YB, TOP and GD attend MARC JACOBS Event

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MARC JACOBS can do no wrong, these 3 look freaking hot, what caught my eyes first was Bong in the green/black sweater dan he look so phine!! I love it whwenever he wear those glasses, hot guys wearing glass is very sexy, then I love YB in that cardigan, he look so cute with the bowtie. then Tabi… oh my… black is so his color… isn’t that obvious already? He make a raincoat look good haha. Where is my Baby and Dae??? I want to see them wearing Marc Jacob too!! not fair!!

**EDIT: and another thing, YB post a new question for the “VIP Days: ASK VIP”

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He ask What is your favorite season?” thanks dubseeXvip for telling me.

And to answer that, it’s simple, since I live in Florida, my favorite season have to be winter, I love the cold, and winter is the only time I can get that feeling, other wise, all the other time… it’s all sweat, and I hate sweating. And also winter means Christmas, and my neighbor is like crazy when it come to decoration, so around winter my neighborhood turn into like a tourist attraction, car lining up to come in and see all the lights, pretty cool.

I love this face of Tabi, from his eyes up he’s sexy, from his lips down, he’s cute. kkeke. I like the shape of his lips. It’s so cute, have you ever notice that?

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~ by Vicky on August 27, 2008.

163 Responses to “YB, TOP and GD attend MARC JACOBS Event”

  1. top’s gonna steal vicky away from GD and seungri!
    lets face it these boys look good in ANYTHING
    (or nothing works too hahaha)

  2. Wow—never thought I would say that—BUT—GD looks good for once!

    TOP looks nothing like himself—strange…and TY. is TY.

  3. OHH my, all of them look fi0ne ~~~

  4. omg!! marc jacobs!! it’s a crime to look that hot GD!! lol..^_^
    hi vicky! you’re so right..black is Top’s color! just look at him..he’s so fine!^_^ i wish baby seungri was there thou..

  5. for some reason, TOP looks sorta different. i dunno maybe it’s just me T_T

    They look so incredibly sexy tho.


  6. Very cute. TOP is hot as always. 😉
    I luv yb’s bow tie
    & GD looks really good.
    If TOp is sexy from his eyes up and cute from his lips down
    what about his nose?

  7. i love babys sweater and glasses! i love that look on him! SO CUTEEE.

  8. aww.. g-dragon looks so cute with his glasses…^_^

  9. OMG G-Dragon looks SOO CUTE!
    Such a DORK! =]
    Gosh GD is making that hair
    style look HOT. and yay his
    hair is growing!
    TOP & TaeYang looks HOT too!
    Yeah..where is seungri & DaeSung?
    GD and those earrings…

  10. dont forget, YB asks “what is your favorite season”!

    yeahhhhh and our boys look freakin fly

  11. annBAM

    I DOUBT IT!!
    i’ll get eaten alive by all the fangirl unnie i love so much
    haha I’ll realize my place and stick to Baby and Bong

  12. hee-jin

    I KNOW!!

  13. Hotlizardfox

    idk how to describ it other than the perfect nose every asian guy want.

  14. T_T does anyone know WHY seung ri wasn’t there again, not just complaining that he wasn’t there?

  15. that’s so true vicky!!! seungri should be there!! it’s not complete without HIM!! I love TOP..but i love seungri too!! haha..^^

  16. so tru.

  17. wow gd caught my eye first too!

    but i also love YB’s cardigan
    flashy without the flash

    and top’s silent sexiness


  18. i can tell TOP is not wearing eyeliner.
    he looks soo.. innocent o.o
    my DAEDAE !?
    where is he?! T^T
    yeah, im with you, Bong seriously
    caught my eye, hes wayy too hot X]
    wishin Dae and Baby were there.. 😐

  19. *FAINTS* i need CPR now and i need those lips to lock on mine. My YB and TOP look fine and dandy. and GD is always dashing with anything he wears from the gitgo.

