ELLE tv Big Bang Special Interview

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They all look dead tire, awww… Tabi look like he’s blanking out, I can feel that even though he’s wearing the shade. Bong look tire as heck, dark circle appeared, dude I love his face when he pose, he know what he’s doing. Even our little Dae look tire.aww….. Baby’s dark circle is no doubt the worse out of all of them….. Do you spot the GDAE ACTION?? I DID, and it’s cute, cuz Bong is tire and Baby wasn’t sitting near him. When Baby was leaning back, I think it’s ebcause of the shirt, his head look big for his body haha, crack me up then I saw Bong “feel” Dae’s arm… feel…..

~ by Vicky on August 28, 2008.

58 Responses to “ELLE tv Big Bang Special Interview”

  1. oww poor them how can i sleep comfortable now T.T

  2. haha i just saw this on bbvipz
    xD they all look tired as heck :X looks like GD’s getting “touchy” ^^

  3. aww they all look so drained and tired…this is not the way i like to see Big Bang..havent seen them this bad in a LONG time…i miss the old days where they use to hop and jump around on stage…now even the choreography seems tiring for em….my poor YB is sick *sigh*….

  4. awww. so tiredd… i love any action involving BONGG!~~

  5. just to let you guys no big bang comin to nyc on october 5th =]

  6. oh my goddddddd!!!
    they look so worse then ever.. they’re so tired to even talk! man YG should seriously give them time to rest, rest, resttttttttttttttttttt 😦
    seungri oppa makes me cry just looking at his dark circles. it looks worser than ever at first i was like is that his darcircles or eyeliner (?)

    – anyhow, thankyou for sharing πŸ™‚

  7. LOL GD totally molested Dae’s arm! xD

  8. Aaaaaah, they look so.. tired. ):
    do I see Dae wearing flipflops? ((:

  9. they look soo tired.they have to get a looot of rest! i love the gdae moment. it was so cute, but did you see when they were taking a break suengri and gd were sitting by each other and talking. it was during the photoshoot thing. but when the camera went on again, suengri sat away from gd. i miss Gri together. i also love how tae was on the high seat. i love how he looks like a little kid and his feet dont touch the ground.lol!

  10. AHH

  11. booo they look like zombies. 😦 but daesung looks the most awake, and his eyes are wide open and look the biggest! lol! and seungri was looking almost 16. ❀ such cutie patooties i want to kidnap them.
    i was happy to see top get so much camera time. i love his shadessss he’s so smexy.
    taeyang and jiyong were working it. :] and jiyong was wearing normal clothes for once!!! YAYY!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  12. sweetsorrow

    yea but this is a while ago juding from Bong’s hair
    and this is when they were preparing for their comeback
    so they probably a lil bit better now

  13. maknae_kawaii

    i dont think it’s YG that make them work
    it’s temselves
    these boys would never wanna rest
    they just love to work and work

  14. OMGOSH it is just because of the eyeliner or Seung ri Dark Circle got WORSEEEE?

  15. roro

    his head look so big for his body rite there
    do you notice???

    16? that’s good
    i’ll be 16 in a bit haha

  16. Dee Dee

    I’m pretty sure they didn’t even use eye liner on him
    that’s his dark circle

  17. love Top’s shades…he looks kick ass as always.n GDs outfit.love them all…get sme rest boys!mwaahhhhhhhhh.

  18. ..its so cute that GD realises everything he does will be watched intently by the ViPs and he’s trying to create that moment with Dae.aigooooo…always wanting to do smething silly eventho tired..smack**

  19. TOP looked cute in the last few seconds when TY was talking. His smile was so childish and sweet.
    Haha, SR looks really young here, it’s the shirt.
    When they were showing the photoshoot with them all in black… man, they looked good… toooo good… so much I couldn’t stop fangirling.

    Ah! I think SR looks good in all those darks clothes. The dark look is starting to work on him. Well, the two Seung Hyuns seems to look good with the ‘dark’ look. And maybe it is because of their eyes. TOP has incredible eyes and SR has natural eyeliner. So hehe, it works.

