Series: GD ASKS #3: One Day With Big Bang

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS KID?! we haven’t even settled on the 1st nor 2nd questions, & he’s dropping bombs on us left & right! & IT GETS HARDER & HARDER!!! grrr i hate you now babe, i really do xD

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JESUS! i definitely cannot answer that. wait for my edit.

i love-hate you right now jiyong. you’re making me think, & that’s NOT COOL โค

i quote ROXY. but i feel the same way… 1 word:

HAHAHAHA. oh mannnnnn a whole day w/ those dudes, nothing else would be on my mind =X i want me some GTOP


~ by gdluvzmc on August 22, 2008.

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  1. one day with bb eh??
    hm…. i would… go to an amusement park or go somewhere like Venice??
    haha.. can’t really think right now lol

  2. i would….WE would go to an amusement park!!!WOOH!!
    and eat ourselves to death and go on scary rides and puke everything out!

    …and we can all laugh at SR when he gets scared to go on a roller coaster. LOL> jk jk jk vicky!

  3. umm..yeah,dont think i can say that here…

  4. what?!!!
    I think the question should be
    what wouldn’t do i If could spend a day with big bang?
    hahaha jk
    i seriously can’t come up with a decent answer XD

  5. i’d go cuh-ra-jee!

    firstly, I’d hide seungri after all the rest are gone, then he’s all mine. x] KIDDING. I won’t go that far. just drop hints that i REALLY like him.

    then i’d go shopping with ji yong cuz he’s good with fashion.

    then I’d ask seunghyun to teach me how to beatbox. or rap. i don’t know, which ever one is easier. then I’d ask him to buy me ice cream. LOLOL.

    Then youngbae will go swim in the pool with me. me and my cousin will force him to wear a speedo for us. xD

    lastly, me and daesung will hunt the house for sugar, and play around like idiots in the backyard.

    H-OHMAN. that would be HELLA fun.

  6. ….
    i would go shopping with them!!!lol
    and then go karaokeing(spelling?!?)…
    i’ll watch JIYONGIE sing This Love… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. omagawd…dis is difficult too!!
    maybe i’ll go shopping with them…i’ll force Bong to pick outfits for me since he has great fashion sense…
    then,we’ll go ice-skating!!!
    cos i luv ice-skating n i wanted to see these dorks fall!!!
    buhahaha…sorry,i’m so evil…keke
    (i think no one have de same answer wit me in de ice skating part..)

  8. ROFL @ LaLa
    dude those answers were funny xD
    let’s hope ppl answer this forreal like u did xD

  9. whoa…i could imagine doing a whole lotta things with bb but i dont think 24 hours would be enough for all of that..
    besides, like about 50 percent of my ideas are kinda rated up so i cant really say that here >.< *blushes*
    as for the other 50 percent…hmmm, that would take me all night to type so…yea, i would probably do the same thing as the other VIPs (great minds think alike ^.~)

  10. What I would do i think shopping,eating, amusment park,
    hang out haha lol like what i would always do wit my
    friends haha go watch a scary movie wit dem hehe [:

  11. Omg if that happened let’s see I would SO go shopping but more like hangout if we ain’t got no money and take pictures all day and just mess around! We do the dumbest cutest things just to get the attention or we can just go anywhere!! LOL as long as we have hella fun and act silly and take lots and LOTS of pictures!! Camera, photobooth w/e, as long we have memories with us! =] Oh and one things for sure I won’t play favorites but I will want to get to know Big Bang for sure not just through tv and all but themselves!! >.< OO and maybe help me out with my singing! x]

    I dunno what to write that was from the top of my head! x]

  12. OOOOH ~~ i like his questions ;D
    ONE WHOLE DAY~ hmmm~
    in the daytime;
    go to the city and walk around, shop, eat, take photos, etc.
    during the afternoon/night;
    have a BEACH PARTY~~ with the bonfire and tents and sleeping bags and yeaa LOL
    andd i would choose to sleep with jiyongieee baby :]
    the next day. i want a hug from them all to say goodbye~especially a big hug from jiyonggg~ :]
    ahh โค i wishhhhhhh~~~~

  13. I’ll just keep that answer to myself LMAO

  14. it’s hard! hate u bong T___T
    i would go on a date with them of course and i want them to treat me as their wives and pamper me like a princess..
    hahahaha..thats so over xD
    and we could go..maybe somewhere like a beach?
    then we would play some games and have fun!
    oh yeah I want them to sing for me too xDDDDD
    oh yeah and they could teach me korean too since i don’t understand a word..
    oh yeah and we could watch sunset together at the beach
    darn it’s so romantic xDDDD
    and lastly, i want a gift from each of them..
    a hug would be the best oh mi gosh..
    especially T.O.P
    i want him so badly~~

