Preview: Big Bang on Come to Play | Dude that look like TOP

Preview: Big Bang on Come to Play

The preview look freaking hilarious!! I can not wait to watch it. This show will air on September 8

I know you can’t wait either.

Thanks to Bang ’em님 and 낭만리다님


These are just random pictures of Tabi but really well taken. He use to have a bowlcut?? when??? he look so cute!!! Then the last pic, I squealed cuz I have the same shade as him, except mine have red lines instead of gold.

I’m sorry, my mistake, this isn’t TOP after after all, thanks 와인바징요 for confirming it for me. BUT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOLY CRAP. i’m amazed.

credit: 아캔스탑님


~ by Vicky on September 1, 2008.

85 Responses to “Preview: Big Bang on Come to Play | Dude that look like TOP”

  1. AWW i like his bowl cut he super cute in his glases too lol

  2. He isn’t our boy. 🙂 He is the guy who surprisingly looks like top.

  3. OMG
    ji yong cracking up in the end is just TOTALLY FREAKIN CUTEHAHAH!!! AGHH
    Seung Ri doing a demonstration of his hand posture LOL~~ cute
    OMG, TOP looks freakin dorky with the glasses~~ and the voice immitation!! never gets OLD haha~~
    TY and DS are just so dorky hehe~~
    and GD’s wink at 0:05-06 will never dissapear in my head haha~

    OMG and i just realized GD is sitting next to SR haha~~
    hope to see some G-Ri moment~~
    already see the one where GD was imitating Seung Ri fixing his hair and stuff haha~~ cute

    thx for sharing~~
    i love you vicky~~

    Top’s bowl cut~~
    he had it during high school time?? and he lost weight during high school timne? WAH~~ he looked SO EFFIN HOT
    he looks like a nerd from the first picture haha~~ just like his character in the begining from I Am Sam (the part where he used to be a nerd with his green plant lol)
    and OMG~~ he used to have that kind of camera too?…i so wanna have the camera he’s holding in the second picture~~
    and the 3rd one… hot hot
    i bet this was after he debut with Big Bang~~
    when his hair grew longer after he shaved his hair?…
    he looks SO HOT hahah

  4. I can’t wait! 😀
    TOP looks so cute ❤

  5. Guys, seriously, that isn’t pics of Tabi 🙂

  6. no family outing this week…? and top looks so cuute!

  7. Conqueror YB is right
    my mistake
    i just ask my korean friend about it and turn out it’s just a dude that look oh my god exactly like Tabi

    i’m amazed.

  8. aRHHH CAN’T WAIT FOR the show to air…so freaking cute and funny !! and seriously that dude looks TOP like 95% !!

  9. Oh my…GD’s little wink just killed me.
    Can’t wait for the episode.

  10. ii can’t believe that isn’t our Tabi, it’s so unbelievable, CAN I MARRY THIS GUY IF I CAN’T GET TO BB????

  11. haha
    that’s why
    i was looking at the name tag on the guy in the first picture..
    and it didn’t really say Choi Seung Hyun….
    but i thought it was TOP lol
    really looked like TOP..

  12. OMG can’t wait to that come to play episode!!!!!

    I could’ve sworn that was TOP OMG!!!
    this only proves one thing……he would look hella good with that haircut!!! 😛

  13. looks like they are having so much fun. I’ll even watch it without subs and with subs again. ha!

  14. LOLLL. TOP’s long lost twin. Like OMG, they look ultra alike!
    The first time I saw the pics, I went, OMG, did TOP get a new haircut or something?! After that, when I read the 1st version of this post, I was like, oh, so that’s in the past, whew. Now that it’s edited, I’m so freaked out by how much this guy looks like TOP!

    AND THE VIDEO. Daesung!~~~~ And TOP looks ultra cute there. GD’s wink is killing me bit by bit. *_* And did that subtitle just say ‘Seungri’s confession’ or is it just me? >.<

  15. OMG that’s not my boo t.o.p?
    He look just like him, who is he

  16. Can someone plsssssssss let me know where (link) and when (E S time) I can watch this episode of Come to Play online live? I lost all my links when I re-formatted my laptop! Pls pls pls… it would be greatly appreciated! BB=<3

  17. runlyrun / wait until next week 🙂 that clip is preview

  18. oww look at that kwon leaders gif *.*’ im died ~~


  20. i think, after seeing TOPs look alike picture, that theory about everyone having a twin somewhere in the world is true after all…
    is there a possibily that TOP have a twin?
    GD: *wink* , me: KYAAAAAAAAAA *blush*
    he’s winking at me!! (and thousands of other ppl who watches this)

