Big Bang signs with Universal Music, and will release lst Japanese album in October

Big Bang, who recently advanced into the Japanese market, signed a contract under Universal Music.

With this, their official 1st Japanese album is set to enter the mainstream market on 22nd October. And their music will be labelled under Indie label Village Again.
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Initially, Big Bang entered the Japanese market as a foreign artiste. They did not sing their songs in Japanese or appear on many variety shows like other singers did. Instead they sang their songs in English and they only did the basic promotion of doing interviews and fanmeetings. So with the signing of the contract under the company, they are said to be able to advance deeper into the Japanese market this time.

Their company YG Entertainment said, “Big Bang started out with support of clubs and winning over fans with just their music. But seeing the great response for them in Japan, we decided to work together with the company (Universal Studio) to bring them into the mainstream market.”

“With their group and personal schedule in Korea, they can’t advance at full speed into the Japanese market, but we are trying to phase it out slowly.”

And their performing hall is also set to grow bigger. They had a concert on 28th and 29th March in Tokyo JCB Hall of capacity to contain 3,000 fans.

And it is said that they are going to have another concert tour in 3 cities in October which is planned to be able to hold more fans at the performances.

Anyway, Big Bang released their first minialbum “For the World” in January, debuting with new song “How Gee” and the english version of songs like “Lie” etc.

Meanwhile, Big Bang who recently released their 3rd minialbum “Stand Up” in Korea, is receiving a lot of popularity for the new album.


Though I’m really really happy that there will be a new album release but….. I really really hope they would stay in Korea until the end of the year, it would be really sad to not get to see them in all the end of the year special show and performances, but I’m more concern about them not getting enough rest, lately they seem really tire and it’s kinda painful to see, YB still have his dark circle, it’s sad. October… less than 2 months after their comeback in Korea… ah…. I really hope they would stay in Korea longer… am I being too selfish cause I wanna see them more often? What do you think?


~ by Vicky on August 26, 2008.

64 Responses to “Big Bang signs with Universal Music, and will release lst Japanese album in October”

  1. although its good news, i think its too fast. they are being pushed too hard in my opninon. 2 MONTHS! our boys need their rest. health-wise their pace is not good. *gulps*

  2. 7samira7

    and it’s not like they’re just gonna stay in Japan and do their activites
    they’re gonna be traveling back and forth from Japan and Korea
    I am really really scare that what happened last year can repeat itself… it’s scary to just think about it

  3. im happy for them, but they ned some rest. theyre so worn out, i just want them to be happy and healthy. loll
    i hoped for them to stay in korea, aww.

  4. omg Yay! the month of my b-day =]
    Hrmm i guess i can’t wait
    good luck Big Bang…
    Big Bang FIGHTING!

  5. 7samira7 & Vicky & haejin14

    i agree with all u guys
    even though this news show that our boiz is getting more popular.. but it too much
    they just debut their new mini album.. n 2 mounth l8r they have to debut anouther one!!!
    it just too much
    n specailly my baby Bongie need some rest.. SR tooo

  6. aww all ready?
    they are going way to fast! D:
    they better get a lot of rest~~~im worried :[

  7. Yay, good for them.
    Is this a brand new album where they sing in Japanese?
    Can’t wait either way.


  9. queenie,
    i know rightt. i hope someone in korea is realizing this and telling BB opadul on thier cyworld or fansite or sth.

  10. Does that mean no english will be on the japan album? 😦

  11. Now this are some great news!!

    Can´t wait to hear their next albums. There must one that will suit me as well.

  12. this are great news…but i’m worried….BB needs get some rest too T^T i don’t wanna see any of them in hospital =(

  13. this is great news but i agree, our boyz really need MORE rest cuz some of their perf. recently loOk really sad 2 C cuz theyre obviously tired!!! even my baby maknae whos always d most hyper active in their perf. failed 2 (show hes hyper-activeness) 😦 .. hOpefully some1 in kOrea would request them 2 get sOMe rest!!! please…

  14. wow.

    such a “BIG” accomplishment of Big Bang.

    Pretty soon they’ll be in America!

  15. J-G-RILEEN

    yea that scares me
    Baby…. not being hyper onstage
    really is scary
    cuz it’s Baby for god’s sake

  16. haejin14

    i know
    but we cnt do anything about so…
    i guess al we cn do is suport them.. n pray for them

  17. wait does this mean they’re going to sing the songs in japanese or something now? o.O

  18. I’m happy for them and all but they do seem tired
    I mean they just had there comeback in Korea.
    I think it’s a lttle too soon to be thinking about another album
    Anyway BIGBANG Hwaiting

  19. fighting T.O.P! fighting G-Dragom! fighting Dae Sung! fighting Tae Yang! fighting Seung Ri! fighting Big Bang!!!!!!!

  20. i think Tae Yang is the only one who speaks Japanese but everyone is very good in English maybe they will practice there Japanese for the album!

