Big Bang wants you to say “NO”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic to smoking that is. I think they’re doing a “say NO NO NO” commercial for Inkigayo, yay!! can’t wait to watch it. why you ask?? because Baby is a freaking nurse holding a freaking huge needle going around poking people…. and did I mention YB was the one being harrassed by Baby and he’s lying down on the bed??? Shoot. if smoking means we will have to meet this nurse… then isn’t that telling people to smoke??? hahaha. and also Tabi as the doctor… wearing white…dang… that IS encouraging ppl to get sick haha.


credit. SBS | bigbangpop


~ by Vicky on September 2, 2008.

118 Responses to “Big Bang wants you to say “NO””

  1. woahh thats so cuteee<3
    i’ve seen the no smoking commercials by epik high and se7en and others, and i’ve been wondering if big bang was going to make one too and they did YAYYYY

  2. oh mah gah, thats awsum!!!

  3. so cuteee!!

  4. hey, that was the day gd, yb, and top went to the marc jacob thing…

  5. lmfaoo @ yb&seungri lmaoo. i can’t wait to see it. & oh mann youngbae’s lookin mighty fine in that outfit&fedora.

  6. saranghaexgd

    i was wondering the same thing when I saw Nam Gyu Ri’s NO NO NO Song on Inkigayo last week haha

  7. ♥SeungRiLovee♥

    yea it is,
    but don’t know why baby and dae didn’t show

  8. damn sengri should be my nurse

  9. lmao at the BAERI moment – its halariouss….its going to be so funnnyyy

  10. omgah omgah omgah i crack up so bad when i saw baby holding the needle and yb on the bed omgah i can never picture him doing that lol

    seriously i want DR. CHOI, DR. TOP……i need you to write me a prescription!!! can the drugs be you!!!

  11. Is it just me, or does TOP look more sick these days?

    Or is it simply the missing eyeliner?

    Or the new haircut?

    ——–So many possibilities.

    ahahaaha lmfao at SR and YB pictures

  13. My my my!!!!

  14. omo

  15. LMAO at Seung Ri poking YB in the butt with that needle. That made my day.

  16. haha i feel a little sick lol haha i want a check up
    lol haha from DR.TOP lol

  17. I think that campaign its gonna attract the wrong message….i mean what’s gonna STOP us all from getting so messed up so we wind up in the arms of 1 of those Docs hahaha….

  18. it would be waaaaaaaaaaay better if dae and seung ri showed at the marc jacob thingy….

  19. OMLord baby..thats all i can say!!!

  20. OMFGGG, aah TOP’s a hawt doctor LOL
    .. did I mention GD is fi0ne with those glasses ❤

  21. So this definately CONFIRMS that TOP no longer smokes?

    ‘Cause, didn’t he a long time ago?
    And everyone was wondering (I kinda assumed he quit) but was it ever confirmed?
    I think this should confirm it ’cause you should say “no!” and then go light up a cigarette. but he can say “no! i should have never…it’s bad for you!” xD

  22. OMG seungri looks like a HOT nurse
    TOP looks like a nerd but HOTTER
    YB looks cute
    i can’t wait to see it
    and YES i will say NO! to smoking…
    “NO! NO! NO!
    because Big Bang says so”
    Lmao ima say that now

  23. LOL!! Omg I love the idea and of course who likes smoking! BLEH! Dx But if getting to see Big Bang up close like that because of smoking you wanna pretend you are smoking just to get an appointment!! x]

  24. hohohoho, cute nurse..cute nurse…i want a nurse just like that toooooooo…..

  25. so cuteee >.<

  26. HOTTEST nurse EVER

  27. Haha. Seungri poked YB’s butt with a giant needle xD

  28. Haha SeungRI!

  29. LOL so cuee!!!!

  30. SOOOO CUTE!!
    yay! i love the no smoking songs! i bet its gonna be the cutest thing evaa~

  31. Wow… I mean, wow… I wish that doctor and nurse would treat me… That SR and TY picture… KYAH! Funny!

  32. SOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!I want them to be my doctor!hahaha…

  33. muahahahahah seungri and YB!and yeahh,tempo looks a lil sick..wats wrong baby?

