Big Bang Music Bank Comeback

BIGBANGS MUSICBANK COMEBACK! okay its kinda late for them to comeback lol but Its all good! MORE to love! yay!!!

Top & Hyori Mcing

(did this killed any of ya tori fans? lol) i find this soo cute! top and hyori teeheehee

haru haru perfromance

Credits to CHAUCNN AT YOUTUBE & S@bbvipz


ahh its kinda of late! 4:23 AM for me in California! lol most of the time i do stay up and chat with my lovely ivips while we watch bigbang stuff. hahaha. yes indeeed the boys did change the dance one again. more for me to learn haha but its pretty cute! i think. less of teh one leg hop and the hand banging and stomping change. but i seriously LOVE the FIRST comeback dance more. ;] JUST me tho hahha okay i hope ya enjoy this comeback.!



~ by Winnie Chu on August 29, 2008.

61 Responses to “Big Bang Music Bank Comeback”

  1. Hehehehe………I can see some sparks flying.

    Seriously, they would make a good couple. TOP likes older women anyways…

  2. nawww how cute is TOP !!

  3. This performance is good =)
    everyone was freaking high
    fighting bb!

  4. TOP, i seriously miss ur MCing….
    when u MC u seriously shine!!
    so this chance to c u MC again was ❤

    LOVE YOu

  6. so sad
    they didn’t win the award in the end
    Seo Ta Ji won..
    but i’m SO happy that they got over 10 000 votes hehe~~
    3 weeks combined together and yeah~~

  7. poor TOP.i think he’s sick coz his voice is kinda hoarse.

  8. and the clip of Big Bang waiting for the result to come out hehe
    they look happy for Seo Ta Ji hehe

  9. I CRY I CRY! yo ma man don’t say goodbye…
    i will love them forever.
    big bang fighting!

  10. does anyone know..that we GD got hit by eggs..

  11. brokenfruit

    eggs?? why.. where.. when?? really??

  12. BBismyLife

    i dont know when where why or whatever…
    but i heard that ANTIs did it (of course)
    i just saw a post somewhere on this site..and then i searched on daum and there were a few blogs on it..
    so i think its true.

  13. brokenfruit

    oww i hate the one who did this!! i wanna kill that jerk!!! this is too unfair they are cant rest and work hard then a jerk came and do a stupid thing… owww i hope he wont be sad for that 😦 how a bad person wanna do that to this cutest boy!!! i hate u ..u little… thnx to much for said this 😦 but im so angry…

  14. BBismyLife

    did u notice that gd isnt really..smiling inthis performance…
    im thinking its cuz of that..

  15. OMG is it true? how can anyone do that to our GD??? Anti-fan??? it goes too far. What did he do wrong to deserve that? Seriously …. it’s not true please please. I’m so shock

  16. brokenfruit

    yeah i notice and i think in the end of the song he didnt do rigth his part :(….>:( that jerk if i can do i will…

  17. brokenfruit:
    but he was smiling alot when they were looking at the final results in the end….
    i don’t know..
    but he really got hit?..
    i bet it’s gonna be in the news then..
    poor GD…

  18. top is looking spiffy as ever with that neon yellow tie and his DISCO-esque suit

    and with the eggs thing: POOR GD :[
    but he’s a man

  19. Yah I have just watched the encore, when they announced the result, I saw GD smiled. He seemed … normal. I feel relieve a bit.

  20. i hope he wont care 😦

  21. here’s the link to the issue of GD getting hit by eggs
    but then people
    were just saying that it’s a RUMOUR…like most of the VIPs that commented there
    so yeah..
    i still hope it’s not true..,

  22. oh and credit to my friend for that link..hehe

  23. oww i hope its not true too ^.^

  24. ncly

    it says that the post has been deleted..
    hope it isnt true and its just a rumor..
    but i was suddenly hearing all these things like..he use to eat sleeping pills..and he went through depression..
    and that someone threw raw eggs at him..

  25. aawwnn…
    two seung hyun in the end doing that kiss lips!
    just like there’s double shoots to my head ^^

  26. brokenfruit
    that was what my korean friend told me too
    like he was
    commenting on his friend’s homepage
    “hey sleeping pill isn’t working on me…..HELP ME!!”

    and then there was a rumour of him asking his sister hows her work, and then he said” sister, i’m i dirty…”…

    it’s SO SCARY now..
    i’m very very worried …
    just hope he’s fine..
    just hope all of them are rumours…
    freakin life…
    i just hope people leave GD alone 😦

  27. brokenfruit

    that like i cant breathe, i cant live…thats too hurt…im in pain and pain….depression?? ohh i dont wanna live now 😦

  28. ncly

    but they said that the sleeping pill thing was ..probably during the “lies” days..

  29. BBismyLife

    haha gd was the one in depression..not you lol
    i think everything is alright..
    until the whole egg thing..IF it is true though…

  30. loveeee Tempo!! ever noticed how his face features change according to his’s like a chameleon.seriously.
    and abt the GD incident…if its true then i feel sad for k pop industry and hardworking artists like our boys.its because of crazy obsessive fans(-stydying artists for wat they wear&how they look!) that everything turns ugly while the music scene is going great.all like the recent SM’s dream concert.(ok wouldn’t want to go in detail abt that.u knw y) Thank god vIps are civilised ppl with genuine admiration for BB & their talent.lets remain like that.and tsk tsk its so obvious that GD’s charm brings a lot of jealously among guys n other fan club members alike….but ppl leave our boys alone!!just appreciate the music that so many artists in your country(k of course) have to offer..!!Go Big bang!!

