lol. you thought GD was gonna hog all the questions huh? xD
so… you make of it what you will. but YB is kind of hinting at you that you shouldn’t be waiting outside of YG Offices/BB’s houses… xD
HAHAHA idk, i just laugh when i read the question. it’s like… wow. YB asking some weird questions, but there’s reasons why he would… GIVE THE DUDES SOME SPACE TO BREATHE!
ok, don’t get mad at him though… it sounded cute at first, but then it gets you thinking, why would he ask it?

*taken from ygbigbang.com


-_- to me, my first reaction was IT’S RHETORICAL YOUNGBAE!!! i have my limits too, i couldn’t possibly wait for you cuz ur not gonna come around… but yea. it gets quite hot, & like, i love you, but you wouldn’t want me sweating & fainting in the heat just for you.
i bet that’s what you meant.
don’t take the question to heart. i’m sure he’s caring for us VIPz, sincerely. ^_^


~ by gdluvzmc on August 25, 2008.

73 Responses to “YB ASKS!”

  1. we think hard. real hard.

    maybe kVIPs should just answer with “then bring us ice-cream!” or idk. lol

  2. haha, is funny, well…i guess VIP just want to get a glimps of their Big BANG…haha

  3. He’s probably asking on behalf of ALL the boys. They do get tired and they probably want some space at the end of the day to relax and de-stress, so they don’t wanna deal with all the screaming fangirls.

    Taeyang is one of the nicest, sweetest guy ever lived. I don’t think he’s asking an offensive question.

  4. ummm..
    all this questions are strange..
    but YB.. made me laugh xDDD
    I think he wanted to tell “leave us alone” but this is only my opinion xD
    but for me waiting for them for hours is.. strange..
    I think the answer should be “yes, hard” xD

  5. oh YB… it’s much harder to wait for you all in Poland (Europe) ..TT

  6. lol, i think that question was necessary! i mean if i was a VIP in korea id stalk them too.. im sure he was just trying to be funny.
    youngbae ahh your hot ♥

  7. hahaha i don’t know whether it’s hard cause its impossible for me to get to Korea and its impossible for them to come over my place either :p

    Yeah V.I.P!! Don’t wait under the red hot sun anymore, you’ll be sick. and the boys need some space too seriously =)

  8. yeah vid_sm
    we should say that this is very hard to wait xD
    and not only in summer.. T_T

  9. So typical of YB! He’s really kind. i don’t think he mean “leave us alone”. He must be really worried over those VIP. Since its freaking hot & they wait for hours to see BB eventhough the percentage are really low

  10. kkk ;D tht was such a cute question
    well, first of all i dont live in korea
    so i dont..yue knoe get to wait outside
    thier houses or some whereelse..
    but if i was in korea maybe i might have waited
    just to see a glimpse of themm
    (which i so badly want to)

  11. aaah..am not in Korea 2 wait 4 u(i wish)..keke
    just thinking of it making it hard..(and yaah it’s hard than u think 2 wait someone in summer..)
    but maybe the KVIP waiting 4 them 2 be sure that they r doing will or they r okay cuz they don’t have alot of things 2 do in summer…keke 😉

    OMG u guys r right..they just wanna some space and some rest
    after all the r hummin like all of us the don’t like 2 be stressed or 2 be stoker by alot of ppl.
    PS..it’s amazing 2 have alot of ppl waiting 4 u and care about u alot but still not every single day in the 1st u will be happy then day by day u will get sick of it
    it’s my opinion 2..

    if YB start 2 ask us ..then the other will be written a Q 2 …so am waiting 4 Seungee and TOPee Q..pleez oppas 2 write hard Q.

  12. so much that i love them… i still won’t wait for them outside their house/office… i don’t want myself to look ‘crazy’ like fans of other boybands.!

    seriously.. VIPs are cool…!!! chill.! healthy fangirling is what BigBang wants.!

  13. MELLY, hahahaha! when i read the question i was like “DUH! if you really cared for me then why did you not come out or just send us message to go home because it was really HOT.”

    OH MA BOI don’t you have any other questions to ask? one good question please.

  14. LOL, it’s all year round summer here >.>
    so it doesnt make a difference if they were here.
    but AWW.. YB cares!
    i was LOL-ing when i first saw the question, cause i really thought he was tryna’ hint something. but after thinking, YB cant possibly want fangirls gone. he’s nice, isnt he? LOL.

  15. lol. to me it sounds more like usual YB! i mean during interviews and all, he always wishes us to lead healthy lives and what not. Hence, “VIP! ISN’T IT HARD FOR YOU TO WAIT FOR US IN FRONT OF OUR OFFICES/HOUSES IN THIS SUMMER?” is Young bae’s way of showing his concern for VIPs and their insistent support during this summer-heat, neglecting their own healths.