  20. i LOVE what YB’s wearing…its simple and classy with an edge…he totally rocks the fedora….GD looks great in a simple sweater with strips…sometimes i think he needs to take the fashion side a little simpler because he looks great…and TOP looks cute too

  21. dubseeXvip

    thanks for telling me!!
    i saw the new question post up this morning but doesn’t know what it means

  22. Omg, I almost died when I saw these pics on soompi.
    And now…I’m about to die again, LOL.
    Oh…why must GD be so sexy!!

    And I swear…TY should just quit his job as a singer.
    And go be a model instead, he’s too fine.

  23. Oh darn, I didn’t see TY’s question & now have to comment again, LOL.
    My favorite season is summer.
    I love the warm weather & love to swim & all that.

  24. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    probably busy with something on his own
    and since Dae is also absent… maybe some Music Core business?
    i’m just making a guess, no one would know for sure

    but why whenever they attend some fashion thing, Dae and Baby was never there?
    it’s the same last time with the DIOR party too

  25. hee-jin

    never complete with out baby

  26. DAMN! T.O.P IS HOT!

  27. amazingly hot but why in some pics GD got hair on his right side but then on some pics its clean shaven????

  28. summer

  29. noonoodabamf

    YB’s style is something that always show his muscle and stuff
    i love seeing him in sophisicated clothes like this
    prove he can be sexy without flexing his muscle
    his abs and muscle are just bonus… GOOD bonuses

    Because the clothes in winter is all warm & snuggly + i enjoy the wet weather. ^^

  31. he got a mohawk? but i have a question did anyone notice near the end of This Love the dog that is barking @ G-Dragon is wrapped in tissue when he walks away?

  32. ahhaha yeah i wanted to spazz about yb’s question, and write some quirky comment about “whats the point of his question? is he going to vacation with vips during that season? ” lol. and i wonder what the kvips answered.

    btw. you know how we always wonder how hot/stuffy our boys must get under all those layers of clothing….
    im starting to wonder how much deodorant they use… wouldnt they be constantly sweating?
    or. the moment they leave the AC’d building, they start stripping off all those layers.


  33. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    OH LORD!!
    I’m reading “break dawn” a sequel to TWILIGHT
    idk if you know it, but the way you describe your “needs” hahahaha
    remind me of the book right away

  34. i have a question did anyone notice near the end of This Love the dog that is barking @ G-Dragon is wrapped in tissue when he walks away?

  35. jess

    woudln’t it be better if he stay a singer then take gorgeous pictures and also flex his muscle and sometime take off his shirt onstage for us?? hahah

    did anyone notice near the end of This Love the dog that is barking @ G-Dragon is wrapped in tissue when he walks away?

  37. jess

    haha i love to swim during winter
    i love that feeling of the frozen cold pool
    my pool is like my favorite place to be during summer
    ppl call me and my friend crazy but it’s what we do haha

    beside it’s not even THAT cold during winter here in florida

  38. KikixGD

    oh my god! me too!
    i have so many like winter clothing
    hoodie, sweats, wearing those clothes make me feel comfortable.
    i love it.
    too bad i can’t wear it often since it’s so freaking hot here year round

  39. bronxbaby101

    haha yea i think a lot of ppl notice
    he T.P the dog.

  40. dubseeXvip

    well since it’s like always cold in korea, I think they only wear layers when it’s cold out, their stylist know about it i’m sure
    and beside on those stages and stuff, it’s especially cold becaose of the lights beaming down on the artist, i perform in this place once for my school thing and it was freaking cold i thought i was in freaking antartica or something.

    and i’m sure they wear deodrant haha

  41. Hotness.
    Haha. Love GD’s glasses.

    on the third pic with YB and his hand holding his fedora
    that half of his face like like RAIN (BI)
    does anyone realize that???

