083008 MBC Music Core | Wonderguys: Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV Parody

**EDIT: OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. I LOVE THIS PARODY TOO MUCH. and no it’s not those subtitle parody, haha, way more hilarious.

 Wonderguys: Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV Parody

oh my god i love this parody so much, haha their version of the fight was overreacting and amazing haha, i can’t stop laughing at the part they were ganging on “top” and when he pick up that stick everyone bow down to him and “gd” start running away haha, the dude’s imitation of Tabi’s expression is priceless, especially the punch scene with his glasses and the blowing hahaha. when “gd” show his face… oh my god…. i got so scared when his face was so close to the camera. Then the throwing clothes scene haha, guess “gd” here is a soshi fan haha, I just noticed, from his neck down, he really look like Bong haha, I really don’t get the 2 “seungri” and “daesung” on the green thing.. haha what is that?? This parody is hilarious, haha i love it.

credit: cy | wonderguys

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Seeing Baby wearing those glases and pretend to be a anchorman crack me up big big time, make me all excited when I woke up this morning, even though I have no idea what they’re talking about, I think they’re kinda doing a parody of Solbi and Andy about the glasses thing [anybody who watch We Got Married got any idea what I’m talking about?] These 3 hosting together is just too adorable, probably the best pair I have ever seen, The part where Baby was talking to Solbi and he did that tounge to the side of his mouth thing…. wow…. i died. Baby is such a dork, jumping around all hyper, and that outfit he’s wearing just make everything cuter, when he did that crying thing with the finger on his nose…. L O R D… then the “mulla mulla” dance.. oh my god. At the end, because Big Bang is closing the show now, the 2 have to hurray and say “SHOW SHOW SHOW” and run away haha.

OH MY GAD!!! I LOVE LOVE TOP’S SUIT!! The white and stripe thing is soo freaking cute!!!! ahhhhh!!

THE PIANO IS BACK!! and so is the chant!! YAY! !EVERYBODY STAND UP! I never will get tire of Tabi and Bong going at each am I??? nope. I am enjoying EVERY MINUTE of it. This was recorded last week, so the choreography is still the 2nd one…I miss this one now, just when I got this one down they change it, our boys keep surprising up. Do you see MBC blurred out YB’s “OH MY COKE” shirt? hahaha YB did his bridge part really well here, I’m so proud of him, cuz on the other performance you can tell it wasn’t that great, but it sounds good here. yay YB.

Thanks to S님

08.30.08 MBC Music Core
174 MB

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08.30.08 MBC Music Core
SeungRi & DaeSung MC Cuts
67 MB

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08.30.08 MBC Music Core
Haru Haru Performance
210 MB

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Thanks to 고화질 | 디지뱅★님 and 신은혁님

~ by Vicky on August 30, 2008.

58 Responses to “083008 MBC Music Core | Wonderguys: Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV Parody”

  1. haha
    wat a way to start the show lol
    they were pretending to be reporters haha
    MBC News LOL..
    that is so cute~~ and then when SR got mad at solbi lol~~
    his voice sounds SO manly but oh so cute~~
    and Dae sung is SO dorky!!

    i LOVE TOP’s suit there~~ especially those stripes haha..
    so after all..he is not gonna stop promoting the song with UJH hehe~~ that’s good then lol

    and the music core performance~~~
    they look hot in white hehe~~
    white looks so much better on them than black~~~
    though i like their other outfit that they changed into in the end (the outfit that they wore when SR was doing is spider man movement thinging….remember the SR fancam there? lol hehe….wait..who am i talking to?…LOL)

  2. ncly

    I was sad they didn’t show the performance that the fancam was taken from
    but I think that was only the rehearsal so that’s why the fans were singing along and they were acting like such dorks.

    I agree, white look so amazingly aw!! on them haha i have no words to describe than “aw” hahahaha running out of vocabulary here!!

    Baby and Solbi always do the getting mad thing everywhere, they’re so cute!!
    I just know Solbi’s last name is KWON.
    ahahhahaa same as Bong’s!!

    Baby can’t escape the Kwons

  3. lol
    i loved it when they mentioned big bang and seungri was all like ‘you know that seungri from BB?’ haha saying he was the coolestt~

  4. Baby using that glasses, he look like a “silly cute student” hahahaha…

    my man… OH MY GOD! that suit1 that suit!
    perfect! perfect for him!
    that suit just like himself, a cool lovely man who have a cute side inside.
    i can’t help but to shout “kyaaa!!”
    haha, can’t control myself

    after that black suit then come the all white clothes!
    wew… black or white, i can’t decide.
    i always have weakness for boys wearing white

