082308 Big Bang on Guerilla Date

08.23.08 KBS2 Guerilla Date
Big Bang on Guerilla Date
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Thanks to 디지뱅★님

Thanks to 디지뱅★님@VIPZ

hehee did you see that face of Dae and Baby watching the Olympic? hahahah that is so adorable!!!!!! Baby’s like “dude dude dude run run run run run” and Dae’s mouth is just fully open, god know what is going on in that boy’s head. awww… the fan was on team TOP, awww… she’s so cute!! Lucky. Lots of envy!! They walk like elementary kid hehe, YB is in the front talking to the camera while Baby’s in the back talking to the MC all happily.


Dude.. if I can watch the Olympic like this, I would effin stay up all night to watch it, it’s so different compare to what my dad offer me everynight “come watch with us, let’s have some family quality time”…. yea no haha Dae’s face when he something exciting happen is just OH MY GOD. Do you spot some BAERI going on again??? yea!! I think this is back when the GRi cold war was still going on hehe

I went cap crazy

~ by Vicky on August 23, 2008.

62 Responses to “082308 Big Bang on Guerilla Date”

  1. ahh i’m so jealous of that girl!
    haha and seungri’s NUNAAA omg soo cute!
    and when top was like i’m a baby and how he likes toys. CUTIE :D:D:D
    and GD wants to get married! teehee
    thanks for the vid

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    shall do that on my blog and in MSN XD
    thank you again Vicky!
    P/S you spelled Guerilla Date wrongly on the post title xD

  3. I admit this is adorable
    But I think the boys should be getting some rest, no?
    They always look so tired now it makes me sad

  4. great!! gonna catch it on KBS world next week which has subs

  5. haha
    it was funny how
    TOP was talking in the beginning and there’s like somebody (probably a guard) blowing the whistle from far away lol.
    and Dae sung is SO funny with his mouth open when watching olympic~~
    and Seung Ri is SO CUTE haha~ he’s like cheering and hugging and clapping when watching olympic with daedae~~
    and TOP with his “ae gi” statement lol!
    TY seems to say “kam sa” and thank you and stuff like that alot these days yeah?
    he looks SO HOT talking to the camera haha.
    and GD!! my baby~~ he looks SO HANDSOME!
    i’m glad that his hair is looking great! rock it man!
    haha and i went crazy when GD did the lip thinging in the restaurant!! HOT HOT HOT *the 2nd last picture one!! AGHH
    MELT lol!
    and yeah
    i can’t wait to watch it on KBS world next next week too~~
    and the fan girl lol
    after the girl hugged TOP.
    the mc “please stop, that’s enough “..
    the girl “WHY?” with the shocked face lol.

  6. oh by the way vicky
    i just want to ask your permission
    if i can post your video on soompi forum? big bang thread there i meant.
    credit to the original poster and also to you too.
    is it ok?

  7. Pris Hyewon

    more spazz is welcome here haha
    i spell it wrong on my youteb video and on here

  8. OMG they are sooo cute!
    yeah they DO need rest
    it’s been like 4 busy weeks
    i want a hug from TOP
    why do they ALWAYS pick top
    to hug? i want one from GD
    i LOVE seungri! he is soo
    funny & cute! i LOVE GD,
    he’s soo cute, i love watching
    him.OMG i effin DIED to when
    Seungri did that Noona thing!!!!
    what GD wants to get married??
    what????Noooo,! @sharooonana

  9. ncly

    i reply to ur comment on youtube but i guess i’ll do it here too hehehe
    yea you can, I ask the uploader for permission and she say it was okay

  10. wooow XD that team TOP VIP was so cuuuute XD
    and i think DS’s shocked face definately beats SO-1’s shocked face XXXD
    aigooo, i donno why but YB looks so pretty here ❤
    ah, so sleepy, but this is definately gonna help me sleep well tonight ^^

  11. who say Dae have no eyes?????
    proof up there htat apparently he have EYES!!
    i just notice that hahaha

  12. xDD can sum1 translate the questions that are being asked? y the members are poointing at GD
    GD is sooo handsome in that new haircut it realli turns out him look ing good in it
    proves he looks gd in anything 100%%%

  13. LOL, Daesung’s face is SO intense!
    And it’s so cute how they walk through the crowd in a line holding onto each other’s shoulders.