  43. OH.. MY… GOSH..
    GD is so hot<3 he’s like woah<3 the glasses, the sweater, *faints*
    top OWNS the color black. he looks so good in it!!(:
    YB is just soo cute with that bowtie(:

  44. OMO. taeyang and jiyong look SO GOOD. asldkjfldkajlj
    but top, what are you wearing?? that sexyboy, i wish he wore something else. i’m not feeling the raincoat! lol. ^^;;

  45. Vicky
    i ALWAYS notice his lips. 😉

  46. marc jacobs!!!
    my NUMBER 1

  47. omg the green sweater is so sexy on GD <333
    and those glasses … omg so hot

  48. My Favorite Season: …
    What are your Favorite Season x]

  49. My favorite season is um..winter and spring lol haha lol
    i like winter cause its cool and deep and i like spring because
    it’s not too hot n too cold

  50. OMG to HOTT!
    Look how they look.
    I’ve seen his lips.
    He is REALLY HOT!


  52. GD loooks goooood as always and ionno wat spinx is trying to say. ‘for once’? ALWAYS.

    soo fineeeeeeee!!!


    & TOP&GD looks hot too<3

  54. ah, i just LOVE youngbae’s handwriting. it’s just so curly and…happy =]

    my fave season is…probably fall/autumn now that i think of it.
    since it rains a lot (too much) during the winter and spring, and it’s still hot in the summer

  55. OMLord, ur sOOO unfair^_^ ..y r deez boyz sUper sexy but we cant even TOUCH them???huh???!!!^_^ ..n’ wer is my baby?? daedae??? huh???..^_^ ..anywayz my fava season is idrk..i kinda like them all!!! but if i really hav 2 pick 1, im most comfortable durin’ spring!!!

  56. roro

    why am i NOT surprise?
    and i’m pretty sure it’s not the ONLY thing you notice haha

  57. my fav season is fall(:
    it’s right when it gets cooler after the hot summer. and the leaves are so pretty when they change colors and fall on the ground(: plus i like fall fashion alot 😛

  58. my fav is winter!!! :]
    i love the cold ^^

  59. vicky:

    i totally agree!
    i looks soooo sharp, classy and sophisticated and im loving it
    anyways, YB can wear anything and still look smoking to me

  60. Vicky
    NO way. i see his pretty lips and his pointy eyebrows and his lovely hair and his sexy jawline and his high cheekbones and his cute dimple and his BEAUTIFUL EYES. 😀
    and i also have x-ray vision and i see through all his clothes. KEKEKE

  61. HOLY BLEEP!!!
    DANG 3 hella good looking as models right there!
    GD’s looking hella hella jaw dropping in the first picture.
    OH EM GEE and YB..sexy as heck! I wanna take his hat off so
    I can see his gorgeous face!
    MR. TOP! So tall and handsome as always!!

    YES! another question from YB!! 😀
    hmm to answer him, it’ll have to be Spring!!
    It’s not too hot, not too cold
    and it’s when all the pretty flowers start to bloom
    making places look at lot nicer

  62. roro

    no wonder why you’re always so damn horny

  63. OMGSH, MY FAVOURITE DESIGNER + MY FAVOURITE BOYS = HEAVEN. ❤ this is simply amazing. they look so flyyyyyy.

    yay, another question from YB : )
    mine would be summer. it’s an escape
    from the harsh winters up here in
    Canada. Hahaha 😀

  64. Vicky
    HAHAHHA EW. no not me, i’m an innocent. :] too bad i’m lacking in the superpower department.
    but don’t i wish, though. 😀

  65. HOT!!!!
    nothing but hotness in those pics
    TOP looks sooooo good
    he has me wondering can he get any hotter than this?!

    about YB’s question my favorite season is FALL!!!
    rainy season here in Cali is THE BEST!!!!