  34. hahahah the giant needle theyre so cute

  35. awee.. those pics were so cute/funni hehe
    TOP looks really hot/cute in his pics.. but
    he does sorta look a bit sick.. you ok babe?
    hehe.. SR poking TY haha.. i laughed =)
    and yea.. i agree.. i WOULD probably get
    sick and stuff.. so that they could treat me 😉 hehe

    BIG BANG <33

  36. jiyong is so hot in glasses. and i love his hair and his shirt too

  37. Hellllloooooooo Dr. TOP and nurse Seungri!

    I want my roommate to be Taeyang! =)

  38. OMO GDae moments are so cute!!!!

  39. Daang YB looks supppah short when he’s on the bed. Haha. They are soo goofy and funny. Gotta love em.

  40. Omg, I can’t wait to see this!
    And glad they’re doing a no smoking campaign.

  41. hahahaaa(; they are soo adorable!! so that means all of them DONT SMOKE right ?? yaaaay for my boys 😀

    someone wake me up, i keep seeing lots of gdae and baeri -__-;; what happened to gri T____T

  42. lovemixin

    come on, you have to admit…
    the baeri moment is pretty funny…

  43. Sooooooooo cute! Taeyang is <3!

  44. i’ll get to scary to meet this ‘nurse’ T.T
    that big needle….

    but i’ll definitely come if tabi is the doctor!
    just like “anythings okay to make me sick”
    or “i come just for reutine checkup” its enough

    Tabi…. u wearing white coat… as a doctor….
    u want me to molest u?
    (sorry, should control myself)
    policeman than doctor, why its all suits him perfectly? damn…

    btw what are YB & dae doing in 3rd picture?

  45. nya

    molest a doctor…. HOT.

  46. vicky
    i’ll do it. definitely.
    i can sneak into nurse changing room & steal their uniform
    then head straight to this doctor room.
    things happen later, i don’t think i need to tell u.
    u know it.

  47. wow. haha

  48. wah
    they look so cute especially Seung RI
    i guess TOP, TY and GD did this before they went to watch the Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show at night hehe

    G-Dae pictures…
    i want some G-RI too man…
    DS smiles so cute haha

  49. TOP as a doctor.. hott.
    i would so go to the doctor everyday if he was my doctor xD
    GDae RAWR. GD makes me jealous >.<;
    ahaha Seungri sooo cute x3
    i LOVEEE Daes hair..
    i want my hair just like that..
    the color ! xDDD
    i’ll die if it was that short x]
    but his smile is the best 😀
    sooo full of life and happiness .
    he makes me smile 🙂

  50. Looks like its G-dae and BaeRi now. But I miss G-Ri!

  51. let me be your nurse taeyangggg<3

  52. oh yeah; what’s g-dragon doing for the commercial then ?

  53. nya

    i think i can guess

  54. OMG the needle is so HUGE 😛
    Awww they are so HOTTT

  55. this will definitely be a hot commercial…cant wait!

    super hot picture by the way!!

  56. ~omo they’re all so cute!!
    love doctor TOP~ suits him well
    and the nurse… nurse baby seungri..cute..^^
    can you take care of me???

    loved it!!!

    i think the rest are patients.. hehehe^^

  57. vicky
    hahahaha… its inside ur head now.
    want to join me?
    we’ll go sneak into nurse changing room & after that i’ll go seek my doctor & u head straight to ur nurse

  58. nya

    i do likey my nurse hahah

  59. vicky
    hahaha… be carefull in cacthing ur nurse
    coz he know how to run well.

  60. nya

    i can assure you he won’t be running NO WHERE

  61. vicky
    he’ll run for his life desperately
    until he find out he’s in the corner & have no choice
    but to submit to his fate

  62. hahahahahah SR so Funny..

    I’m so scare for that’s hypodermic syring..haha

  63. T.O.P is so hot as a doctor and YB and Seung Ri are so cute!

  64. I would love to go to my doctor if he looked like TOP.
    He’s dressing up alot lately, first a policeman now a nurse
    Can’t help but think about role playing
    Seungri is so cute and kinda scary w/ that needle
    Looks like it’s gonna be a nice Cf can’t wait

  65. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! i want to lie on that bed with YB if he needs my support! hahahaha! and i just realized that TOP would be the hottest doctor ever. and if he does become a doctor i will get sick everyday fosho!!! hahahaha!!!