  5. BBFTW.

    hahaha of course
    he is the coolest

  6. nya

    if you remember, he stole that glasses from Tabi
    Top use to wear them all the time during the LAST FAREWELL promotion
    and one day Tabi was hosting MBC and Baby cut in wearing the glasses, and Tabi was like “WTH??? THAT’S MINE” hahaha
    he look so cute in them. love it!!!

    oh my god we must share the same brain
    cuz i did the same thing
    i just woke up and was all tire
    when i see him i was like “ahhhhhhhhhh” haha

  7. vicky
    hahaha… i found my partner for my interest!
    man, all my friend just dont like ‘idol’ thing nor ‘fangirling’
    they won’t hear when i talk any abou my idol.
    can’t help it. i have noone to share.
    but its their loss. pity them kekeke…

    yea, i recognize that glasses. Tabi using it just so cute!
    btw, why the mickey mouse glove doesn’t appear again?
    Tabi shoul try matching it with those white clotches.
    all white. it’ll really fit him

  8. nya

    i’m not a fan of the mickey mouse glove
    it cover most of his face when he’s holding the mic
    we can’t see crap!
    i wanna see his face damn it!

  9. vicky
    but i love its color.
    white! white always fits perfectly for handsome boy. fufufuu…

    u say u just woke up? well good morning.
    hahaha.. weird to say ‘good morning’ while i just finished my dinner.
    we share the same brain afterall. BB is my breakfast.
    i always come to chect this site after i woke up.
    i just need a glass of water then BB & i got full


  11. omg.
    seungri so cute!
    ohh,i love top’s suit~

  12. Dammnn!
    Want see DISCO ft JIYONG 😛


  14. omg SR is so cute!
    his voice when he pretended to get mad at solbi kills me!
    aaaaaaaaah cuteness overload~

  15. aww Seungri is so cute!
    Ahaha Daesung looks smart in
    glasses =]
    AHHHHH OMG i died too, seungri
    YAY! DISCO is back and TOP is HOT!
    REMIX! i like (:

  16. nya

    i was gonna stay up and watch music core but wind up felling asleep
    so i woke up at like 8 something
    saturday is love.
    you’re about to go to sleep huh?

  17. Stop using the lord’s name in vain -_-

  18. Seung Ri so cutee ^^

  19. omg hahaha
    the parody was SO FUNNY LOL!!!

  20. LMFAO the parody is hilarious. XD

    and in most parks in Asia they have like..cross country running machine thingies, but I guess this one was manual. xD

  21. LOL! that parody…omgosh, hilarious!
    They’re the same ppl who did the parody for lies too!
    hahaha, well thatz what i’m strongly believing right now XD

  22. oh my buddha!!! that parody is funny as heck..the begining was funny..hahaha he started to hit the ground..and the superman..lol..the funny part was when they pushed suposedly “gd” and he slap the other fella and the other dude kicked him..hahahaha..im loving every bit of it..

  23. Big Bang looking sexy as always!!!
    I finally understand what you mean by illegal when you talk about SR hahaha I’m so slow!!!

    Love the beginning when GD and TOP start singing they are sooooo hot!and the choreography changes every time I really don’t know how they can remember them all! 😛

    TOP in the suit……..there’s really nothing hotter than that!!!!!

    the parody was hilarious!!!

  24. LOL! the beggining of the parody already had me laughing xD

    i guess they change the choreography cuz they were bored of the old one? or want something new i guess? idk..

  25. i love how boys love big bang as much as us girls:)


  27. huongface

    me too!
    i’m always amaze when i find fanboys

  28. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA ohhhh my goshhh that parody is freakin hilarious!! LOLL
    hahahahh when “TOP” picked up the stick LOL
    and OMG the randomness/overreacting scenes were freakinnn hilarious.
    green excersise machine
    chillin with the old halmunis
    omg LOL (:

  29. LMAO at YB’s shirt
    that parody was awesome haha

  30. LOL at YB’s shirt.i hope he wont get trouble for that.

  31. OMO that PARODY was HILARIOUS!! i still remember their lies one! hahaha but i was laughhing the whole time watching it. Hey the guy who played TOP kinda looks like Lee Un!! OMG Lee Un R.I.P TT_TT
    haha the MC’ing was funny especially Seung Ri! he was making me laugh the most xD
    And the perf was good! i noticed tht everybody voice was singing all at the same time for the chorus!! and has anyone noticed tht Seung Ri voice sounds a bit lower!! O-O LOL

  32. vicky
    yup, & now i’m awake. kekeke…

    OH MY GOD!! that parody. hilarious!
    my friend just pissed me off again but after watching this, just ‘BUHAHAHAHA’ non stop come out from my mouth

  33. OMG!! wo are those guys?! they’re mad funnnny!

  34. who*

  35. LMAO!
    the parody is so hilarious
    that’s so cute
    and i also don’t get that green thing
    but still, funny!
    and TOP in that suit
    so hot
    those boys in white
    heaven on earth baby~

  36. Love the haru haru perf(:

  37. sigh i can’t stand the 5 minutes without understanding a word anymore!! I wanna learn korean language please. Baby is so cute in glasses hahaha~

    that parody is hilarious hahahahaa..their acting is so exaggerating hahahahaa~~!!! it’s so funny when GD wanna hit TOP but was stopped by his friends..oh nay its so hilarious..and the girl is a gorilla hahahaa~~i almost fell from my chair just now. This parody is so different from others.

