Backstage of Inkigayo

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I love these pictures and start to crack up like an idiot when i start scrolling down and see the pictures, this kind of laugh “kekekeke” hahah. i’m not kidding. Looking through these pics I realize many things about them that I never realize before, and mostly i love the GRI MOMENT!!!! KEKKEKE. I can’t help it.

and answer this;
“Have you ever wanna be a bench in your life?”

Dae’s leg is really skinny, I didn’t expect that, I would expect it to be huge like YB since he doesn’t lack in the muscle department, but he have skinny leg, he wouldn’t loose to Bong though Bong would win cuz he’s like a stick, Dae’s way of killing boredom by looking at his shoe is too cute.

I also discover YB have the ability to have the same facial expression even though his body parts is moved, the same innocent boy ear to ear smile that kill nuna fangirls.

Tabi look like Donald Duck to me for some reason haha, maybe because the way his lips mouth is shaped??

And Baby sitting down, he look like he’s sitting on a imaginary chair. so serious and so cute.

Bong’s hair really look like a roster here hhehe

GRI fandom never bores me, this is the point where I laugh like a idiot when I saw Bong’s face like “w.t.f.? Ri is making me doing this hwatiing stuff again” and Baby’s face “No hyung, hwaiting is KOOL”

TOP just keep sitting there looking like a statue even though everyone’s moving around him

and of course Bong’s yawning is just cuter and cuter everytime… and BABY! CLOSE THAT LEG!! THERE’S NUNA ROAMING ALL AROUND THAT PLACE!!! BE MORE CONSERVATIVE PLEASE!! JEEZ. remember. YOU’RE ILLEGAL

Woudn’t you want a spot on that bench??? OH MY GOD. I never wanna be a bench so much in my life.

credit: Bang ’em님.BigRoom@VIPZ

~ by Vicky on August 27, 2008.

109 Responses to “Backstage of Inkigayo”


  2. owwwwww sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rofl the last slide so funny. like… top was all like a statue like you mentioned earlier. haha

  4. awww…cute. i love YB here…n my baby Tempo does look like donald duck.LoL.feel for them….they kinda look jaded in all the pics.,must be too much work!

  5. they look serious…i wonder why?!

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look at GD yawningg!!! soo cutee<3333

    lmaoooooo all these pics are soo cutely hilarious!!! love them to deathh!!!!

  7. GD stop yawning i feel sleepy looking at your pictures…hahaahha!

  8. and also they all look so tiredd ughh i hope the same thing doesnt happen again at the end of the yearr =[[ =[ =[ =[ =[

  9. IDK about u guys, but everyone looks really grumpy. Probably still tired from the Mnet Top’s 20 Choice performance.

    Big Bang get some rest plz. Big Bang HWAITING.

    They did a great job on Inkigayo and won the Mutizen 😀

    i cant wait for the performance this week 😀

  10. haha..diz is 2tally insanely <3!!! daedae n’ his boredom..haha ..YB n’ his never endin’ same smile..haha ..OMLord GRI is juz cbhwefvfilwbv;q…maknae was like “hyung, how come i dont have ur black bracelet thingy?” n’ Great-Dragon was like “2 bad, sO sad, cry me a river”..haha that was really CUTE!!! n’ OMLord T.O.P juz crack me up sOOO bad!!! ur ayt..hes like a statue der..didnt even move @ all..haha..dat bOy juz tickled me sOOO bad..haha..n’ YES!, baby husband u better close d dOOr .. wait 4 me 2 get home n’ i’ll Open it 4 yah ..(OMG did i juz say dat?..wat a perv..haha)…

  11. “BABY YOU’RE ILLEGAL” <– LOL!!!!!! ^^

  12. buhahaha… i do want to be a bench.
    omg, this pictures killing me.

    i love Topie smile like that. a cute smile with a lot of confidence & a little tricky. Donald Duck? good way of putting it. ^^
    he looks like statue maybe coz he’s tinking over ice cream, donut, yang gaeng, sweets, etc. hehehe…

    Bong just too skinny, but don’t say he look like stick. its not that worse.

    dae look so cute. no other words to describe that

    Baby sitting style lokk like a Japanese man ^^

    & YB, u should lend that shirt to Tabi once in a while ^^

  13. They’re all so cute! ^^ But aww, GD looks so tired, he’s yawing in a lot of the photos. 😦

  14. j-g rileen
    don’t worry, u just get infected of Vicky virus.
    welcome to Vicky virus club ^^

  15. J-G-RILEEN

    you win in life for that GRi conversation

    too bad, so sad.

