GD’s apology?

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Big Bang leader GDragon, who has been put under much criticism for wearing a Tshirt printed with words like “I love sex” during Mnet 20’s Choice, has got netizens wondering if he had actually made an official apology for that.

GDragon was on SBS Inkigayo on 24th August together with other Big Bang members. After Big Bang was awarded the Mutizen award, GDragon said, “Thank you and sorry”.

It was said that during the opening of Mnet 20’s Choice, no one noticed the prints on his tshirt as GDragon have had a jacket on, and it was only during the award ceremony when Big Bang went on stage where the prints on the tshirt appeared obvious.

Many netizens and TV viewers expressed concerns on various online noticeboards that this will definitely have some influence especially on the teenagers.

With what GDragon said on SBS Inkigayo, netizens have split opinions. Some felt that this was an official apology while some felt that it was just a simple thank you speech.

On the other hand, a similar case happened last year for GDragon when he drew much attention by wearing a tshirt with the picture of a naked woman printed on it on KBS Music Bank. The shirt is actually one of the products sold in his sister (Kwon Da Mi)’s shopping mall.

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i kinda think its not necessary. i mean people make those shirt for a reason. and people can wear it and dont really mean it? hmm. i actually think its really not bad. it is over all his fashion. and we know some vips will want to find that shirt and buy it. so i dont know why people is actually making a big deal out of it. hmm. just my perspective. but he looks good in whatever he wears no lie hahahah. (but that CAT IN THE HAT)



~ by Winnie Chu on August 27, 2008.

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  1. here is wat i have said at

    lol i was really in shock too when i saw him wear that
    lol but i must say i like it cause it shows that he is not afraid to show wat is on his shirt
    seriously, i mean wats the point of having printings on a shirt
    if ppl is gonna have a prob about it
    wat are we suppose to just cover it up and keep it to ourselves
    if ppl know that a shirt is to wear it out
    and into the public and show it off and the coolness of it
    then let it be, let it be shown

    and so i do not have a prob with it
    i accept his apology but i think
    he really shouldnt have apologize,
    ok well maybe for the media and not stir up problems,
    didnt he said and ppl should know this by now
    he like to be different from everyone
    and has his own style and show there it goes
    that right there is just part of his style
    ppl know that GD dont represent those sayings on his shirts
    but to say its style!

    anyways enough for me even though his shirts always take me by surprise,
    i love’em though so different and unique!!

    thanks for the news!!!

  2. haha i wonder if netizens also know that ’69’ is also a bad/naughty thing xDD

  3. i see that (cat in the HAT) too
    bak to the point
    mayb it bcuz we live in the USA that’s why we think it normal and nothing is wrong with it…
    but i agree wiht u “itswinniechu” it just a style ppl have.. so why make a BIG deal other of a LIL thing????
    hu cares wt they so.. i still love him

  4. well i wasnt really suprised by jiyongie opas shirt, lol its his style and he doesnt give a **&^ what other people think but im kinda glad he said sorry ^.^
    still love him~~

  5. thats good if he said sorry for that ^.^ but i dont think gd wears that for dirty thing :3 hes a good boy for me, i love him whatever ♥

  6. Wow.
    Why do people stress over little things like these?
    I don’t think GD needs to apologize for his choice of fashion.
    It’s the 21st century.
    People need to get with it. T_T

    On the other hand, Korea maybe more offended by these types of things… O_o

    But when it comes down to it, GD should be able to wear anything he wants (preferably nothing xD), because he’s freaking amazing.



  7. pssshh, i can honestly say that i dont give a damn xD lol! gd looks hot in it, gd can wear it !!! (=

  8. i dont think GD had to apologize for’s fashion..people can wear he pulls it off!! he looks good with whatever he wears..^_^
    i guess its because of their culture..we still love you GD!

  9. Haha.
    …if ppl can love their music they should appreciate their individuality as well. GDs god good sense of style…and no he’s not overdoing it! The shirts by John Galiano and the stickers are very retro/mod. I’ve seen those here in London. The look totally suits him…goshhhh…netizens should stop being so petty.Its making us VIPs look really dumb!! PPl should get a life rather than studying the photos down to every detail & criticising every lil thing.Thats freaking annoying!!Go GD U ROCK!!

  10. wha?!?


    Why should he apologize for wearing a shirt?
    It’s only fashion.

  11. you know.. its funny they only mention this now because in the “oh my friend” music video.. it says “SEX” on his straight jacket.. GD isnt afraid to dress a certain way.. thats why hes a fashion icon..

    as for the apology.. i think it wasnt for his shirt.. i think the apology was for their performance.. his mic wasn’t working properly at certain parts of the performance so i think that’s why he apologized.. but thats just my opinion..

