GDragon, “I want to get married soon and settle down”

**EDIT: Ready for a OH MY FRIEND Parody done by the7REAL? keke
haha “I’m kinda bipolar, a lil’ schizophrenic, got OCD and ADD, touchy-feely, wear a size 0 in Womens”

oh my god. hahha
i’m speechless

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CONGRATS BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Big Bang leader GDragon made a shocking confession, “I want to get married soon”.

He said that on 23rd August on KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly” Guerilla Date corner, other Big Bang members were also present.

One of the reporter had commented that his hairstyle is unique and GDragon replied with, “I had thought a lot about having this hairstyle, I wanted show everyone a different side of me. And I am very satisfied with this hairstyle.” GDragon had a comeback with a new Mohican hairstyle which became the topic amongst fans and netizens.

And when it came to the “Big Bang’s Special Truth or Lie” corner, GDragon was given 3 votes out of the other members as the member “Who will probably get married first”.

And then GDragon was posed the question “Do you have a girlfriend” and his answer was “No” and he continued to explain, “I think it seemed that I was the one who would step into the wedding hall and get married the earliest. And I do want to build a home together with the person I love and our baby soon.”

GDragon was also drew attention when he selected himself when the group was asked “Who is the smartest member?”. He explained, “Being the leader, I have to be flexible and quick.”

Also on the episode, the members chose TOP to be the “member with the lowest mental age”. TOP accepted the title willing and said, “I do like toys and I think like a child.”


I can totally imagine Bong getting married the earliest, if he marry a girl, I know that he’ll care and love her a lot, just like how Sean is, cause like in my mind, Sean is like the perfect husband who love and care for his wife and kids to like an imense level, and I think Bong share that trait with Sean, so whoever will be Bong’s wife will be one very lucky lady, when I read that he wanna marry SOON, i was like “Boy! you’re only 20, slow down” But I doubt if he will get marry now since he’s so focus on his music.

I think TOP having the lowest mental age is OH SO TRUE. That boy is such a kid it’s amazing, though he look so mature and sometimes scary if he wanna be but dude….. once you get inside his head, it’s all ice cream and glazed donut, he probably have action figure hiding somewhere in his room. haha.

~ by Vicky on August 23, 2008.

109 Responses to “GDragon, “I want to get married soon and settle down””

  1. O_o

  2. aww TOp haha lol act like a kid soo cute haha oooo GD
    gettin marry first haha i can totally see it lol

  3. 0.0
    damn the girl that marry GD is going to be a very lucky girl

    and my TOP?
    he’s a dork

  4. oh Toppie
    come with me and i’ll buy a toy

    I do believe GD will marry soon
    he seems to be too fast for his age 😛

  5. Whoever marries GD will be the luckiest person alive and you’re right, he will care for that person and love them a lot! ❤

  6. aww he’s already thinking about marriage??
    so soon, but I doubt it’ll be any time soon..
    he’s already got his hands full..

    lol at you comment ‘That boy is such a kid it’s amazing, though he look so mature and sometimes scary if he wanna be but dude….. once you get inside his head, it’s all ice cream and glazed donut’

    that’s so true..thats why i love this dude..deep down inside, he’s just a regular dork like us.

  7. awwww…it’s hard for me to picture gd with a wife and family cuz i always like to think he’ll be my husband someday xD

  8. I can totally see G-dragon as the marrying type. whoever get married to him will be one lucky girl.
    We all knew TOP has the lowest mental age.
    sometomes despite being the oldest he acts just like seungri.
    That’s why I like him so much.

  9. OMG! if GD gets marry, i will be so sad ;(

  10. AISH~!

    I wanted to watch this subbed on KBS world but entertainment weekly has been replaced with happy together…

    WHY NOW?!

    dammit for not having dish network and having to settle for 4 measly hours for the local tv station…

    uhuuuuuuuuu T-T

  11. GD sure would be a great dad.
    He’s so sincere to girls and sometimes when he’s with little kids, u can see he really adores kids a lot

  12. I hope he marries someone nice haha, is there inkigayo today?

  13. wanie-chan
    now now
    doesn’t mean he’ll get marry tomorrow

  14. dreamandlove
    he’s really different and unique from others
    so god know what this boy will do

  15. YBislUV
    sometime he even make me feel old for a 15 year old
    i’m like… 5 years younger than him and he’s more of a kid than I can ever be, sometimes I just wanna let loose and have fun like him.