  16. nya

    japanese man have his own way of sitting?
    i did’nt know that

    Bong doesn’t look bad now but he can loose weight so easily, 2 sleepless nights and it will drop like crazy, I’ve seen him anorexic beofre.. like a stick.. so sad to see.

    “if i go out there and perform my best, manager hyung will be ice cream, yay!!! TOP hWAITING! You have to get every word right and remember the moves yaya”


  17. nya

    there’s a VICKY VIRUS CLUB??

  18. gosh, i would kill to be near big bang even if it does ,eam i have to be a bench, lol

  19. i meant ‘mean’ not ‘eam’ lol

  20. ahah they all look so bored xD

  21. HOLY CRAP. what i wouldnt GIVE to be THAT bench..
    well.. what i wouldnt give to be close enough to talk/touch BB..
    i would totally do ANAYTHING. damn. why do i have to live in canada?!?!?!


  22. haha..sO i can join ayt? i 2tally qualified though??..watz d requirementz??..more elaboration??..haha..^_^

  23. whoa…ill be a bench any time if the dudes are around ^^
    ~~hmm.. everyone looks serious? tired? gosh hope they’re not over working themselves :[

  24. OMG please paint me blue and let me stand there looking like a bench!
    hahahaha this is just too much to handle I can’t even type
    GD and SR dorkiness is killing me
    YB’s smile is just making me scream like a crazyyyy fangirl everythime
    DS sitting looking HOT!!!he is seriously too much
    and then there’s TOP smiling like donald duck and then sitting there motionless
    makes me want to take him to my room and sit him next to me

  25. HOTTIES.
    Aww…loveeee the G-ri pics.

  26. TOPie I hope you don’t forget and sit down onto the red phone dangling off your pants kekeke ^______^

  27. OMG!!! TABI LOOKS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    reminds me of TOP though. ahhaha.
    BAT TOP!

    anyways, thanks for sharing the pictures!

  28. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they are so so so dead hot!!!!!!!!

    im speechless!!!

  29. Daesung<3
    too adorablee for words X]
    what daesung was thinking when he
    was staring at his shoes;
    ” i could be watching Doraemon
    right now ” xDDD
    G-Ri ! x]
    miss it 🙂
    Tabi is too hot for words .
    i would sit with him forever motionless xDD

  30. top is so funny in the last pic,he just sit there and didn’t move..thanx 4 this pic I really want to see what they do in the backstage..

  31. Thank a lot for Pics ^^

    DAE is killing meee!!!<3 ^_____^


  34. I feel sorry for Big Bang…they work so hard to keep they’re fans happy! Aww…GD yawning…poor him! Must be tired, all of them! Get some rest na Big Bang! I’m still cheering 4 u!!! ^^

  35. ok GD is adorable yawning like that 😛

  36. aww gd is yawning so much in those last couple pictures…he needs some sleep or he’s going to become sUPER skinny again

  37. GD yawning…
    omg jiyong ah, go get some sleep.
    Taeyang DOES have the same face all the time. never noticed.
    actually i did notice, but yeah.
    GD and TOP look so grouchy…-__-

  38. yess gri is back!!

  39. i can’t stop laughing at TOP…lol (the new ‘Statue of Liberty’ ?)

    others just loooking adorable as always…

    thanx for uploading!

  40. in half the pictures top looks stoned FUFUFUFU. but his smile is cute. :] don’t make fun of his pretty lips Vicky!! you know you want a piece of that too. 😀
    i like the first two pics a lot. ^^ daesung and taeyang are so cute slkdfjldjklfjs.

  41. haha. in the last pic with all of the sitting….TOP stayed there…like a statue as u said…n GD’s yan…lastted pretty long XD. he mus be tired. haha.

    n with TOP’s smile. I agree…he does look like Donald…my lil brother said so too =D

  42. hahahah top doesnt move at all hahahah
    omg SR looks sooo cute and funn!!!

  43. vicky
    japanese man sit like that. at least, the atmosphere kinda like. hehehe…
    yup, Vicky virus club. just an informal club for fangirl that want to do “this” and “that” with BB. kekeke…

    GD will lose weight that easy? u must take a good care of his body in that case. never let him skip meal / sleep.

    BUHAHAHA… yup, thats what i mean. Tabi will always thinking about ice cream.
    i think they should give him award with ice cream shape! kekeke…

  44. nya

    this and that HHAHAHAHA
    oh my god…. lord….

    I think if he get another ice cream CF deal, all the fangirl will gain weight with him because the way he sell ice cream is too hard to resist

  45. vicky
    kekeke… its only ice cream.
    how if he do another CF?
    like donut. every team TOP member will gain weight.

