Big Bang – Haru Haru Parody/Remake!

yes yes! another parody! but this time, instead of subs it’s a remake! and some of them are my friends! people i actually know! i find it pretty hilarious because i know a few of them as well as the places they’re filming this. well let me know what you think and i’ll be sure to tell them =] also, there’s some wonderful NGs at the end!

Credits: David as TaeYang, Tony as GD, Chai as TOP, Kong as DaeSung, & Jacky as SeungRi. also credits to other editors mentioned at the end of the vid =]


~ by HaNeul-Saem on August 26, 2008.

37 Responses to “Big Bang – Haru Haru Parody/Remake!”

  1. m dying to see this…huhuhu! but youtube is blocked… sad.
    can you try it in metacafe? i hope you can thanks

  2. is it not loading for you? it’s working fine for me.
    i can’t upload it anywhere else since it’s not my video.
    you can try taking the link and watching it directly from Youtube.
    hope that helps!

  3. ahahahahha that was supper awesome
    i was screammingg my head off
    it wass soo similar to the really haru haruu =)
    it wass supperr good !

  4. i luv’d it…^_^

  5. oh my goodness i crack my butt off so bad lol

  6. oh wow.

    that was AMAZING!

    i give them two thumbs up ^_^


  7. LOL the GD-dude is pretty hot XD

  8. lmao XD that was preety good

  9. i liked “GD’s” hair ^^

  10. This parody makes my day! It’s so funny how Chai as Top prevented so hard not to laugh during the fight, but I caught many times where he laughed throughout the fight scenes…it must be hard cuz even Big Bang had trouble w/ the scene…LOL!

  11. LOL i love this parody! it was awesome made me laugh through out the vid i loved it! :]

  12. haha..ive seen diz 1!!! its gOOd..i like how theres some detailed in there like how TOP jumped n’ GD wiped his lips ..n’ what not … gOOd jOb guyz..

  13. COOLL
    it was nice boys =]
    haha she laughed a the beginning

  14. COOLL
    it was nice boys =]
    haha she laughed a the beginning
    hehe i could see them almost
    laughing at parts. damn big bang
    got everyone INSPIRED!!!
    that’s why we LOVE BIG BANG! [and more..]

  15. omfg lol. editting was done immaculately. loved it (:
    the actors were pretty good considering it was only a fun remake.
    props to them!

  16. haha this is cool! thanks for posting!

  17. oww can you write link in here plss 😦

  18. the crown that David as Tae Yang wore is from BURGER KING!
    i laugh so hard when i realised that
    the remake is so funny!

  19. WOW that was awesome, loved it
    the fighting actually looks more real here than in the one by BB
    well done

  20. this vid is awesome!
    i actually felt touched just now, bravo to the actors =)
    and all the scenes are so similar okay?
    the GD with the fake tattoo and tv there hahaha~and TOP with his typical hand movements in the car oh gosh..
    n TY with the burger king crown, hahaha its hilarious xD
    I’m curious, what nationality are they?

  21. LOL! Dude that played GD is pretty cute! x]

  22. i luv it^__^

  23. LOL! why do they look like they’re so afraid to hit each other during the fight scene? ahaha!

  24. lolz!! so funny!! xD haha

  25. wait what did it say on “GD’s” back? something-KNEE o.O
    i thought it would be to fast to live to young to die~~~

  26. This is so awsome..such a good actors..and i love how they show the bloopers xD

  27. the link is:
    for those who needed it.

    @ newvip:
    most of them are Vietnamese. some are mixed with Chinese.
    the girl is Cambodian.

    @ kiim:
    it says ‘TOE-KNEE’. it’s a thing for his name since he’s Tony =]
    and i’m sure he’d like to thank everyone who thinks he’s cute XD

  28. the guy that plays gd is cute haha

  29. omg! i really’s really the same with the original one..good job guys!! *applause* ^_^

  30. “GD” was cute :]

  31. The dude who’s taeyang in the video looks like the current GD, lol.

  32. LMAOOOO!!! xDDD

  33. are you sure they’re “Vietnamese and mixed with Chinese.”
    haha; some names sounds like a Hmong name, but it was pretty cool.
    it was just like the original =)

  34. @ Suzie:
    lol. forgot to mention that Chai is Hmong.
    but everyone else is as stated.

  35. haha. omg, that was pretty damn good.
    they got it down almost like the actual video.
    i liked the burger king crown. lol
    and the running through the streets scene.
    and the guy who plays gd is hot. lol xD

  36. Haha dude that was funny.

  37. i didn;t like it T_T

    but good job
    they’re from phillipines rite??

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