Big Bang – Haru Haru 2nd MV

okaY! everyone been waiting for this? or is it just me? hahaha

Credits to IVIPMON5482

oh my geee! our boys look so good in here! they making me CRAZY! … so much close up shots of them! and i seriouly like this video MORE then the 1st one. altho the first one did made me cry. but hey! i wanna see the boys MORE! hahah. okay enjoy everyone!


~ by Winnie Chu on August 25, 2008.

77 Responses to “Big Bang – Haru Haru 2nd MV”

  1. Yep!!
    I LOVE THIS MV!!!!!
    aahh hotness overload!!! too many details to spazz about for me..
    so I’ll just say that

  2. OMG that was HOT!!! i like d blOOpers!!!

    not too much going on in this video, but it’s just PURE EYECANDY I LOVE IT. 😀
    so many HAWT closeups…!!!! and i loved the bloopers. i was disappointed that the first mv didn’t have them, so i was really excited to see them at the end of part 2. top and jiyong are so cute i just want to eat them up! <333
    thank you 😀


    I love it. The first is more memorable, but this is still good. And all of their close ups with the bruises and cuts is hot.. TOP. ❤

  5. OMG Cool!

    I like it!

  6. the music syncing is a little off though .__.
    I love it to DEATH because of the new close-ups of TOPbaby, but.. in the latter half of the MV, the music & the moving lips become… off. hahaha

    but it’s still VERY VERY FANTASTICCC <333

  7. i’ve been checking back to this site every 15 minutes to see if this was up yet >.<

  8. the bloopers made me laugh. like lol. haha
    i love them!

  9. Not feeling this MV…i like the first one better
    Though i do love that this MV gives more screen time to the other members, instead of just TOP and GD. =D

  10. i’ve been waiting for this since morning~~~
    thank u~~~
    i can’t choose between part 1 or 2. i love both!
    there’s so many close up!
    TOPie close up scene like a tempt for me, i think i should wipe up my nosebleed hehehe…
    GD solo part under shower just too sexy
    they two sitting alone just hotness overload~~~
    i don’t think this innocent fangirl can handle it

  11. Way better than the first one. More focus on TOP- never a bad thing.

    I liked how Daesung got in his way. God DS!!

    At least there was no fake fighting this time around.

  12. !!!thanks for uploading!!!

    (the mv still doesnt explain why the other members have bandaids on their faces… lol oh well)
    (and top’s fingers dont look as long as i thought they were. aha. but when he closed his twofingers-peace sign together, that was hot.)
    and the mv also shows that gd made an effort to NOT wear the i ❤ sex shirt, since the other members wore their shirts from the same brand/designer.

    anyways point is. the MV was nice treat for us =) all those close ups and scenes of our boys doing wacky things.
    and gd dripping wet.

  13. OMO! blooopers were very funny ^^

  14. i’ve been waiting for this too!!!
    tee hee
    iLOVEthis MV
    the boys looks so hot!
    thx so mcuh for uploading

  15. this time i wasn’t as sad as part 1. the beginning i was mad shaking though, but it died down. *SIGHS*
    i don’t think you guyz can pull a parody out of this one anymore xD
    must’ve been the reason for them coming out w/ a part 2, cuz part 1 was too easy to do a parody on xD

  16. the bloopers were so cute ! LOL
    hot though ! =)=)

  17. my baby looks absolutelty FLAWLESS~
    this version is really nice!
    OMG. WAS BONG DOING THE ‘IM SO HOT’ MOVE AT 4:33??ahhh so cute!

  18. I love being able to see their faces more:D

  19. yes! i was waiting for this mv too~
    i love both part 1 n 2!!
    but part 2 has more closeup of the boys so i am loving it more..
    thanks for uploading the mv!!

  20. Is it the luv which never hold my hand when i’m alone?
    Is he the luve who never hug my back when i’m crying
    Is it the luv where my heart catches cold when it’s hot?
    Is he the luve who never kiss me to wake me up from death?
    I’m praying for only one touch on his lips
    I’m crying for only one look at his eyes
    I’m dreaming for only one moment with him
    I want to see him when i turn my head
    One,two,three… I’m looking back
    He’s not there,i knew.
    I want to see him when i turn my head one more time
    One,two,three… I’m looking back again
    He’s there,i dreamed.

    Love for the best leader in this world.

  21. huhuhuhuhu! oh my gosh m watching it now in bbvipz because i can’t see it in youtube huhuhuhu! so to go back now and watch to my heart’s content. hahaha!