  16. Hotlizardfox
    kekeke Baby is even more mature than Tabi keke

  17. estefinista
    I was wondering about that, do you have to pay to watch KBS World?

  18. casper
    the picture of him with HaEummie was like my favorite picture of all time [current phone wallpaper]
    I bet he’s amazing with kids, cuz he’s a kid himself.
    I really wouldn’t mind having him as a dad. seriously haha

  19. WAT??
    GD wants a BABY soon too?
    i went O_o when i read him talking about getting a baby soon lol
    oh well
    GD deserves a good girl, so i hope when he find one she will be a perfect match for him.

    and yes GD is the smartest one haha lol~~ so proud of my yong yong~~~

    and TOP YES YES YES!! that is SO TRUE~~~

  20. iqwoo

    according to their schedule yes
    I’m watching SBS right now
    the CFs are showing so I’m guessing it’s either next or after SBS NEWS

  21. iqwoo


  22. but hey you never know
    he might say that but he also cares about his career

    on the other hand TOP’s low mental age leads me to belives he doesn’t want to settle down just yet
    (that makes me too happy)XD

  23. hahahaha! time for GDLOVERS to prepare themselves. We don’t know when is soon. LOL! hope it’s not sooner. LOL! just kidding!

  24. i hope he marries someone nice.
    and i hope ivipz and vipz dont have a major meltdown after that.

    and omg top. XD i can see him reading comic books in a corner of a room somewhere in the yg building.

  25. dreamandlove

    that remind me of the kiss mystery of him on the rooftop hahaha
    i’m really curious about Tabi’s ideal type, he never give us a clue on it

  26. gdmonday

    kekekek i wonder the same thing too
    i don’t know if i’ll have a mental breakdown haha
    but nah~ i don’t think i will, i believe in Bong’s judgement, he will only marry a girl if he really love her and if he love her then I know she’s worth it and they’ll care for each other, that’s all it matters

    but as for Baby hahahhaa THAT BOY BETTER WAIT 3 MORE YEARS, UNTIL I’M LEGAL!! haha

  27. LOLLL. he can totally settle down with me ;]
    hehe~ awws. he will be a great dad i reckon ~ ^^
    wait ’til i hit 18 and i’m going to korea to meet my husband ;D
    yaaayerr~~ haha ^^

  28. when i read it the 1st thing in my head was “MARRY me G-dragon!” >_< but i know it wont come true LOL i still can dream right? ^_^
    yup yup your so right. whoever marries that boy will be the most lucky lady! JiYong will treat and take care of her so well ^_^
    awwwwww TOP! his so cute. same with me always a kid at heart!!

  29. kiss mystery?
    I didn’t anything hear about that

    and yes i have been curious about what his type of girl is 😉

  30. dreamandlove

    it was during “School of rock”
    and they ask Tabi if he had his first kiss yet and he say NO
    then the members start cracking up and Tabi was like “why are all you guys say yes???” then I think Baby was like “the rooftop incident” everyone start laughing like crazy and Tabi change the topic he was like “OKAY OKAY I DID!! IT WAS IN 7TH GRADE” but he didn’t say anything about the rooftop incident though.

    …C U R I O U S….

