lol YB’s cute. not only is he shy in person, but he’s shy on paper too, asking all these random, cute questions. favorite seasons & favorite places to visit.

*taken from ygbigbang.com


^ it pertains to the previous question he asked, “WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?” so i’m guessing as in vacation, or wherever you’d like to travel or visit… many vipz answered: to go to a ski resort, etc. & the smart ones said: to go see you… (in concert lol)

i don’t have a favorite season. as long as things aren’t too hot & aren’t too cold. but the places that top my list, mister youngbae, is KOREA! to taste the culture, touch the things you touch, see the things you see, visit the places you take for granted, cuz everything is different whether you notice it or not.

i’d also like to go backpacking all over europe; hawaii; australia… & where ever floats my boat. i will trek the globe before i die. that’s fosho. jiyongie, come with me 🙂



~ by gdluvzmc on August 29, 2008.

49 Responses to “YB ASKS #3”


  2. I would love to go to Korea =)

  3. hey YB, if youre asking for our opinion because you’re indecisive,
    COME TO L.A.!!!!

    perfect weather all year round!!!!!

  4. dont forget to bring your hot friends while youre at it.

  5. YB…. pleaseeee… how do you think? xD Korea? oh yes yes

  6. why do he ask such a strange question?
    can’t he just ask “Pat, when you will come to me?” xDDD

  7. i wanna visit korea…2 be with u guys ;)..
    and sure i wanna go anywhere with u BB 🙂 …

  8. i wanna go to where my dad was born: Seoul.
    just to be in the same COUNTRY as big bang~
    lol if i achieve only that in my life, ill be estatic. :]

    so i can wear those adorable winter clothes
    and see adorable korean guys in adorable winter clothes
    and go on adorable winter dates with them in our adorable winter clothes
    adn do adorable witner stuff like drink hot chocolate and ice skate and hug each other to keep warm
    *goes off dreaming*

  10. Obviously I’ll be the smart one hahahaha
    My answer for the fav season is winter and of course I WANNA KICK MY BUTT TO KOREA TO SEE BIG BANG
    hahahaa~I day dream everyday that I go Korea to see them..I seriously don’t know when the day would come T_____T
    sigh why am I feeling sad T_______T
    I wanna watch their concert so badly T_____T
    and if I managed to visit Korea and get to see the boys during winter, I’d gone crazy…
    Although winter is not a good season for ty and dae to show off their buffness, well..i don’t really mind..HAHAHAHAH
    they look effin hot in winter clothes too xDD
    and I’d go and give my toppie a HUG to to keep him warm..
    hahaha it’s not even bed time yet I’m starting to dream..

  11. YOUNG BAEEE!!!!
    You kill me with everything that you do!!
    let me see..my answer to the previous question was Spring..
    So ideally, I’d like to come visit you of course so you can take a break and head off to the beach with me!! kakaka

    hmmm…I also wonder, when will I ever see you??
    how can I go this crazy over a guy that i’ve never met?
    *sighs* hahah

    oh how I miss him!!!

    YB is LOVE!!!

  12. haha
    cute question
    i just want to go to Korea hehe
    i wanna see snow there
    buy clothes there
    buy big bang’s stuff there
    take pictures there
    try to meet or see big bang there
    and make good memorise there hehe

  13. MA BOI, why do you seem shy or are you really lazy to think of questions because you are always tired of practicing. i understand.LOL!

    i haven’t answered your last question yet. My favorite season is summer because that is the only season here in the Philippines.
    i would like to spend winter with you but the coldness might kill me but if you promise to hold me in your arms forever then i would go to Korea in winter and spend the winter with you in a cabin.
    but because there is only summer here i would like to spend my summer with you in “NIM’s island” an isolated island where we can live peacefully. hahahaha! but really, a white sand beach resort in really fun. MEXICO or Hawaii. would be a good choice.

    will you come with me?

  14. music bank haru haru now!!! i will go crazy!!!! they rank 2 their seonbaenim SEOTAJI won 1st! but it’s okay! they are still the best!

  15. haha…such a cute question.shows ur simplicity…mwahh.of course i’d visit you and the boys anywhere u want for r&r sessions..and just talk like normal ppl..not in concerts.lol.ur adorable.^^

  16. Aww Beezy is too cute.

    Lets say Korea, I’d like to visit Korea someday. South of course.

  17. Going to Korea has been a dream for me!
    I wish I could go to seoul in winter cause I’ve never seen snow ^^
    And I wish Big Bang could take me a tour round
    And when I’m cold I would snuggle up to Tae-Yang ^^ hehe…
    Yeah…that’s my dream…

  18. I’d go to Korea, or Japan during the Summer. Well, I’ve been to Japan already but damn that place was nice. xD Korea, I’m guessing to expect something of the same nature yet a bit different in some aspects.

  19. First things first! Go to Korea and see Big Bang! FIRST PRIORITY!! x] Get to know the area and the way things runs, etc. in the lovely country. I’ll than go to China and learn me mandarin! Than years later Japan! >D But I do wanna travel around the asian continent first. =] I don’t care for the weather even tho, I like Spring and Fall, just as long as it’s not too cold or hot! @.@


  21. *sigh* safe question again.i was hoping that your third question would be something wicked.anyway,to answer your question,I’d like to go to jamaica with you.i like summer and spring.