    Vicky how’s the weather there? are you and your family okay?

  66. daaamn. TOP is one hot doctor . 😀 like.. DAMN! hahaha words cant describe!

    and.. AWWWWh… my little nurse baby! <33 how much more adorable can he get man ?! T_T ill get sick 24/7 just so that hottie can be my nurse & operate on me with that syringe.. and im scared of needles too..teehee… &then afterwards ill go to sexy Dr. TOP to bandage me up from my shots & have my 24-hour long routine check up ;D muahaha. such provocative thoughts from these mere pictures..

  67. LMAO!!!! the pic of SR and YB where he is poking he butt with the needle..cute! cant wait for this !

  68. OMG that is freaking CUTE
    i want seung ri to be my nurse 😛

  69. can anyone send me the mp3 to “Lady”? i bought the CD but i want the mp3 version for my mp3 player. please and thank you

  70. ROFL! that is so cute >.< omg Dr. TOP ♥_♥

  71. weeeee I wanna meet Dr. TOP <333333333333333333333333 TOP LOOKED DAMN HOT AND COOL!

  72. i want doctor TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  74. damn that nurse is in sOOO much TROUBLE!!!

    i would like locked him in d rOOm n’ shot him w/ anesthesia w/ d size of d 1 his holding 4 fuLL force baby (i meant whole year)..ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha…

  75. Ok pardon my perverted SICKNESS again!..ha.ha.ha.ha.ha…

  76. vicky
    btw, do u remember Tabi manwon part 2?
    the one when he use cute outfits, when SHY come to bring him chicken.
    do u have link for that video perf? what’s that song title? i always forgot to ask u.
    they look so cute~~~~~
    the clothes they wear really cute & the song they sing, made a perfect combination ^^

  77. J-G-RILEEN
    ur pervy sickness is not in a serious condition as me.

  78. LMAO xD Can’t wait for this XD
    They look so cute her..^^
    EEK..I would love to have TOP as my doctor and SeunRi the nurse XD…hehe now where is my sigaret..think 10 packer would do^^
    Lmao xD

  79. XD Seungri looks perverted or something. XD GD’s putting that pin in some random places… o.O

    i swearrr. how freakin’ cute is jiyonggg. ❤

  81. aaaaaah cute cute cute ❤

  82. Man, and I thought House and Grey’s Anatomy was hot…

  83. WOW! I love it

  84. woah…maknae giving youngbae an ass shot LOL smexxxay..omg TOP as a doctor..i’d want to get sick everyday for the rest of my whole life if he’s my doctor

  85. way too cute for words:D

  86. when i saw sr and yb owww lolll i cant stop laughing xD all of them too cute ^.^

  87. omona? when does this come out? XD LOOKS ADORABLE.
    didn’t TOP used to smoke? oh well, glad he’s a healthy boy now
    DAMN, tae yang has never looked cuter in my eyes before~~~
    LOL SEUNGRI XD naughty nurse, that’s just *bursts out laughing*
    AIGIOOGOGO GD so cuuuute, i love his style here~ cuteness!!!!
    and Daesung’s highlights will always be awesome to me =D

  88. i don´t smoke….so i think this´s good idea…
    Now everybody Let´s support them!!!!!!Big Bang! Go.Go!!!!

  89. BIG BANG SAYS NO SMOKING! >,< listen to BB kiddos, it’s the right thing ^__^
    SeungRi is just too adorable in the pics<3 though i don’t really understand how a giant needle relates to no-smoking. but it is funny 😀 & i think TOP could actually pass as a doctor =]

  90. Ish ish baby is freaking adorable!!!
    and look at his dorky expression!!!
    it’s exactly the same when he gave bong’s bd present hahahha~~
    yea toppie encouraged me to get sick hahahaa~~
    yes BB says no to smoking!!
    When i see the title, i kind of misunderstood that BB smokes..
    well, apparently not..hahaa..YES SAY NO TO SMOKING!!

  91. TOP looks different he gaining weight?

    TOP as a doc?man,i’d eat hundreds of BLUEBERRY CHIKA-CHIKA CHEESECAKE every friggin day!

  93. Please give some news ..
    Who can doing message from TOP in english..
    From ,, :

  94. erm..they said that bigbang ..won an award..


    anyone know about that?
    i think..