  21. Woa!! october 22? =]
    that date is so close to my birthday XD
    Is that a new pic? they look hotttt =DDD
    Aw they’re spending their time in japan??? 😦

  22. i don’t really happy hearing this news.
    too fast! slow down okay?
    but if we think it positively, that means BB is getting more & more popular. thats good for BB sake, coz their goal is to let people in the world hear their music.
    i’m really happy & wish for their luck for our boys in ths case.

    but its just too fast, i can’t see last year history repeat, & seeing our boys fall down one by one. it’s nighmare.
    they really should get some rest.
    i hope they realize, fans will wait for them, thing that fans really hope is their good health anyway.

  23. wah~~
    i also really want them to stay in korea until the end of the year too…:(
    but oh well~~
    they are getting more popular and expanding into japan is a good thing for them though hehe~~
    good luck big bang~~

  24. nya

    you are more than right gurl.
    for the first time, since eveything you say so far about me are ACCUSATION hah
    but seriously though, if someone twist an akle and fell unconsious again this year i think i’m gonna loose it.

  25. vicky
    i know i’m a dirty old man, but say it so straight like that1 hahahaha…
    i’m also their fans, i love them.
    there’s time to playing around & there’s time to be serious to

  26. nya

    there is,
    though i love to kidding around more, cuz that means the boys are killing by their sexiness, not because they’re in pain
    i hate to get all serious because that’s when something bad happen
    and i hate “something bad”

  27. vicky
    yup. i’m agree.
    1 thing that i don’t like being fans is, when ur idol in hard time & myself can’t do anything but to pray for them only.

    elder said “don’t talk anything that bring bad luck”. so lets stop it here.
    i don’t want to bring bad luck for BB.
    c’mon! lets put our hope in BB. its not that they’re ‘THAT’ fragile.

  28. yeah ur’ kinda selfish vicky! hehe i don’t blame you though.hahaha. ur also right that our boys need to rest! ok i will write a demand from mr. YG!


  29. sorry i mistakenly pushed tab!
    MR YG we love you for everything that you’ve done for us!…but you have to let our boys rest…you hear me?! i see all of them really needs it!!!!!! pls. mr. YG let them’ boys rest so they could get energized and then they’ll be more happy performing for all their VIPz!!!!! MR YG pls. consider!

  30. nya

    THAT IS RIGHT haha
    ice cream can fix anything
    kvips probably will buy them 100 and 1 tons if they’re feeling week 20 for each member and 21 for TOP haahah

  31. vicky
    hehehe… if they eat thet many.
    all of the members will end up visiting dentist. kekeke…
    whoever that dentist is, he/she is very lucky.

    maybe i should change my major & study to become a dentist.

  32. Does anyone know where can i find more pictures from this photoshoot? especially seung ri’s solo pictures please.

  33. i doubt yg is making them do anything they dont want to do. they choose to work hard for us. i want them to get lots of rest but i also want them to succeed in other countries and eventually take over the world. hopefully, they take it slow. tabi and dae are suppose to be working on solo stuff soon. idk, my mind is blank and cant think of what they’re going to do. am gonna pray that they dont get hurt or end up on the hospital. i dont think i can take that again!

  34. wow Big Bang is really pushing themselves at work. i wish the best to them always. they work SUPER hard. BB keep on fighting! they should be taking a couple of breaks in a while, that can help em relax and clear their minds. maybe it’ll help flow some creativity/ideas into em too ^_^

  35. I agree with ya
    it’s kinda fast
    they should rest a little before going to japan 😦

  36. No way. I’m excited for that.
    On one hand I’m really excited that they’re really going for the Japan market & releasing some new stuff.
    But then on the other hand they just released ‘stand up’ and HAVE to be tired from activities.
    I hope they’re resting well enough & eating well enough.

  37. vicky! 1st japanese album? does that mean it’s going to be in english, or japanese? and will there be songs in korean? gah! im confused!

  38. they’ve only been in korea for 2 years and they’re going to japan already. i wished they stayed another year since they aren’t old yet and they still have room to reach full potential. i just hope they come back to korea soon or at least sing in japanese! that would be amazing to see!

  39. ahhhhhh .. their clothing style in that picture just made me happy again. they just look soo dayummss good (:

  40. i am happy for them..BUT. i just hope that they don’t push themselves too hard. i hope they know their limits and take care of their health! dun let history repeat itself!! :(((( :))))

  41. @Vicky

    I agree with you hon. truely, they’ve done really well with their ‘stand up’, and i really think that they should just work on continuing to dp promotenional activities with their news songs IN Korea. Yah, its not fair how hard they are being pushed. Especially our Kwon Leader. Lord only knows how much he busted his ass off with this Album, and look at how skinny he’s gotten. aish, and now they want them to not only release a new album in the span of 2 months, but their first JAPANESE album-which requires even more hard work. *shakes head*

    I really dont know what i would do if last years events repeated themselves. *gulps even harder*

  42. VIPS we need to STAND UP to this. 😦 but i dont know how 😦

  43. It’s great that all of a sudden they are like back in full gear after doing their own things. But I fear they might over-do it again. I dont want them getting sick or hurting themselves just because they think that we want them to be out there so badly. Trust me, I’m happy that they are releasing the new album (already preordered the limited first edition press release) So i do support it. I just want them to take care of themselves.

