09.03.08 KBSR Maybee’s Volume Up


09.03.08 KBSR Maybee’s Volume Up
Special Guest: Big Bang
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Thanks to seraphim님
Big Bang won the newcomer award at Korean Broadcasting Award today so they did a little “CONGRATULATION” dance, Tabi… oh my god hahaah you gotta love him, then Baby did the oh so famous YB hat dance.

Dae wasn’t there because he was busy rehearsing his musical, so the other 4 amigos was there, though Dae wasn’t there in person, his voice was, he called in the and you guessed it, he did the class “ANHOHASEYO DAESUNG IMIDA!!” Bong was listening to the phone call so whole heartedly he almost fell out of the seat, and Dae say something to Bong that just make Bong speechless, they perform 2 songs, Haru Haru and How Gee, beacause Dae wasn’t there that day, Bong fill in his part in the song. And look like YB is sick, he didn’t talk much and he was wearing that mask again, awww… YB, hope you get well soon.

These stalkerpics were taken by GD&H and they were BEYONDDD CUTE!! AH BONG AH~

*********PICTURE HAS BEEN REUPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to GD&H님 and 타탑♡ 님

credit: KBS | Bang’em.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 3, 2008.

60 Responses to “09.03.08 KBSR Maybee’s Volume Up”

  1. GD is so silly and so adorable.

  2. oh my god gd’s so cute! nananana batman! rofl i used to turn my glasses upside down when i was little.. i love daesung ahaha aww taeyangs sick again :/ hope you feel better!

  3. that dork lol

  4. gahhh! i almost died when i saw GD’s adorable pout!


  6. GD looks hilarious…hahaha…cute and sweet…

  7. HAHAHA… whats with that spiderman imitation thing?
    hahaha… GD is soooo cute…
    his hand in the 2nd last pic just like
    “hip hip hurray~~~~” kekeke…
    and that ball, somehow remember me about ‘cast away’

  8. can u pls re upload the picture cause it dosen’t work for me sop sorry to rouble you…but u seriously make my day with all the Big Bang picx

  9. yeah, the pictures like died T-T
    please re-upload? & thanks!~

  10. OMG!!
    TOP looks good in the pic and GD being a dork
    he is just too cute for words 😛
    I survived my first day of school and this was good to see
    totally made my day XD

  11. awww sounds so cute! wish i could watch it >.>

  12. wah
    some of G-Dae going on here hehe~~

  13. oh and dorky GD wearing the glasses upside down haha
    that’s freakin cute

  14. omg can they be any cuter??? OMG i sooooo wish they would come to the korean music fest in LA…..AHAHAHAH man…..

  15. they are all soo cute! Its wierd without dae:D

  16. WAIT!!!! WHERES DAE SUNG!!! OMG!!! OHHHHH was he at his CATS thingy…ahahah

  17. omgah yay thanks so much woot
    cant wait to dl it and watch it!!!!

  18. vicky
    wow, u add some pics again
    thanks! so cute…
    have nothing to say. lack of vocabulary now. hahaha…
    hope YB will get well soon.

    does baby want Bong to get jealous again? why BaeRi? kekeke

  19. aww the pics died :[
    well the rest were amazingly cute though ^^

  20. awww!!! the pics are not working. T^T

  21. YB and the tiger mask! that’s so cute!!!!

    i’m so happy to see them on radio shows again. can’t wait for them to go on goreal radio. i want more jam session. ^^
    and there’s no DS. i’m sure he’s practicing hard for the musical.

  22. LOL Youngbae is so MEAN
    He pushed Seungri’s hand away when Seungri was playing with YB’s mic stand.
    Seungri looked so sad LOL

    AWW no Daesung again =[

  24. everybody in the comments keeps saying about daesung. but he isnt even in the pictures. lol ahh but wow when gd was like bending over in front of yb. haha hialrious

  25. the pics are cute ><

    yb looks uber cute with his tiger mask =P ❤

  26. OMFG. no daesung D:
    CATS right? 😦
    first it was TOP, then now him 😦
    blah. im saaaaaaaad. 😥

    GD sooo adorablee
    love that little dork X]
    lovin TOPs stunna shades xD

  27. nya

    Bong gotta learn his lesson

  28. My goodness!! Jiyong’s so cute hehe and top too!! is there a video on them @ this activity? i wanna hear dae saying “ANHOHASEYO DAESUNG IMIDA!!” hehe!!! i wanna look at how seungri laugh xD

  29. MA BOI, MEOW! i want you to bite me. hahahaha he borrowed that from gd right?! they are so cute!
    GD is really cute.
    daedae comeback to big bang. pali!