  21. whoa…he really does look like TOP’s twin..its hard to tell the difference…i wonder if YB’s twin exists somewhere on my side of the world….*crosses fingers*

  22. Conqueror YB thanx for your response but I really wanted the link to watch it LIVE next week! So if anybody can help me out it would be great! BB=<3

  23. * I meant live online as it airs not as it is taped! sorry bout the confusion

    I cant wait 4 the day to come!GD look soso freaking cute in the show, and BB all look so cute and happy,too!!!Just cant wait!!!OMG!Why r they always being too cute 4 me to handle???I’ve been waiting 4 them to be on show together since their third mini album debut!And now my dream finally come true!!!!!!!Thank U my dear lord!!!!!!!

  25. awww…looks like they had a lot of fun. makes me happy seeing them this happy.^^
    i can’t wait to see this

    look at TABI’s shirt…looks like the one GD wore in the BR ice cream CF. their first one. ^^

  26. I CAN’T WAIT!!! AHH~ DAE & BONG ^______^

  27. ahhh i cant wait till it comes out :] whoaa that seriously does look like TOP O_O haha a TOP twinniee!


  29. yeahs! cant wait till it comes out!
    whoa O___O that really looks like 98% lol

  30. ————————–Damn it!!!

    He really looks alot like TOP—even 5the facial expressions are spot on. But this guy´s got more mucle on him.

    Still cool.

  31. LOL at the preview, YB arm wrestling I’d like to see. & OMO, that guy is like a twin. o_o

  32. OMG when TOP did that thing
    with his shoulder and Dae did
    that thing with his head.. soo
    HOT ! x]
    soo freakingg cute ! i love them :3

    DANG ! that dude seriously looks like
    TOP! especially the 1st pic !
    TOP and that dude should meet X]

  33. omg tht cant be true!!!!!!!!!!!
    he looks like he is as if top o_o!!!!!!!!!!!!
    amazing!!!! :p he is korean tho rite? :s

  34. if thats not TOP then who is he? o.O

  35. kimx3

    just a korean guy that look just like him

  36. If he’s not TOP then who is he just some randome guy who really look like him??
    Then wow I’m shocked..! o.O
    he really looks like TOP!
    Btw why are people calling TOP for Tabi now?? I wonder..>…<

  37. OMG. wow. that really looks like TOP.
    wow. that must mean hes SOOO hot 😉

  38. OMG YAY
    i can’t wait,
    oh god GD, he’s soo HOT
    Big Bang is!
    OMG that does look like TOP!!

  39. ah i cant wait to watch it!!

  40. i wonder if anyone’s come up to him and start squealing and start yelling around the area that he’s TOP from big bang.

  41. lala

    lol i wonder the same thing xD

  42. WTF
    He like TOP
    and he is korean too ?
    I Like Choi Seung Hyun
    What’s His name and how old?
    Maybe a little TOP XD

    Want was come to play ❤

    and i wanna see that!! cant wait

  44. if he is another TOP then that’s good news. if i can’t have TOP then i can have him…LOL! too many chances i can have. find more TOP lookin boi. and here in the PHilippines i found YB lookin guy but a little taller. i couldn’t take his picture because he was with girls and i felt jealous.
    can’t wait for “come to play”

  45. OMO~ he really does look like TOP a lot~
    WOOOW i jst wondering maybe they’re somehow related? and share the same gen?
    or is he a cloned TOP??
    hhaha if that so, i want one of cloned YB wkwkwk

    aah~ can’t wait to see the come to play
    and see my baby do the arm wrestling! 🙂

  46. 2nd comment…

    WAIT…that dude isn’t TOP?
    Geez…he’s like Top’s TWIN.
    They look so much alike!

  47. is Come to Play gonna be subbed?? lately none of the bb videos have been subbed. i visited our subbing YT channel and it’s all old stuff. i think we need a new team, hhaah (i KNOW its not easy but if you say you’re a subbing team, then SUB!!!) IDK but i dont even watch the video if it isnt subbed and i know im missing out but i cant understand crapppppp! it frustrates me a lot.
    so if anyone knows if its gonna be subbed please let me know. thanks in advance.

  48. o.O woah. brother from another mother? lol. but they do resemble each other a little.

    can’t wait to see ‘come to play’~

  49. hahaha lol
    he does look like TOP!!!

    and oh my…the preview to come to play!!..
    haha looks so interesting goin to watch this witout subs and then wait for subs!!! lol
    i wish there were more previews of YB too!! so YB biased..but shoot…they all look like they’re happy and that makes me happy too!!! 😀

  50. MYbooTY

    it is not easy subbing something
    i subbed stuff before so i know
    the tming is TIME CONSUMING
    doesn’t even count the translating and the encoding which take equal sometime even longer time
    we’re lucky enough to SOME video subbed.
    no one OWN us to sub for them

    I don’t understand korean either and I watch stuff wihtout understanding anything 90% of the time.