  31. i cant imagine gd getting married so soon especially “having babies”
    no worries top will be my backup ^^ haha


    CONGRATS BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. yeh I kinda se him get married first aha and yupp he would definetly be a good hsband and dad for his childe..(wow that was wierd or not really =P) but I hope he doesn’t settle down too soon thehe XP
    The girl who marry JiYong ..<3 would be the luckiest girl on earth..I know I would if I was the girl..But that is too much to dream for right?? ahahaxD and the age diffrence is like what?..five years?? xS buhu… x) maybe I go for baby then ahaha xD

    Hehehe and TOP with the lowest mental age ahaha thats so true lol..xD and he is like the oldes in the groupe ahahaxD oh well thats cute too

  34. i think the translation was a bit misleading. it sounds sooo definite, but when watching the interview, jeska told me, & it sounds much better, that he said more so, that he was “moved by weddings & that makes him want to get married soon & start a family with someone he loves.”
    that sounds way better than the way the article was stated.
    i got multiple heart attacks today xD

  35. what?!!!
    i seriously need to go watch that

    anyways i’m about to break my screen
    no inkigayo for me 😦

  36. dreamandlove

    tvbox and channel chooser are being stupid these days
    tvant’s quality is too crappy
    I found this site where you can watch SBS easily

    go here

    and on the upper right hand corner
    you’ll see ON AIR with the tv picture
    then wait until it load
    there you go fast and easy
    double click for full screen

  37. who wouldn’t want to marry GD:D that’s a LONG line!

  38. OMG!!!
    thanx Vicky!!!

    I got multiple hearts attacks too
    even though he’s not my favorite 😛

  39. haha..GD gonna be de first to get married??
    i wonder who’s de lucky gurl in de future…
    lol..he voted himself as de smartest…
    i admire dat he have so much confidence…

  40. what do u mean by “if he marry a girl”..?

  41. Liz

    haha don’t go thinking i think he’s gay haha
    i meant if he marry someone, he’ll take good care of that person

  42. What?! How can he think about marrying at such a young age? he is my age and I could never think about that at my age! He really needs to slow down! i will be so upset and ashamed if he were to get married to so young. He should wait AT LEAST five more years.

  43. OMO! Awwwh dang yong-yong, you make me warm in my heart ❤
    find love sooon~

  44. ahaha loll xD owww i hope his everydreams will become true ^.^ and he will be too happy and that girl his future wife wont make him sad anytime :3 and good luck our boys ♥♥

  45. TOP admiited that he is like a kid~Aww~i cant believed he admitted ot it.Because in ‘Come to play’ he is quite deep,i mean his answers.But yeah i can imagine him thinking about ice-cream,donuts & BATMAN!!
    GD!i love your answer about leader had to be quick and flexible.And whoever get to marry GD will eb so lucky cos he is the type that once he loves you,he will put his all for you.Who wouldnt want?

  46. Inkigayo! :

    In my opinion, the best performance so far! Vocals were great, costumes were great too! They performed the slightly remixed one! the one that had that extra beat during TOP’s rap in the beginning. And the did subtle changes to the dance steps, haha. It was so hot, the lights flashing! AND TOP FREAKING HELD THE CAMERA AGAIN! haha, he kept making a hell load of eye contact with the camera. Haha, I’m glad, and MOBILE RANKING! WE OWN!

  47. yeah!!!Big Bang won!!!
    anyway, anyone notice they look quite tired??

  48. OMO! I missed their perf?!

  49. iqwoo

    couldn’t agree wit you more
    i saw the whole inkigayo
    and seriously, in my opinioni NONE of other perofrmance match up to Haru Haru
    N O N E

  50. JI YONG OPPA. WAIT TILL I’M 18, OK????
    nyahahahah the TOP thing is hilarious XD he’s the oldest yet ~ ahhahhaha, that was just too adorable to ignore XD aigoooooo
    but yeah, I totally agree, GD would be such an adorable and loving husband and he’d probably hug his baby a million times a day since he likes cute things so much XD omo~

  51. aww GD is already thinking of marriage..dude slow down! u have a lot of time..haha i know GD will be great with his wife and kids ^^

  52. To: crystal199187
    They’ve gotta be tired! They’re so busy…I feel sorry for them…

    GD thinking about marrige already??? >O<
    GD starting to think like a man huh?! ^^
    The girl he chooses must be REALLY lucky…^^

    I could already see TOP was acting like a kid! If you recognize TOP always claps like a kid…^^

    Don’t worry I’m voting for Big Bang!!!