  66. OMFG!! GD looks soooo HAWTT!!

    i like the fall and its not too hot and its not too cold. i live in LA so its pretty hot over here now since of global warming and winters not that bad but its really cold and the spring its always raining and thats not good when im have to go to school xD

  67. o0h my godzilla~! XD
    i have a swetaer just like GD’s [just from a differen brand XD] haha. dey llok BANGalicious. ;]

    YB’s Question:
    my favorite season is…fall.
    Just the colors and it’s warm with that cool gentle breeze and it just feels good in the fall. th best way to end a long hot smmer.
    Plus, the fashion for fall is pretty cute =]

  68. Also being a Floridian myself, I would say I love the Winter time!

  69. Oh yeah and I like to wear jackets so that’s the best time…lol

  70. Omg they look HOT! @.@ GD really caught my eye with that outfit and it’s azaming, YB look hella cute! And T.O.P really pulled off that outfit, looking hella good! =]

    Ok my answer to YB’s question:

    I like spring and fall. Well I’m a fall baby so I love it! The cool air! Awesome! I like spring because it’s warm, but it’s not freezing or too hot! @.@

  71. The first one i notice from the pic is GD.
    God!!! he’s just hot and cute at the same time.
    I can’t stand this i may faint.
    Love that sweater….. this recently he doesn’t wear bright color
    miss it so much.. GD is look freaking _______ (no word to describe, beyond description XD)

  72. ohh my gee! ….! GD LOOK SO GOOOOD!

    i am dying!!!! i cant breathe! oh em gee. why u need to be soo cute gd! @_@

  73. My favourite season is winter! Because all the greatest holidays happen during that time.
    Christmas, New Years, Valentines, plus snow is absolutely beautiful. And uh… the perfect excuse to cuddle for warmth =P

  74. Vicky

    wow, he actually DOES look like rain…o_O’

  75. RORO

    it would be oh so sad for Tabi if something like that is true…….. but GOOOOD thing for you haha

  76. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    though i don’t think that’s a good thing since i never find Rain attractive in any way
    YB’s own self is more seixer

  77. omg. marc jacobs. omg. marc jacobs!!!
    top looks kindof uncomfortable in his outfits, but GD and TY look hot.


  79. roro
    OMG! roro, u do that kind of thing to my man?
    sttt… tell me how to do it too ^^

  80. nothing can describe my man. too sexy
    i have nothing to say, just:
    enjoy it with ur eyes. kekeke…
    he do looks like wearing rain coat ~.~

    nothing to answer YB’s question.
    i live in tropical island & i can receive 24 hours of sun here, not to mention its freaking hot.
    normal temperature here can achieve 30 degree.
    if Tabi lives here, he will TAKE OFF those clothes FOR SURE kekeke…

  81. they all looks so fashionable!!!!!
    GD looks HOT!
    TY looks handsome!!
    TOP!!! he looks cold 🙂

  82. nya

    oh my god
    you two… i’m appauled
    this is no way to behave in a good and clean enviroment like this
    take ur pervy somewhere else….. on second thought… leave it here

  83. nya

    i post this on yg_bigbang LJ
    and someone say he look like he’s wearing a trash bag… which i agree to haha

  84. vicky
    i know u want that.
    imagining Tabi take off those clothes, my mouth went “O” kekeke…
    BB should come here. then take off all that clothes & went half naked

  85. vicky
    but he do make that ‘trash bag’ look good on him.
    anything look good.
    damn that boy, i want him so bad

  86. nya

    i don’t wanna imagine Tabi getting naked anytime soon
    but… Baby………………………..hhhhmmmmmmm

  87. ooh i just love how sometimes gd didnt over do his outfit. just nice and simple, nothing overworked ;P

    and TOP is looking hot TAEYANG : CUTEE

  88. nya

    i can tell you want him oh so bad…
    hearing you say it kinda scary.. “i want him so bad”
    haha so PERVY!!

  89. Vicky

    Rain…he never really looks good… probably never will…

  90. omgg.. those pics are HOT. but were is SR and DS?
    and idk.. but htat green sweater is soo hot.. i mean..
    if anyone else wore that i’d be like… dotdotdot…
    but GD totally looks SOOO hot there. probably cuz GD looks
    good in ALMSOT everything,. i have that one exception with
    that furry hat that he recently wore… =)

    and answer to question: i’d have to say winter :D..

