Download: Haru Haru Part II MV

**EDIT: I just saw this pic of Bong that was oh my god so cute that I just have to post it up for you guys to see, his cute little fish lips.

Big Bang Music Video
Haru Haru Part II Music Video
73 MB

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Thanks to 와쥐베베님

The part where Baby did the shoulder move thing and TOP can’t help but crack up in the background, keke and Bong doing the what look like the “I’M SO HOT” dance…. And Tabi and YB’s face all serious then turn dorky all of the sudden, cute. I scare myself when I go “awwwwwwwwww..” at MinYoung and Bong, these 2 look so cute together oh my god! Fellow Bong luvers please don’t jump me, but agree that they look cute, cause they do even when I don’t wanna admit it.

And was I the only one thinking something else when I saw Bong on top of that car with Tabi hitting him? hehe? hhahah [orororo and nya gonna accuse me again] And there were something in the MV that bother me, the part where Tabi pushed Dae, and it look like he pushed him really hard too, I was like, what did our Dae do? haha 

And of course, I face I love the part through out the whole thing…. WANNA GUESS WHAT FACE IT IS???


This face read, “UMMA????? YOU BOUGHT ICE CREAM??”

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My mood after watching this is


seriously, how freaking cute is this??
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


~ by Vicky on August 25, 2008.

81 Responses to “Download: Haru Haru Part II MV”

  1. haha
    ice cream xD

  2. lol.

    THANKS VICKY!!!! 🙂

    and I totally love that pic of TOP.

    lol at GD.

  3. Thanks =)
    the video was soooooo
    AWESOME and min young and gd
    look supper duper cute tagether =)

  4. you dirty girl. i think i know what you were thinking but i aint gonna say it. lol!
    i LOVE THE BLOOPERS. my favorite part was when top and the girl are holding hands looking very serious and jiyong just runs in front of the camera. LOL!! and the “UMMA????? YOU BOUGHT ICE CREAM??” and the last gif in your post of the skipping jiyong = SO CUTEEE.

  5. and i LIKED the part where top pushes daesung. it was HAWT. 😀 i wish they had more extra fighting scenes like that in the video. they’re kind of rawrr.
    besides, daesung is 102594 times more buff than top, so i don’t worry about him getting hurt. LOL!
    anyways, bb is supersexy in high quality. THANK YOUUU 😀

  6. orororo

    well whatever you think that I was thinking, you were probably thinking about it first
    I like that part too, his big head just appear out of no where, that was too cute.

    That scene with Tabi and Dae was hot but Tabi really does look like he push Dae HARD. like serioulsy, Dae look like he could fly to the other side of the room

    make me wonder, who would win in a fight, Dae or Tabi??

  7. omgggggg! so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *dead*
    seriosuly, even i was like uhhh TOP is pushing
    daedae really hard wen i saw tht bit

  8. Lol who he kissing XD


  9. Phung

    Baby was probably standing nearby by looking at him hahah

  10. Vicky
    …probably. LOLOL.
    that’s a good question. daesung is super buff and it looks like he’d smoosh top in a second if he wanted to. lol! but i don’t think he’d ever want to. :] and top doesn’t look very strong to me, and he seems like a “gentle sheep” like uhm jung hwa said. LOL. but it looks like he’d kill someone if he ever got that angry. ^^;;
    but i don’t think either are the fighting type…? 😀

  11. orororo

    i don’t think so either
    Dae will make you laugh before you can get angry with him and Tabi will offer you ice cream hahaha
    so they are NOT fighting
    they’re the kind that’s the worse to be mad at
    you wanna be mad at them but you can’t because you just can’t, you just can’t hate them haha

  12. CUEE!

  13. you mean PUCKER up…

  14. i don’t think the word you used was appropriate. i think you meant pucker up. maybe you should go back and check for typos. lol

  15. gdluvzmc

    i think she spell it wrong too

    anyway i dont like it wen GD wear that furry ting.. he look lik a girl

  16. Vicky
    i know what you mean!!1! ugh they’re so cute we’d never win against them. :]
    i want top to buy me ice cream. 😀 😀 😀
    and like the others said, you’ve got a typo there. it’s PUCKER up. lolol.
    i want kisses from jiyong too. :3

  17. ill buy you all the ice cream you want opa!!
    haha i told you right vicky, ‘IM SO HOT’ omg he does it soo well

  18. did you mean to put “FUCKER UP”? or was it supposed to be “PUCKER UP” ahhahaha. i think you made a typo…if not….then “ohhhhhh…” hehheheh.

    but that is so cute GD and his lips!

