Mnet 20’s Choice Blue Carpet Pictures

They look so freaking tire… aww…

Thanks to 230님@VIPZ

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talk about deja-vu, anybody remember Sam???? wayy back then? now that’s either his cousin, and Bong gave Sam a haircut haha and anyone care to explain what Mr.Bong has on?, and YB with that fur vest… isn’t it summer right now? I’m loving Dae showing them guns, Baby…. look cute no matter what, then there’s Tabi looking like a billionaire… no kiddding.

credit: my daily \ newsen \ photoro \ starnews
Taken from: DOLCEVITA님 & 쿨보이님.Bigroom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 23, 2008.

65 Responses to “Mnet 20’s Choice Blue Carpet Pictures”

  1. The GD’s hat makes me LOL! :X
    The guys always look good.
    But…Tae Yang – Do You feel hot in that coat?
    Too much change of the boys…….

  2. GD clocth sure is unique ~.~ but his hat cute
    YB is infected by my man virus. it’s summer now but he wears fur vest
    DS look so cute
    SR looks like tired for me
    & my man… looks perfect as usual

  3. nya

    I saw the video of them on the red carpet
    all of them look tire
    I didn’t get to watch it live because I cave in and went to sleep 30 minutes into the show

    YB… you need to get the good trait!! haha

  4. taeyang baby ~
    yuu sure yuu don’t feel, because yuu look icredibly hot 🙂
    hearting up my room.

    and seung ri, his smile, its cute
    it looks michevious, looks like he is upto something bad.

  5. aisshh…. our baby looking so manly.. i think he doesnt want to the baby of the group nemore… *sniffs*sniffs*
    btw he’s looking SmOkinG HoT in black!
    n GD did learn his lesson.. standing beside baby all the time..
    thanks for sharing vicky!

  6. i was watching live. i almost fell off my chair when i saw gd.
    lol. hmmm the black afro thingie from the past is alive.
    joke. his outfit looks much like jackson five? lol. lol.
    its funny.
    loved top’s hair though.
    sr looks fine in a suit.. but yes, tired.
    dae dae!
    ty looks like he is sweating bullets under that hairy clothes

  7. vicky
    they all need to rest
    i take back my words! not only SR
    they all need to! especially my man
    i don’t want to see the past tragedy again
    frist thing i scared 7 worry the most is their health
    Mr.YG could u give them a proper rest?

  8. Why da hell Jiyong is so into Arabian stuffs like THIS like this?? *points at the above pics*, AND like THAT like that?? *points at old Haha collaboration performance*

    very unique though LOL

    and oh wat’s over there? Top and TY? Onion head? o.O
    I’d say Top’s hair looks like ice-cream on the cone O_O

  9. i love jiyong.
    his outfit is like 80s grunge meets comme des garcon
    i wonder if he picks out his own outfits for these kinda things

  10. wanie-chan

    i love the part in the video where he grab and pull Baby next to him

  11. nya

    I don’t think Mr.YG is behind this
    I think it’s our boy’s stubborness and wanting to work every minutre of the day
    if what happen the end of last year happen again this year… i don’t hink I can handle it

  12. Liz

    now that you mention,
    anybody know a old story call “Alibaba and the 40 thieves”??
    it look like something you’ll see in that movie haha

  13. Angela

    they mention something about a stylist
    but you can’t make Bong wear what he doesn’t want to
    so he must like it ttoo

  14. vicky
    thanks for the video ^^
    they all looks sooooo tired
    but still its not the worst condition, at least they don’t looks like going to collapse. fiuuff…
    i realize GD hat looks like sea urchin ~.~

  15. sometimes i don’t understand GD’s outfits!
    and YB my honey, it’s summer, right?!
    aniway, they need some rest, for real!
    YG wanna kill’em or what?!!!
    GD seems to be very tired in this pix
    they’re not even smiling!!!