  91. ….i….like….
    idk, i just like seasons…
    but if i could choose only one…. itd be anything that doesnt have rainy weather… washington gets it waaaaaaaaaaay too much -_-‘

  92. ♥SeungRiLovee♥


  93. Vicky + nya2
    vicky, who wouldn’t want to see that?? after we kidnap bb let’s all go visit nya and watch everyone get nakee. 😀 😀 😀

  94. roro

    no thanks
    I’ll just keep Baby to myself and close my room door
    you guys… erf…….. enjoy

  95. Vicky

  96. roro

    hahahah maybe it’s the 5 year difference
    u know Tabi’s bday is 2 days before mine?
    idk why that just pop up in my head haahha

    but yea i can resist gurl

  97. DAMNNNNNNN, they look so hot. i love this look on jiyong!!! *drools* & the answer to youngbae’s question would be fall. i love it when they leaves change color, it’s all sooo prettty!

  98. Danng!!!
    The boys look HOTT!!!

    & For YB’s Q.
    My Answer….
    It’s Winter. =)
    I love Winter. The trees look beautiful when there’s snow on it. =D *Referring to Pine Trees
    & That’s when X-Mas is around, also the New Year.
    I just like the coldness and the whiteness of it.

  99. vicky + roro
    i’m serious. temperature here can reach 32-34 degree in mid day.
    haw can Tabi wrap up his body like he usually do in Korea here?
    so that goes 1 thing:
    happy naked party. fufufu…
    (sometimes pervy girl can become so scary)
    of course i’ll welcome u two. if i won’t i think u will come break in my house. kekeke…

    i want him so bad. i never tought i’ll crazy for boy around my age, since i love matured man. but tabi, its just a different case.
    make sure ur room don’t have AC / its broken. so ur baby will strip for u in mo time fufufu…

    NO ONE can resist it. i love ur style.
    especially when u answer Bong question in ‘1 day with BB’
    “i will molest” kekeke…
    i laught so hard, & get stomachache everytime i try thinking to solve that question

  100. OMFG Bongie…glasses….*dies*

    For YB’s question
    I like Spring and Fall because I just love to wear sweatshirts and these two seasons are the perfect time for that. Also because these two seasons are when you see the most changes in nature and its just beautiful to look at.

  101. Vicky

    lol…’human sense’..
    but really… i can honestly say….hes a dork.(Rain)

  102. Oh. My. Goshh. I almost died looking at this picture. I love Marc Jacobs! The boys look sooooooooooooo damnnnnnn goooooooddddd. Especially my boo, Taeyang, cute isn’t he!! And I love GD’s hair like that. TOP’s eyes are so intriguing!

  103. OMG will GD ever stop being the hottest boy on earth. what is it with him? he is so goddamned hot. i wonder what he is really like in real life…somehow, you get to think you know the idols that you love. YB, SR, DS and even TOP seem to be understandable to me…but its GD who is giving me a mysterious vibe…i think hed really be interesting to get to know in real life (I WISH)

  104. did anyone notice that the first pic of GD’s hair shows the right side of his head shaven but in the pic where he is surrounded by fans, he still has the hair on his right side intact??

  105. dudesss
    the third pic…taeyang looks like BI!!!!!!!!!
    just sayin
    but these bois are madddd fineee

  106. bi IS rain. rain’s his american name

  107. I finally know what´s so different aboout TOP this time around!!

    They eyemake-up!! He has none!

    And I sure as hell agree than his style in thiw whole “manly” project, is the worst so far.

  108. @ lanny

    omg i noticed that too! O_O
    how does he do that!!

    at first i thought he shaved one side off.then the other side..then one pic had one side covered with hair o.O
    what the hell? >.<

  109. ^ my head hurts >.<

  110. owww gd caugth my eyes and i cant take them back 😀 and of course yb and tabi is too cute ^.^

    my favorite season is spring because summer too hot and winter too cold in here *.*’ spring too good ohh i miss that weather 😦

  111. Vicky
    lolol. wow. good job woman. i didn’t know you had it in you. 😀
    i worry about seungri’s health, though. fufufufuufuf

  112. nya2
    “happy naked party,” “i love ur style” KEKEKEKE.

