Download: 08.28.08 M Coutndown! 08.29.08 KBS Music Bank | Music Core | Music Bank Pictures


DO YOU THINK YB FIT PERFECTLY AS THE REPAIR MAN IN THE OH MY FRIEND MV? doesn’t count the whole skateboarding in wife beater thing haha.. but anyway. IF YOU THINK HE WAS PERFECT FOR THAT ROLE. VOTE FOR HIM HERE!!!!!!!! HE’S CURRENTLY #3!!!

Which K-pop star best portrayed his/her role in his/her music video?

08.28.08 M Coutndown!
Big Bang: Haru Haru Performance | Winning #1 and Encore
328 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


08.29.08 KBS Music Bank
TOP MC Cut with Hyori | Haru Haru Performance | K-Chart Ranking
216 MB

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As always, HQ for you to enjoy, thanks to YG공습경보님.

And what’s under here??? uuhh.. lemme see, Bong and Tabi’s happy face when they won, I personally love Mr. Choi’s face here more, sorry Bong, but when it come to excited facial expression, Tabi got it DOWN. Then after that, Baby got bored and doing the CUTEST thing on top of that piano, and stop thinking what you’re thinking, he’s still illegal, that’s not it. Then Bong looking oh so sexy wihtout doing anything… LIKE SERIOUSLY… doing NOTHING, but wearing a yellow tank…….. those glasses… gah~~~~~~~~

He’s showing that he’s happy, but still keep his cool, haha, is it just me or this pic make his ears look huge?

He definately look happy.

OH MY GOD, I squeal forreal, like OUT LOUD when I saw this, how adorable can he be???

SEE SEE??? I TOLD YOU!!!! !!!!!!! Those of you who don’t believe me, literally DOING NOTHING, yet I just wanna jump him. oh so sexy.


I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Esepcially Baby, though he’s only wearing white.. but dang…………. I LOVE IT!!

credit 알테님 | 피플큰승님 | bigbangpop | imbc

~ by Vicky on August 29, 2008.

83 Responses to “Download: 08.28.08 M Coutndown! 08.29.08 KBS Music Bank | Music Core | Music Bank Pictures”

  1. oh…mye…gahdd..
    so gorgeous!
    in one pic, you can kinda see daedae’s chest muscles! XD

  2. BBFTW.

    i just went up right away to see what you were talking about.. cuz uh… it involve chest hahaa
    and i saw that
    the one with Bong standing in the middle and Dae on the side with that face?

  3. ahhh, this performance is *love*
    haha, they are so sexy and all… TOO much sexyness i could say XD
    [btw, i love his hairstyle, when i saw him i couldn’t believe that he did it xD 2 years ago i had same hairstyle as he has now xD]

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! the photos are so candid yet they manage to look so darnnn sexayyy!! haha Tempo’s like “wot wot u wan a piece of me!”haha sorry no innuendos.and GD always looks good in Buddy Holly though hun u should eat well n put on weight.but ur cool.and Sri.kawaiii!!Dae looks good on checks.Tae…oh my coke??lovin it.actually m loving their new controlled retro-mod style.very classy.mwahh mwah love u much.^^

  5. I’m seriously putting my face so close to the computer screen I feel my eyes burning I don’t have my contacs on so I’m having a lot of trouble hahaha
    I don’t know how I’m going to be able to concentrate on school next week just thinking that there might be new bb pics posted here waiting for me 😦
    I don’t know how you manage Vicky

  6. uh..
    famous YBs shirt..
    at TaeYangCity girls already noticed “oh my coke, kate moss fan” on YBs shirt..
    another dress-scandal?
    I hope not..

  7. vicky,
    yeah its like the 9th picture down >.<
    i saw it and had to gasp for air.

  8. pat // aha yea we saw the pic at TYC yesterday…”oh my coke” is my new phrase of the week LOLZ….

  9. ^ just realized that what i said may have another meaning…not like that people! lolz…i just think its funny he has a shirt like that…just like the “boom di boom di” thing…okay im going to stop talking now lolz

  10. OMG what’s up with TY and his shirts?
    first it was “crackhead” now it’s “coke”? hahahhaha. JK JK. i wonder if he knows what it means. hahaha.

    anyways, these pics are so cute.
    especially that one of GD doing nothing but looking hot in that yellow/goldish and black loose tank. OMG so GOOD LOOKIN!