  12. his shirt is not even a huge deal. there are shirts that are much much worst than the one his wearing. like what Romzy^ said. that why his a fashion icon. his not afraid of being different. standing out of the whole crowd. his shirt is nothing more then clothing. ^_^ just let him be, its not such a huge thing…

  13. …its a shirt. what the eff?! just cuz his shirt looks like that he has to apologize? -_-‘

  14. I think the reason people are making a big deal of it because it was during a public, rated-G event, you know? The same way they wouldn’t allow a shirt like that (or even curse strong curse words) on shows like, say, American Idol. We don’t even allow a lot of profanity on this site, right? (At least, that’s the impression I get. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Maybe if he were at a club or something it wouldn’t be a big deal, but most parents wouldn’t want their kids’ idol saying “the d word” on a teen’s choice award show or something.

    I don’t blame him for wearing the shirt though. I mean, who DOESN’T love sex? XD J/k, j/k.

  15. yes, it’s true that to many of us overseas fans don’t mind it cause fashion is a form of freedom of speech…but in korea…it’s very different.
    you guys need to understand their culture as well.
    that’s just not something you can talk or express openly. HECK people can’t even go online and look up an OB/GYN or sex educational info unless they verify that they are 18!
    i feel sorry that they can’t wear whatever they want to…but then again…GD should’ve known KOREA a bit better than to do that.
    shoot…heard TOP had to apologize for wearing a jacket with a japanese flag on it. wth?

  16. janie

    T_T a japanese flag? what the eff?

  17. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but I guess, since I’m from the US, I’m used to these kinds of things. Maybe in Korea, its different. I think it was a good thing that he apologized and I hope the media won’t blow this out of proportion because I”ve seen several other artists in Korea wear shirts with “inappropriate” things on them.

  18. for us foreigners it would be okay, but living in Korea where some people still consider themselves as conservative, one must be careful of their actions. Sometimes it’s really funny to think why Koreans who are considered as one of the best dressed people in the world with high fashion sense can’t take this kind of clothing style. i mean it’s a kind of a bad type guy style.
    But i really can’t blame them too. GD as a fashion icon and an idol esp. to young people should also be careful of what he is wearing. that’s the price of being famous.

    But don’t worry GD we understand. and you don’t need to apologize for that. LOL! VIPZ fighting!

  19. Jannelle + TOP&YB’sGiRL

    “Maybe if he were at a club or something it wouldn’t be a big deal, but most parents wouldn’t want their kids’ idol saying “the d word” on a teen’s choice award show or something.”
    “GD as a fashion icon and an idol esp. to young people should also be careful of what he is wearing. that’s the price of being famous.”

    i definitely agree. this wasn’t mtv, this was a very public show. respect for the koreans’ comfort level is important. and yes, he should make his own fashion choices, which for the most part are pretty darn good, but he also has a responsibility to his younger fans and the rest of the netizens too.
    you don’t have to be provocative to be stylish.

  20. aww GD say sorry but it’s ok though cause i understand its
    sense of style i see worst in skoo lol

  21. i don’t think he needs to apologize either
    it’s only a shirt, and it’s fashion – people who are into fashion do way worse than that
    but then again maybe cuz we’re from north america we care less about things like this 😛

  22. sex fiends<3 lmaoo. just kidding … kinda. haha apology or not, it states a fact. everyone loves sex, point blank… even melly ^_^ lmao

  23. ^ shut up kim! it might be true, but don’t shout it to the world! lol

    oh, my opinion on this… i don’t have anything bad to say. the media likes to blow things to proportion.
    there’s good & bad to the media, but to me, the media likes to bring out the negative more than the positive. my one major case for this is: princess diana. she wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for the media chasing her. we lost a princess cuz of your persistence in snapping photos of her.

    jiyong, your “apology” was enough for me. if ppl don’t accept it still, well go find someone else to idolize. less competition for me lol.

  24. i agree w/ yah..w/ our generation ayt nOw?..i dont think it matters anymOre abt those kind of aware that its not gOOd 4 YOUNG people but i dont get Y they make a big deal out of it..i mean its HIS STYLE!!! im honestly not even surprised abt it cuz im more concerned abt his fur hat which i think its really CUTE on him..dont u think?..haha…

  25. gdluvzmc

    agree w/ u 2!!! negative r mOre interestin’ 2 know than gOOd 1s!!!

    i mean u know its borin’ if every news u hear is nOrmal ayt?

    datz Y media exposed a lot of negative 1s even d tiny tiniest!!!

