090308 Korea Broadcasting Awards: Big Bang won the Newcomer Award

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First time ever! I saw Bong wearing a turtle neck hahaha, I was laughing when I saw that but he make it look good, I’m not a turtle neck fan whatsoever, but… if Bong’s wearing it. then… you know hahaha. During a comedy sketch, the gag man came down and drag Dae upstage and do the taxi car move with them, haha, Dae was being absolutely adorable!! He is such a dork, love him so much!! ahh~ I need to know what the guy with the… umm.. short say about Bong, they were cracking up like crazy so I must know haha the boys got the best table in the house. niceee!!

And also, Big Bang won the Newcomer Award, YB said upon receiving the award, “We debuted for 2 years, and it is until now we got the newcomer award. Thank you so much and we will continue to make music enjoyable for all.”
thanks sookyeong.wordpress.com

I still don’t get it, newcomer award? But they debut for 2 years already.

The performance was awsome as always, Tabi was the only one wearing a suit… I can’t ask for anything better… well.. actually I really wanna see all of them wearing suit and perform this song, that will be like fangirl heaven. dont you think so?

More videos and pictures under the cut 🙂

090308 Korea Broadcasting Award: Big Big winning Newcomer Award

090308 Korea Broadcasting Award: DaeSung during Comedy Sketch

Pictures from the Broadcasting Award:

credit: as tagged | 큰엄마님.BigRoom@VIPZ


~ by Vicky on September 3, 2008.

46 Responses to “090308 Korea Broadcasting Awards: Big Bang won the Newcomer Award”


    omgaddddd~! jiyoungieee~ WILL YOU MARRY ME?~!<33
    he looks sooOoo hottt!!!

  3. OMG they are SOO HOT!
    i know, me either
    they already debut 2 years ago
    why now? that they get this
    award? But ANYWAYS
    i LOVE TOP’s hair!
    omg Big BANG, G-Dragon
    i like the comedy part.
    i don’t know what they are saying
    sniff.. why are the saying
    G-Dragon’s name? haha i wanna
    know what they are saying,
    damns i still suck at korean

  4. cn anyone traslate???

  5. this is just too cute!
    i love how they all match with the color theme but their styles are so different. it’s so cute!

    and the taxi pics are so adorable x 12982639417326498128374!!!

  6. They all need new shoes…..this garbage they are wearing is simply……gross.

    TOP looks good in that suit. And, surprisingly, GD comes in as a close second.

  7. woot woot
    congrats to the boys!!!
    im so proud of them!!!
    they so so deserve it!!!
    omo the taxi part is so adorable!!
    ekkeke dorks!!

  8. . .
    / * \
    / Woo Hoo!! \
    { Gratz To Big Bang }
    \ Baby Jiyong /
    . ish so .
    . KUTE >.< .
    . .

  9. IDK if you meant to put up Dae’s sketch (cuz it’s not up) but the Haru Haru performance is up twice.


  11. Aww, the pics are so cute!
    And I loved those clips where BB were laughing.
    I loveee it when GD laughs, I love his laugh.
    And yeah, newcomer?
    That’s a little weird, lol.

  12. LOL! to the new comer award. hahaha! YB you are so cute. what he said really made sense. so cute.
    i couldn’t see the vids though but i will watch it later.
    ow big bang you are so adorable.

  13. They got best newcomer because all the other groups that came after could NEVER match Big Bang’s awesomeness xD

  14. HAHA! The taxi thing was funny although i didnt understand wat they said!
    OMG they look so FREAKING HOT!
    MY BABY TAE YANG laughed when they said something abt him, i wanna know what they said!
    can any sub it in eng?? tht would be GREAT!