  20. Vicky
    he’s such a cutieee. :]

  21. roro

    remember. tabi is cuter
    keep away from baby! haha

  22. boom i spot Dae in sandals hehe..he’s so cute…that’s the real asian style right there! lol…And GD feeling up on Dae’s arem..woo..are their going to be anymore pictures coming out??

  23. Vicky
    DUDE no problem. i will never forget. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ but seungri is like my lover’s kid brother, right? he can be cute too. ^^

  24. roro

    we both love a dude born with the name “SeungHyun”
    did ya notice that? haha
    no wonder why me u and nya fit so well hahah

  25. aww. their tiredd! ahhh GDAEEE<333!!!!!

  26. Vicky
    LOL. that is a very good observation. i didn’t notice that. i’m so used to calling mangnae “seungri” in my head that i forgot he’s a seunghyun too. ^^;;
    but i guess this is why they’re both so cute. πŸ˜€

  27. roro

    i really wonder if they call him by his real name rather than his stage name at home
    but then they’ll get the 2 mixed up
    but i do think they call seungri and top by their stage name
    since it’s easier to remember, and the name seungri, it sound so cute, it fit baby better than seunghyun.

    do u see the thing going on between those 2?
    they’re so uncomfortable with each other

  28. Vicky
    i dunno. i suppose it’s not so bad since one is the oldest and the other is the youngest. it’s easy to just say seunghyun and hyung right. :]
    they don’t look uncomfortable to me. they definitely don’t seem close but i don’t really think their relationship is strained at all. i always thought of top as withdrawn and seungri as the type to try to be crazy and impress his hyungs. which makes them a little bit awkward, but i’m sure they’re affectionate too. :]

  29. vicky + roro
    hehehe… i never realized that until u say it
    same thing for me. i forgot seungri real name is seung hyun too. hahaha…

    oh, they look so tired, but this is an old video of them right?
    they look better in M!countdown.

    vi, why i think that Bong in that hat looks like a cute little midget from Snow White story?

  30. ahaha X] loving the GDae lovee !
    but i wish i was GD when he rested his head on Dae πŸ™‚
    ahaha yeah, Bong DID molest my hubbies arm xDD
    Baby should get rest! :O
    his dark circles are getting worse. 😦
    they sounded really tired :[
    REST UP! πŸ˜€

    (btw, i got an email from evenful, saying that BB is coming to West Hollywood September 9. is it true?)

  31. Awww they are soo tired
    they’re top quiet
    Yay GD’s back with a beanie…?
    aww GDae,,soo cute
    i wonder what they are saying but
    watching seungri trying to make it
    funny was cute, cuz he kept on
    laughing with =]

  32. roro

    i sense that both of them envy each other in some way
    like Tabi want to dance and sing like Baby
    and Baby wanna rap like Tabi
    cuz everytime they ask the members to sing other member’s solo, baby always pick BIG BOY and Tabi always pick NEXT DAY
    so i think that envious between the 2 is kinda like a wall between them

    they care for each other definately,
    but it’s just uncomfortable when they’re alone
    i know the feeling of that
    it’s hard to be alone with that person if something like that is in between hahah

  33. nya

    i think it’s cuz seungri fit him better than seunghyun, since seungri sound so cute,
    like with YB, barely any fans call him TaeYang, they call him by his real name, YoungBae, maybe because YoungBae sound more like him.

    haha which midget in snow white?
    i have’nt seen that movie in forever and 13 years haha
    so i have no idea

  34. daerin

    someone told me about them coming on NYC on sep. 5 too
    but if something as big as that is gonna happen, i’m pretty sure YG will offcially announce it
    but i haven’t heard anything from them yet
    i’ll be on the look out for that new.

  35. vicky
    all midget use that kind of hat. kekeke…
    that’s way i said u’re bong is always look cute to me.
    not sexy.

    seung hyun & seung ri….
    they just get akward when thay 2 alone.
    that usually happen for cool type man. he just don’t know what to say to his dong-seng ^^

  36. omgggggg! G-Dae momentttt >__<

  37. nya

    Tabi is such a dork when he’s not near a stage
    so i don’t see why
    oh well, it’s a mystery we wil never solve
    we will have to make our husband solve it themselves.