  14. i wish i know wt they are talking abt. i assumed myself hearing bong said sth abt marriage??! *o*

  15. vicky

    thx ^^

    and GD’s face is SO CLEAN!!
    well all of their faces are clean haha
    i’m so randome about that all the sudden.

    if i were ask to get a hug from them..i would choose to do a group hug instead..
    i don’t want the other 4 member to feel bad haha//
    but then ofcourse i want to hug GD..
    but then i wanna hug the others too…
    it’s better to do a group hug..
    then that means i can hug all 5 of them..and all the members can hug each other too lol

  16. Oh god TOP with his shy attitude!
    He’s talkin holding his shirt or whatever!
    and mouahahahhahah that girl can’t sing
    but dang want to switch places!!!
    SEUNGRI’s “noona” soooo cute!!!! and that OLA wave ahahahha.
    Who said DAE DAE can’t open his eyes?? did you see that guys???!!!
    YB, eeeertime you open your mouth i just want to kiss you. Look at those lips gurls! *ova droolin*

    By the way, why there’s no mo G-RI moment???

  17. ooohg.. they look so cute. top was like older brother, when he was hugging the girl.I like it, not trying to hard.hehe


  19. lol that girl didnt want to let go of top
    i really need subs. i dont know whats happening at all..
    and i must participate in the next olympic. i must win at least 1 gold medal in sleeping or sitting so they’ll notice me on tv haha

  20. I hear something about MARRIAGE and that JIYONG would be the first? Or wants to marry? :]

    I’ll wait for subs. XP

  21. lmfao Dae’s face is like :O !

  22. They looked hot!!!!
    TOP killed me
    his jacket is so cool
    but he also broke my heart when he hugged that girl 😦
    not really that was just pretend but with me is the real thing
    hahahahahaha XD

  23. ncly

    if I can do that I will
    i don’t want other to feel sad

  24. oh god they so cute
    but anyone can translate it
    i wanna know what they talking bout ❤

  25. lol whenever I don’t see the US competeing I cheer for Korea too, XP. (olympics)

  26. I’m so jealous of that girl right now, got to hug TOP.
    Every time Seungri does that Noona thing I wish we weren’t the same age.
    Daesungs face reminds me of my brothers face when we’re watching the Olympics

  27. can any1 plz plz sub this video plz plz……fank u

  28. AAAH, so cuuute
    I’ll love the vid more if i could understand what they talking about ^^

  29. O NO 😦
    I WANNA HUG TOP <33333
    She have so lucky ! 😦
    Why i dont live there?
    then i can hug him ❤
    I can singing better then her
    But i’m not korean

  30. awwwww i’m super jealous of that girl…TOP hug meeee >.<

    lol! at DS and SR expressions Ò___Ò hahaha

    i need subsss pleaseeee :3

  31. AH!

  32. NO NO NO!!! NOT FAIR!!! TT_TT that girl gets to hug TOP!!!! x3
    soooo jealous!!!!!! >=( LOL
    DaeDae expression was Priceless!! he was tottally sucked into watching!! hehe and Seung Ri was making every one do the mexican wave hehe

  33. thanks for sharing
    but do you know where i can get subs?

  34. wow… it looks like they are in New Orleans during a Mardi Gras Parade. boy, i do not miss the feeling of having to hold on to the other so we wont get lost lol. but they look so nice. lol @ Daesung & SR.
    and i think I heard her ask who would be the first to get married maybe?? and they pointed to Jiyong. if that is the case.. it’s not surprising lol.

  35. I love seeing Big Bang so happy and hyper and just happy
    it makes me happy 😀 *smiles from ear to ear*

  36. can anyone english subbed the video???I want to know what they are talking about.Did the hostess asked GD does he has a GF?And did GD said aomething about cleaning or stuff??????I wonna know!Vicky help me!!!

    i want to hug TOP too!!!
    i’m so freaking jealous right now

  38. Someone please sub this is english so the iVIPs can appreciate these boys’ hotness and hyperness…ooooh jiyong u are so steaming hot, i love yoooou.

  39. Daesung is really cute thesedays maybe it’s time for me to move from team TOP to team DAE2.

  40. the downloads section is password protected..
    do we have to register to something now?