  53. I watched the whole Inkigayo too, and the drama before that! haha, SHINee’s performance, the alternate colours part.I thought it was cool, but as soon as i saw the huge BIG BANG vinyl on the floor. No one could match that for sure, haha.

  54. hey GD, you wanna marry 😉 MARRRY MEEEE 😀

  55. @ vicky:

    well, whether you have satellite or cable in the US, I’m not sure if it’s available in the basic channels or if you have to buy it in one of those channel packages…

    I know that in LA (how I watch it) it’s aired on a local channel (44) from 7-11.

    you can always check the KBS america channel stations see if it’s available or somethin’

  56. ….Earlier when i read this article i felt rEAlly sad o_o
    but i thought about it & now i’m ok, lolz =]P

    -“I think it seemed that I was the one who would step into the wedding hall and get married the earliest. And I do want to build a home together with the person I love and our baby soon.”-

    i can totally understand because of how Jiyong is. it’s so heartwarming =] but omGD when he said “baby soon” O,O now THAT is gonna be a BIG life impact on his life. “Jiyong APPA” O.O WOWZ XD

    oh well, might as well say this now i guess. pre-congrats to the future Mrs. Kwon (hehe) i hope she knows what she’s in for >,< hahaha just kidding ^__^ i think anyone would be able to live with Jiyong’s craziness “FOR LIFE” right? yupz, lolz =}P

  57. vicky~ ur husband declaring that he’s want to get married
    have u prepared for his proposal?
    but i think he should wait until u got 17 ^^hehehe
    i’m kidding girl

    aw~~ thats make my man cute^^
    i don’t care if he’s like child or not, since i thought every man looks like child
    he still young, so it doesn’t matter ^^

  58. VICKY
    “once you get inside his head, it’s all ice cream and glazed donut, he probably have action figure hiding somewhere in his room.”

  59. when i read this i got all sad ):
    haha. it’s gonna be so hard for me to go
    gaga over him if he gets married and has
    a baby ! haha. that girl is gonna be very lucky.

  60. nya

    hahaha i’m only 15
    it’s ILLEGAL!!
    sorry but husband GOTTA WAIT

  61. vicky
    thats why u should told him to wait for u
    wonder when my man will propose to me?

  62. OMFG!this parody is by far the funniest.ever.thanks to 7REAL he should do more.and BB winning mutizen.KYAHHH!

  63. nya

    he can do whwatever he want haha
    he’ll come crawling back to me when i’m 18 haha

    your man will after he stop believing that girl have cooties hahah

  64. so much for the hardcore rapping n serious expression!!! XD Tah-bie is a BIG BOY! LOL!!! So put ur hands in the air n wave em like u juz dun care…^^ I remember someone said his room is full with toys? Nt sure bout it…i noe mine is…imagine his house when he owns one next time XD I noe what to get when Nov 4th approaches…LOL!!!

    GD is the family man? Whoa! But u guys seem to discuss this as if he’s getting married soon this year…But he’s sweet. Marriage…i would wanna c his kid…his family i guess would be another model family like Sean’s. How cool would tat be? His kid having all kinds of hairstyle n clothes…it’s really cute! He can cling his arm around his wife everyday instead of picking SR n DS…Haha!!

  65. Erm…….now I have to say something to all this.

    TOP- lowest mental age! It may be true, but I don´t think it goes for everything in his persona. He really seems to be one, who still has that childlike “awe”.
    But on the other side, he really seems so damn mature.

    The next thing. GD, being married. Hohohohohoho….now this one really made me laugh. He´s such an attentionseeker- he wouldn´t stand being married for more than a month!

    And him being the smartest——–lol——-attention, again.

    (I actually consider that comment to be one of great rudeness…my opinion of him certainly sank after reading this……….but then again, I have to watch the episode to judge)

  66. “NO MONEY?! then how are you going to fly to korea?!”
    omg ROFL.

  67. vicky
    buhahaha… what a confidence!
    if it take too much time i’ll propose for him first!
    f he refuses, i’ll kidnap him!
    btw, what is the rooftop accident?

