Daesung in CATS Musical Rehearsal

funny little preview clip of Daesung rehearsing for his CATS Musical, Korean Production.

thanks to hellocatty@soompi for letting me know in her own words:
“I’ve actually seen the musical Cats 4554535 times and own the DVD so when I originally heard the news of Dae Sung being in Cats I started laughing and wondering if the Korean version will be like the original and huzzah! It is! Judging from Dae Sung’s acting I’m pretty sure he will be the role of Rum Tum Tugger which is basically.. the sex cat. He’ll be the cat that all the other little kittens want and it will be pelvic thrusting and waist winding and booty shaking galore. LOL.”

The Rum Tum Tugger is a black tom cat with leopard spots on his chest, and a wild mane. In some Japanese productions, he is white. He is considered the ladies cat, and the rebel of the group. He loves the limelight, while at the same time he enjoys being seen as an individual by separating himself a little from the pack. He may be self-obsessed, but he has great respect for those who deserve it, such as Mr. Mistoffelees. The younger female kittens (Victoria, Etcetera, Electra and Jemima), and even some of the male kittens are in awe of him as well as some of the older queens, especially Bombalurina. He flirts openly with almost every female cat in the filmed version. Demeter does not seem to like him at all. This is shown in the filmed version. During The Awefull Battle Of The Pekes And The Pollicles, he plays the bagpipes. (from wikipedia)

^ does that even sound like DAE? xD haha apparently Daesungie’s gonna play this BAMF cat in the musical, whom all the ladies love & the males envy xD. & it’s soo true! Dae is so provocative in his rehearsal, he’s struttin his stuff with the cute lil tail. xD i can’t wait to see some clips of DAE’s awesome acting & comedic performances



~ by gdluvzmc on August 28, 2008.

41 Responses to “Daesung in CATS Musical Rehearsal”

  1. oww he will be the cutest cat ever i think ^.^

  2. look at that pelvis thrust on e floor. hes sooo cute and HOT!

  3. i agree. the pelvic thrust is cute!!

  4. wow, i didnt know he was in a musical, im not really into CATS at all, but ill watch daedae’s cuts :]]

  5. “the sex cat??!” LOL i don’t know if i can see that happening. i’ll need more proof first. :] but HOLY MOLY daesung is sexy!! 😀
    hmm it’s funny, but the first person that came to mind when i read the wiki entry was JIYONG. LOL.

  6. OMGGG! daesung gonna be the sex cat bahah. sexy 😮 im lovin the pelvic on the floor he did ;D lmao. he looks like he is enjoying his rehersals and having fun ^^ daesung is gonna be the hottest cat im ever going to see -faints-

  7. don’t wanna sound like a perv….
    I just cant stop rewatching that pelvic thrust
    scene on the floor *0*

  8. oh melly! hahaha! too bad my student already stopped studying because she is pregnant so i can’t get pictures of dae from the rehearsal with her brother-in-law. but if i talked to her again i will really ask her to get me some picture during the show.

  9. loll i cnt wait to see itt!!!!

  10. Dae dae makes a cute cat, twisting his tail away! I too wonder with the pelvic thrusting thing n making all those lil kitty cats falling for him…Geez! I wanna watch it!!

  11. LOL =D ❤

  12. Sexiest Cat EveR!!

  13. xDDD

    SEX CAT.

    *thinks perverted thoughts*

    lil dae will be AMAZING in that performance.

  14. Ooh! Dae-dae!!! He will own the show, haha!

  15. OMG.
    Daesung’s pelvic thrusts.
    Just kill me now.

  16. Lols, Ooh DaeDae
    but i can’t wait to see it =]

  17. ororo

    ahahah im with u xD i watched that The Rum Tum Tugger and that role for jiyong or maybe yb, i think xD

  18. omg!! dae!!..he’ll be the sexiest cat ever..haha ^^
    i wanna see the show..^^

  19. im not into CATS but ill
    watch it for him. ahaha
    imagine, all these fangirls
    just to watch it for Dae. x]
    Daesung is sooo sexyy X]]
    pelvic thrusting.. -dirty thoughts-

  20. gosh…this guy knows how to move..that sexy moves, got me caught being a pervert for a mo..haha..aigoo..the fasting month is around the corner, need to control myself..hihi..

  21. awww he looks so cute…i know he’s going to do an awesome job..cant wait!

  22. hahaha dae is so cute…he really do look abit like cat right?
    hahahahahahaa~~omg he is so cute~
    and musical needs alot of practice, for sure dae is gonna be tired T____T
    pls take good care of yourself dae~~~~
    and CATS seems interesting, the song is nice ^^

  23. DAesung playing my favorite charaters in one of my favorite play what else could I ask for.
    Daesung playing a Cat fits(he already looks kinda like one)

  24. WOW o.o doing the sexy moves make me wanna join a musical lmao! haha

  25. lmao and they say the noona’s are crazy about Dae. This is only going to make it worse XD How are we going to survive seeing him act like that? Something tells me Team Dae is going to grow quickly. (dont worry Bongie I’m never switching teams o.-)

  26. o.O?
    he’ll be a SMEXY cat!
    he’s such a goof ball =}

  27. i sure wish i could have DAECAT as my pet 😉 haha! hes too adorable!!!

  28. o0o0o r they gonna sing and act in english?

  29. Dae is sexy!

  30. I can’t watch vids on my phone, but as soon as I get home I’m watching that ! Just by reading the comments I’m gettin all excited yo, lol .

    I love my Daesungie~

  31. BBismyLife

    oooh i don’t know. i thought about it some more and i think daesung will pull off the sexy pretty well, way more than jiyong probably could. :] he’s super buff and funny and loveable. but i don’t know if he can act egotistical enough? taeyang… definitely can’t. but i know jiyong could. FUFU.

  32. kkkyaaaa…i cnt wait for it^^

  33. LoL! sex cat Dae Sung! xDDD! i can’t wait to see it >_<

  34. Yup .

    Sweet baby Jesus that was like soft-core porn to me, best believe I took that one section and put it in Windows Movie Maker and I put it in slow motion and put some sexy music behind it hahahhaa, I think I might post it on Youtube just for the hell of it.

    Either way, I had an e-gasm.

    I love me some Daesung Kang, I WANT SOME MORE~~~~ !!!

  35. whoa! *wipes mouth* dang thats hot, the whole pelvic thrust…..llooolllll dang, can’t wait to see this! thanks for sharing.

  36. I was dying of laughter, watching this. Dae Sung’s just all over the place, thrusting his pelvis. LMAO!

  37. that damn thrusting!0_0

  38. there was an article on allkpop (biased article but it still had info about Daesung’s cat musical).. and yeah he’s definitely gonna be the sex cat. LOL. can’t wait to see it in full action.. lmao XD

  39. haha
    Dae with his tail
    so cute~

  40. hehe… daedae is soo cutee..
    haha.. his PELVIC THRUSTS =)
    lovin his tail btw.. lol

    BIG BANG <33

  41. Get it Dae Sung. He’s going to do GREAT!

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