  95. OMG they look so hot ㅠ
    어머나 ! SO CUTE ><‘ KYAH !

  96.’s so cute as a nurse!! i wanna get sick!!
    so that Top can be my doctor!..haha
    oh this was the day they went to marc should have been with them!^^

  97. LOL @ Yb and Baby’s Pic!! haha !!
    Man i wish TOP was my personal doctor huhu !! (evil thoughts)

  98. aww thats so cute! i dont smoke so you boys dont have to worry :] but its tempting if you guys are my doctor and nurse. haha. :p

  99. Im A Non Smoker =)

    Thats Right Kids

    No No To Smoking

  100. YB & SR pic.. um… wow.. no lol.
    but yeah, YB does look super short in the bed lol. he’s still the hottness tho. cant wait to see the commercial! looks like it should be very entertaining. happy to see they are doing awareness campaigns for smoke free kids ^^
    makes me love them even more now ^_^

  101. I know thay suppose to encourge not-smoking, but if to me taht, I’ll have to smoke, then I HAVE NO CHOICE!!!
    They are freaking hot!
    Especially Tabi as a doctor. PLEASE CURE ME!!!!

  102. ROFL SeungRi’s expression is the best XDXD~~ DR.TOP seems to be a very kind doctor, he looks soooo cute!!
    Anyway~SR doesn’t smoke right? He turns 18 this Dec and i’m a bit worry he will:/ Please promise me you won’t, baby<3

  103. OMG in the last TOP pic is he sticking that stick in his nose?!
    TOP is so hot. i want him to be my doctor 😀

  104. whoooooooh they all look so freakin sexy and adorable!

  105. TOP&YB’sGiRL

    aww thanks for asking, so sweet of you
    the weahter is pretty good now
    but i heard another hurricane is coming in
    i’m not sure

  106. nya

    oh! that haha
    they were perforing HOT’s “Candy” Song
    with the cute outfits and everyhting

    taeyang <333

  108. vicky
    do u have link for that video? i want to see the whole perf >,<
    they look so cute….
    everytime i see it i just like ‘yawwnnn’ hahahaha…

  109. nya

    you can download it here

  110. vicky
    aw, thanks! hehehe…
    nothing less expected from u. can i say that u ‘fully equipped’ hahaha

    btw that oc heo, i speak about it yesterday.
    i’m really STATISFIED with their face.
    that’s the reaction i want.

    first i ask them who want to eat oc heo?
    i say it’s good for ur brain & made from pig, to lure them.
    yup, many ppl raise their hand, even my lecturer.

    when i let them see the picture
    they went “hoeekk”, “euuuyy”, “oh my god!”, “what’s that?!”, “r u sure that’s edible?”.
    yup, they make that kind of face, the whole class. HAHAHA (evil laugh)

    although there’s no one get chock, but there’s one who split his drink.
    & i acctually say it. the one u say to me. hehehe…
    just whispering though, “i’m sorry & RIP”
    i say it unpurposely.
    i really hope u see the situation. hahahaha….

  111. nya

    what country are you currently living in?
    oh my god, I’m glad your class got a kick.. or a shock out of my country’s traditional ridiculous food hahahah

    hope you got a good grade too! ^^

  112. vicky
    hahaha.. i live in Indonesia, but i’m Chinese descent ^^
    damn far from ur place.

    good grade? thanks v^^v
    hahahaha… i’m the best yesterday.
    the lecturer announce our mark after all ppl finished their speaking.

    forgot to mention, when i let them the the picture,
    hehehehe… i ZOOMED it!
    yup, i think its about 4 or 5 times.
    i just want them see it clearly
    priceless? beyond that.
    hahaha.. my evil face turn out again

  113. OMG…. TY on that bed lying down!!!???? So freakin sexy.. That’s what I wanna see when I come home from work. Minus the clothes..

  114. adorkable :3

  115. wahahaha…Seung Ri,nurse?? hihihi..that’s just too cute and Seung Hyun as doctor? ehem ehem..Dr. Choi, i got flu for a week and i bet if you give me a kiss, i would be healthy in seconds..muahaha..=D

  116. Having the baby as an nurse? Was that a good idea lol.


  118. seungri so cute

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