  41. that girl is too lucky
    after the MC say, he went straight to hug TOP!
    i envy that girl so much~~~~
    that just like dream comes true >,<
    yea, BaeRi, SR want to make GD jealous ^^
    thay all so cute, watching Olympic with them is definitely great
    they look so happy & hyper. especially SR. really cute

  42. omgg.. that was soo cutee..
    and i wish I got to hug TOP.. or seungri hehe
    would anyone be subbing it?? i mean.. its cute just watching
    it like that.. but i wish i understood something ><“

  43. awwh daesungie ~~ 🙂
    when daesung has his mouth wide open,
    he really looks like chicken little
    when he found out the sky was falling .. LOL ❤

  44. LMAO!!! the girl that got to hug TOP because she sang a part of their song was funny. the host lady was all like ok you have to stop now…(like stop hugging him) and the fan was all like “why?” ahhahahaha.
    man she’s so lucky she got to hug him for hella long…and he didn’t let go of her either. omg! i’m so so so so jealous! i want a bear hug from TOP one day.

    oh and the question section when they asked who was the smartest they all pointed to GD. hehhee. so cute. and he said something about cause he’s the leader so he always has to think fast.

    then they asked something…i wonder what they asked cause TOP pointed at himself and the host asked why he pointed to himself…and he said soemething about him being like a baby. hahaha. so cute! i love how he laughs at himself. what a dork. so loveable!

    GD is the member who will most likely to get married the soonest. ^^ i feel that way too.

    thanks for the vid. they’re so cute!!!

  45. hahahah what is that all about when they were pointing at each other hahahaha~~~ arghhh so cute
    and the olympic spirit that they have!!! Dae is simply adorable..and baby seems so high xDDDDD~~~~~~~~
    I’m on team TOP too!!! Lots and lots and lots of envy
    omg i would have gone crazy too if i were the girl

  46. Thanks Janie for a little translating!

  47. I noe the word “kyeoron”…”aegi” LOL!!! XD I was so proud of myself…HAHA!!! I love the way they were walking behind each other…n oh tat lucky girl!!! Makes me wanna watch it on KBS World soon…but is there subs? I remember watching the one with JGS without subs ink KBS World. I luv luv luv Daesung’s expression when he was watching Olympics!! Cute cute cute!! GD’s hair no longer bothers me that much. It looks totally good on him!! Tat bong!^^ They r all so cute…n I hope YB juz keeps his hairstyle tat way…


  49. aww that mc was mean..let her have her TOP love <33 since its like once in a lifetime lmao!
    subs? lol

  50. OMG i wanna hug top like that girl did:( Lol and bong please marry me!! xD

  51. ngaaaaaaaaaaaaw that girls so lucky xD
    i wouldve asked if i can hug evry single one of them xD
    omg ill be ur manura gd (:
    ngaaw seungri was so cute (:
    TOPs a little baby xDD ill join u playing with toys ;D
    omfg i love you gdragon ♥

  52. i would have asked for a group hug,where i was in the middle! then i would have kidnapped them!..but that would be a little hard with people around…well i would think of that later,after the kipnapping and going to jail part..it would totally be worth it!

  53. wait, this show is not aired yet in KBS?!!!yay!! i thought i missed the show!! when exactly it will be aired? in Malaysia,we have KBS World on Astro, so i might get the chance to watch it and i’m gonna be all giddy in front of the TV!!

  54. haha..i love their shocked faces!^_^ baby seungri’s so hyper..seungri!! im your noona!! haha..that was so cute!!^_^
    wow..that girl who hugged Top..with so many fans around..she was picked! your so lucky!!

  55. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA that top fangirl~~ LOLLLLLL she’s so lucky and funny~~~ ><
    omgsh i would TOTALLY watch the olympics with BB anyday~~(:

  56. LAMo! looks like that girl didn’t want to let go of TOP?
    BUT ahaha; SR and DS are hilarious!
    GREAT job capturing the moment…dae’s face is PRICELESS =)

  57. HAHAHAH! so cute, that fan girl get to hug him, awww jealous! dae’s O face is <333 haha they look like they were walking out of jail with their hands on each others shoulder and walking in one straight line XD. LOL lover them


  59. jealous!

  60. Dae face priceless. GD licking his upper lip got me going crazy.

  61. thans a lot

  62. i love them so much.. but can someone please tranlate them in english please!

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