  11. dreamandlove

    what can you do you know.
    you know that thing is waiting for you at home so it’ll make the day go by faster
    it’s already 2 weeks of school for me
    fly by like that

  12. BBFTW.

    i spot colar bone too

    … i have a obsession with collar bone

  13. i notice that oh my coke too
    i was cracking up at that

  14. and coke can mean a soda too
    not necessaarily.. haha

  15. Thank you
    OMG they look HOT
    ahaha yea i noticed
    “Oh My Coke”
    Damn YB likes wearing
    those type of t-shirts
    CONGRATS Big Bang

  16. maybe but I get the feeling it sis going to be hard for me 😛

    anyways thanx for the pics!!!
    my sister was here next to me laughing because I was burning my eyes trying to look at the screen but it’s sooo worth it
    even though I do have to say I look like a perv XD

  17. collarbones are hott…
    i just noticed in the second pic, it looks like TOPs grabbing his crotch >.<

  18. BBFTW.

    oh my god
    i was focusing too much on his face i didn’t notice that

  19. vicky,
    i know its pretty unnoticeable, it was my 4th time looking at it when i realized…

  20. YB’s shirt is funny..hahaha..
    and that first pic of TOP is funny too..not to sound mean or anything but it looks like he was either trying to hard or wasn’t sure which side of him he wanted to show the audience..tough or funny side..hahaha..
    i still love you TOP!!!
    and damn!! you’re right..GD doesn’t have to do anything, he’s just straight up sexy! man..

  21. Youngbae’s shirt O.O Oh my coke,
    Lately they have been making some interesting fashion choices.
    Is It just me or does in one of those picture YB actually looks like an angel because of the lights in the back.
    And daesung Looks kinda like an oddball because his shirt isn’t white.
    Well anyways very cute 🙂

  22. oh my coke? o.O

  23. Yesterday when i saw those pics, i notice the “”Oh My Coke” saying on Tae’s shirt, i totally LOL. Its a Kate Moss’s shirt. 😀 Baby got some taste 😀

    Cant wait for till it aires tonite 😀

    Random question

    does Dae have a fanclub??? not counting myspace or facebook. like korean fanclubs. if not i’m think of making a forum for him 😀

  24. BBFTW.

    ehmm.. good eye


  26. LOOOL! My sister went crazy with SeungRi picture xDDD! thanx Vicky ^^

  27. omgg jiyongiee looks so hotttt xDD <33
    m hes soo happy he won i hope this winning will be like “Lies”
    cuz je composed that song n took the korean music by a storm xDD jiyongiee is soo talented xDDD

  28. GOD
    that’s hot
    and seung ri looks so cute in that pic!
    thx for posting

  29. OH MY GOD!!!

  30. hahaha already voted!!!:P
    I can’t believe Soo-young is winning

  31. HECK YES!!! to answer you, he definitely fit that role..
    so hot..

  32. XD

  33. vicky
    our repairman is number 2 now ^^

    u want to kill my internet billing?its over already >,<
    all of this HQ! OMG!
    Tabi face really happy… nothing can replace it
    feel like in the heaven…
    ur Baby is too cute
    & ur Bong just make a coll sexy man pose there

  34. anyone????


  35. vicky, hahahahhaa. i know it could mean a soda too…but the lady/person on his shirt is having like a nose bleed or something. kekeke.

    anyways, i just thought it was funny.

  36. nya

    what happen to ur internet?
    of course MY Baby is cute hahah

  37. nya

    uploaded it on my LJ community
    it’s softsub, you can play it with GOM player

    it’s a must watch

  38. janie

    have you seen anybody drink soda until their nose bleed?
    i have, my ADD of a sister hahah

  39. vicky
    over quota. hehehe…
    internet here is quite expensive.
    thanks to all this download stuff. but i enjoy it ^^

    i definiyrly will download it next month! i want to see it
    (slow down, its only 2 days again until septemner)

  40. Thank a lot for Pics and follow for download heehee..^^

  41. nya

    they charge you by how much you use it?
    that’s retarded
    with us we pay the same amoutn each month and use it whenever we want

  42. Vicky

    thats the same here too…

  43. vicky
    about US$22 per month for 50 hours use T.T
    & US$82 for unlimited access
    thats common thing here.
    since i don’t live in our country capital its expensive.
    in our capital they only have to pay for US$11 for unlimited access

  44. ah thanks for the HQ vid!!
    and toppie’s ears are always huge ok hahahaha
    he’s so cute~~~
    the expression of him is just too cute
    and baby too!~

  45. I totally agree with the photo which GD doing absolutely nothing but still looking so fine >”< With those glasses, GD look sexy then ever!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  46. seungri looks HOT. man it’s still so illegal. haha.

  47. nya

    ah~ well over here we pay like over $100 for both cable and internet, they’re from the same company
    so it’s about the same

  48. jen

    yes yes my friend
    still illegal

  49. AWWWW SR is TOO CUTE!!!!! I know that SR looks GREAT in black, but now that i saw these pictures, OMG SO GORGEOUS He just make white my favourite colour<3!!!

  50. vicky
    yea, but u live in US. u use $
    in our currency it considered expensive coz it nearly reach 1 million. T.T

    high class society will find it no problem, but for me who only in middle class, over quota is like hell

  51. Appart from TY, everyone is wearing crappy stuff.
    I really mean it!

  52. HOT! HOT! HOT!
    Why does they look so freking SEXY?!
    I’m melting just seeing them!!

  53. oww that makes me too happy ^.^ gd looks so happy ^.^ owww today is awesome ^.^

  54. nya

    ah~ i see
    that’s such a pain to just use the internet

  55. vicky
    but without internet, i’ll never find BB.
    so, if its for BB sake, i’ll use it without second think.