  113. roro
    pervy fangirl sometimes becomes so scary hehehe…
    i think if Tabi know what i’m planning,
    he’ll scold me for being pervert

  114. hahahahahahhahaha!!!!!
    finally.. GD’s hair is more ok edi~~ is more nicer edi..

  115. oppa TOPee is sooo HOT…(he’s always hot)

    4 YB Q!!(What is your favorite season)..*wooot woot* it’s the 1st time they ask us easy Q 😉 keke..

    i don’t have 2 think about it…
    sure it’s Winter :)…
    cuz i life in UAE and the other season just like each other soo hot and nothing different except the winter and i love when it rain in winter ..

  116. @ lanny and kiim

    maybe one of the pictures is a mirror reflection? O.o

  117. nya2
    yes. pervy fangirls can definitely be very very scary. :]
    but i don’t think he would scold us if he knew. i think he would become very frightened and run away. or maybe even pass out from fear. but that would be great, because then we could just quickly kidnap him instead of having to chase after him!!

  118. OMG
    They look so HOT!!!
    Its amazing how GD can make a hairstyle like that look hot.
    And TOP is just so charming!!!(*#(&$Y*(&#!!!!
    YB looks so cute with his bowtie^^


  120. well…i think they look awesome in the pics *o* ♥

    TOPie is so cute >__< ♥

  121. They look effin HOT !!!

  122. kyaaah so cute xD
    gd looks hot with those glasses (:

  123. Mr Choi Seung Hyun…you look pale..and yeah,Ji Yong looks good in that sweater..

  124. hahahah my friend just switched from Team Dae Sung to Team TOP after watching Haru Haru XD this pic’ll drive her crazy

    OMONA~ jiyong oppa looks like his cute old self again! it’s like the crazy [smexy] rockstar phase never happened =O

  125. <3<3<3


  126. TOP really looks different…but i love it

    AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH G-Dragon looks so HOOOT!!!!!
    omg i can´t handle this, i think i´m goin crazy
    love him with these glasses <333333333

  127. GD and his glasses!!!
    He looks sooo cute!!!
    And YB eith the hat covering up one of his eyes…
    T.O.P!!!!SO SEXY!!!!!!

  128. they’re all so HOT
    love bong in the green/black sweater ok ok so nice!
    and seeing him wearing glasses reminds me of ty’s ‘look only at me’ MV though~so similar right?
    Damn they’re so hot~~
    especially my toppie~~
    love ty’s cardigan too! =)

  129. ahaha YB, My favorite season
    is Fall & Spring because
    it’s cold but not too cold
    or warm but not to warm =]
    i LOVE G-Dragon and his glasses (:

  130. ahaha YB, My favorite season
    is Fall & Spring because
    it’s cold but not too cold
    or warm but not to warm =]
    i LOVE G-Dragon and his glasses (:

  131. ohh i realized that i forgot to answer ty’s question xD
    i would say that i like winter..
    as i’m staying in malaysia and IT IS SUMMER ALL THE TIME
    soo..i’m looking forward to winter when i get to australia next year! Hahahaha~~
    I want to wear winter clothes so badly!! It’s too hot to wear winter clothes over here~
    thinking of winter, i’m also thinking of WHITE CHRISTMAS! ohh it’s so wonderful~~~

  132. My favourite season is Summer. xD I can get more of ‘Tae Yang’ then.

  133. roro
    u’re more dangerous than me. hahahaha…
    yup, if he knows, it’ll make things easier & done in instant!
    can’t he just love this pervy fangirl & let she do all she want to do with him?
    i mean do “this” & “that”

    i don’t say anything okay?
    just let ur brain work & imagining things fuffufu…

  134. i love winter..the snow falling and all..and also so i can also stay warm with my baby GD!!^_^ i just love that guy..haha

  135. they look fine…i mean F.I.N.E =P

    answer to yb’s q::
    i LOVE winter~~ snow is awesome 🙂

  136. awee GD in glasses is just too cute !
    all of them look so sophisticated but sexy at the same time
    btw does GD actually need glasses tho ? or those r just no percripstion ?