  15. The first thing that came to my mind I have to keep to myself
    other than that probably just chill
    go to a roller rink
    go to the beach
    Go to an amusement park
    Take some pictures
    ask TOP to marry me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. LOL shecant-get-enough XXXXD wouldn’t we all~

    kk~ first we’d go out to breakfast at some place and have like typical eggs and bacon and toast and stuff but then we’d get kicked out because g-dragon threw his scrambled eggs at maknae and it erupted into a food fight.
    then we’d go to the mall and shop around and try on loads of different and really strange clothes and take pictures. and hten go to the CD shop and buy tons of CDs and stuff. then go to the arcade and play Dance Dance Revolution and watch TOP come last XD
    and before leaving the mall we’ll check out the instrument store and start banging on random instruments and piss off the shop owner.
    then for lunch we’ll go outside and eat PHO because g-dragon really wants to. YB will smile really painfully because it’s not his favorite food but it’ll make me and ji yong happy so he pretends to enjoy it.
    then we’ll go watch a serious movie but get bored in the first 10 minutes and throw popcorn around and make really strange sounds so the people have to ask us to leave. then we’ll buy tickets for a comedy and watch that instead.
    then we’ll go karaoke and dae sung’ll do his head wobble while singing random trot songs and make us all laugh.
    and when it gates late we’ll go to the pier where there’s a carnival with like bubbles everywhere and lights and we’ll eat cotton candy and then sit on the beach and watch the fireworks.
    finally maknae will become really sleepy so tae yang says sadly that they have to go back so TOP, DS and YB go back with SR to their apartment while GD stays a bit longer until we don’t realise how sleepy we are and fall asleep on the beach ^^

    ok, there goes my imagination XD

  17. omg. i’m sorry for making that so damn long. XD

  18. ahahahha xD
    i made so much stories
    if this ever happened x]
    the only thing i can say
    is of course SIX FLAGS !
    eat, take piccas,
    *hope Daesung asks to
    marry me* ๐Ÿ™‚
    oh and ask them
    if they could have a
    concert here in LA.
    that would be wonderful.
    OH and them sing to me
    and my friends. ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. kwonlitaisvip

    i love yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. LMAO!!! i thought he was saying something about being with them for the 2 years big bang has been together. hahahha.

    anyways…if i can spend the whole day with them…i’d just want to shadow them and talk with them all day like a real friend and get to know them, their real self.

  21. irinaโ™ฅDae
    haha sure, sure

  22. I think I got a better idea now

    first i would make TOP and the others sing to me(OMG!!!)

    then we would go do something crazy like skydiving weeeeeee!!!!
    we would play games and run around for hours

    lastly i would prepare delicious food for them before i leave ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Ermmmm.. Where on the website did you find the question because I want to write my answer on the website xD

    I don’t know how to read korean, but I still love BB
    and would do anything that involves them xD so..
    Could you please tell me where I can type in my answer
    on the website ๐Ÿ˜‰ thanks xD

  24. oww thats too hard ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    first i ask for sleep if they are tired ๐Ÿ˜ฆ oww they need rest too much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ then i wanna dance with them ^.^ and i wanna learn dance to them ^.^ and i wanna play game withem ๐Ÿ™‚
    oww and we can do everything we want in the street xD but just crazy not dirty thing xD and we can watch cartoon if they want ^.^ and i wanna sing withem ^.^ and i wanna killem with my voice xD and i wanna say that what i think about BB to them ^.^ and i wanna buy some gift to them ^.^ just 4 memory :3 and i wanna hug them all when they about leave ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    oww 1 day not enough T.T


    i would take them SHOPPPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. They would come here in NYC and go shopping with me. I would be my friends with me and we will chill. Then we would go over my house and play games and etc. ๐Ÿ˜€


    i really want to take them to a concert like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Usher, IDK their favorite artist and get backstage tickets. I want them to either get to meet and talk with the artist or get to perform for them. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Then i would take them shopping and let them do w.e they like to do.

    IDK really but i want them to have fun.