  22. i’ve wait for this mv all day!!

    finally it officialy release…

    oh yeah!!!

    i love this!!!


    i LOVEEE this one than the 1st one. x]
    yay ! BLOOPERSS !
    Yay! Daesung & Seungri were in it ALOT.
    and the closeups HOT<3

  24. luv this hot.. hehe but i think the 1st mv is better than this..

  25. Finally I can watch it. This clip doesn’t make me cry like the 1st one. I think they release it just because there’re so many great scenes that too good to be forgotten. So it’s all focus on Big Bang and you can’t get what the story line is 😀 Still love it though cause it doesn’t make me cry like an idiot.

  26. OMG
    I lOVE the scene of GD under the shower thinging
    he looks HOT when he’s wet haha
    and the NGS
    so effin funny
    i cracked up at 4:31 lol
    GD’s face suddenly came in~~
    i love seeing all of their smiles~~
    so cute~~

  27. i just wanna sex them all up ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  28. ohh…i love those flash back scene~ lovely

    haha yeah GD showering scene was so HOT~~ bonus!^^

    n so much close up of Tabi sexy beast faces!!

    aww…seung ri sry to say that though u’re acting tough but u still cute like a baby~~♥

    they’re still a bunch of playful cute dorkies in the blooper hehehe~

  29. I am so inlove with this version also. Yah, so much more BB time.& the close-ups. ………..*melts*


  31. I reckon TOP is not a good actor. His act was way much better back in Gummy’s I’m sorry mv, yet somehow GD’s act in recent BB mvs has outshined his. Sorry TOP lovers~

  32. on 1:10 is top flicking the camera off? LOL just looked like it

  33. wow nice !
    at some parts i think it seems like it’s done by some bored fan, lol. but i like it !

  34. ahh
    sooo cute
    most definately lik this one more
    the first one make me cry

  35. oh my sweet lord.All I can say is I love the first version better but definately indulge in the NG part from prt2!!!!!!!Love the last scene which GD smiled like an angel !!!Geeee, he is so so cute!!!!!!><

  36. oh geez.

    that was soo HAWT.

    and the end was adorable.


    TOP is ♥

  37. OHMYGOODHEAVENS. D: HOTTHEMBABIES<33333333 and damn. T_T top looks like this crush of mine. wtf. must be the damn hair but s’okay. i love it ;D~


  39. QUOTE:”OMG. WAS BONG DOING THE ‘IM SO HOT’ MOVE AT 4:33??ahhh so cute!”” by babypan
    OH YESSS!!my exact thoughts!!!SOO CUUTE…love this video though it’s not as emotional as the first one…what the heck?!^^

  40. Wow, hotness.
    There was even a part where Top pushes Daesung really hard, LOL.
    So intense.
    I like this version…major GD hotness and a lot of screentime for the other boys too.

    I love this version – it doesn’t flow as well as the 1st one, nor make as much sense, but look at our the amount of deserved screen time our boys are getting 😛 It seems like they got all the great shots of the first one and replaced the story stuff with… um, hotness? 🙂

  42. i love it

  43. WHAA! Really NICE!
    Love BIG BANG
    Big bang is really good =]
    TOP the hotnes for ever with short hair!

  44. Come to think of it though, while it gives us loads of bigbang goodies, to be frank, it could’ve been way better. If you look at the beginning, you can see that the cuts are really well done and there’s consistency in the shots, but as you move to the end, it gets really jumbled and random like… as someone said up there, a bored fan made it. IMO it feels like whoever edited this version was pushed for time and had to throw in random stuff, or give it to someone else. Does anyone else feel the same way?

  45. hey i actually like the first one more..
    but i like this one alot too, the boys are all hot
    and the NG scenes behind is definitely my fav!
    they’re all so cute gosh~
    loving bong more and more =)

  46. yay!! more close up shots…
    this MV focus more on the boys!!
    it’s really nice..

    love the NGs…
    looks like they’re having hella fun..
    esp. GD!