    Lol , well thats how i saw it. 🙂

  16. haha this is why i love taeyang ❤

  17. lol
    i cnt really answer the question bcuz
    im not in korean to wait for them at their office or their house
    hic hic hic

  18. awwww…. sorry YB XD you deserve your space *removes the numerous spycams from outside the BB household*

  19. well YB has a point.
    it sucks that they have such CRAZAY fangirls, that would wait in the sweltering heat just to see them.
    at least he cares about the KVIP right?


    I wonder if the same thing would happen if Big Bang was in America.

  20. with YB’s personality,i think he’s more concern about the stress KVIPs feel while waiting outside the house/office in this hot weather.

  21. yes, he takes care of kvip, what about us.. there’re sleepless nights :p

  22. is i wuz’ a kvip, it would be extremely hard for me to wait outside yur hour and the yg office, buh’ i would do it any day and i would try not to get all sweaty, maybe yuu shud bring us ice cream to keep us cool, invite us in if yur daht generous 🙂

  23. LMAO dolcebeta.

    Thx for caring YB. ;_; Though I’m not anywhere near Korea.

  24. OH. This is also like the time they all wrote messages for us. “VIPz take care of your bodies during the Summer.” It’s YB, he’s too sweet to say anything like GTFA. >_>

  25. Of course he wants the crazy girls to leave them alone!

    Hell- who wouldn´t. They don´t need crazy teenygirls screaming all day long. I never get how those girls can do it. Seriously—stalking the boys certainly isn´t what they would call nice or relaxing.

  26. Well, considering I live in the US, I don’t even get to wait for them anywhere, LOL. But, he’s probably annoyed by some crazy fangirls stalking him constantly. Give them some space.

  27. =d HAHA. cute. he said it in a caring way towards us tryig to keep it poliet n not rude. so him =]

    if i were in South Korea, which i am not T.T
    i wouldn’ wait outside the place, why, because dey have enough fans screaming der lungs off n they don’t need another schreaching voice running through their ears [it can dmanage der hearing n become tonde deff XD] plus, i would be annoyed with all the fans. ^^” so i wouldn’t. just watch dem on tv, pictures, interviews, mvs, and what other media there is is good with me =3

  28. @ Ethrapt
    haha u said it all.
    this question sounds like a real “leave us alone pliiiiiiiz”.
    YB, it’s not difficult for me cause im living in France.
    Im proud to be a VIP, but im not a stalker. Haha. ^^

  29. It can actually mean ‘leave me alone’. And I won’t wonder why, and if I’m a KVIP, I won’t get offended because I think they really do need some privacy. Can you imagine walking home and finding a mob of guys waiting in front of your house with banners and screaming for you? Poor YB, but he’s so cute and his handwriting is the nicest!!

  30. LOL haha i don’t wait for them outside their houses omo LMAO
    haha i mean i love them an all i might wait for them at
    certain radio show or somethin but at YG or their apartment
    i dunt think i have time and plush i live in CALI so u know
    no time for it haha lol TAEYANG u dork haha

  31. I would like to see you!
    But I can not live entirely in the Netherlands!
    = [
    So even though I had asked you about a few years in the Netherlands.
    Because I’m still young and could not come.
    But when I was there when I would then continue.
    because you sing and are great and HOTT!
    Particularly can I get from everyone enjoy big bang.
    So, I really like too much of you!
    I am really a VIP fan!

  32. If I ever go to Korea, I’ll probably stop by the YG office and wait for an autograph and picture, but just for one day. hehe. I won’t stalk them. But I’ll make that one visit worth my while, and ask for a hug. Kyaaa!!

  33. lol hopefully bigbang wasnt annoyed by the VIPz standing outside.

  34. i would like to try that for one day!! lol
    since i’m here in Cali… i just want to experience what kvips have gone through everyday…
    and see the boys..
    i sound a little crazy!!! haha
    but i would not want to stay there under the burning hot sun every single day!!

  35. yeahhh i hope they weren’t annoyed by the VIPz standing outside and stuff,,but it’s totally understandable if they are :L
    but, i was watching this show that went behind the scenes of what actualy happened at the dream concert 2008, and they interviewed several fans. AH! the fangirls would like have this huge connection chain. they would wait at places that the idols commonly passed by, and would call everyonee where the idol was and where he/she was heading. and then they would all ‘secretly’ follow the idol until late at night. even infront of their house.. it was insane, it was like they were professional paparazzi..

