082408 SBS Inkigayo: Multizen Song and Performance

08.24.08 SBS Inkigayo
Haru Haru Performance
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082408 SBS Inkigayo


CONGRATS BOYS!!!!!!!!!!! It’s only their 3rd Haru Haru Performance on Inkigayo and they win already, so happy for them my finger is trembling I can’t even type.

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awww.. no piano this time? I was preparing myself haha but oh well, I was wondering what the heck that box was doing there, i forgot what those called, the thing to transfer stuff oversea, Bong came out of it and I was like “ah~” The performance was awsome, I was too busy singing and moving my hand along with the song I didn’t notice any particular details, though I did notice Tabi blocking the camera again, we treasure every second we see the onstage and he kept blocking us. THEY WIN MULTIZEN SONG!! YAY YAY YAY!! and this is only their 3rd stage on Inkigayo performing Haru Haru, Baby thanks all VIPs excitedly, when they perform the encore, Dae was like “Thankyou Hyori nuna” that was so cute!! Bong was ducking the confetti during the encore haha hilarious, Tabi showing off the award up close, awwwww… I’M SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!

And during the preview for “Family Outing” they use “Oh My Friend” as the background music hahha

Mutizen award for Big Bang in just 2 weeks into comeback

Big Bang won the Mutizen award on 24th August on SBS Inkigayo with their 3rd album comeback title song “Haru Haru”.

This is just 2 weeks into their comeback with their 3rd album “Stand Up” on 8th August.

Big Bang has been one of the leading artiste groups in the Kpop zone since releasing popular hits like “Lies” and “Last Farewell”. In addition, Big Bang has been sweeping many #1s on various online music sites. And their latest 3rd minialbum has also surpassed the 100,000 copies for offline sales.

Big Bang said after receiving the Mutizen award, “We are happy to be receiving this prize after our comeback. We will continue to work hard as Big Bang in the future.”

credit: sookyeong.wordpress.com/


~ by Vicky on August 24, 2008.

61 Responses to “082408 SBS Inkigayo: Multizen Song and Performance”

  1. yay~!
    congrats boys!

  2. Yeah!!!
    BIG BANG!!
    the performance was awesome
    even though i missed the piano part
    TOP showing off his award
    he is just too cute for words XD
    I almost woke up my mom
    i was so excited!!

  3. WHEEEEEEEE!!!!! this is awesome! im so proud of them XD
    this is why im so proud to be a VIP ^.~
    cant wait for the video!

  4. yes,i would have been mad if they didnt win. dae did the cold dance! they were sooo cute!

  5. comgratz Big Bang!!!
    i’m so proud of them!!!
    can’t wait for de HQ version…

  6. Congratulations boysss ^.^ owwww im too proud of them all T.T oww im too excited now… how can i start school after all that 😥

  7. congrats boys!! i’m so happy for them!! GD looks so happy! both the main and encore performances were fantastic!! 🙂 hope they continue winning in the coming weeks!

    although im not surprised ! 😀 <333
    its BIG BANG, what do you expect ?!
    anyway, can’t wait for the video ! i’ll stay up all night if i have to wait for it !

  9. haha I’m like you.. i’m always so into their performance that I always miss the tiny details until someone mentions it..

    BUT GD with the confetti was so adorable!! hahah..he’s too cute
    I love how happy they were during the encore performance..

    and TOP aahh so close to the camera..gotta love it..
    and VIPs too!!

    I ❤ you guys!!

  10. YEEEEEYYY ^^
    congratulations ~


  12. CONGRAAAATTTTTZZZZZ!!! >,,< XD <33333

    yay BIG BANG! of course they’d win, they’re BIG BANG!
    they freaking PWNED anyone! Big Bang totally owns that award fo sho’ 8)


    lols SHINee was there?! o.o
    betcha they felt so honored x]
    cuz BIG BANG was there ! 😀
    GD and the confetti so cute x3
    he looked to scared x]
    and Dae with his happay dance
    Baby couldnt hide his happines
    and TOP, so cute .
    Showing off BB’s award.
    i LOVEE them<3

    Vip For Life ! :]

  14. Yes! Good job, boys! They totally deserve to win. 🙂

    O and can anyone please tell me if there is anywhere else I can watch it? For some reason, the videos in bbvipz never load for me. I don’t know if it’s bad connection or what.