  68. lol! good parody xDD!

    oh baby, i can’t live without u :(( >^<

  70. Vicky

    well.. gay? I’d tend to avoid this word since it’s way too old-fashion. How can he even take care properly to a whole new strange lady while he has been with SR for damn long time and still uncontrollably letting TY and DS and TO capture him for quite a few times lol

    young man lol

  71. hahaha no brain’s ‘NO MONEY??’ leaves me speechless haha~~
    yeah how could he think such way? i mean omg he’s only 2 years older than me ok..a 20 year old boy thinking of marriage? i was like WOW WOW WOW..but pls don’t.if he get married now i’d hate his wife hahahaha~coz i’m so in luv with this dude ok! baby~~~

  72. and my topie..the lowest mental age kid?
    hahaha i kinda agree..
    can see that he looks mature but he’s not..
    good good..
    my babe is so cuteeeeeee

  73. OMG…T_____________T
    I can’t imagine that,,BONG is going to marriage in a young age,,NO WAY!!! DOn’t do that oppa..don’t break our heart,,it will be really hurt ah…T___________________T
    but i think it is impposible to,,that he is going to marrige soon,,,hahahah…he is very busy with his music carrier,,music is his life…^^”
    rite oppa???
    definately YES…lol

    omo so cute…^^”

  74. im sure the future wife of GD is soo lucky
    yea.. GD most likely love her n care for her like Sean
    lols Mr.Choi is like a child xDDD he could actually be reallly cold(cool) if he wanted 2 xP
    but GD isnt marrying a lil early ur onli in the 20ss well bet now hes focusing on music

  75. orororo

    haha i love the GD line “I’m kinda bipolar, a lil’ schizophrenic, got OCD and ADD, touchy-feely, wear a size 0 in Womens”

  76. nya

    you have to fight confidence and confidence, my husband have too much of that
    hahah. MAKE HIM marry you hehe

    well it’s a rooftop MYSTERY haha
    they ask Tabi if he had his first kiss yet and he say NO
    then the members start cracking up and Tabi was like “why are all you guys say yes???” then I think Baby was like “the rooftop incident” everyone start laughing like crazy and Tabi change the topic he was like “OKAY OKAY I DID!! IT WAS IN 7TH GRADE” but he didn’t say anything about the rooftop incident though. so people were assuming something DID happen on the rooftop that the members know and he knows but too embarassed to talk about it that he say YES HE DID HAVE HIS FIRST KISS haha

  77. Liz

    it’s a mysetery alright
    but WHOEVER he is with….. hahah
    hope they will love each other….. yea haha

  78. Oh lol ><

    Dont let TOP be married.
    He must wait for me!

  79. jiyongie opa! i can so see him getting married first and being so happy! aww i hope he finds a wonderful girl, or we’ll all come after her. lol sike.

  80. too fast to live too young to have children


  81. LOL the oh my friend parody was funny

    and yeah. i can see gdragon would be the first one to get married. he would be a goood husband [:

    & TOP that’s sooo right! he’s like a kiddddd ice creams and donut hahah

  82. 0_o Jiyong wants to get married soon.??? well whoever he marry that girl is definitely LUCKY….The most luckiest one.!!

    ~~ whO knows that girl can be me ??? ~~ 😛

  83. hehe…Ji Yong will be the one who settles down first? we will see about’s nice of him to think that way.. not all guys say it out loud that they want to settle down..he must really mean it..=D

  84. nyahaha..freedom! parody was so funny..and no brain’s “no money” cracked me up..
    whoa..i cant imagine our jiyongie getting married!! way too young boy!!..wait for all your VIP girls..we’ll be screaming in agony if you get married..haha ^^

  85. (*(0)*)

  86. vicky
    i’ll do it coz i don’t want to wait for too long
    since he still like a little boy^^
    urrgghh… that make me more & more curious about it.
    he’s a man with a lot of mistery
    never talk about his favourite girl, that first kiss thing & the top of that. NEVER SHOW ANY SKIN that means no fanservice for team TOP

  87. liz
    hahaha… i love your style ^^

  88. nya

    haha guessing team TOP doesn’t get much huh?
    a mystery man … hot

  89. GD actually said that “watching married couples make him wants to get married” hehe..
    that makes me feel better lol. at least it was the married couples that influenced him. I guess he was kinda influenced by Sean and his wife and his kids..cuz there are a very cute and happy family.

    i was heartbroken when i read the “GD wants to get married soon” lol…
    now i feel better knowing that it wasn’t his idea that he wants to get married…it was the couple on the streets that made him become like that hah.