  36. I’m sure he didn’t mean to offend anybody
    “but you wouldn’t want me sweating & fainting in the heat just for you…”
    I’m sure they wouldn’t want that 😛

  37. i think you will understand what this question mean if you read the replies from fan…but i read replies here and you guys are right; he’s a bit bothered by fans who follow them 24/7.
    in a good way, he’s very concerned about them and worried that they’re worrying their parents.
    in little bit of a mean way, he’s bothered by them.
    KVIPs replied that “i won’t be saseng fan (fans who follow all the time to everywhere)” and this one girl…actually some of them said the same thing but they added, “but please have some more fan meetings at different areas, not just seoul”
    i feel bad for any korean big celebs…they can’t live like normal.

  38. if one day i’m in south korea, i’ll be probably standing in front of the office/house just to see YB =] so i don’t care if i have to wait all day! I just want to make my trip worth it!

  39. I’ve never had the oppurtunity.
    But if I did, I would probably just pass by… a few times. You know, just in case. (if the stars are aligned right) But I’d probably just wave because I’d be all “zomg…shyface”

  40. Lol, what a question! My Answer:

    Even tho I don’t live in South Korea, I wouldn’t do that if I did live there. I love your guys and all but sorry you must be crazy for me to stay outside in the hot summer days waiting for you guys to come out! =] I would try to see you guys in events but I ain’t no stalker… So I get you guys need space and that’s what I do! =] Love you but not crazy love ok?? x]

  41. ummm does anyone know how to make an account on the big bang website and do you need to be korean to write them a letter? thanks.

  42. LOLOL! the question made me laugh xD
    then bring us ice scream keke ^^
    nah i dont live there so doesnt really matter lmao!
    ~~~plus im not that desperate to do so…have some dignity!

  43. *ice cream -.-

  44. i’m going to link our answers to their 2year site.

  45. i’m not mad at him..i understand
    but haha yea GD was hogging all the
    questions and his questions were
    HARD, YB’s are not that hard but yea
    Hrmm actually no matter how much i
    love you, cuz yea i know you are not
    gonna come around, it’s HOT, and i’m
    not that crazy of course..so yea
    i would wait when we agree to meet
    me one day though =]
    hehehe you’re funny YB 🙂

  46. omfg, you can wait outside their houses?!?!?!
    SOOOOO LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!>< i want to!!!
    i dont live in korea… but ive been to korea…
    i would SOOO meet seung ri if i could
    *sigh* if only i could…♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Seung Ri!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  47. HMM, kinda seems like he has a motive XD
    but he’s the kinda guy, who cares a lot for his fans
    (he said in interviewwwsss)

    but reallly, I wouldnt wait outside their dorms LOOOL
    i should give them some privacy (;

  48. LOL. This question is so YB. Finally, you ask a question .. I’ve been waiting ^^ Its totally cute how he worries about his fans like that special message ❤ I thought long and hard on this. And my answer is ..

    For you YB, I can wait forever~
    Just to see you for one second, I will wait.

    He’s such a wonderful guy for thinking about his fans.
    I’m sure in the blazing hot sun people would give up.
    That’s why he is probably so thankful ❤


    well, thats just me..but what ever he means i still LUV my H0N YB…

  50. i don’t wait for him outside of the house, i wait for him inside of his room. lmfaoo jkjk i wish. i live in america dear, i can’t wait for you outside of your house. but if i could, just to catch a glimpse of you, i would.

  51. aweee… pplz waiting outside their HOUSES?!?!?
    i mean… thats sorta like.. .. cuz theyre probably NOT going
    to go home if they have liek tons of pplz there.. they
    need their space.. and too bad i dont live in korea..
    i live in canada ^^

  52. GYANG.
    that’s the first time, i’ve seen you clearly sane.

    rofl i’m cracking up, cuz it makes me think of you confessing to him while he’s in ur presence & it’s so cheesy, but he’d be like, “excuse me, did you say something?” o.O HAHAHA salted.

  53. Aww, bebi oppa, you’re too caring! I wish I could wait for you outside your house..but I’m all the way in the US. One day, I’ll run away to korea, THEN I’ll go wait outside your house. Until then, I can only listen to your music and spazz over you on youtube. LOL.

  54. AAWWW Big Bang is either asking for some personal space and time..and/or they’re worried about their VIPs!!

    first question from YB and I can’t even answer him.
    I want more YB!! haha

  55. i think young bae’s trying to say ‘please dont wait for us outside our office/house anymore’ in a kind way…

    LOL(; i dont mean that to be rude or anything.. but you guys get what i mean?? xD lol!!

    aaah i cant really answer that question yb !

  56. haha. i’ll wait for you all the way in america baby :]

  57. Well, if I ever DID wait for BB outside their House or the Office, I would say….

    It is hard, just that I would really like to see the person whom I admire the most. I would like you to just spot me in the crowd, or at least notice the people there.