    YAY this haru haru performance is finally like..better!! Honestly, what’s wrong with the boys T_____T their performance recently is not that good, seriously T____T I’ve been watching back their great concert videos and it was vast difference T_____T I just want the boys to go rest and rejuvenate themselves

  38. oh yeah and i miss the 2nd choreography as well..
    especially the hopping with one leg part..
    ish why did they change it again sigh~~~
    and the chant is great! =)

  39. loool! the parody was funny ^^
    and the performance is better =)
    TOP in suit = HOT!!!!

  40. Yay I love their Music core performance! They look damn good in white! Except that daesung is wearing something different. But I never get tired of the way TOP take out his shades xDDD And the way jiyong do the lips action at the very end. OMG I LOVE BIGBANG <333333

  41. lool…they r soo freaking hilarious..i’m dressing my school clothes it’s like 8:38am here… and want 2 goo 2 school but i am seeing those guys lool..
    when i get back i’ll see there performance..
    ooh thanx Vicky…

  42. vicky

    omg. the parody is so hilarious. =D
    btw,they are not korean right?
    just curious. hehe

  43. hahahhahahahahaha .
    that parody beats all the haru haru parodies xD
    they also made a lies parody too . if you peoples didnt know that.
    that was funny also.
    ahaha the dude that played TOP kinda looks like him o.0

    Daesung and Seungri killed me with their cuteness.
    tooo cute X]
    ahh !
    and their perf was awesome 🙂

  44. top looks so slick in his suit.
    i can’t believe that um jung hwa is almost 40 years old!! 40!!! she looks so youthful though!!


    that parody is just too awesome!
    that guy with the mask 🙂 and the fighting scene 🙂 and, yeah, those green things 🙂 their expressions are hella funny ^^
    i’ll rewatch it… 😉

  46. Wow. I haven’t been here in a while so many things to catch up on, BB lookin’ sharp as always and that parody was fun.

    OH! Vicky, I also found this “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvG9E8ihmEs” It’s Hyori’s U Go Girl with Big Bang (they mixed the Dirty Cash MV) It was pretty nicely done so I thought I’d share 🙂 sorry if its been posted before.

    the parody was HILARIOUS!!! although i felt that half way through it kinda dragged..
    anyways!! I loved the fight scene, especially when ‘TOP’ picked up that metal rod and they all started bowing to him and then they ran away!! lol dorks..
    and OMG! then ‘TOP’ pokes ‘GD’ in the eyes!! LMAO
    haha i did not expect that, but i guess i should have!
    oh and the part where he jumped like TOP in the mv, haha lol
    the fight scene over all was my favorite part!
    and then the did YB’s BABY part! lol hahahaha

    but what was the last part all about?? lol


  48. ———–That boys parody really wasn´t funny at ALL!!

    I mean, not a bit.

  49. I..
    Downloaded the hq version of haru haru o.o
    but the audio is in low quality? :S help??

  50. the parody was funny..hahaha

    vicky..the glasses thing was when andy scolded solbi bout wearing her contacts right?..when they were going to the salon thing..(i watch WGM..i love it!..haha)..omg baby looks so cute!!..he keeps on jumping around..and TOp!! with the suit..and the red gloves at their performance..i just died and went to heaven..^_^ plus YB on the piano..and GD..when he kissed his fingers at the end..*faint*..waaah!..i just love these guys..

  51. that parody didn’t work for me
    not funny, sry
    also i think top’s version of disco is better (just my opinion)

    thank for all the performances and other ^^

  52. haha, The parody is Just way too hilarious; can’t stop laughing !!

  53. lol i love the parody
    the guy who played top was great. i loved the part when he jumped and “gd” was scared lol

  54. LMAO…I loved “Top”‘s jump.
    And “GD” totally got scared.
    It was the funniest thing ever.

  55. Did I not tell you ? I love the dance!
    Im so in love with them even MOREEE.
    OMGGG, I love tops fliping hands to the
    o o o part. LOL

  56. does anyone know where i could download the haru haru parody???

  57. WonderGuys are funny..I love the parody. TOP dude did a great impression on TOP with that jump haha. TOP suits kills for sure. Yeah piano is back!

  58. I looove Big Bang and loved very much the parody of haru haru!!!!

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