  15. They are awesome though I still don’t understand why they get the newcomer award but can’t say I’m not proud
    TOP looks sooo god he should wear a suit all the time 😛

  16. vicky
    FUUFUFU… Tabi wearing suit perform Haru Haru~~~
    totally made my day.
    agree, if they all wearing suit performing haru haru just like… no words to describe. ‘heaven’
    if they all wear it, it’ll just like MNet KM Music Ferstival, Lies Orcherstra, & fans just go yawning~~~ hahaha…
    (in 2:51, frist time i think Baby’s cool)

    dae when he pulled him to the stage.
    just like “me? WHY?” hehehe…
    & Tabi face, really enjoying Dae perfomance.
    so funny. when Dae just about to sing, he have to change his position, i laugh so hard. hahaha

    the last vid, what’s that guy saying?
    our boys seem so happy. they look so cute.
    Tabi with that suit seem so serious, but when he smile, still cute ^^
    & i think Bong look skinnier if he use turtle neck

  17. omgg.. i was watching hte thing with the taxi and
    daesung.. and i cant understnad ANYTHING. but it looks
    SOO funni hehe =)
    and the first pic with GD and SR, it sorta looked like
    they were holding hands at first glance and i was like
    G-RI LOVE.. get away from my SEUNG RI ❤ heeehehhee
    but then i saw it wasnt lol =)

    big bang forever <33

  18. aww that taxi thing is sooo cute ^^
    wow everyone looking faaaancy!

  19. lol aw I ❤ Dae he’s so cute!

  20. waa.. daesung is soooo cute,I want to be in that taxi too,haha and TOP look good in that suit..

  21. nya

    oh my god
    during MFKM
    I was watching it live at like freaking 7 AM
    and everyone in the house is sound asleep
    i’m over here try to cover up my scream with a pillow
    they were looking oh my gofineeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    it was unblievable….

  22. HAHA Dae Sung was like, No Don’t take me take him instead!

  23. awww..
    i love dae even moree…

  24. they debut fro 2 years and they got the newcomer award. good game! AHAHAHA! dae sung is soo funny!!!.

    and what the heck did that guy in the shorts say to gdragon???

    vicky, what channel do you watch this live from?

  25. tinaxxe

    i didn’t watch it live because it was on at like 2 AM
    and i have school so
    but you can watch it on KBS

  26. yeah it is weird…
    they debuted for 2 years but they got the newcomer award now???…
    or may be it’s just that there is no newcomer artist that is good enough to get the award haha

  27. TOP is so handsome.

    you, too SeungRi



  29. TOP 😀 😀 super dashing in his fitted suit 😀

  30. vicky
    gyahahaha.. hard to not scream ^^v
    yup. they always like to tease us. make us scream like an idiot

    u have no clue how much i love that vid.
    actually the frist time i know BB is that vid.
    i saw a Chinese Statiun TV re-air it on April.
    (damn slow right? its aired Nov in Korea & they air it on April)
    its just like…PRINCE!
    they all look so damn good in suits!
    i was teaching my brother that time & when i saw they perform,
    “be quiet! wait a minute!” hahahaha…
    i love them, especially when they sang the reff, its just like
    “OH MY GOD! i must find that song!”
    then my prince came out, hehehehe…
    damn, have nothing to say. speechless.

  31. hotties!! :]

  32. cutie..^^ love them..

  33. Daesung is cute!

  34. Dae and that tiny taxi is too, too cute.
    Oh and TOP in that suit is super yummy. ^__^

  35. Vicky! the gag video isn’t available D:
    *goes off stalking your YT a/c for it*

  36. wowww top looks hella good
    is this gonna be available to download??
    seriously him in that suit.. damn.



  39. Juchú!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this´s the nicest news i read in this day.So congratulate all boys of Big Bang!!

  40. haha xD cute daesung!! ^_^ hope he’ll give me a ride!! xD

    ohhh.. my dear GD! ^^ ilu!

  41. congrats!!!!
    ahhhh they all looked so good..
    i really like the clothes that all 5 of them were wearing~
    all looked so hot!
    and dae in the taxi was hilarious :p

  42. SO HOT!!!
    And Dae Sung was SO CUTE in that little taxi…
    T.O.P and the shades…help…I’m about to die…

  43. is it just my ear or during the chours their voice are craking up a little bit? i think they need some rest

  44. congrats to the beautiful boyss 😀 haha

  45. congratssss BBª >.<

  46. Go BB! newcomer?..still an award.

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