082808 M Coutndown! Haru Haru Performance and Big Bang winning #1 | Added Pics

August 28, 2008 Mnet M Countdown!


Best of August: #1 BIG BANG

**EDIT: I just added pictures of them during the performance.

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Big Bang’s Haru Haru beat Hyori’s U-GO-GIRl 950 to 929 on M Coutndown! this week, make them Best of August: #1

Dude…. I am so happy like… all the people I love is there, having Chae Yeon unnie my favorite female artist ever present Big Bang, my love, the award… is like… dude.. the happiest thing ever, cuz if it wasn’t for Yeonie I would never discover Big Bang, I love it when YB say “thanks to Chae Yeon nuna” and unnie start get all excited, haha, I love the part where they just zoom into Tabi’s face all of the sudden, the camera man must be on TOP’s Team then huh??? closer look into his flawless skin and his light dimple when he smile, do I spot water in his eyes?? he’s trying to hold back his tears? and I can feel how exicted they are, Bong’s cute waving behind Yeonie, it has been 10 days after their comeback and they already achieve so much, I’m trying hard to not cry then I hear Bong spell my name… V I! There’s even fire works at the end….. everything is just so… ah~ !!

Haru Haru Performance:

Just when I got the new choreography down they change it again.

Thanks to 230님

KEKEKEK!!! HAHA Tabi I love you hahaha. but in a younger sis to oppa kinda way haha. or TOP Team members will rip my head off haha

credit: sportsseoul | Newsen | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on August 28, 2008.

98 Responses to “082808 M Coutndown! Haru Haru Performance and Big Bang winning #1 | Added Pics”

  1. I’m so happy that they won..
    today is my name-day and I feel like this is a kind of gift ^^
    haha go Big Bang!!

  2. yes yes yes its out
    finally i have been waitng for this!!!! woot congrats to the boys!!!

  3. yay thanks! ive been looking everywhere for the encore vid!!!

  4. uh i mean… i was looking for last time’s. but this week is good too!!!!

  5. woooooooooooooooooott!! great job boys!!

  6. ahh they are so cute! congrats bb!!

  7. yayyyyy!! 😀
    i loved the random duracell advertisement at the end. it uh… totally matched the mood of the performance. right. 😉

  8. i love i love i love big bang. i want to see this too. hahahaha!
    but i can’t now because my boss is still here. and i can’t use my computer because youtube is blocked i need to get rid of him first so that i can use his computer later.
    MA BAD BOI really did have misty eyes? huhuhu! i want to see it!

  9. OMG! they won!!!! love love love itt~~
    yayyyy. sorry hyori, BBFTW.

  10. i woke up EARLY in the morning to catch this but
    my tvant didnt work!!!!!
    hic hic hic

  11. roro

    Baby can so replace the pink bunny for the CF
    he’s more hyper than that rabbit

    Really Happy for BIG BANG

  13. Vicky
    oh my. he’s much cuter too. 😀

  14. roro

    I KNOW!
    i would buy battery like crazy if he was on the cover thing rather than that bunny

  15. Vicky
    LOL i can just imagine. ><

  16. roro

    i would spend all my allowance on battery
    i’ll eat if i can but then i’ll die haha


  18. congrats to the boys! : )

  19. Vicky
    omo that sounds REALLY SAD. 😀 i hope seungri appreciates your love for him. kukuku.

  20. ror

    now that i reread it….
    it does sound sad
    i make loving baby look like i have to walk on fire haha

    and he bettuh.. and I’LL MAKE HIM REALIZE… hehe
    same way u did wit Tabi, hahah

  21. … i would buy ANYTHING that has big bang advertising it…

  22. Vicky
    NICE photos. they are so cute. ^^ heheheheh.

  23. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    i’ll eat brocoli happily if their face was printed on the damn plastic bag haha

    … and i’m allergic to brocoli
    it make me throw up if i eat it haha

  24. Vicky

    wow… lmao.
    i’m not really SURE what i’m allergic to…^_^’
    but whatever it is… i’d get it.

  25. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    i use to fake to be sick after eating vegetable so my mom wouldn’t make me eat them
    but turn out the brocoli does it forreal to me
    everytime i smell it i have the need to throw up.

    big bang sells ANTYHING.