    HEHEHE. you mean the drawfs??
    i was like what midget? hhahahah

  38. GD was like leaning his head on DS’s shoulder yeah…
    he looked really really tired…
    it’s like as if he was gonna faint 😦
    i cracked up when i saw him touching daedae’s arm………
    thats alot of touching hahahha
    and DS was like speechless…staring at GD..
    Poor seung ri, seeing his love keep on flirting with DS..
    it’s ok sr, flirt with TY or TOP haha
    i should fly to where he is now and give him a hug, and a patt on the back.

  39. vicky
    eh? hahaha…
    sorry my english is so bad
    its natural u wont understand it kekeke…

    my brain is like crazy now. hahahha…
    let the 2 be, its okay. we will never understand it.

    for Tabi being a dork, he’s always like a dork to me. but he does that when he’s on Oh my friend stage, jumping around like kid

  40. they all look so exhausted ! ><
    Especially JiYong & SeungRi..and this was before the comeback, imagine how tired they r now !

  41. vicky

    okie ^ ^
    thank you .
    cuz i was spazzing ALOT
    cause i livee soo close ! X]
    i wish they would come. :]
    so Daesung can meet his future wife. xD

  42. ncly

    haha i love that
    “molesting” Dae

  43. nya

    haha so you meant the dwarfs
    now i get what you mean
    i love them dwarfs
    so Bong comepare to them is okay haha

    he can be serious and dorky at the same time
    his eyes is always sexy… except that one time he did the “OMONA” that was scarily cute hahah

  44. HAHAHAHHAHAAHHA I LOved it when the molesting thing happened i was like cracking up ahahahah <3333

  45. vicky
    eh? OMONA? what he have done?
    i’m a late fans of them.
    tell it, i don’t know what my man done?
    have i missed something interesting?

  46. Sigh the boys look really tired..really tired..especially bong T__T
    Please go and rest T____T
    hahaha the gdae moment made me laugh! bong is too cute when he leaned against dae!~~I want to lean on dae’s shoulder too when I feel tire..
    And I was shocked when bong touch dae’s arms..hahaha..~how dare he did this in front of baby!! And again, I wished I was bong, touching dae’s arms..hahahaa
    sorry I’m too desperate. I just love dae’s body xD
    and omg the boys all look effing hot in the photoshoot ok!!
    I can’t stand the hotness anymore T____T

  47. and vicky!

    how could u tell that topie and baby is not close?
    ARGHH~i’m really a late fan so I don’t know about all this..

  48. awww everyone look so tired!! =(
    OMO G-Dae!! hehe first leaning his head on his shoulder, then puts his arm around him, then fixes his watch, then slide…his hand up his arm xD!!!!

  49. GD feeling DAE DAE’s arm was sooo joke! It so cute GD gave him his watch to wear!
    Awww Seungri looks so bad, i mean tired…
    They all look tired. You can so tell by the way GD was acting…

  50. nya

    more like something almost scary
    i was eating at that time and i almost choke and die

    if you watch baby’s manwon haengbok you’ll see it clearer but here’s a side view

  51. newvip

    well if you watch baby’s manwon haengbok
    baby was bringing tabi food on the day he have to shoot “i am sam”
    and bong say that they 2 are uncomfortable with each other, not that they’re not close, but it’s just when they’re alone it get all werid between them haha
    that’s it
    and the members left the 2 alone in the room and those 2 were so uncomfortable it’s hard to watch

  52. vicky
    want to know my reaction after watching that?
    “Buhhhh!!!” kekekeke…
    yup, u can say it scary.but it’s a little cute too

  53. nya

    i’ts cute and scary at the same time.. that’s the thing with his OMONA
    oh my god i still remember the day i saw it for the first time
    thank god I wasn’t drinking anything
    or else the water would flow back down my lung and i’ll die haha

  54. vicky
    hahaha… u take it too hyper.
    kekeke… that’s what u got on look down on Tabi

  55. nya

    i never know
    now that i do.. oh god

  56. vicky
    u don’t have aclue how devil my face turn out now

  57. nya

    i think i do hahaha

  58. Poor boys..get some sleep PLEASE!

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