Uhm Jung Hwa: D.I.S.C.O Pt. 2 ft. GD | 080831 We Got Married TOP YB cut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I like the beat of it, and the part where Bong rap was just cute, I like the TOP rap version better though.

080831 We Got Married TOP YB cut

My friend just have to see this, lord, she love her Crownie and TaeTae to death. Seo In Young wanna sit in between the boys haha, who doesn’t? YB’s face was hilarious when he realize that haha, first time ever that I saw Seo In Young blush and get embarassed haha, Tabi’s imitation of SIY was just… OH MY GOD I LOVE TABI!!

The ant is getting jealous haha, InYoung doesn’t wanna leave, they almost trip on the way out, that was so cute!!


~ by Vicky on September 1, 2008.

42 Responses to “Uhm Jung Hwa: D.I.S.C.O Pt. 2 ft. GD | 080831 We Got Married TOP YB cut”

  1. this is so hilarious ! TOP just keeps on doing that face, it’s just such a cute side from him 😀 must love TOP <3333

  2. i’ve seen this vid today and it was really amazing. seo in young really wanted to enter their dressing room. when YB came in after his performance seo in young felt really happier..huhuhu!
    MA BOIZ were there and of course TOP did not look at seo in young too much because he was thinking of me more…hahaha! he was only looking at the photos. she really did not want to go but she has too she can’t stay there with my boiz. hahahaha!
    TOP was really cute when he copied seo in young’s expression.
    seo in young’s album’s cover also is similar to our big bang album’s cover. Taeyang was really kind…

  3. I luv T.O.P he is so funny. YB was so quiet though.

  4. haha gdragon’s voice is so cute XD

  5. Yeap! I like to see how TOP imitates SIY. He’s sooooooo(!!!) cute. And he tried imitating another TWO times alone without anyone (other than the camera man) knowing. Isn’t he cute and lovely like that?! ❤

  6. LOL TOP is so adorable !
    and how cute when they leave you hear the fans outside gasping LOL!

  7. TOP’s paujong was so adorable!
    love them!
    the single is so awesome!
    i agree i like the 1st one better but i love this one too:]]

  8. haha
    i like both versions of DISCO~~
    though i’m more used to the TOP versoin~~
    but i love GD’s version too haha~~
    he did a good job in changing the song into a different style and composing his rap part~~
    TOP never fails to make me crack and fall off the chair haha~~
    SIY should become an official VIP of big bang to~~
    just like Chae Yeon and Hyori and Mc Yoo Jae Suk LOL

  9. awww!!
    TOP is so cute!!
    were those b4 his debut?


  11. haha lol top and Taeyang was hilarious i watch it and
    i fell down laughing soo much haha

  12. ROFL!!! TOP is so cute doing that face xD!

  13. That was so cute when TOP imitate SIY
    cute cute cute ^.^

  14. LOL YB, another fangirl. Watch out, SIY seems daring.

  15. aha and the list of celebrity fangirls just keeps growing…i laughed so hard with SIY tried to squish between TOP and YB – ahah she touched YB’s leg, then touched his biceps – ahh i almost screamed from jealousy ahah YB’s so oblivious to the whole thing, grinning at Crown J aha and TOP’s impression – so funny!

  16. haha the ant couple is so cute! I don’t understand it at all but its funny.

  17. Yeah me too!
    i think GD’s part was good
    but i like TOP’s better
    it’s both good =]
    Aww i wouldn’t want to leave
    is i was Seo In Young
    Dam they are sooo lucky!

