082308 Music Core: SeungRi Fancam | 08.24.08 SBS Family Outing

08.23.08 Mnet 20’s Choice
Big Bang Special Performance with No Brain
240 MB

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08.24.08 SBS Good Sunday
DaeSung on Family Outing
986 MB

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Dae’s “OKAY” Dance was just GOLD. Then Kang Dae Soon appeared.

Those of you who stay up to watch Music Core this week but it isn’t on, well they did have Music Core this week but because olympic handball game start the same time Music Core did so MBC didn’t air Music Core, but they did record it, and it will be air next week 0830. And I’m excited to watch it because of this fancam, taken by Victory90.com which is oh so cute!!!

credit: Victory90.com
Thanks 뭐라규?님 for letting me share it.
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‘CUTE’ can’t describe enough. Now you know I love my Baby death, seeing him in that red bowtie… oh god always messing around. LOL at Bong and Tabi at the beginning, fighting each other haha knowing Tabi, they probably fight for glazed donut haha I love that part of them fighting. But this may be a rehearsal fancam, they proabably wouldn’t air this, though i hope they would, the VIPs singing along = love


~ by Vicky on August 24, 2008.

58 Responses to “082308 Music Core: SeungRi Fancam | 08.24.08 SBS Family Outing”

  1. i think there’s moves that a little over, but this that make SR so cute.
    for TOPs fight, i dont think its because of glazed donut, maybe others, like ice cream / yang gaeng

  2. nya

    hahah. ., or… ALL 3 OF THEM
    haha it’s possible

  3. OMG.. it’s really cute <33

  4. vicky
    coz he himself admit that he still like kid
    maybe i can lure him to propose me with my cooking skill

  5. OH MY GOD. I WISH THAT WAS THEIR MUSIC CORE PERFORMANCE. No chance though, considering how seriously they take their work 😦 It’s almost paainnffullly cute though, I’ve missed seeing them have such fun on stage.

  6. nawwww he was always smiling . thats so freaking cute !

  7. i love what they were wearing there~~
    probably the best outfits they wore so far~~
    GD and TOP haha~~ so cute in the beginning.
    and SR is SO HANDSOME!!

  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! CUTE! SO CUTE WITH THT BOWTIE!
    ahhh i wish i was there also sing along with them

  9. OMG and SEung Ri gets SO MUCH SCREAMING when it comes to his part haha~~
    SO CUTe~~
    and DS with his cold dance aww~~
    i seriously LOVE what they wore there~~
    so much better than those outfits they wore before during their haru haru promotion haha

  10. OMG and HAHHA
    did Seung RI did the spider movement thinging at 2:42??..
    they are so dorky during those takes lol…
    and then BAM during the real performance they all get so serious and stuff lol~~
    i love those dorks~~~ sigh
    you’re my life~~

  11. haha lol
    I’m so happy watching Seung RI like that lol~~
    he’s SO DORKY lol~~~
    GD was laughing his head off at SEUNG RI lol
    i nearly fell off my chair watching Seung RI like that..
    i was kinda depressed before…
    and after i watched Seung Ri like that i feel SO HAPPY now lol~~

    *vicky…sorry for spamming :(….
    but i love this fancam too much..
    you don’t mind me being talkative and stuff yeah?
    cuz after all is about your baby anyways 😉

  12. my 4th spam here:
    out of all..
    TY is the only one who didn’t really smile…
    is he sick? tired?
    he looked so serious during the performance haha
    and once again i can’t stop saying about how much i love their outfits HAHAHHA~~
    can’t wait to watch it next week yeah!!!

  13. hahahahahaaaa
    baby is so so so so cute
    omg he is killing me with his cuteness T_____T
    its fun to see them messing around!!
    oh my baby!~~

  14. Ahh soo cute
    TOP ❤
    LOVE YOu!

  15. SR is sooo cute!!!!!!
    hahah and the rest foolin around when the intro of haruharu was playing… ARGH !!

  16. nya

    hahah you’ll have a better chance if you told him you have a lifetime supply of ice cream

  17. ncly

    and yea i notice that too
    he have dark circles
    poor YB must be sick

  18. OMG listen to the fans singing their song, I almost started to cry.
    GD and TOP are dorks hehe fighting over donuts haha

  19. Haha omg they look like they
    were having fun, and seungri
    is so cute!OMG he was just
    dancing to it&very smily..
    sooo cute!Lols i think i
    saw G-Dragon laughing/smiling
    at Seungri when the went down
    like at 3:00. that’s cool how
    the k-VIPs got to sing to it =]

  20. OMFG! suengri is a cutieeeeee!!!

  21. Awww, I hope that Tae isn’t sick 😦
    They’re really overworking themselves.
    But then again, the performances that they give us..
    is just too awesome for words!