  26. kwonlitaisvip

    YAY! xDD

  27. TCH. DAISY, YOU’RE NOT INVITED ANYMORE. XD it’s just me and irinaโ™ฅDae
    jkjk, we loves you =P

  28. OOOO

    i think the first the we wud do is go and eat ice cream^^
    and then go take sticker fotos and shopping
    then karaoke <33 haf youngbae oppa sing for mee <33

    then well go bak to yg building and watch big bang practise singing and dancing

    and afterwards go to a restaurant and eat lotsa yummy korean foood

    and then go to a circus where seung ri will go and join as a clown …AIGOO so cutee <33

    and afterwards well go to one of those tall skyscrapers and look at the city in the grandest moments and all the pretty lights and snow

    then well go for a walk in the park and play in the playground and also play hide and seek

    and wen its rlli late and we get bored of the park we shall go to the beach and light a campfire and roast marshmallows and set up a few tents and sleep there overnight ^^`

    *sigh* wut a lovely day <33 =)

  29. i’d go to the amusement park and take a LOT of pictures with big bang. And of course… trade phone numbers xD

  30. gahh thats hard hrmmm =)
    We would have a slumberparty
    and tell each other secrets and play games ha ha lol

  31. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    u can post this on their special fan page on thier offical site but i think u need an account there

    well, I always wanted to spend time with them..

    okaay i’d go shopping with them
    and at the end of the day, go to an allyoucaneat buffet [:

  33. Gah, that’s too hard ><! I think doing anything fun would be great. I think I would want to go camping with them! We could go hiking and swimming in the lake. Then when it got dark, we could have a bonfire and sing songs and just joke around, talking.

  34. Ooh thanks for answering my question aha I was waiting for that…
    Well I did sign up for it, but I can’t seem to find the fan page ? is it in the Community tab ?

    Well if Lita won’t invite you, then I’ll be happy to invite you to… A GIRLS NIGHT OUTT ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. i would….
    probably take them to paris or something
    and go shopping with them for the whole day. then at night i’d kidnap them and hide them from the rest of them world forever >:)
    haahahaha jkjk
    but i would love to go shopping with them. i want that. so badly

    i would hold a concert with them! with no audience.
    just us and the big stage ^^

    why is GD asking all of this? maybe for a future contest o.o

  36. yalls answers are funny.. some are cute. but wow, mine are like really different lol…

    if they spent the day with me, at some point we are hitting up that Mario Party on the Wii!! we’ll probably play Soul Calibur 3 & Halo 3 too. I dunno, i hang around mostly guys, and that’s what we all do when im with them. and the remarks we make are probably the most freakin hilarious things ever

    we’d probably go to Ally Cats (that’s a place where we have lazer tag, arcade games, bowling, skating, race cars, karaoke, bars, video games, DDR, etc…)

    maybe the movies at some point . i dont want to tire them out too much by keeping them on their feet all day, unless they really just insisted on it.

    oh yeah.. we have to have a water balloon fight! it’s like we play hide & seek around the campus (hiding in certain boundaries of course), and we tag each other with water balloons. its so much fun, especially when it’s 100+ people playing. we’d have a BBQ too.

    we’d probably go to Ally Cats (that’s a place where we have lazer tag, arcade games, bowling, skating, race cars, karaoke, bars, video games, DDR, etc…)

    i would strictly treat them to a day off. we would be like close friends or buddies by the end of the day. i dont want them to sing or rap or perform to me. i just want them to be goofy & friendly and just enjoy the whole day ^_^

    and take a pic to keep in my photo album forever

  37. Let’s see..this was tough..I had to think on it for a while..

    First off, I’d greet all of them with a BIG-O hug..the squeeze me type

    I’d make them breakfast and feed them first!! They’re tiny..haha and then I’d give Seungri some brocolli to help get rid of his dark cirlces..hehe j/k
    then I want them to sleep for some more…
    Then for our first stop, I’d take them to my favorite place in the world!! the BEACH! Cuz you know, they love the beach too!!..remember when they got all excited and what not in the van?? LOL gosh, they’re too cute! We’ll be dorks and jump on the beach and take pictures up in the air like they do..and we’ll play in the sand and get all dirrty and then I’d take a special walk with each individual member to have some alone time and to get to know them not as Big Bang, but as themselves. ๐Ÿ˜€

    and for dinner we’d go to a restaurant and they’ll teach me the right way of eating Korean food!! Korean bbq is gooodd!!
    then after dinner we’d walk around the city for just a bit and then buy some ice cream!! cuz TOP loves ice cream.. and we’d go somewhere to get away from the city..somewhere like a hill or whatnot and we’d all sit there and talk and look at the beautiful scenery of Korea at night
    We’d converse and get to know each other some more on a personal level and they’ll each sing to me and serenade*dies* when they do that..and then I’d let them take a nap because they work wayyy too hard for such young guys..I’m the same age as YB and GD..I honestly don’t know how they do it..they all seriously need rest.
    and last but not least!! They’d walk me back to my place before it gets too late..hehe and then I’d send them off with a BIG-O squeeze me hug
    all the mean while we’d have a photographer taking pics of us for my memory

    and hopefully YB pops the BIG question to me..LOL..hahaha

    if all fails, I’d just let them eat and sleep/rest…LOL


  38. ok why did it post my alley cats thing twice??? i swear something is wrong with this reply box lol

