YB in Carrot Suit

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KKEKEKEKEKE They say carrot is good for your eyes….. now I see why, give me one of these carrott and my eyes will went back to 20/20… OOH LORD!! He look so cute!!!! Chubby Carrot!!

credit: About love님.VIPRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 23, 2008.

58 Responses to “YB in Carrot Suit”

  1. LOL, he’s so cute!
    What’s he doing? Haha.

  2. Oh mine so cute!

  3. aww.
    so cuttee.. 😉

  4. Awwww cutiee
    i hate carrots but i want to eat him xD

  5. haha
    wat is the carrot suit suppose to be about??
    he looks SO EFFIN CUTE!!!

  6. by the way may i take your post and post it in soompi forum please?
    credit to the original post from BBVIPZ and also post taken from you.

  7. Such a cute carrot ^^

  8. Hahaha.. YB so cute. I won’t dare to eat him. I want to keep him in my room :-*

  9. OMG!
    Haha. CUTE as HECKS!!
    Haha, that’s so KA-WA-I-I!!

  10. Cute!
    KAWAII ! <3333

  11. so cute!!! why is dressed up as a carrot?? lol

  12. Aww he looks so cute! If I’m not wrong, this was during Taeyang’s Concert Backstage cuz I remember reading somewhere in his thread in soompi forum…

  13. yb does the body good!

  14. i wanna see jiyong in a tomato ^^

  15. AAAAA kyoota~
    what’s he doing with the carrot costume?? lol
    my baby looks so cute in that costume~

  16. I remember this. Can I have a bite YB? ;D

  17. hahahhah this is old. i posted this on TYC 😛

  18. LOL why CARROT?? but he looks scrumptious already anywaay~
    lol i bet my minus eyes will get cured by just eating him ^^

  19. Lol why is he in that?
    that makes me wanna eat
    some carrot too now,
    aww so cute!

  20. ncly

    sure i guess.. i’m not too sure but i don’t see why not

  21. want some carrot pleaaase!!!

  22. Why does someone so tasty have to dress up as my least favorite vegetable >.<
    Aw well. He’s still sexy xD

  23. Lmao ahhahaxd
    That’s so cute..I just want to eat him up xD
    yeah and I agree with angela XD I want to see JiYong in a vegetable costum ahahaxd and Dae too x) oh yeah all of them ahahaxd

  24. I have made a discovery
    carrots are offcially my favorite food from now on XD

  25. very cute and dorky at the same time.

  26. May I ask WHY he’s in a carrot suit?? xD Looks adorable though, haha

  27. i agree that vicky ^.^

  28. LOL he is adorable and dorky like you guys say!! x]

  29. He is soooooo cute no matter what he’s wearing!

    I WANT HIM, *cough**cough* i mean the CARROT!

  30. finally a carrot that looks delicious ha ha lol

  31. Haha. This is cute…but why is he a carrot? o.O

  32. Lool! YB looks so cute ><

  33. ahh…!! cute <333

  34. LOL! The cutest thing ever!
    @ dreamingwideawake
    LMAO I definitely agree!
    what occasion is this?
    why is he a carrot?

  35. >.> this is pretty old. i posted this on TYC before. dont no why ppl posted this up so late >.<



  36. at first i thought h was a pumpkin lmao .

  37. LOLZ! he looks like a tough carrot ^__^
    i’ve never seen this before. what was he doing =}P

  38. umm omo he so cute as a carrot lol…oh can anyone tell me
    what the download page password us? i can’t get in…

  39. now he gives me reason to eat CARROTS. hahahaha! if all carrots were YB i’d buy all of them. and even plant them all over my house. hahahaha!

  40. why can’t carrots all look like him? so i’ll eat them all day long. yum yum yum~

  41. PUAHAHAHHAHHAHA. what is he doing in a carrot suit?

  42. I remember these!!
    hehe he’s VERY cute indeed!

    Carrots are good for your eyes!! 😀

    YB is LOVE

  43. i thought he was a pumpkin -.-

  44. Lol YB’s so cute like this<3

  45. What a cute ❤

  46. he is soo adorable~~

  47. lol what was this for??

  48. haha taeyang oh my god

  49. YB~~~!!!! what’re you doing~~>< hahahahaha he’s so cuteeee lolll

  50. LOL; chubby carrot?
    that’s cute. i wanna see the other members dress up too.
    Jiyong in a tomato suit? nice one! =)

  51. hahahahah what an awesome outfit! love it!! heheheh

  52. i’ve never eaten a carrot in my life… and now, i never want to…well, i never have wanted to…

  53. SO CUTEEEE (:

    why are they in these?
    i wanna see the rest of the members! 😀

  54. awh, my seobang is so cute 🙂
    i love him x

  55. LOL what is this from??
    i want to bite him. ;]

  56. ^___^ YB cute!!!!!!!!!!

  57. soo cuteee I wannaaa a carrot like him xD!

  58. YB looks good in any thing he puts on.

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