  26. oh lord how should i say it?
    first, i realize the video looks blurer than usual
    than my tears drip on my keyboard T.T
    i cry like crazy
    those haru haru memory from their comeback until now turning around like flashback

    no pervy thinking about them this time. serious.
    “they really deserve it”

  27. roro

    that’s all u gotta say about ur beloved husband’s face?
    i’m disappointed haha

    that face doesn’t do anything to you? haha

  28. Vicky

    …if i was as smart as you in MY childhood… i probably would’ve faked being sick after eating ANYTHING i dont like… or at least some things…

  29. nya

    i cried too
    so agreed.
    no pervy business
    only touching conversation now . haha… i can’t type ‘haha’ i gotta tyoe ‘awwwww’ haha.. i did it again.. i can’t help with the ‘haha’

    i love it when Bong spell my name!!

  30. Aww i can hear them saying “thanks to Chae Yeon nuna”
    VIP! Yay! they don’t sound as tired
    DAMN REMIX… Gosh yes they deserve
    gosh and it just came out a week after Hyori’s
    and they WON! YEAHH Big BANG =]
    uhhh i don’t like their pants, it’s
    too short on thems, high-water pants
    but other then that i love big bang

  31. vicky
    i should call u as dong-seng now. hehehe…
    i’m crazy now, with tears in my eyes & smile on my face.
    freaking scary

    hahaha.. congrat to vicky, she got her name spelled by Bong!
    hip hip hurray~~~~

  32. Vicky

    lucky… Bong spelled ur name…. if only there was a way for one of them to shout ‘D-O-T!’…lol

  33. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    i’m a coniving little child
    i must say

    my parents and grandparents force us kids to eat pig’s brain so we can be smart when we grow up
    all my cousin was stupid enough to eat it and cry about it

    shooot with me, first time i eat it, i act like i was about to pass out cuz i can’t breath, my grandparents was so scared they was about to call the ambulance, after that they never force me to eat those crap again when my cousin have to eat it hahahahahaha,

    that crap smell so bad NO WAY am i eating that,
    i already have a good brain, why eat a pig’s???? hahaha

  34. OMG!!!!!
    congrats BB!!!

    they look so cute!!!
    I see TOP was trying not to cry awww….

    Vicky you must feel pretty happy Bong is calling for you
    your husband’s calling for you 😛

  35. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    i’m thankful that my parents name me Vi
    and we are V.I,P
    D.O.T haha Tabi can say that in the future haha you never know.
    it’s sorta like his name spell backward.

  36. Vicky

    …EWWWW!!! PIG’S BRAIN?!?!?! thats….disgusting.
    honestly… i’ve eaten probably the grossest things i’ve ever eaten in my life… but never in my life have i eaten a brain.

  37. Vicky

    yeah… you do have a point…
    but top backwards is pot…lol

  38. dreamandlove

    more than happy!!!!

  39. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    Vietnamese food are BIZARRE!!
    okay… you have no idea

    i once saw my grandpa eating something weird fried,
    so i ask….. wish i never did
    my dad told me it was a pig’s penis…

    and i was like….. ‘i gotta throw up’

  40. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    difference of 1 letter
    maybe if his accent was weird that day he’ll sound like D instead of T
    it’s possible haha

  41. Vicky

    uhh…. can we kinda change the food topic..? i’m eating. -_-‘
    when i went to vietnam… the only viet food i got was those good sandwiches and pho

  42. Wish TOP would say my name at least once
    I would seriously record it and put it as a ringtone hahaha

  43. Vicky

    lol…maybe (hopefully) he will…

  44. nya

    always be my unnie haha
    i have no one call me nuna before
    and i’m scare of that word
    i wdon’t wanna be old hahahaha

    actually they all have spell my name and say it many many time bfore

    because my real birth name is Vi and it pronounce like the letter V too
    so hahah YAY FOR MY PARENTS!! for naming me this!

  45. the last picture
    just like Lies…
    TOP did that hand thinging first..and then when the dance routine changed, all the other members followed him haha~~
    TOP with his trend hand movement thinging~~
    same with GD’s kiss hand in the end~~

    and when they were saying the thank you speech, GD was like waving at the fans and then when Alex turned back to GD, GD was like waving and smiling at Alex hyung~~ so cute but random too~~

    so happy for them!! YAY!!
    hope they won today in music bank~

  46. Ohhh Congrats BB! >.< ♥ TOP is such a cutie :3

    V.I! you must be happy =D hehehe

  47. OMG went i see G-Dragon smile
    & happy i start jumping in have
    a big smile in my face ^^

  48. vicky- can you please put up the download for this? i really want to see it hq.