  31. it was a good performance, but personally, i feel like the performaces dont have the spark they used too..either they’re extremely tired or they seem a bit depressed..i guess the theme of the song may contribute to the mood, but “lies” was a melodramatic song too, and yet they seemed so happy while performing, now all i see is them trying to push through the song, everyone seems kinda sad, not that raw energy u get from seeing a BB performance…i hope the anti’s aren’t getting too GD (or any of the other members) too much…if GD is depressed (which i pray to god he isnt), im sure it affects each of the other members…..

  32. brokenfruit

    but if gd in depression so i am 😦 gd oppa and bb my everything oww if i can do anything that jerk i will be too happy of course if its true …

  33. to hear such rumours about GD it’s very heartbreaking ):

  34. brokenfruit
    i don’t know about when the sleeping pill rumour happened..
    but i just know that lots of people are talking about that now..
    which is weird hehe….
    oh well
    there’s no news about this..
    so i just hope everything’s gonna be fine…
    i’m praying for everything to be fine..
    and i think
    if GD’s depress these days..he would ask YG for a little break or something…..he should…even if he doesn’t

  35. ncly

    i think..this all happened after..
    gd wore that shirt to the 20 choice..

    and then they started to point out the rated R shirts that he wore..
    and then these rumors ….started to spread….

  36. BBismyLife


    dont be sad,
    you’re not even 100% sure if it is true ^^
    all pray for him ^^
    and hope it isnt true ^^

  37. brokenfruit
    have to agree with you about that…..
    now everywhere i go ..
    i can see people adding the “69” and “f*ck you too” to their comments about GD…
    after the mnet 20’s choices..
    BAM…all the stuff happend to GD…
    oh poor him…wat am i gonna do now…

  38. i pray pray pray pray for him and i hope hope hope hope thats not true!!!…

  39. fuk it!!its making me so angry!!baseless rumours and even if its true! ppl can be soo petty!! GDs too young for depression and shit like that.these boys are overworked and if any body has a rumour to share then pls do ur homework well and come up with a solid proof before making it a topic of discussion!GD needs loveee!!

  40. Are you serious? Eggs? For wearing a freaken t-shirt? I mean come on, you only throw eggs when someone does something really evil like murder!!! Gah, can anyone confirm this?

    First eggs then depression? God I feel like I can’t breathe.

    :wraps a blanket around GD:

    All the boys work too hard. He doesn’t deserve this! T_T

  41. same here…brokenfruit!! pls share your source with us!!

  42. aww they look sad and tired aishh get more sleep you guys!:/ the egg thing reminds me of goong but don’t let it get in the way gd! you got us! VIPS ❤ that support you guys all the way! we love youu guys!

  43. love when TOP and Hyori MCed…
    they look really cute…

    the boys’ performance was great!

  44. awwww TOP looks kinda shy-ish with the hyorish xD haha (kay bad joke >.>)
    the fan dude made me laugh though, yelling && trying to get her attention xD

  45. awww.the GD news kind of scared me a bit…hope its not true!
    i cant stand people in depression modes >.< its just way too hard to see….

  46. OMG TOP looks HOT!
    Wow, Hyori is SOO LUCKY
    first Family Outing with
    DaeSung&G-Dragon, then with
    TOP..who next?
    REMIX!! =]

  47. Awesome as always!!!
    TOP looked so cute as MC 🙂

    They seem kinda tired >.<

    and about GD getting hit by eggs I really really really hope it’s not true 😦

  48. awww. i know how much TOPlikes hyori unni~~
    they both have crushes on each other too XD

  49. Evil antis .
    just breaks my heart ):

  50. oh how they have changed

    SR: his dark circles are getting worse. he has bangs now!
    YB: he doesn’t wear his hat anymore
    TOP: no sunglasses?
    GD: well… he always changes.
    DS: his…it’s more edgy.

  51. poor GD.this news is depressing me.i feel like crying.

  52. oh god. throwing eggs?
    how friggin insane is that?! thats completely inhumane..
    i sincerely hope that its just a rumor,
    because if its true I AM GOING TO KOREA TO HUNT THOSE PPL DOWN!

  53. i love how they kinda remixed the song^^they so hot!!

  54. they’re cute ^^ and TOP smexy in that black suit *o*

  55. I read about this in the morning, but I can’t help
    but to comment now

    The mere thought of GD having ANYTHING thrown at him
    just breaks my heart, really.
    How could anyone be so disrespectful?
    I feel like crying.

    Let’s hope this is just a rumor.

  56. Eden loves Top & GD

    erm..i dont really have a specific source,
    since it isnt anything comfirmed and more likely to be a rumor, it is only from blog posts and comments, nothing official..

  57. :[ someone threw eggs? that would make me cry. it’s one thing to dislike someone, but to throw eggs? and at GD??? wth? that’s messed up

  58. WTF? NO WAY! he can wear anything he wants! throwing eggs? thats just damn evil! if this is TRUE, i’ll personally kick their asses! They can say anything they want but hurting them physically is going out of LINE! no hurts those boy!

  59. I meant No one hurts THEM!

  60. Wow, Top looks so hot!
    And so does GD in the performance.

  61. Wait what happened?? When was this?? TOP hotie. ”Bang em”

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