Download: 08.31.08 Mnet Madam B Salon: Special Guest: Big Bang

**EDIT: Since I love this version of “A Fool’s Tears” too much, I ripped for my own iPod-ing pleasure. If any of you want it.

A Fool’s Tears – Madam B Remix

08.31.08 Mnet Madam B Salon
Special Guest: Big Bang
812 MB

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.005 has been fixed with megaupload link.

I can confidently say that you will regret it if you don’t watch this, this is freaking cute, besides the awsome performances they did, they also show the process of them getting ready for the show and interview with the boys, they have YB and Bong talk about Baby, Tabi and Dae, and vice versa, their expression was priceless, then of course Bong’s birthday surprise, can’t forget that. There was a part where Bong say something about Baby, and Baby pretend to be hurt haha, and Bong and YB was sitting backstage and Bong was just speechless haha. They also did a new version of “A Fool’s Tears” it was awsome, I love this version so much, if only there were studio release of it, Baby was absolutely amazing when he sang “cuz you’re my loveeeee”
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OH! And also there’s a part where a band did this rock version remix of a few of Big Bang’s song, it was really cool how they switch from one song to another, I love that part.

This video contain

  • Getting ready for Madam B Salon
  • Last Farewell Performance
  • Interview with Madam B
  • Haru Haru Performance
  • Talk with YB and Bong: (other member’s opinion on them)
  • Bong’s Birthday Surprise
  • How Gee Performance
  • Rock Band Performance of Big Bang Remix Songs.
  • Talk with Baby, Tabi and Dae: (other member’s opinion on them)
  • Talk about each member’s solo acitivities.
  • A Fool’s Tears Remix Performance
  • Lies Performance
  • The boys gossiping after the show.

~ by Vicky on September 1, 2008.

72 Responses to “Download: 08.31.08 Mnet Madam B Salon: Special Guest: Big Bang”

  1. T^T i cant download :[
    stupid mac *kicks laptop*
    i dont know how to convert T-T

  2. I love this!! It was awsome especially when TY said something about SR’s dance moves, everybody was laughing & SR got all embarrased…LOL…really really want to know what they are saying…I didn’t even see the part where SR pretend to be hurt by Bong’s comment though…I should rewatch…Thanks alot VickY!

  3. I started download, but part 5 doesn’t seem to be working for me, anyone else have the same problem?

  4. OHMYGOSH! THANK YOU!!! <33333

  5. this interview was sooo cute!
    i love babys dance!
    i wonder what YB’s question meant..

  6. miss unknown

    mediafire does that a lot
    you should wait and try again later

  7. what is yb saying about seungri?

  8. any other way to watch this without download? :[

  9. vicky i’m having the same problem as miss unknown with part 5, i’ve tried many times and it says the file may have been removed

  10. can someone help me?
    do you need a certain thing to veiw it because after i download it won’t let me watch. 😦

  11. Awww i can’t
    ARGH my memory on Laptop is LOW
    Damns Big Bang, gosh

  12. Mykaaa

    you need to use HJSplit to join everything together

  13. i dunno why but mediafire keeps telling me that the .005 file doesn’t exist.
    can you fix that? i really want to download it.



  15. You can watch this on You Tube
    Vip peoples

  16. a fool’s only tear is really the best. hahaha! i cried like a baby. it’s one of my favorite song. i watched it yesterday and i was about to tell everybody but i fall asleep. haahahaha!
    thanks for sharing.

  17. I downloaded 001 of that and I was watching it on my WinAmp but then close to halfway through it cut off, what did I do?

  18. Chrissy

    you suupose to download all the parts and join it with HJSplit


  20. Ah! What does TY say about SR to make him embarrassed and dance????

  21. ooh i’m excited about this!
    i really want to hear the “fool’s only tears” remix…
    i hope it’s the one on the big bang is great dvd
    (they play a remix of it at the end of the making of the great concert clip)
    thank you so much for this!

  22. hey do you know if. anyone can.would.will. possibly have time to do the audio clip of A fool’s tears remix?

  23. i dun get this i downlaod it all
    and use the HJSplit to put it together….but then it totally stop at 17 min and something
    o.O i didnt do anything wrong thoo

  24. same thing happened to me. i use all my downloads of big bang with HJSPLIT but when i started to watch it, it stopped after like 20 min.

  25. thanks for the audio clip!!!

  26. OMG !! Thank you so much for HQ vicky !!

    ** Really excite wooooo

  27. i cant download anymore videos!!! i really2x wanna C it though!!! 😦

  28. Vicky,

    not to be paranoid, but the dl thing doesn’t have a virus, does it?

  29. @tinaxxe – i don’t think the download thing have a virus… 🙂

    @asha – there must be something wrong somewhere when you download the file…i’ve already download the’s seem normal to me… 🙂

  30. Thank you! although there are no subs, it was definitely a much watch. I totally fell in love with a fool’s only tears remix. Thank you for ripping it.