  56. nya

    yup yup
    i get to frustrated when I freaking cant use the internet
    it’s annoying

  57. 꺄아악 ! 지용이 오빠 ! ㅅㄹㅎ♥

  58. wait vote for what?
    link please?

  59. oh haha nvm, i found it XD

  60. BBFTW.

    vote for YB
    I put the link on the orange text

  61. yay! i voted like 4 times and got him to #1!!
    yay taeyang opa!!

  62. vicky
    yup. if i can’t use internet, i’ll run for my cellphone.
    although sometimes it hardly work
    nothing can stop me to get BB information

  63. BBFTW.

    he deserve to be #1 with all that sweat he have for the reparing hahaha

  64. nya

    that is right!!!
    I’m still trying to win my internet connection on my blackberry back
    my dad cut it a while back when i went overboard, i thought he was gonna kill me right there in the phone store thing
    i’m trying to be the good daughter and hopefully i’ll get it back soon

  65. vicky
    id totally let him fix my car~ if i had one..
    hottest repairman ive ever seen!

  66. vicky
    hahaha.. better be careful. just be a good daughter & do everything to please ur dad.

    but i never overcome my cellphone bill. just internet bill.
    i don’t really like to type SMS with my friend,
    i always go straight to phone & call
    them. maybe thats why my cellphone bill not that high.

  67. BBFTW.

    haha my friend say that if he really was a repairman, she would break every electricla appliance in her house haha

  68. nya

    the only person who call me is my dad
    nobody call me
    i like texting better than calling
    i hate talking on the phone

  69. vicky
    then u mean i just like ur ‘dad’?
    its a habit of mine. can’t help it.
    SMS to my friend just take a lot of time for them to answer.
    sometimes its urgent & they don’t really answer me.
    (strange thing is all my friend share that same ‘sickness’)
    so i just go straight to call them.
    so they won’t have any excuse for delaying their SMS back

  70. vicky, LMAO. sorry never seen that happened before. hahahaha. but the thought is funny.

  71. nya

    whenever someone call me i’ll be like
    “hello? text me”
    then i hang up
    that’s how it is hahah

  72. janie

    not really when you’re sitting next ot her and you’re wearing white… a shirt i would never get back

  73. ok first off I SO AGREE WITH THAT PIC OF BONGIE!!! Dear god he can just stand there and god. Does he know what he does to us? like seriously. And Seungri in his second individual pic is like “Yea biotches. I’m the man.” OMG too damn cute and hes still freaking jailbait >.<

  74. vicky
    no, i won’t call their cellphone.
    i’ll call their home first, if i can’t find them,
    then i’ll call their cellphone.

    all my friend have the same ‘illness’
    they won’t reply any text messages that they consider as ‘not important’
    sometimes really pissed me off.
    i ask them about assingment stuff & they don’t care.

    but if they boyfriend send any messages for them, they’ll answer back in an instant. i think it’ll just take about 1 minutes.

    guess boyfriend vs 8 years friend, boyfriend wins huh?

  75. nya

    haha you know ppl in love
    what can you do?

  76. vicky
    love make her blind, i care less.
    if something happens with her ‘love story’, then she’ll busy searching for me. hahhh….

    vi, i just woke up at the morning & i get that damn phone call
    one of my friend called me, asking what i’m doing
    so i answered her, “i’m doing my routine. checking of the usual website.”
    “oh ur idol. the one who looks like HORSE” (she means Tabi)
    so suddendly these fire are burning. my man & horse?
    either one or both of ur optical nerve are broken!
    then she ask again if i could go out with my gang.
    we usually go out together with their boyfriends.
    so i just backfire her
    “oh ur man. the one who looks like FROG. sorry i can’t i’m busy now.” & i hang up.

    i dont want to bad talk about m friends but there’s a part of her that i dislike.
    insulting my man & no mercy upon ur man too.
    he have name! not that she don’t know Tabi’s name

    what do u think?

  77. nya

    well she mostly was messing around
    so you shouldn’t take it too seriously
    but calling Tabi a horse is abit…eh~
    so r u 2 fighting now?

  78. vicky
    no. its not her first time she call tabi ‘that’.
    i;m not fighting with her, i know its useless.
    i don’t know which eyes of her that see tabi look like ‘that’

    i just don’t like her bad mouth someone she don’t know.
    she easyly bad mouth someone & i know her habit.
    but sometimes i can’t stand her.
    she also said Bong look like Luffy from One Piece.
    she mean Bong eyeliner.
    well, it do look similiar, but Bong face are not as idiot as Luffy’s. (sorry for luffy fans)

  79. HOTTTTTT! theyre all so freaking hot
    i love gdragons hair like that and top needs to stop getting hotter omg
    but hollllyyy seungri, i saw the pic of him just standing there and pretty much died.
    sooo happy hes older than me or id feel rly bad about saying that ahah

  80. i think sr’s tired sitting on the piano

    Why does GD look so hot?

    Aww…SR’s so cute.

  82. where can i buy the coke t-shirt?

  83. Wow these boys have cute face expressions. ❤

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