  44. i agree with everyone’s concerns….my main concern is that they may just “crash and burn”…i feel like they’re going too fast too soon…agreed they’ve been on break for a while, but they do have alot of individual stuff going on…also i want them to promote more in korea instead of heading off to japan all the time….i guess we’ll see….YG doesnt seem like the type of guy to force the boys to do anything…

  45. it’s good news but i hope they wun overwork themselves…
    de timing’s is actually right…
    DBSK is making a comeback to Korea…
    it will be hard to compete with DBSK & their fans,Cass…
    so,imo going to Japan is a wise decision…
    i hope they’ll succeed in Japan n climb de charts…
    anyway,i wonder wat language de new album gonna be in…

  46. oww plss have some rest 😥 oww i cant be happy for them 😦


    if their plans and schedules suddenly become a replica of DBSK’s (the two years in japan thingy) i’ll literally go crazy and stop fangirling or something -_______________-

    okay no offence on me being selfish but they’ll kinda lose some worldwide fans (and gain more Jap fans) if they follow in DBSK’s footsteps -.-” it’s not that i don’t like Japanese stuff (imma Jpop and Jrock fan) but it sorta restrains them from doing activities in Korea and other parts of Asia because they’re too busy expanding fanbase in Japan since yknow, Japan has so many cities and states but it’s so much lesser compared to the worldwide fanbase so do your maths please YG o_o”

    argh annoying much -.-”
    us VIPs hate to see y’all tire yourselves out~ T_T

    but anyway it’s the members’ decision on their careers so i’ll go with the flow.. \=

    hwaitingambatte ne! ❤
    (dont get offended people x: it’s just my opinion)

  48. lol…in this kind of business, you don’t get rest very much. it doesn’t just go for big bang but for any other solo artist or group. i just think it’s professional of them. yes…i would prefer that they would get more sleep, help their life last longer. but hey, it’s their career, it’s their life.

    anywhoo, i look forward to hearing it. quite interested what kind of genres they’ll get into in the japanese mainstream market…

  49. someone send a letter to the yg place and tell them! hopefully they’ll read it :[

  50. Yeah . Not Happy.
    I dont want them to be like DBSK.
    I mean, DBSK went to Japan and never came back .
    Its been 2 years ! I dont want our boys to be gone that long.
    I’ll die . I want them in Korea .
    VIP’s will lose their love.
    I dont want big bang to overwork themselves.

    I’m just being selfish too .
    I want them in Korea . I want them bigger than they already are.
    I want them to surpass DBSK .
    and in Japan they cant do that , *sigh*

  51. yay!!!!!!

    hi vi!

  52. nya

    i think it’s better if you open a ice cream shop hahja

  53. asha i

    of cource i knw tht
    YG is like the best main producer i’ve ever seen. he respect his artist though he is their boss
    i’m really worried about their boys overworking themselves rather than mr. YG forcing them to

  54. waaah!! what are they doing to our boys..they’re working way too hard..i’ll go to korea and beat up all the people in yg if something happens to our beloved babies..>_<
    It may be good for their albums and for yg ent. but i think they just need to slow down a’s just way too much..they’re always doing something everyday..and poor baby seungri’s dark circles are becoming..darker..0_0 they just need a bit of rest..

  55. tinaxx

    i have no idea either
    they didn’t say it in the article

  56. Pris Hyewon

    I was really worried about that too
    if they follow DBSK’s footstep
    i think i’ll go insane

  57. omg..please not like dbsk..i haven’t even heard anything from those boys since they’ve been in japan! they’re coming back..yeah..but still..being away from korea for a looong time..i cant take that..they seriously cant consider doing that too..

  58. who wouldn’t? big bang CAN’T follow dbsk… its not right.
    besides… i don’t think they will anyway…
    big bang is too cool to do what dbsk does…^_^

  59. uhh… i was directing that at vicky…^_^’

  60.’re so right! hahaha..BB’s way too cool to do what dbsk does..our boys are on a different level..a higher one..nyahaha ^_^

  61. Hotlizardfox

    we can’t blame anyone since i’m sure it was the boys themselves who want to work
    they say it themselves that they can’t stand just sit and do nothing
    when they have a day off they would just go into the studio and work
    there’s no such thing as break for them

    begining of this year, they had a 1 week and MR. YG have to force them to take a break or else they won’t do it

  62. for real cant wait for the ablum to come out

  63. I hope they become BIG this time in Japan. I want to see them do great.

  64. I want Dae Dae’s sweater. >:]

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