  49. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    hahaha my bad
    i didn’t know

    well vn have awsome normal food too
    make me miss vn now
    i wanan eat some dry noodle.. they’re amazingly good

  50. ncly

    i think there’s a huge possiblity
    Haru Haru is owning every chart there is

  51. Mariale

    BEYOND happy

  52. awww im so happpy!!!!!! <333333333

  53. congrats to our boys! yay!

  54. 하루 하루 owns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  55. YES!

  56. it’s gr8 to see hw dwn to earth and appriciative they still are when they’re one hell of a big name in the indstry!!!! mst artiste wudn’t even care to thnk their fans. but ,we the vip were more than remembered, we were loved by our oppa!! ^_^

  57. vicky
    hahaha… u’re so lucky
    TOP will never spell my name
    if any members spell my name, thats when miracle happen. kekeke…
    i won’t blame my parents for naming me like this >,<
    but i want BB especially Tabi to say my name.

    it’ll like hearing angel singing kekeke…

  58. vicky
    ups, i do mistake again
    i have heard angel singing
    i mean, angel voice hahaha…

  59. I’m so so so happy for the boys T_____T
    they all look so happy..and the way bong held the award was touching for me I don’t know why..and the fireworks..yea everything is just so ahhhh~~~

    Ok why they changed the choreography again? Just when I’m starting to like the 2nd choreography and planning to learn it, they changed again. now which one am I suppose to learn T___T

    although there are still flaws in their performance, I can’t expect them to be perfect..Now i actually enjoy their live singing =)


  60. vicky
    eh? eh? what?
    pi… pi… pi… pig’s brain? also pig’s p*nis?
    (what does it feel? hoeekk….)
    worst nightmare ever if i eat those thing >,<
    vietnam food… what should i say? unique…(?)

    i’ve eaten pigs tongue, heart, intestines, ear, anything pig have.
    but brain… i NEVER taste that.

    what should i say about u when u’re still kid.
    smart girl. (or maybe naughty)
    btw, brocoli taste good. especially when u stir fry it with oyster suace ^^

  61. Hi Vicky :D. Thanks for informing 😡
    Can I translate it into Vietnamese and post it in bigbangvn.com with full credit??
    I just want to share Big Bang’s information and spread our love for them

  62. you know what though…
    im kinda not as happy as i thought for their comeback.
    i don’t know if its their new “masculine” look or anything, but
    i feel like they are just exhausted, tired, and somewhat irritated.
    i dunno, it feels like they are sadder than their past happy and upbeat performances.

    sounds like im on crack right?

    gawd i PRAY PRAY they don’t collapse. and i hope they don’t overwork themselves.

  63. hmm..maybe they seem like they are tired and irritated cuz
    of the sad song they are singing? idk just guessing but is possible :X

  64. aww congrats boyss 😥 last night i saw that they won an award too in my dream wohoo oww thats mean im medium?? 😮

  65. tinaxxe

    yea I agree with you
    they somewhat seemed irritated
    just now I watched back their comeback performance
    and it was great and awesome, everyone was so energetic
    unlike now, are they getting bored or what T_____T
    sigh, i really hope YG would give the boys a break

  66. awww they win..love them,Jiyong is soo happy and I’m happy too..huhu

  67. yay they won (:
    bigbang is one and only and AWESOME (:

  68. Awww thanks for sharing these awesome and HQ pics ❤ TOP looked as hot as usual, and jiyong too!~#@~!#@~!$#!@ ^_^

  69. COngratz BiG BANG !!
    So happy for your guys !!


    and GD IS SOOOO CUTE AT THE END doing what TOP does “that running thingiewhateverthingitis”

    so happy for them!

    but they sounded soooo tired but still cutee

  71. Vicky

    ooh! i LUV dry noodles!!! *o*

  72. nya

    definately unique
    there is no part of a pig that we left out
    we even eat their blood.
    i actually eat it, it taste decent.

    i’m just a smart kid who know how to lie my way around haha

  73. Jenny Omi

    since i’m vietnamese too
    how can i say no to that?
    haha go ahead!