  51. yo let me get at the top look-alike, no joke he gotta myspace? lmfaooo

  52. omg
    Bongie winking like that
    I’m dead. DEAD!!!
    holy crap

  53. *Faints* he really looked alike Tabi, i even think want to marry him if i can’t get Tabi. Fufufu.. But wait, all pictures of him wearing shades. What will he turn like when he’s not wearing shades? Does he have sexy eyes like Tabi? Does he REALLY look ALIKE? This question just pop out suddenly :$

  54. OMG!!! I can.t wait to see it..

  55. WOah, woah, woah… That TOP lookalike is just amazing.However I need to see more pics of him to make a full verdict.

  56. my love TOP so cute
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP
    saranheyo TOP

  57. OMG that guy is as HOT as TOP. They looked sooooo alike. Where did you get those pics? He look like an ulzzang xD

    That guy look so much like TOP(when his eyes isn’t that visible) @0@

  59. HELLLLLLA looks like TOP

  60. Yummy DRAGON ;-)!!!!….

  61. whoa~ is there anyway you can give us more information on the TOP look-alike >.< maybe a page where the pics are from or something???

  62. LOOOOLLL1 i wanna see Come to play >___<

  63. im like soooo waiting for this come and play episode XDDD

    i saw the wayy top picture before but i the other two really looks like him too XD

    and i saw this girl that looks like top lol

  64. WHO’S THAT GUY? :O

  65. T.O.P is SO HOT!!!
    Especially the first picture…with the scarf and the glasses…
    I died!!!!

  66. ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!
    TOP look so cute^__^

  67. really??? it’s not TOP..omg he really look like TOP but anyway,my TOP is still the best…

  68. The last 3 pics are TOP’s twin????

    Geez!! He look like TOP soooo much!!

    Anybosy can tell me his name??? If I know his name so I can tell my mom what is my future husband name is!! haha

  69. omgah that so look like top
    maybe it is top and they are just lying lol
    anyways ahahah but i must say that person/ppl so
    so pulled it off well looking like top
    damn!!!!!!! they got me

  70. aw aw aw sweet and nice.. bot of words are perfect with this guy!
    he looks like him indeed 😀 aw aw aw

  71. okayyy.U, Top look alike….call

    you dont always see big bang on these kinda shows

    and holy crapa at the guy that looks like TOP
    um yeah he’s hot
    of course not like the original,
    but yeah
    if i knew him in real life
    i’d tap that ;P

  73. dude, how is that NOT top? =_=

  74. awww they look happy in come to play.

  75. Vicky

    I did say I KNOW it’s hard to sub videos. I subbed videos in the past for people (on crunchyroll). I also stopped because it was TIME CONSUMING but I also stopped advertising and putting my name our there to sub.

    All I’m saying is if you say you’re a ‘subbing team’ then please sub, if not don’t advertise yourself to be one. They tell us to do a request and I did, they said yes, but it never got done! I wouldn’t be so irritated if they didn’t answered me yes but turn around and don’t do it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel lucky to have some (even though old) subbed videos.

  76. omg!!! r u POSITIVE that guy isnt top?!
    it looks just like him?

  77. Hhahahah awwww.
    I like it when TOP & Dae Sung do the dance robot thingy 😛
    Awww how cool with the peace sign tooo 😛

  78. 😮 How can that not be TOP? I am in awe…

  79. waaah?~?~? omgosh…they look like top, especially the first one and 3rd.
    but for the 3rd one…..dude…..are u sure itz not the real TOP!
    soo much alike! even the style of holding a pop can.. 0.0


  81. OMG GDS WINK !
    OMFG T.T

    and that actually really looks like top ! lols

  82. OMG! i can’t wait to see the game, it looks fun!
    and all of them look so DORKY!
    OMG ARM WRESTLING AGAINST TAE YANG! LOL i bet that dude lost!
    GD imitating Seung Ri! so cute!
    Dae dae being all dorky n dancing around!
    i can’t wait to see it!
    AND TOP!
    Can’t wait at all!


  83. gosh!!! the first pic and the third one really make him looks like Seung Hyun!!! maybe TOP got twin?? hahaha..that’s pretty amusing yet scary too..hahaha..just joking!!

  84. WOW! 0.0

  85. Now that confirms that most asian looks Wow he does look like him.

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