  26. i agree wit all of youu! <333
    lmaoooo aww gd. he doesnt have to apologize

  27. where can i watch the acceptance speech?thanks.

  28. idk if this is dumb question but why is this out now? O___O

    did they win the mutizen on sat and this is out 3 days later ???

    i rewatched the video, idk but when does he say sorry?

    i’m not trying to hate on gd or w.e but i think he kinda need to say sorry cuz it affected bb and vips just like how the vips should say sorry for making this issue bigger then it should be >.<

    even though its wasnt really GD’s fault he was also part of it. poor baby getting all this crap on him which was something that was easy to be avoided. i hope he gets better and people forget him

  29. *not forget him but forgive him lol

    idk y its a big deal. he wore a couple of shirts like that before too and they were worse imo O___O

  30. i think inside hes saying “i dont give a **** about what i wear, so get over it >.>”
    he shouldnt have apoligize~~~

  31. YOu guys are all weird. of course its okay for us to think its alright. I mean cmon. look at the junk we put on our music industry. SEX SELLS in america. So we think its alright.

    but you guys have to understand in Korea, it is not acceptable to do those kinds of things like that. It’s not proper. Porn is somwhat illegal in Korea. People get in trouble for watching porn on their computer. but again, we think its alright because in the USA its accepted as our culture.

    Korea is really different. You could get scolded by the older people for kissing in public and all that stuff.

    I can’t stress enough about this. What is accepted here in america is not always accepted in Korea. TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES WITH DIFFERENT CULTURES

  32. I think he should apologize because it IS THE RIGHT thing to do. Korean people don’t want their kids to be like Americans. The average age for girls to lose their virginity in america is like ages 12-16.

    They don’t want kids to think its okay to have sex at a young age and get pregnant. They want them to be married only once!

    -Whats accepted here isn’t always acceptable in Korea-

  33. I would also like to add, he’s a huge star in korea and alot of people are influenced by him. Look at all the fan girls on this site (nothing against this site. i love it) ^^

    they just adore him and all that. some of you guys want to marry him.

    and koreans realize this that celebs have a big influence on people. so they dont want their youth to become this way. if a celeb says “i love weeed” the youth will be like, “their doing it, so lets do it too”

    and also, no offense to anyone.. but i really think you should all take a deep look into a culture and their morals and beliefs are before you say something

  34. GYGC, we really do understand what you mean. and i’ve stated the same thing.
    but let me remind you that teenagers thesedays in Korea are totally different from the teenagers before. if you haven’t read a lot of news i’m telling you teenage prostitution and porn sites are the biggest problem now in Korea. Korea’s generation now is not far from Western generation when it comes to virginity. Their culture and points of view about sex is becoming westernized. my point is there are just some anti fans that makes a big issue out of this. DBSK member also had this similar sexy shirt too before but it was not a big issue. and some people just want to be clean.
    GD was at fault in the public’s eyes esp. old people and anti fans but he doesn’t need to apologize because looking at the fashion in Korea now, STARS can just wear anything they want as long as they can carry it and they know the consequences of wearing it. HIS clothes are not far from haltered,seethrough,mini dresses, and other revealing clothes that other Korean icon wear..
    and no offense too. PEACE!

  35. i def. understand. i mean look at wonder girls(well they aren’t that bad. lol not really at all) and hyori. lol and that new trip that jyp is putting out in america first. lol dang.

    i don’t think i was talking about the youngins thinking its wrong. idk i might’ve. too lazy to check lol its more of the older generation.

    and i hope i wasn’t trying to sound anti fan. and ya i can see that the generation now is not that far. i mean theres some movies that are whoa.. nuh uh type of stuff. and the music scene. its slowly going there. i really hope it doenst, but. its going to eventually.

    anyways sorry if i offended anyone. (i’m a big Big Bang fan. followed them since their debut!)

    but i agree with people when they say that he can wear whatever he wants but it has to match with what the public want. like with se7en, his song GIRLs he’s talking about how he wants girls and stuff. lol thats targeting todays’ society with music and what AMERICANS want to hear. He kinda side stepped from his usual love songs which i like alot.

  36. and i agree that it wasn’t like see through like you said, but “i love sex” lol thats a big message from a small picture on his shirt. Words are powerful too.

    AGAIN. lol i can’t stress this enough, NO OFFENSE. lol i just don’t like offending people.

  37. *trio. i think i meant trio for JYP

  38. But theres always one person who takes it too seriously.

    A tshirts a tshirt, but if you’ve got little fangirls and guys…bumming every move you do, you should set a correct example, otherwise theres always one who takes it too far…

    Anyone else notice the other things on his shirt?