  39. I wouldNOT go the an amusement park, i would be more chickenshit than maknae hahaha lolz (but seriously.. i AM too chicken to go into a rollarcoaster !)
    hmmm.. think we’d go to the beach, learn to surf… bouncingcastel haha xD
    eat eat and eat!!!!! ktv (where i can embarrass myself singin but nvr mind! Give them a gd laugh hihihi)
    want to walk in their closet, want to know hw (big) their wardrobe is.. want to Dede’s Doraemon collection haha!
    hmmm… think i really dun noe… as long as they’re having a gd time and i can hug them…

    ahhhh.. then i’m cool with it *dreammmmssss*

  40. WOW, that’s hard ! i’d be so nervous at first so i wouldn’t really know. when i told my friend this she gave me an answer that was probably true.. ‘you’d tell taeyang to show you his abs ! LOL, probably (: or better yet, ask all of them to do so (x then hug them shirtless, bwuahah (= uhm.. i’d want a long tight hug from all of them forsure (: for the whole day we’d go eat ! lol, and shopping no doubt. and camera whore A LOT ((: and just have a lot of fun doing random stuff hanging out, and laughing a lot ! (= and just having a good time. and get they’re number (; hahah, i really don’t know. but as long as we have good memories, it’s all good (: oh ! and i’d ask for them to sing a song for me (: yeah, i wonder why jiyong keeps asking these ? ohwell, the boy amuses me. it’s so cute. hahaha.


    i definitely enjoyed reading it all..
    as for the question about where to post:
    you have to be a member of ygfamily to post anything. so be a member first.
    then the site is there’s gonna be a billion pop ups, & this is the special VIP ANNIVERSARY PAGE, & it’s a mini forum dedicated to VIPZ.

    i’m not gonna even post mine up yet, til i know if it’s really what i want xD haha. 1 day is not enoughhh

  42. Omg! ,,
    ik kan niet daar aan denken.
    het is te moeilijk.
    enige wat ik wil is jullie mijn vrienden zijn en dat we soms leuke dingen doen.
    En ik wil met TOP trouwen -.- I love him so much!__< โค
    I’m really VIP BIG BANG FAN! =] Don’t forget me BIG BANG! I’m your VIP FAN IN THE NETHERLANDS !

  43. man i dont really care what we would do as long as i get to spend one WHOLE day with them :]

  44. i just wanna hang around with BB for a whole day ^^ having fun like i do with my friends xD! maybe teach them something about my country T.T and listen music together ^^

  45. I’ll hang out with them like theres no tomorrow =D
    That’ll be awesome :]
    And exchange phone numbers xD
    wtf am i thinking XD

  46. Oh too bad our answers can’t be posted there :S

  47. i would molest.

  48. jeez this question was too easy.

  49. i dont want to answer this question…
    there’s a lot og things that i wanna do if i get to spend 1 day wit BB.
    therefore, im not answering… lol

  50. WOW WHAT A GREAT QUESTION. (kinda cliche’?) but GREAT ๐Ÿ˜€

    hmmmm….If i had them for a day, maybe i’d lock them up in my house with me & never let them go! o.o lolz, KiDDiNG! ^__^ or maybe i’ll let them go but Bong and Baby can’t leave, that’s the conditions >,<! HAHA nah =]P again, just kidding ^__^

    wAAAy too hard to answer. it’s a fun question though. i’ll think of my answer/s later =]

  51. oh yeah, i was wondering. why is GD asking questions lately? not that i’m complaining (why in the world would i do that? o.o lol) just curious =] i guess it’s just random, & he’s being random, lol ^__^

  52. i would spend two hours with each boy in the order of: taeyang, daesung, jiyong, top, and then the last 18 hours with seungri<3 8)

  53. WELL
    first of all, i’d love them to show me around korea ! lol, maybe just Seoul~ So, then we’d go to shopping together!
    OH OH and they have to take me to the recording studio ! 8D
    and we’d eat like it’s the day we’re gonna die, lol.

    hmm i’d love to
    – visit church with TY !!
    – go fishing with DS
    – go for a picnic with SR
    – buy rly cool shades with TOP ๐Ÿ˜€
    – do something reeeaaallyyyyy cool and special with GD (just don’t know what yet) maybe take some amazingly nice pictures.

    so we MUST do everything in one day? lol, we’re gonna be little busy–

  54. argh…wae???oppa…wae..???
    oppa…its hard 2 answer ur questi0n….u n0e tat….hehe
    hmm…well~if i had 1 wh0le day wit them…bigbang oppas…
    1st…i greet them n gv a reli BIG huggING…hehe~
    den…i think..i juz stareING their faces with0ut a w0rds…?!?!
    tats it…i cant think b0ut it n0w….[my BRAIN is n0t w0rking…]
    hmm…i’ll answer it later….^o^

  55. lol EDIT !!

    i want to watch olympics with DS !