  46. lmao, in the last few pics you see how much the others move…and TOP is still just as stiff.
    LOL @ SR, he always plays up for the camera!
    close his legs? He’s finally sitting like a man! lol

  47. LOL, i would love to be big bang’s personal bench xD lol ! only the boys could sit on me xD hahaaaaa; that sounds weird -_-;; lol! in the gri moment, yong yong looked pissed off xD

  48. TOP does look like a statue hahahha just sitting there in one position and not moving a all

  49. tbey look so tired but so cute! I would be the bench where GD and daedae is:D

  50. lawl…he really did look pissed… like ‘wtf, why am i doing this?!’

  51. they look really…tired

  52. wow they all must be really tired :\
    especially TOP o.0; he’s like a freakin’ statue on that bench haha. cute though (:

  53. everyone is wearing the same pants except for YB.
    LOVE THOSE PICTURES!! even in waiting mode their cute. but they look really tired. I think before the debut GD gained weight so it seemed on family outing, but now he lost it all again. PLEASE EAT!!

  54. The second picture with DS is the best. He looks like he´s thinking, “Eww…who chose those stupid pants?”

    But all in all they all look just tired.

  55. lol i never thought that a bench could make me so jealous >.<”
    i think TOP was trying to master the art of sleeping with your eyes open lol

  56. lol jiyong is yawning in like half those pics

  57. TOP sitting like a staue kekekexD I can see that the whoman who fix TOP’s hair using ellnet on him xD They look so cute all of them XD I want to se GD Smile too like everyone’s I miss his cheesey smile >.<

  58. oww too tired 😦 aww i can run with bed like a crazy to bb now x3 plss have some rest plss 😦 or i cant be happy anymore 😥 and i wanna be a bench too *blushes* i think im in vicky virus clup too now xD

  59. statue!



    rock on, G-RI!

  61. HAHAHA, is T.O.P like stoning over there?
    Because it sure looks like he is.
    How can anyone sit down and not move at all?
    His expression doesn’t even change. LOL~~~ ♥ him!

  62. hahahahhahahha!!!!!
    seungri and GD is so cute!!!!
    ARGHGHG!!!! i love the first pic too~~~~~~ GD and seungri!~~~~~

  63. TOP looks so scary just sitting there. lol

  64. LOOK AT TOP IN EVERY PICTURE. how can he just stay still like a statue when everyone else is changing positions on that bench????! im cracking up here. TOP so cute!! AND YB…OH MY GUNDU! HE IS SO FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

  65. aww daesungie opa looks so nervouss~ aw.
    bongs eyes are getting kinda pink. rest please opa!
    woww. theyre so cute! love themm

  66. Tapii he’s siting there like a kid been bunched 4 some reason keke
    and Tapii why there is a phone on ur paints :0 lool..
    maybe he’s waiting 4 important call from someone 😉

    love GRI moment they r adorable ❤

    and yaah everyone seems 2 be really tierd…

  67. *SCREAMS!* ahh! another GRI moment! XD

  68. TOP REALLY HOT ! ❤
    See him cute face <3333 ^^
    look at all of trousers BIG BANG except Tae Yang x]
    BIGBANG really cute / hott !
    I Love You TOPPIE ❤

  69. LOL@TOP…I love that guy^^
    They are all so adorable when they’re bored!!

  70. that was so adorable.

    wow TOP reminds me of those “statue” people that move every 40 mins. or so. xD

    but GD looks supppperrrr tired. 😐

  71. jiyongie oppa xD
    everyone looks cute on those photos xD

  72. I got a dream:
    I want to be a BENCH!!!PLEASE!!!!!
    The BB members looks so hot!!!

  73. ohhh my toppie is so so cute..
    he just kept sitting there like a statue..oh gosh he’s HOT~~
    did anyone notice that ty looks super tired? look at his eye bag T____T sigh..pls hang in there everyone T____T
    and baby is too cute with his peace sign xD
    DAE~~~AHHH cuteeeeee =)

  74. Anyone has nice clear pics of GD’s hair, I’m cutting my hair like his.

  75. I love the pic of YB holding up some paper. Or I love the way he’s sitting. LOL AT TOP, HE LIKE, DIDN’T MOVE AT ALL. xD Super concentration.