    One says FUCK YOU TOO xD

    Asian countries are more civilised. full stop. period. DOT.


  39. you know the designer of the shirt, John Galliano, actually made it to empower gays. if you look closely, next to f*ck you too, it says “fear the queer”
    I think an apology is necessary. so what if he didn’t wear the shirt on purpose (although I’m pretty sure he knew what the stickers sad), it was an inappropriate shirt.
    and everyone’s saying how this is acceptable in america, but uh no. if justin timberlake wore a shirt like that to like the mtv awards, there would be a tons of media controversy around. america isn’t that unconservative.

  40. they will prob just censor it. lol

    lol i dont see the FU and fear the queer. lol where is it?

  41. Like that matters to us.
    we can care less.
    i sure don’t kare as long as it looks good on him and his style is fly then i don’t kare.

  42. haha wow that is inappropriate. haha i had to save image and zoom

    but i can’t find the fear the queer

  43. okay… lol wow

  44. well Korean do think thit kind of matters.
    it’ll be ok if GD wears it in informal party. but to wear it in something big during award, i don’t think Korean parents will allow.
    they don’t want their kids to imitate GD.
    this case will considered serious in koreans eyes.
    but GD apology anyway, just let it be. ^^

  45. well i’m glad that he said sorry hehe….
    he knows what he did wrong..
    it’s okay ji yong~~
    i’m not mad at you ^^

  46. KIMCHII:
    “everyone’s saying how this is acceptable in america, but uh no. if justin timberlake wore a shirt like that to like the mtv awards, there would be a tons of media controversy around.”

    I was thinking the same thing, actually, except I was thinking someone like Hilary Duff or Jesse McCartney since they are closer to G-Dragon’s age (20 and 21).

    Anyway, it’s interesting that it was meant for gays. Thanks for the information-can you tell me how you found out about the designer and stuff? I totally didn’t notice the “eff you too” or the “fear the queer”. iTSWINNIECHU was right, I want to find that shirt now. XD

  47. fear the queer is on the beige/orange sticker. I found the shirt online, so I could zoom in.

  48. and the number 69 on his shirt too 😐

  49. if anyone want to see a close up to the shirt here it is:

  50. ^ and its $20.00 bucks xD

  51. …weird shirt…

  52. I take GD’s apology! It’s a kind of fashion having naughty words on your shirt isn’t it?! And it’s quite small…still GD don’t do it again ^^ Love his hat ^^ He’s got HIGH fashion!
    TY and SR in the background ^^…

  53. Justin Timberlake for one wouldn’t be seen wearing that, they all wear suits to MTV award e.g.

    For Hilary Duff and women, theres double standards, the media would go crazy over that, but if there was an American GD, whom I cannot think of anyone to compare, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

    Say a rapper wears it, thats ok, they rap about all kinds of crap, from prostitutes to weed, from murder to rape.

  54. @duda, yeah i think so too.

    say it was hiliary duff or another girl, the would call them slutty, etc.

    for a guy that would be different.

  55. I think once he apologize, netizens need to let it go. Media is making a big deal b/c he is a celebrity. If a normal person like one of us wore it, not anyone is going to care.

  56. He might look good in anything, not really mean it, and not mean any harm, but to adults and the citizens of Korea, it’s pretty bad. He’s setting a really bad example to the younger ones. Obviously alot of people take him seriously, like whatever he does or whatever he says, cause hes so lovable and popular, so they might think he actually believes in that. And change their own views LOL. Uh which is pretty bad since Gdragon = I love sex? Yea i dont think so haha. Who wants their kids loving sex cause they think Gdragon does.

  57. Oh, sorry for double posting. And people are making a big deal out of it BECAUSE he’s a celebrity right, but not just because of that. It’s because since he’s a big role model and everyone knows him well. It’s because of his strong power of influence. If you’re a regular person, of course no one would care, becuse you wouldn’t really affect anybody. Gdragon would because he’s a celebrity. And its shocking haha, but im sure he didnt mean any harm.

  58. I love his boldness. His in-ur-face attitude is refreshing, and much needed in a uptight culture like my homeland S.Korea! lol

    btw, that 69 tag just makes me tingle. G-Ri represented with 69!!!!!!! hoooooooo

  59. naughtyness!

  60. Geeez, I didn’t even notice the I love sex print. People are just looking for faults in famous people. It gets annoying. If other people can wear them, why can’t he?

  61. i don’t see the deal here T_T

  62. ya
    i think that it’s not necessary
    it’s not s’thin’ so special

  63. i don’t see anything wrong with the word ‘i love sex’ though
    yeah ppl wear it but it doesnt mean that they really mean it
    this is just a part of coolness of the tshirt..
    GD no need to apologize!