  56. Oh my goodness me!!! Could I just let the other 4 together sit in my living room watching movie, while I was keeping Bong inside my room, with the door being locked, the curtain being closed, hugging him, kissing him, having se…..

    okay I shut up now lol

    Could we just go grab some Krispy Cream donuts then hop in the ‘big-white-van’, with Oh my friend being maximize blasted and start heading to nowhere? Yay!! 8DDD

  57. Stay at HOME with them and cook and talk share memories and have fun. Bring them to my MAMA hahahaha! just kidding i will definitely bring them home and organize a party and i will really make it sure that they will really spend one HAWT night! Night that thy would never ever forget and when the time to separate comes ask them if i could have a kiss with them. hahahaha!
    censored. i might ask for one more day and more and more.
    i couldn’t definitely get enough of them.

    AAAAAHHHHH! my brain hurts now.

    anyway to all the GD lovers check this out. it’s all GD moments.

  58. WOW that is a dream. We’d go out and shop, eat breakfast, walk around while taking a whole bunch of pictures! Go to the beach, and BBQ for lunch & play games. Head home and hang out, play video games, watch movies, bake! and nap ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. OMGG! why such hard questions opa!? blahh i dont know!

    lol!! i like asha’s answer, ‘i cant answer that here..’
    hahah yeah i would do some things..haha XDD

  60. eeh 0_o..actually i dunno*scratch* ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    daaaaam that man really give us a dreams and he always make us think alot esih :(…
    umm maybe just kidnapping TOPiee and seungee :P..then it will not be for one day ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Bongee what kind of Q is that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ if u wanna ask us u should make it happen then we will know what 2 answer :P..
    when am sure of what i want 2 do with them ill tell u ๐Ÿ˜‰

  61. spend it in new york and go shopping with jiyong!!
    we could go to soho
    then 5th ave
    then china town for cheap jewelry
    hit up sample sales
    that would be bomb

  62. such a hard question ><
    em.. prolly go shoppping xPP n karaoke xP n watch them sing i guess
    i would take a lot of pics n get their autographs xD

  63. I just wanted to spend a day w/ BB by following them on their regular day.and of course i have to sleep in their dormitory.

  64. first, beg all of you to rest a lil bit.
    U guyz seem so tired sometimes.
    And then, i could do everything possible with you.
    but mainly show you what my life is, and share it with you!

  65. first thing i would do is.
    try not to faint or scream or luk crazy infront of them,
    drop hints i LOVE LOVE young bae.
    ask him can i feel his guns ๐Ÿ™‚
    ask him to go see a movie and ask him to teach me his dance xD
    go shopping with ji yong, because his style is amazing.
    go to an amusement park with seung ri and daesung and have fun. and go on all the scary rides.and see if they are scared, and i would laugh if they were and pinch their cute lil cheeks =) go on the water ones and get seung ri soaked ๐Ÿ™‚
    ask T.O.P to rap something about me.
    then, all of could go see a movie (sat in a movie with 5 guys, i would no watch the movie, would watch them :), and then to a water park and we could go swimming ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. One day together with Big Bang?
    I would want to see how they
    live their everyday life. Watch
    them sing and dance… That’s
    what I would do…

  67. i would go to an amuzement park wit them, then go shopping with them, then watch a movie, i would just do as much things with them as possible, i prob tell ma seung ri tht i love him alot haha

  68. SHIT! i would totally do everything with them like to the amusement parks dinner everything BAR o__O OMGOMG! LIKE I DREAMT ABOUT WHERE I WOULD GO WITH THEM IN MY DREAMS…

    ^ it doesnt make sense but you get the point!

    ermm,, go shopping esp with Jiyong
    then, go to the amusement park like lotte world and act like a bunch of 2 year olds X]
    afterwards, go nrbing when it gets a bit late X]
    then, either go out to eat (not one of those fancy restaurants) or have a mini barbeque
    finally, a nice campfire/bonfire and have nice long talks, sing songs, and joke around :]

    a nice private yacht party would be fun too~ ALWAYS memories X]