  22. It’ll be Korea and hang out with you guys =DD *stop dreaming Eun Mi XD*
    Hmm any other questions Dong Young Bae?? XD

  23. Well let see I say winter so I want to go to Seoul to
    see the snow lol from watching korea drama the snow there
    is awesome haha lol and for spring i want to hit the bahamas
    or hawaii lol

  24. In that season, I would love to Visit South Korea.
    Of course, it’ll also be Winter there too. =)
    I would just like to visit all those awesome sight-seeing places.
    & Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can come & see you or All of Big Bang.

  25. awww cuteness…ur right, he is shy on paper…i could just imagine him slightly blushing while posting this LOLZ….anywayz, one of the places i always wanted to go to was Europe, and I was lucky enough this summer to go and fulfill that wish…so now that leaves Greece, Australia and ofcourse…KOREA!…..=)

  26. hmm…
    ive always wanted to visit Korea… didnt matter which season
    but i guess it would be awesome to go to Korea in the winter =)

  27. well..i didnt choose a season before..
    so ill just choose one now..
    i pick..fall..
    i wanna go to korea and go to myung dont and everland and that..building i went to before..haha forgot the name..and just walk around the busy streets of seoul…

  28. Oh, the places are endless.
    Hawaii, France, Italy, Taiwan, KOREA!
    Mainly to go see Big Bang, LOL.

  29. Somewhere where I can Experience a new culture
    Like India, Japan,I don’t know…..SEOUL 😉

  30. erm…since it’s fall…maybe somewhere in europe…anywhere is good. as lon asit’s different from the usual [i love culture and different things] but, before winter comes on, i’d fly to south Korea n wait for the first snow fall. I heard the first snow fall of the year is very special there =]

  31. i would want to go to europe & asia 🙂 MOSTLYYYYY KOREA!

  32. PAT
    LOL!! aha

    hmm winter…favorite season, where would i go…
    friggin KOREA, derr.

    or i would want to stay at the ice palace. norway or iceland. somewhere like that

  33. i chose winter so hmm…
    -visit you in korea ^^
    -learn to ice skate >.<
    -and do whatever 😀 cuz thats just how i rolllll

  34. South Korean doesn’t matter the season I just want to go!!! 😛
    or maybe a place where it always rains YAY!!!!!:)

  35. korea…summer…orrrrrr winter… either one works.

  36. or maybe somewhere i’ve never been… i’ve already been to korea, vietnam, thailand, canada, england, france, switzerland (its cold in the mountains), italy, wow… the places are endless… so maybe…. i might go….to………..korea or france again? both are nice.

  37. Lmao, aww YB
    soo cute! Hrmm
    Anywhere good =]
    to be exact

  38. heeeeey, whats gotten into gdyb lately?? asking all these question -_-;; lol !!! is the other members gonna ask questions too?? [preferably my maknae xD]

    anyywaaay, the place i want to go to [winter] issss durr durr south korea? xD lol !! it snows theereee too soo thats a bonus !! 😀 i want to experience the difference between america and korea(: i love the cold weather<3 and eat shaved ice in the winter :3 yuum.

    aaaaaaaaand i want to go to music core/musicbank/any BBorDBSKorSUPERJUNIOR concert aaaaaand be a fangirl !! WEEEEEE(; lol !!

  39. Fall :]
    I’d want to kiss YB while the leaves are changing x333

  40. aaww i love my youngbae oppa so much he is too kute but dont care where we go as long as i am with him its all good. lol
    saranghaeyo yb oppa

  41. i already said that I like fall. For some reason, it seems like a romantic season to me, so I wanna be some place romantic. hmm….somewhere perfect for the fall season; DISNEYLAND!!! it’d be cute there and no other kids would be there because the school season has just started! so it’ll just be me and big bang acting like big little kids. LOL. me and yb will ride on short rides because he wouldn’t like long ones bc he’s sitting next to a girl. TABI oppa and i will go on the very few big ones there, daesung and i will run around and eat cotton candy, ji yong and i will look for a ferris wheel there [but i don’t think they’ll have one there] and ride that one. and seungri and i will ride the teacups. then in the end we all take pictures. YAY!! =]

  42. edit** first, i’ll have to go to korea and steal them…THEN we can go to disneyland together.

  43. loool YB! i really wanna visit Korea T____T

  44. lol you’re so cutee! i would love to visit Korea (to see you! and Big Bang) :]

  45. Go to Korea during Spring meet your family and friends show me the places you and BB enjoy the most. Take me to clubs = ]

  46. haha.. of course to korea to go and visit all of BB..
    that would be a dream.. hehe =)

    BIG BANG <33

  47. taeyanggg ❤
    i would MOST DEFINITELY visit KOREA.
    all my friends know that without asking;
    babe crack out of your shell – we all love you & wont judge you .
    stop being so shy ;] even though its reallyrealllyy reallyreallyreallyreally cute x’s 100 :]

  48. I’d want to go to where your (Tae Yang’s) favourite places are. Get an insight to what you’re really like and what you like to do in your free time.

  49. I want to go in Korea…. and find my young bae….

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