  15. C0NGRATSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bigbang oppas…….u deserve it……..!!!!!!!!!


  17. lol i think BBVIPz just loads slow. ive been loading it for the past 30 minutes D: but its almost donee ! haha . even though im an impatient person i have all the patience in the world for BB ^^

  18. VIP STAND UP!!!
    i did just that when seung ri thanked the VIPs XD

  19. iqwoo

    Gerard’s account got suspended

  20. i do hope for the piano
    but TOP sexy appearance, i can’t resist it!
    it’s okay that there’s no piano, as long as TOP there! hehehe…


  22. Yay. NVM, it finally loaded. I really like the beat of the remix. Their performance was really good! And ROFL to Jiyong and the confetti.

  23. lucky

    it’s like number 1 ranked song on inkigayo’s chart

  24. oww where i can watch this 😦

  25. AHHHH!!I knew they would WIN!!I KNEW IT!CONGRATS to the BOYS!

  26. omg i’m SO happy for them~~~

  27. yayyy! Congratzzzz BB!! >.<

  28. what makes me feel a little bit upset is that there’s still some vocal backup comes out from the CD, around chorus and high notes. Why have to backup when BB can sing confidently just by themselves?

  29. what is multizen award??
    btw congrats boys!! I’m so proud!
    this performance is at least much better from the previous mnet award performance..
    at least they’re singing live 🙂
    keep it on bb~

  30. YES….
    we have to celebrate this,,hahaha…
    yes….yes…chukahae BIG BANG,,

  31. cargo? :/ i think that’s what the box is called…

    congrats to the boys!!! knew they would get it sooner or later! 🙂

  32. chuka chuka! yeah! i HAVE to get this inkigayo ep. at the local vid. store >.<



  34. CONGRATS<3

    & yes THANKS TO VIP AND OF COURSE to lee hyori unni 😛

    but anywho they know they will get the mutizen award because they deserved it ;!

  35. yey!! congrats!!^_^
    i knew they’d win..they really deserve it!..so proud of them..keep up the good work boys! we’re always behind you guys..^^

  36. yey! congrats!!^_^
    i knew they’d win..they totally desrve it!!..so proud of them..keep it up boys! all VIPs will always support you guys!^_^


    WOW!!! I think thay’d WIN!!!

    BIG BANG is cool.

  38. YAY!!!!!!!
    they deserve it SOOO MUCH
    cuz even since Stand Up came out
    Haru Haru has been up there and
    they are VERY BUSY BUT OMGG
    i’m soooo proud of you Big Bang!
    Damm i LOVE the remix! they don’t
    really sound too tired in this one
    they must be HAPPY! OMG G-Dragon
    was HOT, of coruse Big Bang was!

    ohh that finger/lip thing GD did at the end was hot.

  40. congrats boys ❤

  41. congrats big bang i knew you guys would win
    woot woot

  42. who has the video of them receiving the award? i really wanna see it!

    bigg bang! foreverr <33333333333333

  43. Big Bang totally deserves their Mutizen!! I was so excited when I saw them woN! WHOOT! It was funny how the MC was like wait, magnae Seungri wanted to say something before we say goodbye, then he was all excited with his thank VIPs! LOL! So adorable!

    Top loves blocking the camera for real…I liked how he hold up the awards in the camera lense..anyways, congrats BIGBANG!

  44. what is the MUTIZEN award? someone answer me!

  45. lol thanks vicky.. i was too busy watching the olympics LOL


    That’s like the #1 song or w/e

    They’re awesome.

  47. i think it’s called a cargo box.


  49. WOOHOOOOT!!! BIG BANG WELCOME BACK!!!! it’s time for you to show
    the world that you CAN ROCK baby!!!

  50. big bang is the best…and now they have the multizen award to prove it ^_^

  51. The performance in Part 2 and 3 dont work can anyone reupload it again???

  52. hye vicky what is INKIGAYO? is that a place or a show?

  53. heyyy in the beginning of the performance, did the chant change?

    i listened to it over and over again, and i think its
    “big bang stand up
    vip stand up
    everyone stand up
    haru haru”

    perhaps not enough time to say the names? or i heard wrong. or i missed something?


    (but anyways. congrats to our boys)

  54. AHHH…TOP can block the camera all the time and i wont mind.
    All the more of him that i can see.
    Love the remix beat in the chorus, makes the chorus more defined.
    I hope they continue to win multizen award every single week!!

  55. thanx a lot ^.^

  56. Watching them perform Haru Haru live made me teary eyed!hahah….GO BIG BANG!!!COME ON!COME ON![TOP has started a new signature pose or dance,besides the pointing his finger!He jumps!hahah]

  57. tinaxxe

    it’s SBS’s music show where artist come and perform every weekend

  58. thanks, vicky.

  59. they’re so HAWT. :]
    they mostly sounded really good in this performance. ❤

  60. Congratulations boys^__^

  61. I’m not surprised at all.. Go BB Go!!!!!

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