  70. Uhh.. I… Would.. Do.. Some.. Very.. Unexpected.. Things..
    KIDDING.[not really XD]
    I would… Make them BREAKFAST IN BED.
    After that, we would go to the mall, spend a whole morning there.
    Then go karaoke-ing. Then come back home, get some take-out dinner, and watch some SCARY movies. =) I would LOVE that. Everybody would be hugging each other under one BIG blanket. Tehehe!!
    Then, sing each other to sleep.
    Then, when they all are still sleeping….
    Uhh… that part, will be private. =D

  71. Geez!
    School hasn’t even started & GD is already making me think hard!

    Hmm…I have no idea.
    I would definitely go shopping with GD & have him help me pick out awesome styles.
    Then, I would go to an amusement park.
    I hate roller coasters, but I know GD loves the haunted house, so I will definitely go there because I love that too.
    Then, we’ll get lunch and maybe go sing karoake.
    And I’ll get all of them to sing me a solo song, LOL.
    I don’t know, then whatever they wanna do, I’ll just tag along, haha.
    Just being with them is enough.

  72. o_o!!!! tht’s harddddd
    i wouldddd ermmm.. ermmmmmmm~
    i wanna actually just stay in one room with
    bigabng and just talk to them all day long
    cuz if we went out then yue knoeee..
    fanss everywhere! the day wouldn’t turn out so good
    i just wanna talk to them~nth else ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. OMGG JiYong i don’t like you
    stop making the questions harder
    i mean i love you but…it’ hard
    i swear i would fricken die inside
    i would hang out with them and
    to everything with them..
    hehe……..i’m not sure with
    my answer i’m 50/50. but i would really
    die inside! =]

  74. ahh jiyong oppa how am i supposed to answer that?
    aish… otoghe..
    i’d… i don’t know. there’s so many things so say ^^
    probably just watch television, talk, chill out. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. aaaah~ this is even harder than answering my chemistry exam
    uum.. i think i will..
    slap their shoulder for being so kyuuut and HOT
    and i think i’ll bring them to my room and play PILLOW FIGHT!!!
    till we drop ๐Ÿ™‚ and probably we will watch TV, do some shopping, watching horror movies and cracking up.. touch YB’s chubby eyes ad abs for 5 minutes hhaha *i really want to do this things* and i’ll hug them one by one (YB’s going to be the last one) until i fell asleep..
    fuuh *finally i can answer this question*

  76. one more thing, i’ll ask YB to sing the sweetest song ever while i’m hugging him until i fell asleep wkwkwk ๐Ÿ˜‰

  77. aah! one more thing, i’ll ask YB to sing the sweetest song ever while i’m hugging him until i fell asleep wkwkwk ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. first we would go to a nice resturant and eat a loooot of yummmmmmy fooood:) then go to english world with them to have some funn! go swimming & bungy jumping. then at night time go to the beach and have a bombfire while playing truth or dare so when they say “dare”, i can ask them to give me a hug, kiss on the cheek, make them sing for me only if they’re comfortable around me or not just make them do funny things:)

  79. I’d kiss you all ^-^ x3333

  80. if i could spend one day with big bang i wouldn like to go 2 a amusement park, but really it doesnt matter as long as im wit them o jus wit TOP.Lol TOP $ LIFE,BIG BANG FIGHTING!!!!!

    I was waiting soo long for that answer xD

  82. If I had one day with them, I know what I want to do to each and everyone of them but I rather not say it here…. =D

  83. damn~!
    one day with these boys
    imma let them sing and dance for me privately!
    then take a lot, LOT of pictures
    and i wanna go shopping with them!
    and a lot of things i don’t want to say

  84. heck yes, gotta agree with roxy on this one forreal. ORGY BABY. there isnt another way to say it. lmao

  85. NO!!! I can’t answer this question.^oppa,,u give us another hardest question T.T
    guys…huh…i can’t even think a word to describe my long answer,yeah…it would be a very very long list to do.
    And just for u guys to know,,i really love ma hubby ji yong…yeah…there will be lots of bong n me moments.
    The sweetest,greatest moments ever…

  86. i don’t know. i would just wanna play around with them, go to places to hang out, talk, do whatever.

  87. my day with big bang would be to spend the day doing everything daesung wants to do ๐Ÿ˜€ i cant come up with anything else lol

  88. ><~!
    ONly a day? T.T haha.
    Spend 23 hours out and only one hour sleeping, resting…napping. which ever.

    get to know each other anyhere. amusement park would be fun. anything is good ^^ but definetely the beach for da last thing, have a bonfire, layout in the stars, and make BIG BANGs with fireworks XD

    Anythin they’d want to do, i’m ine with it. Bt i’d like to watch da olympics with DaeSun [he’s so cute wen he sees something good!] Steal a panda from da zoo with SeungRi, go to church with TaeYang [=, rap and beat box with SeungHyun, andI’d like to share my musicnotebook with JiYong [GD]