  16. GD’s hat! ROFL and the outfit! LMAO *but i like it, it’s kinda unique (?)* lols
    SR looks tired
    TY’s coat looks hot like himself. lollol
    dae! *speechless*
    OMFG! TOP!! *dies*

  17. vicky

    i just saw the video…
    i love that part too!
    trust the leader to guide baby magnae…
    even daesung gave way so that baby and bong can be together…

  18. nya

    haha i just totally like gogole sea urchin
    the round thing
    …. you know… YOU ARE RIGHT
    he does hsha

  19. sisilya

    nobody seem to understand him either haha
    don’t hurt your head trying
    he’s special like that

  20. they were really tired when they were there

    it was obvious that the artists who came will get something as the award lol.

    their performance was HOT~~
    but it wasn’t actually their best~~
    DS and TY couldn’t hit high note and GD’s mic got some prob. in the beginning.
    GD didn’t looked really happy with the problems going on in the beginning.
    but later in the end they were all going crazy with No Brain haha~~
    OH MY FRIEND!!! hehe!~~ TOP was the craziest one haha~~ so cute~

    too bad GD didn’t win the Fashionista award and TY didn’t get the Hot Performance award..but it’s ok~~~

  21. vicky
    right? it does looks like sea urchin right?
    thats so cuteee.. i’d like 1 too
    GD looks like sea urchin prince ^^

  22. I must say…their style is..uh..somethin else…
    well anyway,
    check out Dae Sung’s GUNS!!

  23. nya

    that thing on his head sometimes look like it’s alive haha

  24. wow!!
    they sure look awesome!!
    *wipes drools*
    *oops nose bleed now*
    i love seungri’s looks n GD looks incredible in that furry hat..

    anywho, i think i was less shocked about GD’s afro,sea urchin, arabian hat cuz of his other big furry hat with the tail X] LOLL
    anyways, they look so hot but so TIRED 😦 they work mayb TOO hard~ X[ BIG BANG FIGHTING!!(:

  26. that hat thing does look like some kind of sea creature…

  27. Liz

    nya was saying something like that too
    you 2 will get along GREAT!

  28. They do looked really tired & was all akward when they were being interview. YB does look billionaire to me too! But they all look good to me except need to get more sleep!

    I thought that they were in a rush or soomething because everybody was walking all fast then GD was like “opps forgot to pose…” so he came back & baby didn’t even realized it at all so he grab babby’s hand…LOVE GRI moments! I even spot one more at the end like 2 seconds before the video end

  29. vicky
    btw, Japanese people like to eat sea urchin, they even eat it raw. want to eat some of GDurchin?

    thanks there’s someone think alike! i though my brain is a little weir for today but it don’t seems so since u & i have the same reaction

  30. LOVE GD to bits~~~ bit his style is making me crazy these days…boy needs to tone it down for realzz!

  31. Alibaba fashion with a sea urchin. Great combo!

  32. nya

    Can i have some GDurchin? o.O with Seungri rice ball and soy sauce please? o.O

  33. WOW, SO HOT!
    They strutted out like they were models, LOL.
    And G-ri moment! <33

    LOL, what’s with GD’s hat?
    I thought he had an afro at first.

  34. liz
    hai~~~ thanks for waiting~~~
    1 porsion of GDurchin with SR riceball coming~~
    of course with soy sauce as u wish

  35. wow, whats wearing our bong??? he looks like indian or Alibaba sure..

  36. nya

    Thank u =)) That was fast lol
    I’m gonna have a good night sleeping dreaming of me myself busy enjoying my ordered food while watching BB performance o.O Goodnight gurls

  37. nya

    nah i’m good
    i don’t do sea food or raw stuff… even if it’s GD
    I like toe glomp him in a DIFFERENT WAY

  38. what is GD wearing?
    iono but i LOVE TOP’s hair
    awww GD and Seungri is cute!
    omg the fans scream when
    seungri talk, they look so
    tired. dam big bang is
    everywhere now,non-stop
    i hope they sleep good
    well nvm full album coming up
    in 2 months, gosh..but
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  39. TOP TOP TOP. I agree, he does look like a billionaire! ♥
    Daedae looks dead beat.
    Taeyang is LOL. But he looks good in that fur vest anyway.
    Maknae looks like a player! xD
    As for GD, umm, what’s that on his head? He didn’t kill any animals right? *gets bricked*

  40. Ooh lala~
    I see some Taeyang tongue xD

  41. Yeah I spot the GRI moment! JiYonge pulling SeungRi back to stand beside him..eeek >.< (can’t help my girlish scream =P.. I’m a girl U know ahahaxD)
    this pic remindes me somehow of “old times” xD
    ehehexD that hat JiYong’s wearing that is xD
    They all look so stylissh..x)

  42. ———GD——–what the hell??????