  47. wowwww omgsh they had to record so many different times for haru haru. and IT CAME OUT HOT DDEUGUH!(:
    GD in the shower…:O LOL<3
    i loveeeeeeeeeed the NG’s hahahahahahaha!(:

  48. LOL those bloopers were cute
    but YB and Baby still didn’t get enough camera time in this MV =(
    the first MV is better since there’s an actual storyline, but i like this one too (so many shots of TOP~)

  49. not to be a negative nancy but was this part two video really necessary? aside from the bloopers, which are always hilarious, the whole thing is just a bit by bit rehash of the first video, minus the plot. its always nice to see the boys but i could have just looked at some photos. i was really hoping for a totally different concept. does anyone know why they released a part two? maybe i’m missing something here…

  50. ARRGGHH ! they’r so frkn sexy here !!!
    love both mv’s nd it’s gd they aired the first one out first cuz else u dun understand y the hell BB have bruises lolz !
    @ 1:08 tabi really pushed Daesungiiee, poor Dede !
    @ 4:24 lolz at GD i always tat happy clap-wit-ur-feet-in-the-air hihi !

    ps… who else agrees to be GD’s gf in their mv *-* !

  51. H O L Y
    thanks for posting

  52. i like this version! we can see more the boys!

  53. yay~~ part 2 =D
    haha it was so random but hawt ;P
    loved the ngs =P

  54. I fell in love with this video
    is just too hot!!!!
    and the NGs were so cute!!!
    and all the close ups made the video even hotter!!! 😛

  55. aw i love the outtakes 🙂

  56. haha GD doing the so hot move ^^
    i always see GD doing random stuff xD
    like clap your feet in the air hahah

  57. OO love the close ups and bloopers here!! x] It was awesome! =]

  58. Lmao awww they are soo cute
    why is it different from the
    one that came out first??
    I LOVE IT! yes i’ve been waiting
    for it too! they are soo HOT
    i love them too!

  59. I like, it was cool
    Not much of a story line though
    But it was still hot
    The bloopers are cute

  60. I think i like the first one better because it actually had a storyline, instead of them just sitting/standing there singing the words you know? And also, because of the fact that they were shown less in the first video, it just makes them seem hotter everytime they appear XD like in last farewell LOL! And I thought the opening in the first mv was hotter :p fighting sceneee bad boys. But yea lotsssssss of delicious closeups in this one. And LOL oh GD so feminine in the bloopers.

  61. Whoa!Totally different than the first…the first was better,there was more feeling[haha]it’s weird,TOP had alot of closeups or is it just me?O well,I love TOP!hahahah….Both videos are still good!!!

  62. I prefer the first one better since it had more of a story line, BUT i styll LOVE this version because theres so much MORE cloes-ups 😀 and I wish theyd put the NGS on the first version too…thankss

  63. Highlights for me….well a lot…but,
    I like DS at around 2:08 it looks badass w/ him pointing towards the screen.
    And of course GD in the shower……

  64. omgomg.. i love this one hehe.. i getta see all of them more =)
    hehe.. and i loved the bloopers 😀

  65. lmao gd at the end w/ the bloopers xDD

  66. Awh,i love this one the most.
    With all the close ups and everything.
    And i cant forget the bloopers at the end,lol.

  67. yea, i like this one more b/c of the close-ups, especially TOPs!! 😀
    the bloopers were pretty cute<33

  68. What does NG mean? Is that what “bloopers” are referred to as?
    And I heard it meant Not Good?

  69. haha, i actually like the first one better cos there was a story plot, i’m so glad they released that version before this. cos many non-VIPs got stuck to this song as well due to the wonderful MV done. haha. yeah, true we can see more of our boys in here.

    is it just me, or did they amend the instruments arrangement for this version of the MV? the drums seems to be more intensive.

  70. wooooooow! this version is soooo…… SMEXYYY xD lol! although i still love the first version, i like this one too beccaaauuuuse i see more of my maknae xD lol ! and the bloopers are soo cuuuuute :3 lol !

  71. I love it.
    @ 4:34 when GD does that thing. Ahhh ❤


  73. Was Tae Yang wearing a Burger King crown? xDD I love it ❤

  74. OMG close ups!! frickn hell TOP was smokin xD lol but i liked the firts 1 better because it was more dramatic and had a bigger impact on me lol!! but im not complaining on this one!
    xD the NG’s were funny!!!

  75. well i like the first one but this is ok ^^
    close ups = HOT!!! ♥__♥
    and lol at the NG’s! xD!!!

  76. ok i said that i like the 1st one but i changed my mind now :p
    i enjoying looking at the boys oh gosh~~~
    and of course the ng part is my favourite ok!
    the boys are just too cute xDDDD
    so, both the vids are awesome!

  77. Its okay but I love the first one..

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