[YG ARTIST] Se7en’s Myspace Grand Opening

LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY… just kidding. it was a reminder via email, & i just redesigned this lil thing…. CHECK IT OUT!
IT’S BALLIN’! i capped it for you if y’all like to see it… he’s got merchandise & everything haha. it’s legit now.
se7en’s on the US MARKET. anywayz, go swing by!

he’s got MERCHANDISE! finally some legit, US-shipped YG stuff. lol it’s se7en though, but there’s this AWESOME tee that says: “GOOD GIRLS LOVE SE7EN.” OH SNAP! but the back also says “BAD GIRLS LOVE SE7EN.” haha this kid…seriously, his page is freakin awesome!


^ BALLIN (right click to see whole thing)

^ i like that roman numeral 7 ring. he’s so flashy haha

^ CUTE SHIRTS! xD (right click to see whole thing)

credit: myspace.com/officialse7en


~ by gdluvzmc on August 25, 2008.

25 Responses to “[YG ARTIST] Se7en’s Myspace Grand Opening”


  2. Ooooh, I wanna buy ^^

  3. daaayuum. i’m so gonna buy some t-shirts 😛

  4. yea i was checkinn
    his myspace out
    it’ss crazyy although
    i wish he added some songs =)

  5. damn, that boi be studying his english..speaks like he was from here..well, im looking forward to it..he said it himself..the album is amlost done and watch out for him..lol..

  6. AHHHH. He’s finally gonna debut!! 😀 So psyched. D:

  7. Finally I’ve been waiting so long. He looks so good.

  8. Yes!!! FAINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years!! Se7en’s US debut is almost here!!!!!

    Se7en’s Myspace in one word: DAMN

    DUDE’S BALLIN! HE KNOWS HOW TO TEAR IT UP!! FREAKIN AWESOME!!! And I want that white autographed tee.

    U can tell YG went all the way with this!

  9. ahh i saw this earlier today..and almost died..
    so happy to finally get like an update
    on this guy!!
    he looks amazing..he’s getting a tan eh??
    hahahah i like it though..
    can’t wait to buy the t shirts..

    i like the good girls like Se7en one..
    but then I saw the back too..hahaha
    i want one with just the writing on the front

  10. It looks good, but you guys are forgetting that RQM is part of this too.

  11. WOW.
    I just chcked out his myspace.
    It’s so insanely cool.
    And his English is amazing, haha.

  12. DAMMN
    Hella yea i’m saving him!

  13. yeahhhhh i added him on fb too(:
    im sooooo excited for his album!!(:
    i REALLY hope he will be successful in the american music industry!! come on VIPZZZZ let’s go on and support him~~ X]

  14. omg i cant wait for his album!!
    been waiting way too long :]
    oh my damn he looks so…..oh damn >.<
    so goood!

  15. waaaaaaaaaah! idk why but i got all teary watching his myspace vid xD hahaha! finallyyyy !!! watching it made me feel like se7en’s really gonna make it big here(= i just hope and pray that he will !!!!!!!!!! 😀 i hope that all big bang vipz will support se7en and buy his upcoming album ~

  16. wow cool site ^^ i’ve been waiting 4 his new album >__< !!!
    Se7en hwaiting!!!

  17. XD se7en ❤ lol

  18. Thanks, for posting the link and putting this on here. I went to check it out, looks Awesome, lol. I can’t wait for his US Debut as well, lol. I hope he succeeds

  19. im not a huge fan of se7en but i will support any YG artist, so im looking forward to his debut in the US…i’ll definately go buy his album…and his myspace looks really cool..=)

  20. i love the shirts!! i love se7en..since BB totally looks up to him..but i still love our boys more..^_^ anyway..i’m glad he’s doing well and i cant wait for him here!! go se7en!!

  21. ohMAN; his myspace is CRAZYY!
    i want that shirt w/ his auto.

  22. DAAAAAMN His myspace is flashy and so hip! I’m so proud of him, I LOVE YG ENTERTAINMENT!<33333

  23. lol!

    w00t~ now look what you made me do..
    I’m all excited now XD

    *dancez* =]

  24. I went to his page yesterday and I was like shit new page no way! I might buy something. Se7en your soooooo hot.

  25. omgg se7en ish oh so awesum!??! instead of buying his shirts. imma make them?! so much better?! butta imma such a big se7en fan!? he’s super awesum l0veeeee him <33

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