Big Bang at Nike Human Race Event | Download: 083108 Inkigayo

**EDIT: OH EM GEE. Added more pics, they even perform at the event too. Bong even ride those high thingy…. and he look mighty fine on it. wait.. did he perform This Love?? I love that song to much, and guess what? the back of YB’s jacket look better than the front.

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Last time it was MARC JACOBS and now it’s Nike, I wonder why they didn’t wear their custom made jackets that Nike did for them a while back, or maybe it’s too hot over there to wear those, But look at Baby…aww… how can you not love him? I love YB’s hat, somehow it remind me of Super Mario haha.

08.31.08 SBS Inkigayo
Uhm Jung Hwa: DISCO Part 2 ft. GD
117 MB

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Bong’s wide forehead = PRICELESS.

08.31.08 SBS Inkigayo
Haru Haru Performance
127 MB

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I love Bong so much after watching this, he dropped the mic but keep on going like nothing’s wrong, the expression on his face is just oh my god, I wanna jump him so bad! AH! Dae winced when Bong dropped the mic, good thing he didn’t drop it on Dae’s foot or else that’ll be PAINFUL.

08.31.08 SBS Inkigayo
Winning Multizen Song | Encore
135 MB

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YB was holding Bong’s special DISCO shade when they say their thankyou speech, then when the encore start, YB gave it back to Bong and Bong told Dae to come over and he gave Dae the shade, Dae look so cute in that hhaha. The part where Bong got the confetti caught in his mouth was so cute, whenever i watch Haru Haru performance, the part where Bong rap always sound lip-synced to me, I know he would never do that but it just sound so perfect I doubt myself, but I know I never should, he obviously sing it live, so YAY!!!

credit: newsis | DOLCEVITA님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on August 31, 2008.

70 Responses to “Big Bang at Nike Human Race Event | Download: 083108 Inkigayo”

  1. OMG
    they looks so effin HOT haha
    so fashionable!!
    GD wears silver!! TOP wears gold!! they are both wearing my fav colors lol..
    silver and gold color rules LOL..
    kidding..i like pink..and black..and white..and gray…ok fine..
    that’s off topic..(once again talking to myself…haha lol)
    Seung RI looks SO CUTE!!!
    I want TY’s hat and DS’s jumper~~
    WAH~~ they dress so well..
    wonder if GD is wearing his own clothes haha~~~

  2. someone pointed out..
    that gdragon had dark circles..
    but is that eye liner?

  3. aw, SeungRi is so cute in the first one, then suddenly he’s all serious in the second LOL

    thanks for the update (:

  4. If they are too hot, I don’t mind ripping their jackets and shirts off! xD

  5. Lol ❤
    So hott.
    More pictures ! ❤

  6. brokenfruit
    yes it is eye liner
    but when “someone” said about his dark circles…
    probably was talking about the time when he was tired and stuff and had panda eyes…

  7. Jiyong… *.*
    he loks so skinny it that silver thing ^^
    they are dressed so cool, i want their clothes! XD

  8. TOP needs a new haircut. But appart from that—I´m glad to finally see them in soomething…..well…more normal. (attire that is)

  9. @ spinx
    i think TOP’s hair is just fine
    they all look smexy =F

  10. They Look so Hot!
    GD and T.O.P with their shiny juckets!!!
    So HOT!!!!

  11. aww they all look so cute..YB looks sexy with the black and white and red outfit..i love GD’s silver hot

  12. i wish GD wear long jeans instead hehe…
    but oh well~~ he still looks good in that pant~~
    and he’s wearing that green shoes!! it’s nike yeah? hehe~~
    looks like to me that they performned
    Lies, Last Farewell, and may be even crazy dog?..i
    the picture of TY bending down reminded me of his ending pose during crazy dog hehe

  13. Tabi with that glasses kills me.
    ahh…. can’t help it. those pervy thinks are coming back!!
    NO!! i just get back from cruch & have all my pervy sins cleared, now it coming back again

    Tabi n Bong with that shiny jackets, no words, so cool.
    Tabi & Bong glasses give me different reaction.
    Tabi’s positive n Bong with glasses, always cracks me up
    YB & Super mario. hehehe…
    DS & Baby looks so tired. especially Baby, his dark circle get worse

  14. they also performed haru haru and more songs..
    they performed 6 songs in total hehe
    here’s a fancam clip of them performing there
    credit to:ginger @ soompi hehe

  15. i love GD’s silver jacket!! omg!! and Top with the gold!!..they’s so gorgeous with whatever they wear! marc jacobs then all want our boys..haha

    GD with the’s funny..but he rocked it!! he still looks awesome!..poor baby looks tired thou..

  16. does anyone else think dae sung looks totally sexy going RAWR? XD

  17. haha i think they performad lies and last farewell tooo cuz of the dance routine thing. hehe they are mighty fineeee!!

  18. ughhh i really wanna seee the perfomancesss!! is it gonna airr?? does anybody knowwW?


  20. 까ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅇㅇㅇㅇ아ㅏㅏㅏㅏ악 ! 지요이 오빠 (:

  21. I just don´t think this style suits TOP that much. I have nothing against short hair, but it looks better when it´s straight down.

    Those short pants though……..urgh….I will NEVEr get used to them.
    YBs style rocks though.

