Fashion icon GDragon reveals his special fashion items

There is a clear reason to why the fashion trends of Big Bang’s leader GDragon are hard to ignore. He is said to be one artiste whose fashion and music go together.

Recently causing a lot of discussion online with his new “half a month” Mohican hairstyle, GDragon revealed his own style on his company YG Entertainment’s information paper YG Bounce.

Making heads turn and people talking everytime with his new style, GDragon, known to be fashion icon, said, “I like making music and fashion work. Music and fashion will never stop evolving. I want to be always in the trend for both music and fashion.”

GDragon, who is constantly finding his own style, also said,”It is not fun to be the same as everyone else. Even though it may be hard to be different, I will change to be different. Even if people follow my style, I will still have and will continue to show my different styles.”

In YGBounce, GDragon will reveal his ’special’ fashion items – be it shoes, necklaces, tshirts, bangs, hats etc.

Credit: sookyeong.wp



~ by Momo on August 26, 2008.

26 Responses to “Fashion icon GDragon reveals his special fashion items”


  2. i like how he wants to be different despite what others thinks…even though sometimes i think some of his styles can be a bit extreme…he does bring a fresh look to the kpop industry..all of BB does actually

  3. That’s our Kwon Leader alright. Evolving with time. Yah, yup, i’m glad he’s been duped a ‘fashion icon’ – coz that ladies and gentlemen, he most certainly is. Weeeheee, Moreover, he’s setting a FABULOUS example as a leader for the rest of the members, not to mention to the other competitors. I’m madly proud. Way to go Jiyongieeee. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. i completely agree with yong yong. music and fashion flows with each other 😀 i absolutely love the boy’s style (= love it !

  5. ahh cant wait to find out! XD

  6. Hello—-boy you have no style of your own.

    It´s getting ridiculous here….BIG BANGs old Hip Hop days—I miss them.

  7. Cool. xD
    I can’t wait to see it? o.O

  8. damn, i want this boy’s fashion sense XD
    i think he’s influencing me, some friends at school are going GD STYLE! YEAH! XXXD

  9. i love you GD~~
    i love you so much…that i conclude that i’m in love with your closet and your clothes too..

  10. Whaa! ❤
    To hott

  11. damn boiz
    make me crazeeeee

  12. thats y i love him. keep it up gd!

  13. gd likes to be different (:
    ngaaw i love him so mcuh ><‘
    i think abt u everyday jiyongie oppa !
    and i love ur style and music
    so keep the good work coming (Y)
    saranghyeyo ♥

  14. i love his style^__^

  15. Wow that’s really cool of him, i hope my darling TOP will show us his shades, gloves and etc as well! ^^

  16. i looooooooove his styleee.
    hes sooo cool.!!!! ugh love him to deatthhh!

  17. g-dragon…the best fashion icon EVER!!!<3 hehe ^^

  18. GD has the best style ever!

  19. YEAHH!!
    i LOVE HIM!

  20. lawl… he has a spongebob bag… or watever it is….^_^

  21. WOW! i love his fashion sense!..look at those shoes..omg GD! your totally the fashion god og BB..haha ^_^

  22. i mean OF BB..haha sorry..^_^

  23. lol, OMG, at first when i saw the second pic, i was like “NAKED PERSON ALERT IN THE BACKGROUND O_O”
    …but then i figured that it’s just a mannequin. wow.

  24. looool! i love GD always showin’ something new ^^

  25. Gd is the most diff person Ive seen.
    I love his style, and thats just what makes him.

  26. I want to know what brand his shoes are because they are hot.

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