    Real question should be…’what would ou NOT DO with Big Bang for a day?’
    my answer….lt dem go back XD

  89. holy crap. what a HARD question.. WHY?

    ok. i actually had a dream about this liek 3 weeks ago.. i was at my school.. even thoguht it looked NOTHING like my school.. and somehow there was a huge stage underground.. and i was just hanigng wiht friends in hte changeroom.. and suddenly BIG BANG walks in cuz theyre performing!! so anyways.. i was liek OMGOMOGMOMG.. and i liek RAN and liek hugged seung ri hehe and then i took like tons of pics and hugs and them TOP was really tired and he was like trying to sleep on hte couch omg. and daesung was really liek cuddly.. and GD was like rocking out on the stage.. and then Taeyang just walks in.. and i was liek omg.. and i tried to liek touch his MUSCLES LOL ok funny.. one weird dream =)

    so anyways.. for the question..

    lemme think..
    i would TOTALLY go and take pics and have liek photos and CDs and stuff… and like hang with them and get them to like take pics and liek hugs and liek OMG. i would totally make out with SR if he let me.. LOL omg. that would be SO totally make me die. gahhh… why are you guys so like HOT and also i would like go shopping and like i think.. i would mostly GUSH over them actually wanting to spend a day with me? lol hm.. i have alotta other stuff on my mind lol. but too long to write =)

  90. oh man.
    i would totally go all around the city [esp. the amusement park] with them and take hundreds of pics =D

  91. okok, it took ages to figure it out .
    but i still don`t have a definite idea .
    but currently what i have is ..

    ~ get their DNA and eventually CLONE them .
    then while we are hanging, i`ll lead them to my place .
    then i`ll find an accomplice and we`ll
    switch the members with the clones . ๐Ÿ˜‰
    once the clones are in place, i`m thinking of
    but they obviously won`t go down there,
    so i`m gonna tell each of them ..

    to g-dragon: “MY MOM MADE PHO !”
    to taeyang: “I LOST MY PEN, CAN YOU FIND IT? :)”

    they`ll all go down there, and i`m right behinde them .
    once we`re there, i`m locking the door .then it`s
    PARTY TIME . ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    now that`s a whacked up day .
    but BIG BANG makes it ALL BETTER ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  92. @vietnerdx3
    yeah…i want the clone,can u give them to me…hahaha.that’s a good idea girl,love


    this is hard! why does HE KEEP DOING THIS ๐Ÿ™‚ that loser…SO MUCH LOVE i feel:)

  94. WHO can actually answer that? I CAN MAKE A BOOK BASED ON THAT~ LMAO
    well, I don’t know, I’d be too stoned to even think. and maybe when
    I came to my senses, I’d know it’s too time wasting not to do anything but after all I’d be too love stoned. and probably I’d be staring at them for hours until THOSE UNEXPECTED THINGS happen!

  95. ill make out and have sex with yb!!! omo omo omo i can just imagine his “innocence” (his sexiness makes it hard to believe) being taken away by me,,

  96. @ Phung: lol je antwoordden in het NL heheh ๐Ÿ˜‰

    oeww oeeww another one to my answer .. gamehall/arcade!! ps2/guitarhero (can see SR doin hisrock moves hehe)/singsatr!!
    ooeewww =)

  97. OMG don’t even ask.. you do no want to know my anwser ahaha XD

  98. um… i’d love to take them around my town. city.
    it sounds boring… but omg
    west edmonton mall?
    kay nuff said.

    and maybe kidnap them and clone them…yeah, that’d be nice.

  99. gd… are you serious?! xD lol !WELL WELL WELL, if you reaaaallyyy wanna know :3

    first, i would cook breakfast for you boys(= LOL !!! knowing that probably you guys dont each much homecooked food… i would love to see you guys smile and talk to you guys like friends(=

    next, lets go to the park! xD lol !!! i want you guys to experience something a person would do daily/frequently (= play soccer, volleyball, football! ๐Ÿ˜€ teeheeeee…. and ill even buy you guys some icecream :3

    theeen, after eating pizza hut or something… lets go to the movies(= comedy or action would be good right? xD

    theeen, lets head down to downtown and do some shopping(= nothing serious.. maybe just browse around. wahahaaaa! after that.. lets eat dinner at a localspot(=

    aaah i know theyre used to all the expensive things and stuff.. but if i do get a chance to spend a day with them, i want it to be as normal as possible(= i want them to feel like normal people ๐Ÿ™‚ aaaaaand so that i can see the real them<3

  100. omgggggg that would most definitely be the best day of my life, no matter what we do!!