    Blah, IDK. I’m not in Korea, nor do I wait for them at those places. XD
    BUT, if they EVER do come to MN/USA, then OMG.
    Of course, I would wait for em’.. BUT, not ALL THE TIME/ALL DAY.
    Crazy? I would be happy to just see a glimpse of them.
    Especially YB. I will totally do some CRAZY/WEIRD things to have him notice me. Tehehehe. =D

  58. HAHA~ Even though I don’t live in Korea and never in my life waited for some celebrity outside of their offices/homes. it really would be tiring to wait outside for them. But, yes…I think he is trying to tell us to leave them alone. Of course they would want us, fans, to leave them alone because they are tired from their hard work and wants to rest. Honestly, If I were in Korea, I would wait for them. I would wait for them all night if I have to. I would totally do anything to have Taeyang notice me. Even if I have to give it all I’ve got. I would wait for them all night if I have something important to give them. 🙂


  59. Well, since I don’t live in South Korea, so I’ve never visit/wait for Big Bang outside your offices so that’s kinda sad too! However, if I ever get a chance, I’ll definitely go to see Big Bang! Still, I don’t think I’ll ever wait for like a whole day outside in the hot sunny day though cuz that’s kinda stalking…don’t want to make Big Bang feels burden when they see their fans…:D But it will probably be a cool experience if I ever get a chance to wait for Big Bang!

  60. LOLZ dubseeXvip about the ice cream ^_^ they should really do that! but they’ll be like “oMgD i wAnNa cHeRiSh tHis iCe CrEaM fOrEvEr!” @.@ heehee.
    pshhhh youngbae we VIPz are totally TOUGH, we can handle it yea? lol idk. but i know i can handle it. i’d wait for BB fOrEvEr if i had to, luckily i’m a very patient person 😀 don’t feel burden though BB, we all know our limits i hope ^_^

    oh wait a minute…VIPz wait outside their HOUSE too??? that might be kinda pushing it. give em some space guys. just spy on em ^_^;; instead of trying to meet them so that they wouldn’t know & end up feeling burdened and weird cuz ur stalking em. or well, i just hope they don’t do that ALL the time @_@

  61. he’s too cute. ^^

  62. youngbae oppa, if the fact of vip waiting for u is making u uneasy, then i won’t do it 😉 cos what hurts u, hurts me too. ehehe xp

  63. @lyn: summer = heat. pretty much same in this case.
    since summer in korea is hot and humid, which brings one word: nasty.
    trust me, i lived there for half of my life. i hate summer in korea. but then, i get to eat really good fruits…..lol.
    @gyang: woah gyang. same reaction as melly. i think this is my first time too to see you like this girl. love it. ❤

    i don’t think i answered it yet..i just went over the question.
    my answer will be…
    “i won’t wait for you physically but i will leave my heart in front of your door so you can pick it up and see how much i love you yb.”
    ……..i would wait…but……i am not like saseng fans….i am a bit old to wait in front of door and stuff…i missed a chance to do that..cuz i was here when i could’ve done it if i lived there during high school year..

  64. ROFL! jeska, i read gyang’s answer again.
    damnit gyang’s hella funny
    & UR ANSWER WAS CUTE! ahh that’s cutee too bad! time to go back! xD

  65. LOL! YB! xD! Well i don’t live in Korea but if i have a chamce i’ll visit YG Office just once T.T don’t stalk them and don’t wait in the heat T^T

  66. well…haha!!its so obvious for fans to do that esp.when you knw where to find BB. Goshhh…I think Id do the same too.but waiting for you here in the UK is much harder. I think I might have to cme to Korea!! WILL YOU EVER COME TO EUROPE??


  68. @ Eden.

    I’m not a moderator…but I wanted to answer your question.

    I’m pretty sure you can only join YGBB if you have a Korean SSN (Social Security Number).
    Correct me if i’m wrong.


  69. @ EDEN; i hope you were the person who asked me in the chatroom. hope it works out.

    actually, ygfamily has opened its doors to foreigners as well, so anyone can join, it’s just a matter if they like you enough to accept you lol. i’m sure it’ll work out.

    any questions, you can always drop me a line. me & vicky are 2 different people. plz & ty.

  70. haha..YB..u juz gotta LUV diz bOy..hes sOOO sweet!!!

    anywayz..im speechless..i seriously dk what 2 say abt diz!!!

  71. Haha it made me laugh.. YB your smart I like the question.

    it would be hard for me since i live 5000 miles away from you!
    jk; but seriously i wish i could meeettt yaa.
    but that just shows how much us fans love you guys doesnt it ?

  73. It would be really hard to wait for them outside all day in that heat, but the kVIP’s must have a lot of stamina, or water. But since I don’t live in Korea, I can’t say whether it would be, but just waiting outside a concert hall is hard enough, even in normal weather, so those fans outside must really be having it hard.

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