  22. Seung Ri’s MINE!!!


  24. does anyone know where i can watch Family Outing online without haveing to download it it is no longer on youtube

  25. does this come with subs?

  26. bronxbaby101

    no it doesn’t

  27. ahh cant waitt to see family outing~~
    theres like 4 places to see it online but they havent uploaded it yet T.T

  28. LOL! cat fight! kekeke xD

  29. vicky
    not only ice cream, but also yang gaeng & glazed donut. hehehe…
    lifetime supply / all u can eat?
    which one percentage higher?

  30. vicky
    opps, forgot this
    thanks for the HQ^^

  31. nya

    you might as well as buy him a sugar factory

  32. I never noticed how cute SR can be
    that fan cam really opened my eyes(I might be falling for him now :P)
    a fight about glazed donuts…..sounds likely with those two
    DS doing him signature dance was so cute too
    they are so goofy I just love them!!!!

  33. vicky
    ohh girl~~~ that’ll be very hard

    vicky, let me hug u ^^
    *hug* i’m really gratefull to u
    u’re like my source of BB

  34. thank u so so much 4 sharing all these HQ videos 🙂 I wonna see DS’s family outing but with the stress of downloading 10 parts of it is too exhuasting 4 me. I will find other free time to do so.Thanks 4 sharing anyway.

  35. nya

    haha i think you can do anything to strip TOP naked hahahah

  36. the family outing..
    i tried downloading the first part
    and splitting it
    but now it’s all over my screen
    and every time i tried to permenentaly deleting it..
    but it keeps coming back!
    and my laptop is lagging big time!
    someone HELP!!

  37. loool! cute dork SR! xDD!

  38. vicky
    no, if i strip him myself, it’ll be no meaning
    i want him to strip for me & only me
    the progress is very important
    fufufufu… that’ll be a really good memory

  39. man, i wish i could easily sing along like they can.
    it’s so hard!
    but i can pretend and fake my korean.
    i really really hope they show it!!

    i wanna jump and rape him!!!
    ah *faints*

  41. ROFL!
    WOW Seungri is unleashed!

  42. for family outing, vicky, do you know how long the total is after the clips are together?
    i wanna check if i have all the parts connected
    mine’s around 1 hr 25 mins after i joined them
    but i think it skipped around
    thanks for the video 😀 😀 😀

  43. Rawr PT 2

  44. I just watched the Seungri Fancam
    omg!! He was out of this world cute!
    I would much rather see this performance! haha
    kidding…i want to see both!
    Yep, I love how VIPs sing along..
    to the entire song too!!
    ahh it’s too amazing..


  45. aaaaah…it’s sooo amazing how the kVIPz singing with them they r awesome ..i like it cuz u feel all of them just united together and it’s amazing..
    they sound even soo much beautiful..
    i want 2 sing it with them….

    i like that smiling baby …ooh seungee why u r soo cute..u r gonna kill me 😉

    guys am i the only one who hear that or what…in 1:13 there is someone who said “oh gurl”i totally laughed alot ..kekeke..

  46. aaah~ maknae ah~
    so cutee
    did he did the chst popping?? or it’s just my eyes??
    weew no more things to say
    i’m still amazed by his cuteness
    poor my baby YB, i think he’s exhausted

  47. haha seung ri you cutie XD
    lol and the Kvipz were juse dieing and screaming when seungri did that..thing lmao
    so cool they are singing the song all together XD
    its just so awesome XDDD

  48. wow vicki
    u have a new nick name for TOP already?? (tabi)
    i didnt no that
    wen did u make it up
    SR is makin it sooo hard for me to stay true to Bong!!!!

  49. MAKNAE.cutest thing ever.i wanna hug him.

  50. thnx for sharing ^.^ oww how i wish sr was my little brother 🙂

  51. nya

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    THE MENTAL PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!11
    THAT I DON’T NEED!!!!!!!!!!11

  52. Queenie

    haha i didn’t make it up
    it was already made long ago by kvips
    i just feel guilty i have no nick name for him so i decide to call him that

  53. vicky
    i think i should save it for u
    since ur illegal ^^

  54. nya

    i may be 15 but my mind is tainted
    thanks to horny unnie haha

  55. vicky
    kekeke… ur welcome girl

  56. It looks like Seung Ri didn’t even sing once =[

    listening to the fans singing and RAPPING made me laugh. wow those girls are pro. 😀 and SEUNGRI sldfkjlkj. i loved watching his cute blurry pixelated smile. 🙂
    i love it when the boys mess around. CUTENESS TO THE MAXIMUM.

  58. I’ve stopped watching it ever since youtube removed it… I want to start watching it again though.

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