staying up like this haha

    i agree you should be president of BB world nyahaha
    I’ll be your unni assistant :p

  128. hhahah i see a lot of Vipz already, what happen to the others



  131. ahhh! Bong in a black shirt and jeans! i rarely see him wear smething so simple lol. that stage looks like it’s gonna rock!

    did GD rap in English? 0_o

  132. OMG
    Seung RI got red eyes?…
    please take care 😦

  133. HAHAHAH just saw Big Bang on Mnet 20’S Choice thing and THEY LOOKING GOODDD.

    GD,Tae and Dae in black. GD wearing a plain black t-shirt and his tiger mask thing. I hope he isnt sick. Tae looking good with his hat. Dae wearing his Rockstar shirt.

    Top and SR in yellow. SR wearing the same Rockstar shirt Daes has but in yellow. Top in a yellow vest or jacket, i didnt notice that. Top looks like he cut his hair.

    Anyways they show them practicing with No Brain. They looks tired but they are working hard.

    Me go to sleep now.


  135. big bang hwaitinggggggggggggggggg

    peace out ppl and go to sleep some of u

  136. cuties. i think they are all beautiful. :]

  137. Ri’s eyes are like O_O!

  138. vicky
    wew` i’m sure is a slow fangirl
    i never know that there’s something like that happend to my man
    i really feel sorry for him
    i hope he can realize our love towards him, & the other members too
    those anti didnt realize they have done something CRUEL & RUDE
    i know the feeling, it hurts so much >,<
    maybe they never been hurt like that, so they can say bad things slightly
    but its wrong!
    TOP, i do hope our support & feel can reach u

  139. seriously baby looks so tire ~~~ poor him!!

  140. OMG hyori singing disco w/ top

  141. sexYBeast

    huh? what? what? where?

  142. @sexYBest:
    and what is she doing with my oppa i’ll kick her..

    poor seungee he seems very tierd..OMG
    baby pleez have some rest pleez..

  143. tsubibo200

    the president who cave in and fall alseep at 5 AM
    haha can’t help it

  144. :(!!!!! the last picture made me so sad
    i swear he needs to rest~rest~rest!!!!
    his just doesn’t have panda eyes..
    his eyes are bloody red
    i wanna somehow go to korea and put him into
    sleep for whole 24 hour*
    … i wish he would just rest~
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 ;D
    (thankyou so much for sharing)

  145. Aww…Sundae! <33
    Those two are so adorable.
    Wow, GD looks SO HOT in his!

  146. omg seungri looks really tired
    but omg soo cute and gd is hot!

  147. Awww. My poor 2nd hubbie :[
    Go to sleep baby!

  148. Woah. His eyes are like pink PINK. O.O

  149. OMG poor baby u can come sleep with me LOL

  150. ahh!! bloodshot eyes x[ take a nap mister. lol i cant see daedae’s eyes xDD

  151. Sexy T.O.P!!!!

  152. I can’t see the rest of the pictures. I love SunDae…makes me happy every time I see them together.

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