  101. I guess anywhere is fine as long as the boys are with me! โค
    But if I can, I want to spend a fun day with them like going to the beach or Lotte World! ;D
    I want them to shed their singers/celebs rep. for one day and be like normal people which isn’t really possible cause they’ll surely cause a lot of commotion but hey, it’s an IF qns right?
    Then we’ll eat & play & have lotslotslots of fun!
    I wanna tour YG too~
    I bet it’ll be crazy if it’s true though.

    &lol at gdmonday’s
    “maybe kidnap them and clone them”
    Count me in too!
    I don’t mind another Jiyong in this world! โค

  102. wohohohoho..’evil laugh’…spend one day with those boys?..hmmmmm..think deep..well, it might sound a bit immature but i always want to go to the theme park..hehe..never been there before =( i think it would be super nice to go and have fun with those boys..=D..since it is just one day..if two or three days, i’m thinking of camping!! just like Kim Dong Wan did with his super duper lucky female fans!!!!

  103. LOL JI YONGIE AAAH do you want to kill us or something???
    i’ll try not to be perverted as possible…
    okay, camera, them, all around Jakarta, where ppl dont really know them ^^ no distractions, with my friends, and guy friends (to take picture of us w/ them…), do everything that i always does with my friends : get crazy lol and record the whole damn thing…
    when the night ends, we’ll…I WANT DORAEMON NOOW!! can i have your time machine please so i can repeat the day all over again???AAAAAAAH!!
    until the morning comes, all i wanna do is hug them, or cuddle with them, srzly…ah….that’ll be the best ~

  104. I’d go to an amusement park with them because… hell how can you NOT have fun at one of those? And while we’re waiting in line we could chat and that sugar would help loosen us all up. And of course, we’d take pictures like MADDD. And when night time comes we’d go camping. and snuggle together for warmth lmao.

    I just want to make them laugh and hug them. Oh and I would make them taste the drinks I created for each member and together we could create the Big Bang drink.

    thats the SANE me talking. The INSANE me… wellll… haha as someone said up there I can’t actually write that. But I’m pretty sure they’d enjoy themselves ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. nooo…don’t want to think, then ill be sad it wont come true and ill keep imagining..but if i did it would be a day of fun and funny and we would..nooo..

  106. are you serious?! haha..there’s so much to do!!!
    go shopping..since GD’s a fashionista..ride somthing crazy and scary in amusement parks! donuts with Top..haha take pictures all day long! tour around (while holding GD’s hand..aww^_^)..and eat..a lot! i have to make GD eat!! day isnt enough!!^_^

  107. i would ask BONGIE for his number and Email
    of he doesnt want to give it too me
    i have a WHOLE day to nag him about it….!!!!!
    wen i have it dont worry..
    ill share it with ya

  108. i’ll have all of us do something we all like!!!
    for me, as long as they’re having fun, im having a great time too.

  109. but i would like us to go on real scary rides!!!

  110. one> give em a nice cuddly hug.
    two> take a flight, go to some heavenly private island and dive and swim in the sea with the oppas.and lie on the sand at night gazing at the stars . then, have a nice cozy lil chat eheheh

  111. i would take them to THE NEVER LAND IN KOREA !!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Meet their friends and families..I wouldn’t really care where we went I just want to be with them.

  113. omg; one day with big bang?!
    i wish that would happen;
    if i could i would die happy. seriously.
    what would i do .. well theres a million things i would like to do.
    but most likely i would like to keep in touch.. prolly wont happen but a girl can always dream of being close friends with bigbang ;]

  114. I’d just hang out with them and do whatever they did to have fun on a day off. Just like what I would do with my friends, just be normal really.

    I don’t think it’s fair that GD is asking us this, VIP’s can’t really come up with an answer to that, or any other questions for that matter. But still! I think I would just try to cram in as much activities as I could and then sulk and cry hysterically when I had to go home.

    But that doesn’t really matter, we would’ve probably, no, definitely had the best experience in our lives with them.

  115. ahhh. you don’t know how much i’ve dreamed about that!!
    ~ but really, i would settle for just hanging out. screw the language barrier, we would find some way around it.
    ~~<3 sighh. if only..

  116. tf i could spend day with Big Bang, I would take them to my house. LOL.
    No thats not it. Because I live in Sydney, i’ll take them on a walk over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go and visit ehe Opera House and then go on a ferry ride to Manly Beach. YAY! It’ll be heaps of fun

  117. i know this is late but;
    i’d probably make bb take loadsa sticker photos with me hehe me being all selfish,and not carin for wot they really wonna do.

    then we would go to an amusement park and then eat somewhere expensive, maybe not cos i’m not rich. heh. THEN WE GO KARAOKE, LOL.

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