  74. vicky
    wew… but i’m really interested with this ‘pig brain’ thing kekeke…
    how u cook it? don’t say that u eat it raw ~,~
    what u call it?
    i’m really curious hehehe…

    vienamese eat pig blood >,,<
    those animal seems so poor to me

  75. nya

    i think they steam it
    i saw my mom put them in these slow cooker thing
    and put all these chinese mecidine stuff in there that’s suppose to be “nutricious” so….yea i don’t really wanna know
    it smells like crap.
    and the brain is like.. gray .. white ish gray when it come out
    all soft.. relaly creepy
    i do feel bad for those pigs
    but i’m a meat-aholic
    can’t helpt it haha

  76. vicky
    know what?
    i want to take this pig brain topic for my speaking weekly assingment.kekeke…
    i want to see my classmate face when they hear that.
    i’ll enkoy it so much. kkekeke…
    (i’m such an evil)

    what u call it?

  77. nya

    oh my god haha only you can think of something like that
    well to say it in vietnamese, it’s called “Oc Heo”
    which literally means PIG’S BRAIN.

  78. vicky
    hehehe… its that lecturer fault ^^v
    she told 1 class to save 1 topic to talk about. & she only give 1-2 minutes for each person.
    i find it really make us busy.
    a topis which is interesting & not too long.
    i REALLY want to see my lecturer face when she hear that.

    any picture of it?
    acctually i ever think to search it in wikipedia, kekekke…

  79. nya

    i suggest you should google “oc heo”
    i’m too scare to do it myself
    those thing digguest me
    and i just ate dinner
    s o.. hahah

  80. Vicky

    how do you even stand to look at a thing like it? it sounds horrible…

  81. vicky
    i’ll try it^^
    is it soft like tofu?

    i’ll give a little nightmare to my lecturer for keeping me busy searching for topic.
    evil right?

  82. vicky
    i found it ^^
    that sure digguest me
    hoekkk… eating that…
    eventhough it’s Tabi who’ll feed me “that”, i’ll never eat it

  83. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    haha it is
    i only remember seeing it once or twice
    a long time ago
    and it registered in my memory
    that’s why do’nt wanna look at it again

  84. nya

    uhh….. i saw my cousin eat it with a spoon
    it does feel like tofu
    cut easily

  85. vicky
    uh… i don’t want to eat tofu again until i forgot that

    but thanks, i found really interesting topic for my assingment.
    can’t wait to see her & my classmate reaction.

    she teach us too last semester & i really have no idea to talk about.
    i’ve speak all interesting things i’ve known.
    except BB, kekeke…

  86. nya

    make sure you tell me what happen haha
    i wanna know

  87. i would like to point out that in the video, in 2:55, top said “jiyong ah”

  88. vicky
    of course i will ^^v VI! kekeke…
    i hope she’ll call me.
    if she doesn’t, then i’ll have to wait for next next week

  89. nya

    you can call me Vi if you want
    it’s 3 less letters you have to type haha
    it’s what my friends call me anyway
    Vicky is my internet identity hahahaha

    and if the teacher ask you how you know about them
    you know who it is hahahah

  90. vicky
    kekeke… of course ur name will come out from my mouth.
    they’ll have no idea about tis topic.
    btw, this lecturer allow us to eat snacks / sweets in her class.
    so maybe there is one who’ll get chocked.
    (maybe i should put a warning first)

    i just want to try call u by ur real name.
    but i can consider it as the shortened of ‘vicky’

  91. nya

    haha funny cuz i think of Vicky as an extend version of Vi haha
    well if there is one
    tell them i’m sorry and RIP haha

  92. vicky
    no warning? poor them. kekeke…
    then u should visit me in jail. hahaha…

  93. nya

    i don’t think that’s illegal
    you won’t be in jail haha

  94. vicky
    they’ll accuse me for not giving any warning

  95. wow…GD looks so hot!
    congrats to them.

  96. Yeah go BB!

  97. i love top

  98. I’m so glad Big Bang won.
    I love Haru Haru.
    The MV to it was so sad it made me cry everytime i watched it.
    Seriously. i had tears coming out,
    But its an awesome song.
    It will always be my favourite

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