  43. Wow!
    can’t believe I missed this a while ago 😛

    TY and DS showing their arms was just too good
    SR and TOP looking cool
    love the hat but was he wearing a dress ?

  44. oh those arms of dae, he needs to show it off more:D


  46. LOOL! xD they look good but so tired T.T please give them some rest T.T

  47. At first i was like WHAT GD GOT AN AFRO!??!
    aah, its okay now [[:
    happy they got an award ^^

  48. OMFG HOTNESS!!! LOL i think Bong’s wearing one of those russian hats
    haha Young Bae wearing a fur coat! In summer! Now thats hot. LOL i think hes trying to make a statement or either he wants to be matching with G-D haha
    Awww do you see Baby’s HUMGO shoes LOL
    AND OMO DaeDae’s GUNS!! freaking hell!!
    Dont evn get me started with TOP ill just keep blabbing on and on for hours lol just 2 words HOT & SMEXY!!… wait is that 3 words LOL

  49. don´t take me wrong i love GD but i think he needs a new stylist xD
    to be honest Dae Sung looks the best in here

  50. HAHA
    jiyongs hat makes me laugh!!
    it looks kinda like a porcupine…=.=

  51. LOL. what is GD wEARING? lol.. sorta looks liek a pirate?
    haaha.. i hafta say.. DS.. show out ur guns more often.. they
    so FRIKIN hot =).. hafta say hes the hottest here.. even though
    seungri is my baby 😀

  52. you know i am past caring what my babe jiyong wears, he is so hot anyway, i would not give a damn if he strutted around butt naked, in fact id like it a lot. and TOP….well what can I say…hes always been the man of the group no matter how awkward he sometimes acts. Oh, these man-boys…i cannot get enough of them, Ive been a fan for a over 1 and 1/2 years already and Im surprised that Im not tired of them…they keep reinventing themselves…so cool!

  53. so not diggin that hat/afro on GD’s head.

    but TY’s glasses looks good on him and TOP is hot!

  54. oh my damn! theres like a shizz load of cameras out there with a whole bunch of people taking pics O.O looks really awesome! ah~~ GD with his new trend of style xD haha looks monkish i guess? haha still cute.

  55. TOP does look like a billionaire!! gosh, he’s so freakin’ hot.
    Daesung and his guns..ahh looking good there
    YB I don’t like what you’re wearing..haha..and take the shades
    off..I wanna see your face and those beautiful eyes..

  56. aiks~ everytime leadah got new hairstyle he sure wear somekind of fury thing to cover it up or wat? 😛

    they look nice on black boots/shoes?

    y only TY r different colour among the memb >.<

    oh baby look so mature~

  57. i know right? they seemed overworked and tired? i hate that. thye looked exhausted and somewhat did want to be there. they seemed…irritated? i don’t know, i hope they don’t collapse…again. :[ oh poo

  58. sorry TYPO> they looked liek they DIDN”T want to be there

  59. awww they DO look really tired…
    and i agree with tinaxxe…
    they don’t look like they want to be there.

  60. LOL what is on jiyong’s head? he looks silly. 😛 and what is taeyang wearing?? it’s august man. take your clothes off. 😀
    i’m really curious about what they’re talking about near the end of the interview. i didn’t understand the question but i got the answer. WHAT is a secret??
    and they look grumpy. :]

  61. wow!!!!!!awesome!!
    luv BIGBANG!!!!!!!!!!

  62. WOW!!! they look so HOT with their :”I’m a V.I.P” faces!!!!

  63. they are so freakin HOTT!!!! omo….you see Dae’s guns! hot! lol…and GD’s dressing style…unique…and YB looks hot! TOP so cute..he blanks out sometimes during SR looks so cute >.<!!

  64. TOP and SeungRi are dressed I like. I don’t know but I see GD as a joke for now just to crazy. YB and Dae look okay.

  65. im sooo gonna steal DaeDae and have him for my supper.HOT ‘supper’.

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