  19. honestly, i really actually meant
    ‘fucker up’, not ‘pucker up’
    since the letters ‘p’ and ‘f’ are on totally different sides of the keyboard…-_-‘
    but yes, pucker up would make a lot of sense…

  20. err..i meant to put a ‘think she’ somewhere in up there…^^^^^

  21. Melly

    oh my god
    i was on the floor laughing just now
    talk about bad spelling
    something about going back to school make my brain dazed

    sorry to anyone who have to see it
    sincerely sorry.
    and yes i meant pucker up

  22. orororo

    i make the worst typo in the world
    that’s part of reason why my texting priviledge was taken away


  23. janie

    ooh?? haha
    it is a typo

    my apology haha

  24. SeungRiLovee

    oh my god
    i didn’t even notice it AT ALL
    until I saw what Melly wrote and look back, it didn’t hit me for a good 10 seconds
    and no it really is a typo

  25. cute! That face of top is always for ice cream isn’t it? 🙂

  26. oo lok @ T.O.P!

  27. Aww GD looks so cute
    Lmao TOP, yeah it does
    and THANK YOU!

  28. Vicky
    HEY HEY. naked cooking things are no problem, but jiyong kisses are no problem too. 😉 kekekeke.
    and i’m glad to see you’ve fixed the typo. lolol. ^^
    i’m watching the video again for the 203957th time and i think they should have given seungri more screen time!! there’s a hotness overload of top and jiyong, and daesung and taeyang are so rawr, but barely any seungri anywhere! he’s so left out what the heck.

  29. vicky
    maybe Dae hide / ate his ice cream ~.~ hehehe…
    no kidding, if my man mad, he can kill someone.
    remember his face at I’m Sam? he look really scary when he mad

    ooohhh~~~ i love that face! kekekeke…
    ‘umma u brought me ice cream?’ good vicky!
    i agree with that
    he just like a little kid in front of ice cream
    mabe his dream is built house of sweets

  30. orororo

    hmm.. sometimes I wonder about that
    Baby barely have screen time in most stuff
    but it’s alright I guess since he’s the youngest and they probably would get more ‘feel’ from Haru Haru if the hyungs show their expression
    I love every second every second I see Baby and treasure each of them.
    wouldn’t think about asking for more.

  31. orororo
    early in the morning & i read ‘naked cooking thing’?! o.O
    don’t brainwash me heheheh…
    u want kiss from GD? so could u leave my man alone? hahaha…

  32. nya

    kkekeke i’ve seen his face
    that’s all i can say
    i enjoy every second I see him during I AM SAM
    and laugh my butt off seeing him as a girl in a skirt

    he probabbly will give you a ring pop when he propose to you

  33. orororo

    don’t be poiting finger at me hahaha
    you’re the one thinking it first and tell me about it
    blame urself hahaha

    it’s not that i’m not leaving ur man alone
    i’m not leaving YOU alone

  34. vicky
    gyahahaha…. i think the hardest thing is to take control of myself. I CAN’T LET GO MY EYES FROM TOP!
    looks like every cells of my brain, no.. my body filled with TOPie. kekeke

    i don’t mind if he give me ring pop. just to make it more romantic. but i’ll make him buy me a proper ring later.

    girl, they look hotter in HQ, & ur Bong at ‘i’m so hot dance’, i should admit that he stole my heart for a while.
    but them my man face come & i feel guilty. hahahaha…

  35. nya
    LOLOL i’m sorry about that. but if you’re a bb fangirl, then you probably think those things too. 😀 just kidding. heheh.
    i’m never leaving top alone!! we must all go capture him and share. 😀

  36. Vicky
    “I love every second every second I see Baby and treasure each of them. wouldn’t think about asking for more.”
    that was a very nice way of putting it. :] i can feel the love!!
    top is my boyfriend and taeyang is my husband but that doesn’t mean the other boys are left out from my harem of hotness. which means jiyong and daesung will never be safe either!! fufufufu 😀
    but you can definitely have baby all to yourself for now. until he’s legal. 😉

  37. orororo
    kekeke… acctually i just have that kind of feeling too. but i feel guilty afterwards.
    i like the other members too but l just love TOPie alone.