  30. OMG G-DRAGON.aww he is SOO CUTE
    awww so funny too with them
    upside down glasses, i can never
    get tired looking at him
    Top. Gosh he looks like a Movie
    Starr. Seungri,baby. Ahh his hair
    grew..aww still cute & TaeYang.
    Rawr! Soo cute

  31. omg tongue alert xP

  32. Dam, it’s LONGG i just downloaded it, it’s like Fricken 50 minutes
    but omg i love seungri’s voice! Ahaha i mean when he speaks
    JiYong is CUTE! Aww seungri is singing Sonagi songs
    DaeSung wasn’t there..sad but it’s okay i guess. REMIX
    they look tired..aww theses boys NEED to get some rest! they’ve
    been Non-Stop Performing since Stand Up came out
    NOO what’ was wrong with GD, He was barely singing the chorus
    with them..sad and it went quiet for DaeDae’s part
    Whoa, Seungri & TaeYang were singing their hearts out
    Lmao it seems like it…YEAH “HOW GEE” is BACKK
    i love big bang, they are funny.PUAHAHA i LOVE YOU KWON,JIYONG
    i wonder if ppls EVER prank call Big Bang. i mean
    G-Dragon did that to Se7en once..
    Haha i’m sorry. i was watching it & on this on the same time
    and i HAD to BLAB about it! =]

  33. i had such a bad day on my first day of college. eff it!
    and this made me happy and like a child!!!
    thanks mucho, vicky!

  34. hahah i see Seung Ri got some pimples… lolz
    Seung Ri eat more brocolies get some sleep

  35. OMG!! They are too cute!!!
    <33 them!! YB hunny get better!!

  36. how often can we say they are cute and awesome?!?! ALL the damn time:D

  37. vicky
    i just finish watch the vid
    girl can u tell me what happend in 28:46?
    man, they suddenly talk Japanese ~.~
    Baby being all hyped out suddenly and shout “how r u?”
    YB say “good evening”
    i think its Tabi’s voice, he said “welcome”
    don’t have a clue.

    what’s Dae said? after he said it bong just scream desperately. kekeke…
    i hope i can understand Korean >,<

  38. awh..ny H0N YB is sick..he shouldnt be wearig that..its not healthy..

    i read about it in the newspaper a while ago when in california where there were many fires and the air was so bad..and sum ppl were waering face mask and doctors were saying that its bad cause ur actually inhailing bad air though you u think its safer…


  40. AAAAAAAH my yongyong [:<3
    ^ yeah I dont like SR’s hair either :X

  41. aawww..sucks dae couldnt be there..he’s so busy now.but lol…GD so cute!

  42. TOP♥

  43. Who’s that girl in the 2nd with GD??? O.O

  44. TOP is really TALL!
    and extremely handsome..!!
    I wish SeungRi would change is hair already ^^
    is Tae Yang sick??

  45. TOP<3! poor taeyang~ hope he’s fine(:

  46. Dorkiness OverLOad !!!

  47. OMGGG They ALL look super FLY~~~~!!!!XD
    I must stop here before I spazz too long LOL
    Too bad Daesung wasn’t there>.<

  48. Bong is so cuteeee~~~
    I’m dead T__T
    toppie is super hot with black coat~~

  49. poor YB he’s sick.he’s been working nonstop since his single.

  50. uff….what was G doing??
    T. was handsome but he´s cold.

  51. oh my god,oh my god,oh my god,oh my god,GD is soso cute in the photo which he wear the gleasses up-side-down!>””<~

  52. OMG! my GD is so cute in the pics! ^^ *loving him more!*

  53. oh my gah, i would give anything to be that volleyball…^^

  54. Aw, even though TY has that mask on his eyes show his smiles. I love how his eyes do that.
    Ahahaha! GD is so funny, he must be so fun to hang out with.

  55. awww ty is ick but he looks so good in that mask

  56. wow. YB oppa, your sweater.
    bunnies are nice to you.

  57. TOP!!! >< ♥

  58. SO CUTE!!!!
    GD is so flexible with the hands!
    T.O.P with his glasses!! so HOOTT AND DAMN CUTE!!!!
    Baby with the ball…GOD!!!Can’t help it! KAWAiiiii!!!!
    YB with the tiger mask….rrrrrrrrrrrr……HOOOTTTT!!!

    P.S: miss Dae Sung!!!!<<<<3

  59. xooo cute!!!

    love them!! ^^

    and the BALL.. hahaha^^

  60. G-Dragon looks so cute. I’m loving these pictures.

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