  76. I prefer to be their hairdresser…ooh just playing with their hair, especially GD’s, because of his haircut, and YB because he really is conscious with his look all the time, and TOP because he sits like a statue and I can do absolutely anything without him moving XD, and daesung because he got this long hair that I just want to comb and comb while he looks down on his shoes, and Seungri Love because I just wanna mess up his hair to suit his so hyper personality….wait, I just mentioned all of them…can’t help it…loving them more and more!

  77. Awwwww G-RI is soo cute!
    Damn Ji, you is soo fricken skinny!
    TOPie looks tired..DaeSung looks
    so cute when he smiled
    TaeYang looked hot and seungri baby
    you make me laugh =]
    they need rest!!!!!!!!
    Big Bang! FIGHTING! =]

  78. TOP is sitting in the same position every time- he’s not a statue!!lol and YB looks so adorable! GD of course is so cute when he’s yawning.

  79. Darling TOP looked so tired in these pictures ): hope he’s getting enough rest! YB’s a little tired-looking too, TOP & YB HWAITING!

  80. TOP is so cute. Aw, his face when he looks at the camera is so sweet. He looks like a little boy. AW! I can’t get over it. You know TOP is so lost in thought.

  81. this is also the first time..that i actually wanted to be a bench!! haha..funny how Top just sits still..he’s seriously not moving! and baby seungri just keeps on making us smile with his cuteness..and YB what’s with the same smile?..hahaha he’s always looking at the camera..^_^
    i still cant help noticing how skinny GD is..we really need to make that boy eat..

  82. top looks like hes on another planet he doesnt even move

  83. and I just realized that TOP has a RED TELEPHONE hanging from his pants. ROFLLL.

  84. PWAHAHA! i keep scrolling up and down, looking at TOP and he’s just THERE. it’s FUNNAY =)

  85. rofl yes i want to be a bench too. but they sit so awkwardly haha or is it just me? anyways they’re really cutee!! ahh i cant stand it. i squeal whenever i see pictures of them.

  86. damn it!! wish i was a guy so i can have GD hair style!!

  87. damn for the longest time. top doesn’t move like AT ALL
    does that guy even blink?
    i can see gdragon is tired.
    taeyang is most likely speaking to himself or something

  88. awee GD looks so tired and cute wif his yawningg hehe
    haha TOP is like a statuee nvr moving ^.^ but still looking amazing
    they all look great thoo ~~

  89. nya

    then he need to do a exercise video after that then haha

  90. b-wyi2m FTW!!!

    you win in life!

  91. OH MY. seungri, close your legs. you’re illegal.

    man, what was he holding? was that his phone?

  92. vicky
    Team TOP should all go to gym ^^

  93. nya

    the conclusion is
    anything they’re endorsing, we will buy
    when we they endorse underwear line???
    i wanna see that!!

  94. lool! who doesn’t want a spot on THAT bench!!! :O !!! 8)

  95. vicky
    hahaha… tabi will run first.
    he’ll never do it.
    he don’t want anyone to see his skin. its just like,
    “keep out. no trespassing” kekeke…

  96. they all look soo tiired!

  97. nya

    oh oh!! so he’s already STIPPED??
    shoot.. i did’nt know that hahahah

  98. heeeeeeee..yb. ur smile. (i’m goin nuts here.)
    tht smile tht small smiling eyes no wonder yb’s irresistible.
    he has ths buffed body but a very boyish and innocent look
    on his face. he’s like a manly boy. or. not. but tht point is
    i am in love wth yb ^_^ ahahah

  99. vicky
    hehehe… have u ever think about yang gaeng CF?
    if Tabi do that, i have no idea.
    the yang gaeng will look so “delicious” & Tabi, even more “delicious” than that yang gaeng ^^

  100. nya

    i think he’s scare of yang geng now after all he have to eat on his manwon mission haha

  101. vicky
    hahaha… he said he’ll turn out to be bean.
    i laught so hard.
    Tabi manwon are really hilarious!
    his part in ‘soes fly’ kekeke…

  102. nya

    yea him crying over food was hilarious
    but i like baby’s manwon better,
    it’s the video that make me fall in love with big bang in the first place

  103. vicky
    baby manwon? any eng sub?
    i wan tto see too… but maybe next month.
    my internet billing is killing me >,<

  104. aww they all looked up and smile!

  105. Bunch of hot gods

  106. your comments on these pictures crack me up vicky :DDDD<3

  107. bigbang pls come in mongolia
    pls pls
    send me reply pls

  108. how can i buy your album
    i havent any album
    i want your album

  109. hi bigbang
    whalaal pls come in MONGOLIA
    pls pls
    GD is so cute your smlie is like sunshine whaha
    i love guys
    pls answer me
    pls pls

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