    i’m agree. we should kidnap him.
    i’ll make him strip for me, then i’ll let u have him with that ‘cooking naked thing’ hahaha…

    could i call u roro? since its weird to call u orororo & its cuter this way. ^^

  38. nya

    when I saw Bong does that move, all I can think of is how good his butt look hahahahah
    sorry Sun Mi but Bong beat you by the mile with that move

  39. nya + orororo

    when you kidnap him
    make sure to send me a present…. idk… send Baby and Bong to me through USPS
    as a 16th birthday present, it’s coming up soon! haha

  40. orororo

    12.12.08…. A DARK DAY FOR BABY.!!!
    but don’t forget I’ll be there protecting him, sue you for sexual harassment haahhahahah
    stay with TOP and YB on that kitchen counter top and leave my baby be

  41. nya

    agree. roro sounds nice.
    or oreo
    haha cuz when i try to pronounce orororo
    idk how so I just end up saying “oreo” the whole time

  42. vicky
    ur not innocent girl. hahahaha…
    thats the first time Bong make me feel ‘wow, he acctually sexy too’. not only his butt, but everything. kekekeke…

    we’ll try our hard to kidnap Baby for u too. but i don’t thin i can send him to u.
    since there’s roro with me. i don’t know what will she do to ur Baby. fufufu…
    but to call her ‘roro’ i think we need permission first.

    btw when is ur birthday?

  43. nya2 + Vicky
    AWW roro sounds so cute. ^^ i like it a lot. :] oreo is funny. kekeke.

  44. Vicky
    once he’s 18, he’s NEVER EVER going to be safe from me!!!
    or should i say once he LOOKS 18. since he’s still, what, 13 now? 😉

  45. nya2
    “but i don’t thin i can send him to u. since there’s roro with me. i don’t know what will she do to ur Baby. fufufu…”
    FUFUFU. shhhh don’t tell her my secret! 😉

  46. roro
    eh?! so ur planning that?! kekeke…
    vicky need to know this, or should we invited her too?

    man, i don’t think only Baby. every member can’t go out from ur harem. hahaha…
    man, when i scanning this page all i can see is our noisy comment ~,~
    i think we like noisy little bird. this page is fulled by our comment

  47. ice cream!
    that’s so kute!!!

  48. LOL Top’s face is priceless how
    he’s so happy but he looks beaten

    LMAO the music vid part 2 was hilarious!
    at the beinning Dae Sung was pushed by TOP
    to me it seemed like he didnt expect
    and at 1:00 Tae Yang was staring at the camera…
    and just had to bust a move..haha!
    Did you see Seung Ri at 3:53 he was seriously
    over dramatizing the song LOL
    it was awesome!

  49. ok im confused…whos tabi, bong, keke?

  50. ^ Lawren

    tabi – TOP
    bong – g-dragon/jiyong

    LOL keke is a kind of laughter. HAHAHA

  51. OH Lord, the boys fighting scenes brings out all the estrogen in me. I love it when men are fighting over a woman, DAMN how i wish i was Park Min Young,,,grrrrr.

  52. i mean, i like it especially when boys are like sweet and seem not to be able to hurt anything, then they get all rough and angry…RAWRRR should be a word in the dictionary, hoo boy. Big Bang is so freaking hot, what else can I say?

  53. i love the picture of my topie~~
    hahaha..he seems like an innocent kid craving for ice cream haha~
    but he looks like a goth in that eyes i must say xD
    ARGHHH damn in love with this guy here >’333333333
    and BABY!!! I’m starting to like him more and more. I actually enjoyed seeing him the most in this MV
    even myself can’t believe that my love for him has grown xD

  54. Vicky
    honestly… mixing up ‘p’ and ‘f’ is one of the worst typos i’ve ever seen…^_^’

  55. nya

    where have you been gurl that you don’t notice how sexy bong is??
    try and fit him and bong in a box i think it’ll work
    orororo will be TOO busy with YB and sharing TOP with u she won’t notice hahaha

    and it’s november 6. move than a month away
    16!! closing the age gap between baby and me
    he will be 1 year older than me

  56. roro

    then it’s settled
    but whenever you heard me blurt oreo
    just know that it’s you haha

  57. roro

    ahaha you just keep on thinking that he’s 13 now you hear? hahahaha

  58. roro

    and what secret?????