  64. it’s just a shirt goddammit.
    what’s so bad about a pin saying “i<3sex”?
    he could be loving sex for all we know.

  65. yea, with Seungri! lol 😛

  66. LOL to b-wyrm

    oh ji yong, you sex addict. KIDDING.
    it’s fine oppa, i don”t think that the apology was necessary. That’s just the way you are, and if you REALLY DO love sex, ten be it!

  67. Wow, thats just.
    Oh my.

  68. well.
    he’s an idol.
    and idols are usually for younger ages.
    so ya know. i think it’s obvious that he should’ve cared what he was wearing.
    I am a fan but i think as a fan you should be able to look at the artist and be proud of them but also be able to critize them too.
    you can’t just say yes to everything?
    This wasn’t something he should’ve done.

  69. considering that he has younger fans, yes i think that apology was necessary. maintaining a positive image is needed in that kind of profession. personally, i don’t really care about the t-shirt. yes, it’s shocking, but at the same time -i find it quite amusing. but i guess in korea, they’re more uptight about that.

  70. “i don’t see anything wrong with the word ‘i love sex’ though
    yeah ppl wear it but it doesnt mean that they really mean it
    this is just a part of coolness of the tshirt..
    GD no need to apologize!”

    thats like being a hypocrite. you can do something but say another. you can’t wear a shirt that says I LOVE SEX. but say. but HEY I DON’T SUPPORT IT.

  71. “it’s just a shirt goddammit.
    what’s so bad about a pin saying “i<3sex”?
    he could be loving sex for all we know.”

    think about this. would it be okay if a big idol wore a shirt that says WEED IS GOOD FOR YOU or something like that. and this big idol represents the youth of the nation. what would that be saying to the youth? that weed is okay to do? people look up to these kinds of people.

    if you were a parent would you allow this? ur answer might or might not change when you actually have children.

  72. There was no need for G-Dragon having things such as 69 and I love sex on a tshirt at Mnet 20’s Choice Awards. It would be fine if he was at a club with that. He really he had this coming. For those saying its you guys have younger brothers/sisters and or cousins who are into Big Bang? I do and I don’t want them being like what’s that is that cool..think about it. Stop acting like its cool..he crossed the line. Damn 69 is my favorite position too..but I’m not going to go out and be like yeah look. Most of you’ll are still children to understand.

    Oh G-Dragon if you read this I love you!!! Think about what you are doing before you do it. xp By the way GD I love sex too lets bang ^_^ really I’m down for it…haha j/k.

    Karennn I’m with you.

  73. dude I LOVE SEX!!!!!
    dude I LOVE SEX!!!!!
    dude I LOVE SEX!!!!! just let him go…….

    i’d say “LET GD OFF THE HOOK THIS TIME” he’s only a kid really(if

    you guys don’t agree, than you guys are in denial!) he still got

    a long way to go b4 he gets to adulthood!… DO YOU GUYS REALLY


    STYLIST SEEING WHAT HE WAS WEARING!???????????????? cOmE oN’!!!.

    let’s be realistic here…they know what the impact will be, ALL

    OF THEM! our boys, especially their MaNaGeMeNt!!…………..

    it’s a friggin’ pUbLiCiTy STUNT!!! it’s as if their shouting that

    they have ALL GROWN UP!(which is true but i really think they

    still have a long way to go) TO ALL WHO ARE UPSET WITH GD:

    dOnT’ Be MaD @ ThE bOY i’Ts NoT eNtIrElY hIs FaUlt FoR

    gOiNg On ThE sTaGe LiKe ThAt!!!!…. YOU GUYS SHOULD BE MAINLY


    be upset at the “adults” not the kids). well, in reality GD is at

    his “prime age”; infact all of the boys are^_^; but they

    shouldn’t have done this! i’m mainly upset at the people who let

    GD go through this. i mean, even if GD wanted to do it they

    should have known better! this people have been in the industry a

    LOOOOOOOOOONG time and they know every word and action will be

    scrutinized! yet they took a BiG leap!… ok, let’s say that the

    management DID NOT KNOW what GD was gonna’ “ExPrEss FREELY”, dude!

    they’re the management they should know what’s up weather they

    like it or not! especially when the guys are performing

    PUBLICLY! That’s their FRIGGIN” JOB!!!!!!!!

    let the boy go people we love him and WE ALL KNOW IT…c’mon let’s get on our lives…^_^ (i like TOP ofcoarse but i love all of them) yehey!!!!!!!!! fighting!!!!!

  74. I guess museum’s are the only places where there are socially-accepted porn. :/

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