  22. highwaters XD


  24. LOOK awsoome!!!!
    are they gonna air this??

  25. queenie:
    it’s not gonna be air..

    i like his hair like that..
    though i like his hair shaved (like in the Hello MV by Red Roc with TOP acting in it) the best hehe..
    makes him look thin and shows more of his face hehe..

  26. I loved the second and third photos. Seung Ri goes from cheeky looking to serious?

  27. I wish i was there


  29. LOVE T.O.P’s Golda Jacket!

  30. HOT!! was almost drooling when i looked at the pics
    LOVE IT ❤

  31. i think they performed last farewell judging from top’s position in one of the pictures…
    but, anyways, they look f-ing hot!!!!!!!

  32. OM”GOD” love us sO much 4 givin’ us this sO much blessin’!!!haha..^_^..speechless!!!

  33. omo… they look super hot,I really want to watch this performance..

  34. ohhh big bang is soo hot & sexyyy ;;D <3333333333

  35. OMG GD looks soo fine in that silver jacket!!!
    and maknae being cute~<~

  36. they look happier!!!!! :D!!!!

    SR has a mustache shadow ahaha

  37. ncly
    hahaha it’s his summer style
    haha gotta have them semi-long pants

  38. nya

    his dark cirlces are getting worse because of OTHER reasons haha

  39. lita

    haha i think he’s sexy just stadning still

  40. gdlovexx@

    it’s most likely that they won’t air it
    it’s a live event kind of thing

  41. vip5

    he have the ablity to do that
    he shift mood really easily

  42. They look so freaking hot! *drools*
    love TY’s cap

  43. GOD!!!
    How Can You Stay Calm When You Know That There Are People Like BB Members Who Are SSSSOOOOOO HOT?!

  44. BIG BANG is HOT! NIKE + BIG BANG= NIKE’s BIG BANG! LOL! thanks for sharing! they are really HOT!

  45. LMAO, Look At YB’s SMILE[so adorable]
    when he smiles he smiles like a little kid, did anyone notice.. he smiles with no teeth showing? & look his teeth ended up on his head AHAHA, thats what happens when you don’t show your shiny white teeth LOL

  46. CUTE CUTE CUTE <33333

  47. OMG i’m soo PROUD
    gohs they are HOT!!!!!
    i love them!!
    AHHH GD and OF CORUSE the others too
    I’m so glad i am a VIP/FAN of BIG BANG!

  48. Yeah! must save pictures & Download
    Thanks for sharing =]

  49. vicky
    now u mention the ‘other’ reason.
    the answer is clear now, its u. fufufu…

  50. yes
    GD does have a very wide forehead hahaha lol
    it’s so cute though~~
    and i love what GD was wearing lol
    the red suit and his shade are so freakin hot lol! haha
    but i thought he should have give the sunglasses to Seung Ri haha
    I’m still very obsess with G-Ri couple lol~~~

  51. loool! how does GD can see with those shades 😛

  52. omggg.. theyre soo hott..
    and yess.. i think that TY’s hat sorta
    reminds me of mario too =P.. but still so cuteee =)

    BIG BANG <33


  54. LOVE YB’S HAT (;
    lol… is it me or jiyong changed mood again and now gdyb’s stronger than gdae ? aaah jiyong and his mood swings -__- tsk tsk tsk…. i just have one advice for him…. GO BACK TO MAKNAE ! xD lol xD

  55. Is YB hurt in the fifth picture? The one were SR is all :O! And holding onto him? :(…

    They look good and they look happy =)

  56. Ooo i actually lyk DISCO part 2 coz its remix is cool and full of beats nothingless i still love the original coz mt TOPiee is in it ^-^ LOL

  57. aww they so grown up…still luve them so much!!!

  58. theyre looking good

  59. omg. i LOVE tae yang’s hat. :3

  60. haha DS+SR funny 😀

  61. evrytime thre’s a group pic i’d look for yb first and yeah i love his cap too eheheh it’s the teeth rite? pearly white teeth just like his.

  62. wow they did alot of stuff on my bday!! hehe i love big bang.

  63. oh no…toppie looks hot in gold
    and bong in silver..he killed me :p
    and others looked so sporty..i like that =)
    hotness hotness T___T

  64. nya

    it should be clear from the beginning haha
    you know me better than that

  65. G Dragon’s sunglasses is too kool..!!!
    I wanna it..!!!! what brand it this???
    PLZ tell me..!! XD

  66. Ok…seriously…I just died like 10 times in a row.
    Because I went on vacation & came back & I have all these pics & videos waiting for me.

    I said he was hot like 5 times already…in my comments, lol.

  67. sry gd fans
    i think it’s wrong to *resing* other members songs
    only if he doesn’t want to compare himself with them

    then he have to sing nalbua gwisoon!!!

    i don’t like disco part2 >_<

  68. awsoome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LUV BB^__^
    THAXZ U!!!!!!!!!!

  69. anyone help?
    this is my favorite haru haru performance and i downloaded this several times
    but for some reason
    the second part won’t join with the first part
    so my performance is like 3.08 long :[
    is there anyway u could fix theeeee second part

  70. I like GD shaded reminds me of Jason X lol. When Dae grabing Seung-ri..looks scary. YB hat is tight. Seung-ri’s been looking tired..sleep baby!!!

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