  59. nya

    we’re like a whole bunch of pervy girls come together to discuss boy matter haha
    that’s expected anyway

  60. SeungRiLovee

    HAHA it’s not my worst trust me
    i also got jumped because i make a typo through myspace

  61. lmao!!! i love TOP expression >:D
    thanx 4 the vid ♥

  62. Vicky
    kekekekekekekeee!! don’t worry, i think you you will be able to keep seungri to yourself for a while longer.
    but don’t think you can sneak him and bong away without me noticing. i see EVERYTHING. 😀 😀 😀

  63. roro

    your eye may be blinded by……. ehm…. you know

  64. vicky
    hahahaha.. i always thinking that Bong is cute. i neber think that he’s sexy.

    thats possible Vicky! than it settle, i can send him to u. YB will make her busy.

  65. nya

    and what would TOP be doing… wait why the hell am i asking a stupid question??

  66. vicky
    gyahahahaha… u want me to ‘describe’ it for u?
    sorry, ur illegal.
    Topie will together with me. and roro will make YB busy for a while. after that i’ll let TOPie with roro in the kitchen & i’ll go to peek. fufufuu…

    vi, i know it not really related to BB & just a mere coincidence. but i think its really funny.
    although after u hear it i think it’ll crack u up.
    yesterday, i met my new lecturer, & guess, when he introduce himself. his name is…. Andy K BONG! bong… bong… bong…
    hahahaha… i can’t help but gigleing until his class over!
    damn, about 40s years fat ahjussi & about / shorter than me.
    i can’t help myself to compare him with ur ‘bong’

  67. OMGosh..i seriously wanna kiss GD’s fish lips..YUM!!!
    oh oh ..what am i thinkin’??? turnin’ pervs??? haha..
    baby’s eyes r KILLER .. i got stabbed sOOO bad in my heart, eyes, brain ..whole body dude!!! gOsh. i just wanna kidnap them n’ bclwgfewfhdvc(censored)…diz is d 1st tym i got cRazy 2 an artist 2 d point im turnin’ 2 a pervs(?)…haha…hope theres no police or detectives around here,…haa..^_^

  68. nya

    after knowing u and roro do you think i can conisder illegal anymore?

    HAHAHA FORREAL????????

    and don’t you dare try to compare my bong with that
    oh lord!! it’s a crime

  69. J-G-RILEEN

    HAHAHA i hope so
    or else me nya roro and you will be in jail
    find someone to come and visit us so we can say ‘i’m sorry but i love you, everything’s gonna be okay, isn’t it? then damn why am i crying?’
    i’m trying to be funny here… is it working ?hahah

  70. j-g-rileen
    i’ll definitely in jail if there’s police here.
    but wait, i only talk about my ‘mind’
    there’s no law in not speak out his / her mind. (although its in negative way. hehehehe…

  71. vicky
    thats real. i’m not lying.
    this teacher bong just think that i’m crazy.
    sitting in the front line & gigleing until his class over.
    (worst thing today is i have his class again for 2 whole hours!)
    how can i endure it?! tell me!
    he always staring at me & think that HE IS SOOOO COOL
    damn, this lecturer face are flying in my mind. kekeke..

    this make me wonder how GD will look like in his 40s?

  72. nya

    that bong teacher will never ever ever in his life be compare to my bong
    so you just think of him as 40 year old dude who suppose to teach you stuff
    you’ll survive

  73. vicky
    u should know what i’m feeling now.
    damn it, i have to call him as ‘Mr. Bong’ until i graduate!

    but i’m sure GD wont look fat in his 40s. at least u won’t let him be

  74. awww…why didn’t I see this yesterday
    this would’ve totally made my day 😦

    they look super cute especially the fist pic
    TOP’s face is adorable!!!
    GD’s face in the third pic is just too cute
    hahhaha thanks BB for existing!!!:P

  75. sorry but i like de second mv more cos there’s a storyline in it…
    but then i luv de bloopers in de end…
    big bang will always be dorks in de end..hahaha

  76. KYAAAAAAAAAAAH gd looks sooooooooooo cute xDD

  77. ha ha ha gd so cute &top^__^
    thazx u!!!!!

  78. nya

    of course not
    we will have “acitivies” to keep him in shape
    trust me haha

  79. AHHAH so funny and cute!! the NG’s..but i gota say…i like the “part one” version of the mv better…although this one shows all the BB members more=] gd is so freaking awesome….his ‘so hot’ dance…i cant get enough of him..gimme more GD!! ❤

  80. TOP pushed Dae???!!! oh hell no….lol j/k TOP looks freaky but then again so cute.

  81. ichh….
    mNa video’a???
    aneh bngt nie website

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