GDragon to perform ‘DISCO Part 2″ with Um Jung Hwa

Dragon to perform ‘DISCO Part 2″ with Um Jung Hwa

Big Bang GDragon will be performing on stage together and give support for seonbae Um Jung Hwa, just like fellow member TOP did.

GDragon will appear on SBS Inkigayo on 31st August and perform for the first time “DISCO part 2″ with Um Jung Hwa. He will participate in the performance for the featured rap.

YG Entertainment said, ” TOP and GDragon are both rap singers with different individuality and styles. ‘DISCO part 2′ will give out a new feel and charm, just like any other Um Jung Hwa’s song.”

‘DISCO’ is a sampling song from Delegation’s ‘Heartache #9″. And “DISCO Part 2″ will be reborn as a completely different song.

On another hand, Um Jung Hwa’s “DISCO Part 2″ will be released as a digital single online on 1st September.




~ by Keriann on August 29, 2008.

32 Responses to “GDragon to perform ‘DISCO Part 2″ with Um Jung Hwa”

  1. wat really woo hoo i so wanna see i cannot wait to see them perf!!!

  2. gd is so cute in that pic..i feel like pinching his cheeks and kis him all over…
    i bet it will be number one in cy again…

  3. haha YG just LOVESSSSS to make part 2s these days huh..

  4. ahh gd is so cute x3 ~

  5. wahhhhhhh :’D
    looking forward to it~~~

  6. cool, i liked part 1, hope part 2 is just as good… that pic of GD is uber adorable…kinda miss those days, you can tell im not a fan of his current fashion
    *hides and runs from cover from GD fans* lol

  7. sounds interesting

  8. wah~~
    that sounds cool
    hope that there will be no comparison again

  9. oh~~Instead of “Disco prt 2”, why not performing “Party prt 1″????I mean…” Disco ” is a great song but I happen to love ” Party ” more!!!!Chorus of the song is catchy, not to mension the rap prt from our leader—GD!!!!!!!OH~~plz perform Party someother time,k???plz~!

  10. can hardly wait!!

  11. looking forward to it..!!

  12. wait for GD 😉

    reminds me of “look only at me P2”
    rily wanna listen to the unpublished versions prepared by GD…


  13. ilene:
    oooh yea. though im SUPER excited for ‘disco part 2’,
    they should have totally promoted ‘party’ instead!
    that song’s AWESOME!

    haha they’d be competing against haru haru for the top spot, so its pretty much a win-win situation =)

  14. So looking forward to it!

    I really can’t wait till GD releases his solo album, but that’s a whole different story.

  15. oh yay cant wait!
    but could it possobly somehow happen another time?
    since big bang has their own stuff to worry about and do…
    but anyway “disco part 2” is kinda of a weird name?
    if its a completely different song then rename it to its own :X

  16. MOMO

    i thnk i like the first version of look only at me better than the second…

  17. OMG really?
    Damn G-Dragon gets part 2 again
    Cool, i can’t wait to hear it =]

  18. whoa..i’ve been hearing a lot of Part twos from YG
    but im looking forward to it!!
    i just hope GD wont have a part 2 in daesung’s musical too..cause that’ll be kinda sad for daesung..

  19. OMG thats so cool!
    cant waitt to hear it!~
    i wonder what he’ll wear..sth smexi of couse :]]]

  20. I miss that bowl cut 😉
    ha I’m excitedd yoo

  21. LOL
    Lets see who the best,,
    TOP or GD

  22. LOL [: i notice that GD likes being in “part 2” stuff ;P
    like only look at me PART TWO
    and now DISCO PART TWO
    i cant wait 😛

  23. omfg i hate UJH she sux man. i feel bad for GD and Top
    rofl i wonder who does better


  25. yay! i like DISCO and now DISCO Part2! i can’t wait >_<

  26. im soo waiting for this cuz jiyongiee is in it xDD he is soo cute in that pic with the bowlcut n his smile <333


  28. Part 2 no way! Can’t wait. GD going to do great!

  29. yayy its tomorow! cant waitt!
    so glad theres no school for me monday!

  30. isnt it supposed to come out already?

  31. ^yeah, it’s out. check the top post =]

  32. I haven’t heard it yet but I bet its great! Going to check it out right now.

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