KARA’s Kang Ji Young, “I like Big Bang DaeSung the most”

5-member girls group KARA’s new member and also the youngest of the group Kang Ji Young (14) had a confessed that she like Big Bang DaeSung (19) the most.

Kang Ji Young, together with other KARA members, was on KBS Cool FM Maybee’s radio show on 24th August at 8pm. DJ Maybee asked the question, “Tell us a secret that only the other members know”.

And the answer was, “I really like Big Bang Daesung. When other members sing along to Big Bang’s songs, I only sing DaeSung’s parts.”

And because of this, other KARA members would tell DaeSung, “Just come around our side once, Ji Young is there” when they meet backstage.

credit: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com/

LOL! how cute. DAESUNG FANDEMONIUM is rising… i don’t blame her. Dae’s rising on my list too ^_^
**EDIT: her name indeed is KANG JI YOUNG (강지영), it’s just a trip up on sookyeong’s translating? i’ll be sure to let her know; i don’t alter others’ works. 🙂
^ ok, NOW, she doesn’t even need to change her last name, it’s totally perfect! O.O



~ by gdluvzmc on August 25, 2008.

48 Responses to “KARA’s Kang Ji Young, “I like Big Bang DaeSung the most””

  1. WTF! xD
    Big Bang are Prouds!
    And how i can add some YT video’s
    but i have soon a video for top’s birthday 4 november XD

  2. She is 14 !
    LOL hell no !
    <333 BIG BANG <333


  3. … i like seung ri♥ better XD

  4. That girl has good taste 😛
    DS is definetly rising on my list too!! 😉

  5. how do you spell ‘definitely’ wrong?

  6. shes 14?

  7. I dont Blame the girl.
    Daesung is freaking smexy .
    I just hope she dont get bashed.
    Kara is soo awesome. Rock U is really growing on me.
    She’s 14, so ? there are so many 14 year olds in love with big bang.
    You can never be too old or too young to love them.

  8. yea, daesung’s been getting hotter and hotter lately..
    at first, i took an instant interest in TOP (cuz he looked super sexshi in “forever with you”)
    but then i started finding out abt the kwon leadeh and his talents so GD rose all the way to TOP’s level for me..
    i didnt like YB but after his solo minialbum, im in love with his voice..(now i got 3 guys on my top list)
    and then seung ri started growing on me when i see his pictures and fancams..he’s so adorable >.<
    now, daesung is rising up on my list too with his cold dance and family outing funniness 😀

  9. poor Dae Sung *_*

  10. Girlie has good taste but shes too young for him .
    hes for me ! 😀
    Daesung is waayy too adorably hot for words X]

  11. Heeeeeyyyy stay awaaaaaaay from my dae dae!!
    u’re too young girl!

  12. haha she’s said this multiple times on radio shows
    *by the way, her name is KANG ji young :]

  13. awww, so adorable. cant blame her. dae dae is AN ANGEL, not to mention amazingly cute. 😉

  14. aww. dude that girl is MY AGE!! wierdd. hah well i dont blame her!
    omg i wonder how daesung reacted when he found out >.<

  15. “Just come around our side once, Ji Yeong is there”

  16. aww she is MY AGE TOO
    ahhh, that’s soo cute!
    who wouldn’t like Daesung though =]
    her last name is Kang too?
    is it okay for korean ppls
    to date the same last name
    cuz for Hmong ppls it aint…

  17. ninelee: her last name is not kang..
    it’s jang 😀
    she is like older than me (1 year)
    she s cuteeee and lucky
    to atleast get to c daesung oppa!

  18. hahahaha! MELLY why do i feel jealous? shocks i want to be a korean singer too so that i can confess my love to daesung
    and he would notice it because people would take it seriously.
    and then i can invite him to go to my side sometime so that i can RAPE him…hahahaha!

  19. lmaoo shes only 14? she doesnt look like one oh well
    dae sung is so0o0o0o0o0 hot! <33

  20. …why rape him?-_-‘

  21. who wouldn’t like daee
    he’s a smexxxyy beast =P
    superr dupper cute and funny =)

  22. lol. ppl don’t look their ages nowadays, so i just learn to accept… unless they like to fake their ages? haha.
    but anywayz, i looked up their info & her name is kang ji young.
    case closed.

  23. Damn, her name is Kang Jiyong? LOL.
    If she got married to GD…she really would br Mrs. Kwon Jiyong, LOL.
    So cute how she only sings Daesung parts.

  24. lol hey that’s me! mrs. kwon jiyong
    but her name is ji young.
    it’s different than jiyong’s 용 hers is 영

  25. awww
    sooooo cute
    i mean
    come on now… hu DOESNT lik deasung.. that smile is soooo… UNFORGETABLE

  26. hmm… i guess Ji Young and Ji Yong are one letter different.
    .. so it technically IS different…o_O
    but its ALMOST the same……….

  27. She’s not 14, she’s almost 16.

  28. The “KaraBang” is growing alot lately, first with seungri shaking hands with this certain hana/hara then now daesung…

    WonderBang is dying!

  29. so weird..why do they make the girls look so old, like older than their age..i thought she was 18 o.O

  30. NOO!! Daesung is mine they cant have him! LOL XD
    wow shes my age! 🙂 awesomeee

  31. wow.. DaeDae is popular with them ladies!! First Gummy, then Hyori, now this Kara member.. yeah!!

  32. 14?!!!!
    lol i like top though…lol
    it just shows that dae sung is popular with the gals…lol

  33. dont worry team daesung..
    she has the last name as him..
    in korea you’re not allowed to marry someone with the same last name even though you’re not related.. i know it sucks but in “ya shi man man” celebs always tell those kinds of stories such as they couldnt go out with a person upon finding out that they have the same last names..

  34. she’s too young for him. ha! Let the noonas love you:D

  35. Ahahaha! B4 i read this.. i tot it was about Dae Sung sister.

  36. why cant i ever see daedae’s eyes? o.o lol

  37. wow hahaha~who is KARA btw, i’m not familiar with korean music industry except the boys haha
    well, dae is also on my list!
    everyone of them is on my list ok ok!!
    so don’t fight with me kang ji young xD

  38. lol! wow she doesn’t look 14 O.O

  39. yeah !she doesn’t look 14, she look older than 14 ha ha ha

  40. OH. EM. EFF. GEE.
    this cute looking girl on TV is 14??? (well I heard on arirang today she’s 15) but still young! [somehow that sounds really young to me even though i’m 15 too XD]
    jeez, k-pop stars are getting younger and younger~ <.<

  41. omg..she’s 14!! wow..dae im so proud!! girls just adore you..^^
    ehem..she looks older than 14 thou..haha ^^

  42. Good choice! I’m falling for DaeSung as well..but damn 14 too young. I’m 17 wow I feel old.

  43. yeah she is fifteen considering the fact that they take age a year older. so today for 2009 she is now considered 16. but in the US she would be turning 15.

  44. I…………………………

  45. She’s really pretty…so I can’t really even bash her or anything :PPP xD.

    But yeah she’s got GOOD TASTE!

    :high fives:

  46. lawl… she can have him anyways as i oni like Big BAngs songs^^ but T.O.P. is hot^^
    Dun worry nunas:D you can have him xD i’m too young… i’m oni 12 tis yr
    +idk how to speak korean >.< i oni noe JAP (but i'm chinese)(i'm neither from china nor taiwan)

  47. No wqaY!!!

    That CuTTIe Girl IS MIne!



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