  90. vicky
    yup. all he do is too much!
    remember about always MV?
    hearing that they took MV in Hawai make me hope a little about TOP (half naked) fufufu..
    but he crack me up with those t-shirt >,<

  91. I WANNA MARRY YOU JI YONG!!!!!!!!! T-T
    ooh so cute…

    and TOP is maybe like a babyboy but that´s why we love him^^

  92. HAHAHAHAHAH i was laughing soo hard when TOP said that >< the happiest girl everrr X]

  93. nya

    i rememeber that
    i was like AWWWWW C’MON!!

    he look like a country bum haha

  94. Awww that’s soo cute though
    Gosh, JiYong wait for me and
    we will get married! =]
    Lmao omg TOP..haha funny
    awww that’s soo cute to, i LOVE toys =]
    Aww i think G-Dragon would be
    the PERFECT husband to like Sean
    his wife is gonna be really lucky to
    have a great husband like him but
    yea he is still to young
    Lmao OMG TOP, yes i gotta say
    he is child-ish. haha

  95. OKAY Vicky! here’s your chance!!!

    ahaha; but wahh TOP is a kid. its all good, GD would make a good hunsband. but i agree “SLOW DOWN.”

  96. Suzie

    haha not really
    unless i want bong to get arrested
    i’m only 15
    3 more years

  97. the parody was made of awesome
    hm. how to fly to korea if i have no money? i’ll sell my intenstines to Seungri to make more balloon animals.

    Oh Jiyong… I like my guys kind of psycho. XD

  98. LMAO, Top.
    “I do like toys…” HAHAHA.
    Omg…GD wants to get married!
    He’s only like 20 years old.
    Oh well, he can get married to me. =)

  99. da parody just made my day =D

    aw….oh well. better luck next time XD
    haha. GD is young n he wants to get married.
    his tattoo now makes sense [too fast to live, too young too die] he’s moving way too fast O.O

    just best wishes! i hope he continues 2 be with big bang n perform like Big Daddy Sean =D

  100. …wtf? top likes to play with toys?-_-‘

  101. marry me BABY !!

  102. omgosh. when i read that part where GD ssay he wants to get married. my tears just drop like Rain. T~T marrie me GD!

  103. Omo, where else can we find a guy like GD? He’s hot and funny. Whichever girl who’s gonna marry him is a lucky one. Seriously, even though his hair is half chopped, he gets hotter and hotter everytime I see him. Big Bang just makes me smile like an idiot. Hell, all those Big Bang fanfics that I read are not helping!

  104. awww
    since bongie want to get marrry soon
    i want to get marry soon tooo!!!!
    he cna marry me!!!
    n about top
    i think it is sooo true!!! (donut) hihiihihi

  105. … is just freaking adorable >__>
    g-d… not sure what to say….<__<

  106. wow bongie wanting to get married. First off, that woman will be one of the luckiest people in the world. He is just so sincere and genuine that it is just amazing. I hope he finds a woman who is into him and his interests and not just out for his money. There are too many celebrities getting their hearts ripped out when they find out the other was just out for money. Bongie I pray that you find an honest woman who will love you as much as you love her. (I’m honest BTW XD jk jk)
    Top being youngest mentally? Who didnt know that already lol

  107. ah ! GD i wanna be ur girl^__^
    will u marry me ^_^
    i’m waiting u here ha ha ha do u see me^__^

  108. I also see GD getting before everyone else but let’s hope not too soon. With TOP its funny during performance he looks so manly but behind the scenes he acts so goofy.

  109. then what was youngbae/taeyang selected for?
    and ds and seungri?

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