  18. OMG
    dont let Seung Hyun Choi married.
    Let him married with me ! <333
    TOP dont marryy!

  19. She was too close o___o

  20. TOP’s so cuuuuuuuute~~
    & hehe, Crown J is pretty hawwwt

  21. AMG TOP to cutee his imitation was sooo funny xD hehe
    haha she almost tripped becuase he pulled he rout when she didnt wanna leave xD hahaha

  22. vicky
    now u said it girl, u love Tabi
    i know u can’t resist him. no one can kekeke…

    OH MY GOD! tabi imitation was just… OMG!
    so cute! he enjoy imitating it so much & he repeat it again & again!
    make me want him more 7 more fufufu…

    SIY, good decision, i mean,
    “Who don’t want to seat between them? 2 hot guys…”
    i’ll come out with the same decision too
    she’s so cute, she don’t want to leave & end up almost trip. hhahaha…

    btw, wonder what’s ROro doing now, if she see this,
    what’ll she do? kekekeke….
    now i begin to miss her pervy comment

  23. top very cutie ^__^
    thazx u!!!!!!!!

  24. omg i saw the whole episode!..haha it’s so funny..Top kept imitating inyoung..soo cute!!^^ it’s hilarious when he kept on repeating it..he just wouldnt stop..haha

    i understand why inyoung wouldnt leave..i’d stay too!! ^^

  25. TOP <3333333333333333333333
    heeee’s a joker

  26. nya

    hahaha i always love him
    but brotherly love
    not in ur and roro’s way
    roro’s proabbly in a cave plotting a kidnapping Tabi plan

  27. vicky
    oh, that girl. she should tell me.
    kidnapping tabi 7 she left me here alone?
    if she count me in, i think i can come out with guerilla plan. kekekeke…

  28. nya

    haha she’s only plotting it now
    she’ll definately call you when she need backup haha

  29. vicky
    well, by her personalities, i don’t think that roro will need some backup.
    i think she’ll do it in “instant”.
    that’s why i don’t want to be left behind.
    u better carefull too.
    i don’t think she’ll left any of BB members behind.

  30. nya

    you never know
    kidnapping mr. choi isn’t easy
    she better leave baby to me
    or i’m coming straight to the cops to report on her hahahahaha

  31. vicky
    she’ll lure him with food to the ‘trap’
    & when Tabi realize it, he’ll regret it.
    hahahaha… i make Tabi sound so weak
    than Tabi just get too scare seeing a ‘all time pervy’ fangirl standing in front of him & pass out in ‘instant’

    (that sound more like me)

  32. nya

    hahaha it’s better if you just drive a ice cream truck and lure him in the back and lock up then drive away hahah

  33. vicky
    oh god… we’re such a pervy fangirl who always thinking about kidnaping boys & put so much effort in it.

    good idea! i’ll make sure to put some sleeping pills inside that ice cream

  34. nya

    haha just you
    i’m not in the whole kidnapping stuff yet hahahah

  35. vicky
    eh? just me? (pretend to be innocent)
    yeah, i forgot ur illegal.
    go search for me if ur legel.
    i’ll give u many hints or tips.
    coz at that time, i’ve succeed in kidnaping Tabi

  36. nya

    wait for 2 years 4 days and 2 months

  37. vicky
    hahahaha… then it settled.

    now i really miss roro
    my other partner in this crazy converstation.
    it’ll be crazier if she’s around.
    btw, haven’t go to sleep yet?

  38. Aww haha. LOL
    Its funny how TOP kept doing those faces 😛
    & its even funnier when the lady went to go sit in between Tae Yang & TOp 😛



  40. i saw this so many times on TV..hahahah..much clearer..and they kept on repeating it…woot..woot..am like addicted to Korean tv..where they have 24/7 music clips around the clock…

    and guess what, where ever i go, all the shop owners kept playing Big Bang songs..its like they’re everywhere…damn proud of em..

    Also, as what the news mentioned about BB style, they’re indeed everywhere. BB has a deep influenced on everyone..regardless ur old or young.

  41. momo

    not just in Korea
    now I’m seeing little Bong with the muffler and shoe walking around my school
    and they’re not even asian.

    i was walking around and i’ll be like ” THAT IS SO LAST YEAR! BONG ALREADY DID THAT”

  42. I agree TOP version was better. I still love you GD. TOP knows how to make me laugh. YB make a move!!! Lol

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