  137. ohh and winter for me !!
    birthday & christmas & snoww

  138. man, seungri, I think you’re hot and all, but ji yong looks SEXXYY!!! x]
    oh, and my answer to youngbae oppa is fall. cause the leaves change colors and starts to get all cold and pretty and stuffs.

  139. nya

    i’ll strip him myself
    self-strippping is NOT as sexy.

  140. roro

    haha don’t worry
    you let me worry about that
    of course i wouldn’t let my man tire in anyway hahaha.. in a good way maybe :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  141. nya

    i think if he know… he’ll run hahahah

  142. roro

    i just read ur “run away” comment
    and apparently, we share the same brain hahahah

  143. nya2
    oh my goodness. DIRTYYYYYYY. D: i think YOU’RE more dangerous kekekekekeke

  144. Vicky
    oh my goodness. YOU’RE DIRTY TOO.

  145. Oh My Gosh.
    I so digg GD`s outfit!

  146. roro
    no, i’m not as dirty as u.
    u win.
    i decided to make u as vicky virus club’s leader. kekeke…

  147. vicky
    u’re illegal. remember it.
    don’t think as dirty as u’re roro unnie. she’s a bad example to child. kekeke…

    don’t strip him urself, it’s no fun!
    believe me, if he strip for u, u’ll gain an extra “emotional benefit” fufufu…

  148. nya

    u and roro are top leader for sure
    whoever wanna join, I’ll make a list haha

  149. nya

    roro unnie, what are we gonna do with you?
    you need to go to church with YB often… wait.. hold on.. that may not be a good idea… hahahaha

    uuhnmm… hahaha i don’t like self-stripping
    i don’t wanna sit there and watch him do it
    i’m a person that like to do things with my hand *wink*

  150. nya2
    LOLL. WHAT. you can’t give vicky tips on molestation and elect me as the leader at the same time. ^^;;

  151. roro
    i don’t give her tips, its just hints! kekeke…
    be happy to achieve this position.
    no one can achieve it, coz u’re so perfect for this position

  152. vicky
    so should i assume that u don’t want this “emotional benefit” & just want that “functional benefit” huh?

    i’m not fit for the position. roro better.

  153. nya

    i’m always up for functional
    i’ll get to the emotional soon enough… trust me hahahahah

  154. vicky
    kekeke… i have nothing to say if its like that ^^
    i want Tabi to do “it” for me, then i’ll get that emotional benefit.
    “hey, he never show his skin to another. now ge strip himself for me. awwwnnn~~~~”
    do u get that feeling?

  155. nya

    let me get some knee pads and bow down to you
    you are officially too… hahahahahahahah

  156. vicky
    kekeke… so u DO get that feeling to right?
    sometimes emotional benefit better that functional benefit

    does that sentences never pop out from ur head?

  157. nya

    uuuhh…never hahahaha
    no surprise there

    why does that boy look sooo fine?

  159. vicky
    i often think like that.
    i don’t want he to do enything he have done to other & do it again with me.
    i want to be exceptional kekeke…

    man, he drive me crazy

  160. ahhhh yb never fails to make me bang my head on the keyboard for being so freking hottt xp i’m gonna find the cardigan! i wil i wil! mybe not marc jacobs cos i’m so broke xp i’ll find sumthg similar. o yes i wil!

  161. to yb’s question >
    aish. malysia. we don hv your four seasons.
    either it rains or it shines.
    i guess i like it when its sunny and breezy.
    like at beaches~
    out of the four seasons u have in korea,
    i luv spring. imagine me and yb during spring riding a bike together eheheh

  162. when top’s eyes are wide open like the one in the pic he looks so much like his sister..

  163. Wow GD looks soo hot!! Green is your color. YB is a cutie here. Haha I like how TOP doesn’t show his upper lip..or doesn’t have one.

    Spring because I feel like everything is being born..happiness and Winter because you stay home relax and wish/hope that there is no school the next day.

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