  31. whoelse87


  32. Wow! Many Many song ^^

    Thank for Share ^^

  33. tinaxxe

    most ppl i know who use it are fine
    including me
    i never have problem from it
    but i’ve heard that some ppl got crazy stuff pop up over their screen when they try to download
    so i’m not too sure

  34. asha

    check and make sure the file is 812 MB

  35. I love the Lies Performance!!! TOP made a mistake and GD was smiling!so cute!!! Go Big Bang!!!!

  36. thanks vicky.

    oh and for those who couldnt download this like me…
    i found a link to the videos.

    umm…is it ok if i post it here?

  37. thanks…i went crazy after hearing this version..i went online and search like crazy and then BAM..u have it..thank u so much..u made my night…

  38. @ vicky: do you have a dl link for the video with only “a fool’s tears”? it’s so beautiful ❤

  39. Geez I’ve been having a hard time getting use to these downloads (my first time) and finally I got to see the one portion that I havent seen!…ROCK…
    Did anyone else like the rock versions of BB songs, I thought it was cool.

  40. Omgosh I like that screencap of yours, the one there’s GDae<3 don’t you think they look like a sweet couple like that?! x)

  41. VICKY~~DEAR VICKY!I’ve download the video, and would u be kind enough to translate 4 us. I can’t understand a word they r saying but eager to understand!!plz!!!!!HELP US!>”<

  42. okay, i downloaded it and joined it with HJSplit but when i try to play it, only the audio is there.
    Anybody know what’s wrong?

  43. vicky the file says 400 mb. what is wrong? please help!

  44. asha ! we’re got same problem
    but for me it’s show 700 mb.

  45. asha + kanom, I have the same problem when I downloaded it like 6 hours ago…It’s because the file names aren’t the same or you forgot to leave it in the same folder…You guys should make a new folder and download all of the parts into that folder. Now, make sure that all the parts have the same name for instance…(name.avi.001) the name + dot avi should be the same in ALL parts, but the dot 001 depends on what parts it is…it should be know problem now to joint!

  46. does anyone know the name of that band who played those bigbang songs?

  47. omg! thanx Vicky i will download it in my fast computer xD!

  48. i’ve downloaded all parts except for number 5…. haiz… i cant download it from megaupload… i only can download it from mediafire but there is something from wif it there….

  49. i can´t download it……..hik hik

  50. found some pictures of daesung..check this… i am too lazy to save it…
    here’s the link if you are interested there are more pictures. go to cyworld..or just click any pictures

  51. for all those who downloaded this and then used HJ Spplit and joined the files, but still found that it didnt play. Well i had the same problem. But if you downloaded the avi.5 from media fire, the file name is slightly different to the rest it has no ‘_’ So what i did was rename the file and added all the ‘_’ so that it was the same as the other files, and then joined it again and now it works ^^ hope this helps

  52. VICKYYY!!!
    thank you sooo much for uploading the song!
    i love it so much!!!!
    and btw,
    i can only watch the .001 file
    i can’t watch the other
    do you know hot to convert the video??

  53. i love their a fool’s only tear performance!!!! i was like wow!! and got teary eyed when maknae sang the cuz your my love part.

  54. haha when they first came out and did last farewell wtf is yb doin at the beginning
    orhhhh i wanna kno wat ji yongie was saying about young bae

  55. i download and i cant play it. what program do i need to play this file?

  56. TOP is just a cutie pie!!! yummy hehe

  57. oh, somehow is there a youtube link for this? video?

  58. is there one for youtube??

  59. jiyongislove

    try and play it with GOM PLayer

  60. asha

    you’re probably missing one of the files
    check and make sure all 9 parts are 100 MB EXCEPT THE LAST ONE. the last one should be 12 MB

  61. ilene

    i don’t speak korean either
    many of you think i do ahah but i really don’t

  62. vicky, all the parts are 100mb except the last one. i made all the parts the same name, i even downloaded it three times. and it still shows 400mb.

  63. asha

    that’s weird
    you should get to play all of them

  64. i give up, i’ll wait until the subbed one comes out

  65. Is there a subbed version to this clip?
    I would love to know what they’re saying.hehe.

  66. ok, i finally got a chance to watch it. i loved every minute of it. i hope they do more programs like this with big bang. it was really touching. furthermore, they really enjoyed it as well.

    GD’s reaction to SR not being able to answer his question was funny. And “woooow” to the fact the YB & GD switched personalities as they got older. ok, that’s all the info ill give away

    someone posted the english subs on soompi btw. but i was able to download & join and play it perfectly. i played it in VLC player because GOM player has been acting dumb on my computer lately.

  67. thank you so much!!il loved it when gd says bonjour!!(coz im french this is one of the few words i understood)

    but im having troubles with downloadin 001 n 003 😦
    or is it just my computer ??

  69. i cant download 004 file. i dunno why. its says the page was not found.

  70. Going to try to download it thanks!


  72. I get pleasure from, lead to I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

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