Big Bang to release First Japanese Original Album in October | Big Bang’s first ever joint stage with No Brain

It seem like the rumour are true, their Japanese full album is up on YesAsia for pre-order, the title are still to be determined, there’s 2 version

(ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version) $34.75 USD

US & Canadian Order | International Order

(Normal Edition)(Japan Version) $28.75

US & Canadian Order | International Order

First Press Limited Edition sound extemely tempting. I’ll be getting that.

Big Bang to release First Japanese Original Album in October

Rumors are speculating that Big Bang will release a original Japanese album on October 22nd (There’s no official statement yet). In the past, Big Bang has released albums in Japan (to some success), but these albums were basic rehashes of the Korean albums.

The new album is rumored to have 12 tracks in total with 6 tracks being new unheard songs and 6 tracks being old songs. No word on if Big Bang will be singing any songs in Japanese. Big Bang is also scheduled to have three concerts (Stand Up Tour) in Japan shortly after the release. October 28th – OSAKA, October 29th – NAGOYA, and November 1st – TOKYO.

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This is only a rumor, therefore we shouldn’t have high hope on that…. but I DO have some hope, new songs make me happy, though I was hoping for a 2nd full korean album rather than a Japanese album, but hey! I’m a easy person to please, anything make me happy

Big Bang’s first ever joint stage with No Brain

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Idol group Big Bang will have their first joint stage with rock band No Brain.

They will come together to perform and give the fans a feast on hot rock music on 23rd August during the Mnet 20’s Choice in Seoul JangChoongChae Stadium.

No Brain also participated as a featuring in Big Bang’s latest 3rd album ‘Stand Up’ in the song ‘Oh My Friend’ and it is planned that they will perform this song together for the first time. This is the first joint stage with a rock band for Big Bang ever since their debut in 2006.

Other artistes to perform during the ceremony are Jun Jin, WonderGirls, Seo In Young, SHINee, Lee Hyori and Um Jung Hwa.

This is the second time that Mnet 20’s Choice is held. It is an annual summer event to award prizes to singers popular amongst the people in their 20s. HanRyu stars like Park Young Ha, Lee Bum Soo, Kim Min Hee, Kim Min Jung, Han Hyo Joo etc will also be attending the ceremony.

Jang Geun Seok will be the only MC for 20’s Choice.




~ by Vicky on August 22, 2008.

26 Responses to “Big Bang to release First Japanese Original Album in October | Big Bang’s first ever joint stage with No Brain”

  1. Hope the rumour is true.

    And sharing the stage with “No Brain”??!!

    ——-Cool as hell———-

  2. i bet it’s only a rumor!
    Yeah me too i was hoping for a full korean album
    but dang, im kinda satisfied with stand up!

    And oooooh gosh, something new with all my summer’s chrushes: im in love with the voice of the singer of no brain!!! when he says “saranghae chingoo yeo” its like im full of joy! eeeeverytime im saying only this part to all my people!!!

  3. crushes*

  4. a new japanese album? i hope the rumor isnt true, i want a full korean album, no…they should take a break first, theyve been working really hard >.<

  5. sisilya

    yea though I will be more than happy for them to release a new album
    but I want them to be in korea as long as possible now
    or maybe take a break for awhile after their STAND UP activities ended
    if these boys make more hospitals visits this year like the end of last year I’m gonna loose it

  6. oh shame on me. haejin14 u right, they should take a break firt! skinny little GD scares me.

  7. Hehe

  8. Wow, Japanese album!
    If that happens, I hope they sing in English, LOL.
    I can barely understand Korean, let alone Japanese.

    WHOO…can’t wait to see them perform!

  9. OMG 22nd soo close to my BIRTHDAY
    YAY, i know i was hoping too
    but it’s okay i guess
    Yay i’m starting to like this summer
    more and more! NOO i don’t want it
    to end. but i’m excited! it’s
    close to my birthday! ima HAVE to
    get it! Yeah
    Big Bang, No Brain FIGHTING!!!!!!

  10. sisilya, i know right? i dont want them to get too sick like they did last year.. BB HWAITING!

  11. i have a question, is Big Bang coming to the US. It says here that they are. im so confused.

  12. confused

    I don’t think that site is trust worthy
    I haven’t heard anything about the boys touring the US yet
    if something like this did happen I’m pretty sure YG will tell everyone about it
    but so far nothing

  13. i hope de rumours are true..
    i hope de songs will be either in korean or japanese…
    i dun think engrish(even perfect english)will appeal much to the japanese ppl..
    btw,i hope their japanese n english has improved…
    Big Bang + No Brain joint stage???
    dis is awesome!!! i can’t wait to see dis!!
    i’m goin to play futsal with my sis today,so i can’t watch de live performance.. 😦 anyone can upload de performance after dis??
    please & thanks n advance..


  15. crystal

    i really really hope they would release a 2nd full korean album though
    since they’ve been releaseing so much stuff lately in japan
    i miss them

    and OH MY GOD
    i just realize this will air tomrrow
    I’ll be staying up til 4 AM to watch it
    but then it’ll conflict with DaeSung on Family Outing at 4:20 AM
    awwww man!!
    i hate to have to choose between the 2

  16. although its only rumour, but i really hope for it.
    i love their song, especially when they release their new song
    thay never fails to make me happy

  17. If they’re doing new songs for a japanese album that would be amazing.
    even more so if it were in japanese =] i’d love it regaurdless though haha.
    im excited for the no brian featrue performance too.
    its tonight in korea ^_^

  18. Yeah, they should take a break. But, if they going to release a full album, they need to at least release a Full Korean Album first, before a Japanese one, lol.

  19. Coco

    agree 100%
    they’ve been away from korea for too long

  20. It’s not a rumor. It’s true.

    Both versions of the album are up for pre-order at Yesasia, HMV Japan, and CD Japan.

  21. panda

    OOH!! thanks for telling me
    I just checked YesAsia.
    the first press edition look tempting
    i gotta get that

  22. wow i hope to heard new songs then ^^

    and finally my dream come true!!! BigBang and NoBrain rockkkkin’ the stage for the first time ><\m/

  23. humm; so what kind of dvd is it? the CONCERTS?
    thinking about getting it, i mean its BB we’re talking about.

  24. Is it true I’m confused..

  25. i love u big bang

  26. big bang is very cool cool
    fan mongolia

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